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Core Skateboard Trucks Review – An Objective Guide

Do you have a hard time finding a Core skateboard trucks review? Then you have come to the right place. With this article, we offer you a greater understanding of the brand’s value so that you can decide whether you want to invest in its products or not. Let’s get started right now!

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Features Details

Below are the features to consider when analyzing Core products’ price-performance ratio.


This marque is one of the top manufacturers with superior standing in the skating community when it comes to design. The products contain stable grade 8 kingpins, keeping them in the right position at all times.

core skateboard trucks review

Core trucks come in multiple colors.

Plus, they offer a wide array of colors to maximize the user’s options and age range. No matter what your style is, you can always find an ideal product to suit your preference.

Classic black or silver might be the best choices for more mature consumers. On the other hand, vibrant colors such as pink, yellow, or red will work best for young souls like teenagers or female skaters.


The geometry is the feature that sets Core apart from other brands on the market. This trait can execute better turns and create more responsive products.

Every product also comes with pivot cups and fantastic rebound bushings, bringing you a silky smooth ride without hobbles or limps. Thus, you do not have to deal with sluggish equipment from here and out.


One of the factors to keep in mind if you like to do lots of stunts and tricks is how heavy the trucks are. The lighter weight tends to make it easier for performers to flip and turns, giving rise to more remarkable executions.

Keeping the weight around over 330 grams (0.72 pounds), Core brings you one of the best quality lightweight items on the current market. With this weight, you can easily carry out lots of stunts that will amaze anyone.


When we refer to size, we mean the hanger’s width of the products. Your trucks should be at the same measurement as your decks.

core skateboard trucks review 1

If they are too small compared to the decks, then they won’t be able to hold your body weight, causing your feet to shift from side to side of the skate deck. On the contrary, too-large trucks can lead to wheel bites.

Core provides diverse choices from 4.75 inches up to 9 inches. Therefore, you can match these items with skateboards anywhere between 4.8 inches to 9 inches.

No matter if it is a longboard or a regular skateboard, the brand can still bring you suitable items that meet all your needs.

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Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful design with various color options
  • Affordable price (under 40 dollars)
  • Lightweight
  • Numerous size choices


  • May cause damage if using too much force while tightening the bushings


Are Core Skateboard Trucks Good?

Without any doubt, Core is one of the best brands out there that provide top-quality trucks all the season. The products are an ideal choice for those who are on a limited budget.

Yet, you do not have to worry about sacrificing the quality since the materials are unbelievably durable and stable.

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Can You Use Core Trucks For Longboards?

Longboards usually measure around 8 inches to 9 inches, which requires a truck’s size between 8 inches to 9 inches wide. You can set your mind at rest that Core trucks will fit the longboard since they have a suitable hanger width.

However, Core is not the brand specializing in longboard trucks, so it can still provide good if not better items for regular side skateboards with the size from 4.75 inches to 7.375 inches.

Can You Use Core Trucks During Street Skating Sessions?

The most important factors determining whether trucks are suitable for street skating or not are the weight and durability. It’s best if you have lightweight sufficiently sturdy trucks to hold your body weight.

As you can see, Core’s merchandise has every factor that makes them perfect for your street skating experience.

Bottom Line

So here is our Core skateboard trucks review that you are looking high and low for. Now you know what the brand can bring to the table after reading through this article.

If you are searching for the best street skating pieces of equipment, Core is the name that we highly recommend.

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