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Darkstar Skateboards Review: Are They Good Enough?

Darkstar is a well-known skateboard brand with humble beginnings. Formerly a wheel company, the brand switched to manufacturing skateboards back in 1997 under Chet Thomas’s guidance, a highly acclaimed skater himself.

The company originally started fifteen years ago as a wheel manufacturing company, before it turned to producing high-quality skateboards.

Today, it is one of the most abundantly available skateboard brands in the market. You’ll easily spot their merchandise in popular stores like Walmart and Target.

darkstar skateboard review

Apart from offering a wide range of skateboards that fit every level of expertise, Darkstar provides highly affordable rates. However, it can get quite tricky to choose the right skateboard for yourself.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our ultimate Darkstar skateboards review so you can pick out the one that fits your needs. So let’s dive right in.

The Team Behind Darkstar Skateboards

Since Darkstar evolved into a skateboard brand from a wheel company, it is owned by Dwindle Distribution. This is the company that also owns renowned skateboard brands like Almost skateboards and Dusters California.

darkstar skateboards review

Attributing to the broad reach of Dwindle Distribution, Darkstar skateboards are available in North and South America, Europe, and Africa. Besides that, it extends its reach through Hardcore Distribution and ships its products to Australia and Asia.

Furthermore, Darkstar skateboards have a pro team that markets its products to consumers worldwide. Some prominent names from their pro team include Greg Lutzka, Manolo Robles, Santana Saldana, and Cameo Wilson.

Are Darkstar Skateboards Good?

So, are Darkstar skateboards good? Well, Darkstar Skateboards are top-notch when it comes to quality. They are made under Dwindle Distribution’s own manufacturing company, DSM, which ensures the high-quality of each skateboard using the deck-pressing technology.

What makes this technology different from other brands is that they press each board individually, rather than pressing multiple boards together.

Similarly, the aesthetics that make Darkstar boards appealing are created using Dwindle’s unique Resin technology. This means even after prolonged use, your Darkstar board will not delaminate.

Furthermore, all their boards are durably constructed out of 7-ply epoxy resin. This makes Darkstar skateboards relatively more robust than other skateboards in the market.

Most importantly, it’s the striking deck designs of Darkstar boards that make them stand out. May it be a graphic skull, snake, or the signature armored knight, these boards help pro skaters make a style statement for themselves.

What Are Darkstar Completes?

Darkstar completes are the best option for beginners and pros who don’t want to go through the hassle of assembling the skateboard themselves.

Completes include everything you’ll need to get started, such as bearings, wheels, and trucks. Meaning, you won’t have to buy any individual parts, and you can begin skating as soon as you unbox your deck.

darkstar skateboard review

Although Darkstar completes come in various sizes, professionals can further customize their boards by purchasing improved wheels and bearings.

Moreover, the complete skateboards sport softer bushings in the trucks to give beginners the predictability they need. Their concave shape also provides reasonable control over the board, so it’s ideal for someone still learning the ropes.

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Are Wal-Mart Boards Any Good?

What concerns most Darkstar skateboard buyers is their availability at Walmart.

Usually, when a high-end brand presents itself at Walmart, it either lessens the credibility of the brand or the reliability of the product. In this case, these notions are entirely accurate. Darkstar skateboards bought from Walmart are not reliable.

Don’t take our word for it. The low quality of Walmart Darkstar boards is verified by famous skating enthusiasts like Aaron Kyro and John Hill.

Although the low price range is attractive, these boards usually break after a few months of use, which means a total loss of your investment. If you’re seriously considering skateboarding as your go-to sport, try to invest in a high-quality board directly from the Darkstar store rather than cheap Walmart boards.

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Top 9 Darkstar Skateboards Reviews in 2022

Now that you have all the necessary information about the Darkstar brand, you’re probably ready to make your purchase. However, you still have to choose which Darkstar board to go for.

