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CCS Skateboard Review – Should You Buy It?

If you are a newbie at skateboarding and are seeking a board that matches your current level, check this CCS skateboard review out, and you will figure out whether it suits you or not.

Skateboarding has been an exciting sport and a recreational activity for people of all ages. Looking for the right skateboard can be a daunting task, especially for beginners.

This post will cover all aspects you need to know about the CCS skateboard such as its quality, performance, and what is good or bad about this product. Let’s begin!

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Product overview

Before we delve into all the details of this CCS product, let’s take a look at the following general description to find out if it lives up to your expectations or not.

CCS brand has been renowned for its high standard products such as skateboards, clothing, shoes for over 35 years in the skateboarding community. Their products are usually highly rated for both impressive quality and natural designs.

ccs complete skateboard review

Generally, the CCS skateboard is the best recommendation for people of all ages at the beginner level due to its ease of use. Besides, many skateboarders have included it in their favorite list because of its affordability.

If you are really into this kind of sport and on a tight budget, this item is right for you. And the cheap price doesn’t mean poor quality as improving products’ performance is always the top priority of the CCS brand.

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Another advantage making this product line stand out from the crowd is customizability. Users can flexibly be customized to be compatible with their needs and enhance their riding experience.

The whole set consists of many components such as a wooden deck, bearings, acceptable wheels, and trucks. This CCS product arrives fully assembled, which means you don’t have to worry about how to put it together. How convenient!

On the downside, the material is not sturdy enough to endure hard impacts, so we don’t recommend this item for large people. It needs regular cleaning up to prevent rust as well.


  • Perfect choice for novice skateboarders
  • Reasonable price
  • Well-known and reliable brand
  • Different sizes and colors available
  • Lightweight
  • Fully assembled
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to customize


  • Wheels and bearings need cleaning regularly, or they might rust.
  • Some people say its wheels are quite small.
  • You should avoid grinding curbs too much, or the trucks will break down after several months.
  • This product is not a good choice for large people.


Here are some specs you may need to know about it:

  • Material: Traditional maple
  • Wooden deck from 7 to 8.5 inches wide and 32 inches long
  • Standard 139-millimeter wide trucks
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • 52-millimeter wide and 100A durometer wheels


One of the most attractive features of this skateboard lies in its natural appearance with maple wood material. Interestingly, you can decorate your own board with your creativity and personal preferences by using graphics, stickers to enhance its styles.

ccs skateboard review

The CCS skateboard has a very thoughtful design with a large deck which is ideal for those who are new to this activity and intermediate skateboarders. It is also lightweight and easy to bring along.

No matter which level you are at, you will have wonderful experiences with this item.


Thanks to the symmetrical design, this product brings about an enjoyable riding and cruising experience for users, so you can feel pleasure and freedom while skating on it.

It can deal with some tricks at the elementary level like Ollie North, Kick Flip, Heel Flip, Board Slide, and Grind.

ccs skateboard complete review

The CCS board can bear a weight of 90 kilograms, so it suits both adults and children. Flexible wheels make every turn easy with higher precision and speeds.

You can use it anywhere you desire. The board can smoothly glide on various types of landscapes such as flat sidewalks, rough local ramps, or even slick surfaces, which makes skating on this board even cooler.

All of these above qualities make this purchase worth it.

Separate Parts Review Of The Skateboard

CCS Blank Deck Review

We must say the CCS blank decks are excellent boards to ride on streets or parks. Their perfectly shaped nose and tail give them a fantastic look.

In terms of quality, these blank decks give riders a great amount of control and stability. Also, they aren’t too heavy, so you can flip them easily.

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CCS Deck Review

Let’s dive into the CCS deck review, the biggest part of the board. Constructed of maple wood material from Canada, the board has amazing toughness, so there is no need to worry about warping issues.

The thing we are impressed most with is that this long-lasting board offers a perfect mix of stiffness and softness so you can feel how responsive it is under your feet.

If you prefer a large skateboard, then it’s everything you need.

ccs deck review

The CCS deck is 32 inches long and comes in 6 sizes in width ranging from 7 to 8.5 inches, which is roomy enough for skateboarders to perform skillful maneuvers safely on skateparks. The wide deck gives more stability, making it easier for you to control and keep balance when you start cruising around.

Despite this, there are no graphics available on the product, but you can print your favorite graphics or stickers with a heating machine on your own by following some tutorials on the Internet.

CCS Bearings Review

The CCS product possesses top-quality bearings, which gained ABEC 7 ratings. These high-speed bearings may be a huge advantage for first-timers, but you may need to replace them to get a smoother skating experience when reaching a higher level.

ccs bearings review

Make sure to clean them properly at least twice a month. Moreover, don’t forget to regularly put some silicone grease on these parts to make them run smoothly. Good maintenance can prolong the bearings’ lifespan.

However, in the long run, this solution doesn’t work well. To enhance performance, it is advisable to change these bearings for higher-grade ones.