We’ve rounded up some of the best options in this Darkstar skateboard review so you can choose for yourself.

1. Darkstar Complete Skateboards First Push Woods Red Tie Dye

darkstar skateboards review


This Darkstar complete skateboard is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. It comes with all the essential parts, including the wheels, bearings, grip tape, and hardware. This means it’ll take you no time to unbox your deck and start skating.

The Red First Push Woods model is made out of 100% Canadian maple held together with high-quality epoxy resin glue. Due to its durable construction, the skateboard can sustain hard impacts while remaining lightweight.

Similarly, the board sports robust bearings of alloy steel, so you can conduct all kinds of tricks without worrying about your board falling apart. Its concave shape lets beginners find proper balance and control while skating for their first time.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Canadian maple coupled with epoxy resin glue
  • Durable construction
  • Well-balanced
  • Striking red imagery

  • The budget trucks and wheels might not provide the required support for pros

2. Darkstar Skateboard Complete Anodize BlueGreen

darkstar skateboard review


The Darkstar Andonize, with its wide 8.25-inch deck, is one of the most affordable skateboards from their range. Constructed out of a durable resin and maple hybrid, the board is lightweight and highly durable at the same time.

Unlike other complete models, this skateboard arrives unassembled. However, all the required parts and hardware are included, so you can set it up and start using it in no time.

What we love about the Andonize model are its heavy-duty core trucks. They come with grade 8 steel kingpins and robust axels, bushings, and pivot cups. This makes them ideal for skating across the street, professional ramps, or in your favorite park.


  • Wide wheels
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Customizable
  • Grade 8 steel kingpins
  • High-quality bearings
  • Affordable price

  • Requires manual assembly

3. Darkstar Skateboard Deck Mirage

are darkstar skateboards good


The Darkstar Mirage is a versatile skateboard with an eight-inch expansive concave deck. The deck’s width and concave shape help the skater control the deck properly while conducting various skating tricks.

Moreover, the deck sports a striking cold-pressed design that doesn’t get worn-out even after long-term use. Constructed with premium hardwood, the skateboard is designed for rigorous users who want a robust board to practice their skills.

Most importantly, it’s one of the highest quality skateboards you’ll get under $100 in the market. You can choose whether you want to receive a free grip tape, Jessup, or mob, whenever you purchase the model.


  • Sturdy, cold-pressed construction
  • Easy to control
  • Striking army green design

  • Other parts not included

4. Darkstar Sure Shot FP Complete Skateboard

is darkstar a good skateboard brand


The Darkstar Sure Shot is a professionally-designed skateboard model made for those who want to ace multiple skateboarding tricks.

Unlike other skateboards, which are put together with a regular epoxy resin glue, this board is assembled with extra stiff epoxy glue. It’s the strongest water-based glue there is so that it can handle tougher blows and impacts as compared to its counterparts.

Besides that, it comes with durable parts such as wheels and bearing material. The sturdy carbon steel bearings combined with soft bushing makes it easier for skaters to maneuver the board and keep their balance.

The board is roughly eight inches wide and 31 inches long and has an efficient concave shape. This makes it easier to control while maintaining your balance on the ramp.


  • Hardrock maple construction
  • All hardware included
  • Matte, long-lasting decorative colors
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel bearings

  • High price

5. Darkstar Skateboard Complete Mirage Teal

are darkstar boards good


This teal-colored version of the Darkstar Mirage is ideal for beginners and pros alike.

The deck is constructed with 7-ply Hardrock maple combined with strong epoxy resin glue. This makes sure it doesn’t succumb under your weight even after rigorous, long-term use.

Similarly, the deck is eight inches wide with a concave shape, making it ideal for beginners who’re starting to learn the ropes. Also, it comes with lightweight core trucks that keep you from losing your balance while maneuvering your board.

Furthermore, it comes with heavy-duty steel kingpins and bushings that make sure your wheels run smoothly regardless of the surface. This makes the board suitable for skating in streets and parks alike.


  • Versatile
  • Good balance
  • Easy control and turning
  • High-quality hardware and parts included

  • Not pre-assembled

6. Darkstar Skateboard Felix Bold Kechaud Complete

darkstar skateboard review


This is one of the best boards from the Darkstar complete range. Sporting one of the most popular caricatures that Darkstar is known for, this board is ideal for skaters who want to establish their style statement.

Made with robust materials like hard maple and aluminum, the board stands the test of time for professional skaters. It scores 99A on the durometer for hardness, which means it won’t let you down when you face severe impacts during practice.

Similarly, it is wider than typical boards and measures more than 8.5 inches. This makes it the right choice for beginners who’re learning to keep their balance while speeding on the ramp.

What’s more, the board comes with everything you need to assemble it, including wheels, bearings, and bushings. The smooth wheels make sure you can quickly turn your board and maneuver it however you like to perform challenging tricks safely.


  • Good impact resistance
  • Smooth maneuvering
  • Provides speed and balance
  • pre-assembled

  • Isn’t customizable

7. Darkstar Ale Series R7 Skateboard Deck

are darkstar skateboards good


This Darkstar Ale Series R7 deck is the ultimate option for professional skaters who want to build their customized skateboard.

Adorned with the name of Greg Lutzka, a pro skater, the board helps you establish your identity as a professional skater and pay your respects to your mentor at the same time.

Besides that, the striking image is created with a unique technology that doesn’t let it wear off even after long-term use.

The deck is slightly more than eight inches wide and concave shaped. This helps you maintain your balance while tackling challenging skating ramps.

You can pair the deck up with any Darkstar wheels and bearings of your choice and create a skateboard that matches your skating style.


  • Appealing Greg Lutzka design
  • Robust construction
  • Concave design for better balance and turning

  • You’ll have to purchase the other parts individually

8. Darkstar Grand Soft Wheels Skateboard Complete

is darkstar a good skateboard brand

The Darkstar Grand is a popular deck that comes pre-constructed with all the necessary parts required for a high-quality skateboard. The eight-inch deck comes with T5 trucks, smooth wheels, and durable carbon bearings.

You can start using it immediately after unboxing. Similarly, it is versatile enough to use in various skating areas, including streets, parks, and ramps.

The durable hardwood of the deck is held together with stiff glue that makes the board impact-resistant.

What makes this board highly appealing is the well-known Darkstar logo in the background. It is relatively simple compared to the graphic imagery on other boards from its league but looks impressive nevertheless.


  • Durably assembled
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Iconic Darkstar logo

  • The 51m are not as smooth as the other varieties available.

9. Darkstar Roses Lime Green Complete

is darkstar a good skateboard brand


Darkstar Roses is another popular complete board fit for professionals skaters who want to show off their skills. The board measures 7.75 inches and is 31 inches long.

While wider boards may provide adequate support and balance, narrow boards allow more flexibility and easy turning. This means you can easily practice and conduct all the tricks you want using the iconic board.

However, it is harder to land on this board as compared to the Darkstar Grand and Mirage. That’s because it has less surface area for your feet to land upon.

But, if you’re experienced in various skating tricks, you can put quite a show if you ace them on this board.


  • Flexible narrow deck
  • Attractive lime roses design
  • Perfect for young, professional skaters

  • Not suitable for beginners


Concluding our Darkstar skateboards review, we’d like to state the board we like best from the ones we reviewed above. While all the models come with various price ranges and features, the Darkstar Grand is a versatile option for skaters from all levels.

However, it isn’t necessary that the best one, according to us, is the ideal skateboard for you. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, you’ll need to assess your needs before choosing the perfect board for yourself.

If you buy an expensive high-end board that you cannot operate, you’ll spend your money for nothing. Use the information we rounded up in the reviews above according to your budget and expertise to make an informed decision.

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