CCS Wheels Review

The pair of wheels allows you to effortlessly deal with imperfections on roads. The wheels are soft enough to provide a pleasant and speedy ride on smooth and slippery roads.

Designed with a width of 52 millimeters, they’re great for trick performance. They are rather responsive and help you control better when flipping or popping the board.

ccs skate review

At the first time using it, you might feel that the wheels are quite small and hard to ride on rough terrains. You can not exchange them as there is only one wheel size available.

In this case, it’s better to loosen them using a skate tool included in the whole package. This process won’t be time-consuming at all. Generally, these wheels are still worth the money.

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CCS Trucks Review

It can be said that trucks are among the most significant parts to consider when producing a skateboard. They play a role as a connection between the wheels and deck and keep the entire structure balanced with a standard size of 139 millimeters.

ccs skate review

These CCS metallic trucks are famous for their durability and solidness, so the skateboard has a relatively large weight capacity. The kingpin is particularly strong, that’s why there’s no need to be worried about deformation problems.

Also, these CCS trucks can be purchased separately at an affordable price. Skateboarders can twist or loosen them effortlessly to determine how free you want their boards to be.

However, when shopping for the whole set, check them out carefully if there are any missing items.

CCS Bushing Review

The bushings of a skateboard are rubber rings that cover around the main pivot. By simply loosening or tightening those four tiny flexible rings, users can adjust the board’s responsiveness depending on their preference.

The manufacturer also supplies metallic bushing washers to avoid any distortion of these rings caused by the pressure on the board.

CCS Grip Tape Review

A grip tape is a rough sandpapery sheet that is applied on the top side of the deck. Its purpose is to help your shoe grip better on the skateboard and maintain balance.

Made out of high-quality material, this black tape is very mellow and sticks rather firmly on the board. What is more, the tape is waterproof and weather-resistant, so it will not flake off easily.

There are some tips for you to apply it on your skateboard. First of all, it is required to remove all hardware like trucks, wheels from the board and clean the deck’s surface properly.

Then, take the sticker on the tape off and put it on the deck as gently as you can. Finally, put your palm on the sheet and press it down not to leave all the air bubbles inside.


Below are several questions customers frequently ask about the CCS products. If your questions are still unanswered, feel free to contact the manufacturer through their support channel.

#1. How Many Layers Does The Deck Come With?

The CCS deck is constructed with seven layers, so it is pretty sturdy.

#2. Is A CCS Skateboard Worth Your Money?

Considering all qualities and benefits it offers, we must say that it is completely the best value choice for those who are on a tight budget.

#3. How Can I Tell The Tail And The Nose Of That Skateboard Apart?

It is not easy to point out the difference between the tail and nose of the board. However, if you notice thoroughly, you will see the discrepancy lie in size and length.

One end is always bigger than the other, and that’s the nose, whereas the tail is the shorter one.

#4. Which Size Would It Be Suitable For Under 10-year-old Kids?

According to my riding experience for over 15 years, we can say 7-inch and 7.5-inch decks are perfect for small children. The rest are way too big for them.

#5. What Are Some Tips When Purchasing This CCS Skateboard Online Quickly And Safely?

Online shopping is convenient but never without any risks. Here are some buying tips you can follow to avoid fraud.

  • It is advisable to buy on reliable trading websites.
  • Please read the customer review section carefully.
  • Guarantee policy is also important. You can chat with the store to ask if there is any available warranty for the skateboard.
  • When the package arrives, check the entire set thoroughly in case there are any missing items.

#6. Is The Skateboard Fully Assembled?

Yes, it is pre-built and ready to use out of the box.

#7. Is this CCS item suitable for users of all levels?

This skateboard is among the best picks for first-timers, kids, and intermediate skateboarders. We do not recommend this product for experienced riders because it is not soft enough.

#8. Can I Purchase The Grip Tape Individually?

Yes, you can. The seller can allow you to purchase a package without a grip tape when you prefer another one.

#9. How About The Suggested Weight Limit Of This Board?

The whole structure can withstand a weight of up to 220 pounds or 90 kilograms.

#10. How Can I Determine The Right Size To Buy?

The CCS deck has six sizes in total. Both large and small boards have pros and cons. A large deck gives more comfort and balance for riding, while a smaller one is perfect for technical skating. You can pick your best fit based on your shoe size to learn easily. Please use this chart as guidance.

#11. Can I Exchange The Board For A New One If My Received Product Has An Incorrect Size?

Probably yes, but you should contact the retailer first for further information about their return and refund policy.

Final Words

This skateboard is one of the high-grade products that have made a name for the well-known CCS brand, and millions of customers choose to use its reliable products. Therefore, you don’t have to worry much about its quality or price.

We have just delved into all the information you may need to know about the CCS skateboard. Hopefully, this CCS skateboard review is useful for you to some extent, and after browsing through this article, you have had your own decision.

As my final thoughts, I highly recommend these products for amateurs at this sport or who want to buy one for their kids.

As long as you have any related questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. We are all ears!

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