Can You Do Tricks On A LongBoard? Let’s Try Something New

Many riders, including professionals and beginners, keep asking us how to do tricks on a longboard.

This topic, “ can you do tricks on a longboard ”, is not new, but people covet to acquire new skills as they get bored of sliding boards in a traditional way. Your longboard can do more than rolling and downhill cruising; and these tricks we’re going to reveal in this article are sure to fascinate you.

However, getting knowledge is always not as good as practical. We have seen various beginners demotivated when learning tricks because of lacking comprehensive structure. Therefore, riders will end up with less confidence and fear of getting hurt.

We hate to see you struggle with looking for the answer of can you do tricks on a longboard.

It would be best if you had spent the time searching into practicing as it will be the only way to shape you into a professional rider with tricks. Remember that tricks for skateboarding are not applicable on a longboard.

Let’s give you a hand as we were in your situation before. Below are comprehensive guidelines that may interest you regarding skill acquisition for a longboard. Whether you are searching for a new trick to learn or simply want to start with the basics, we get you covered.

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After getting the philosophy of preparation for learning tricks, we want to introduce you to our most favorite skills.

The level of difficulty will be distributed numerically. The lowest number will be the most manageable level, and vice versa. Let's scroll down for more information.

1. Footbrake

can you do tricks on a longboard

This is the easiest trick for any rider; it is the art of stopping and will get you away from the accident when you are at a high speed. You do not have any steering wheel nor shifting gear, so your four-wheeled vehicle is unique, and you have total control over the speed.

To stop a longboard, you need to release the pressure on your feet by bending your body. In doing so, all the weight of your body will place on the feet, and then the longboard speed will decrease.

Without properly performing it, you may encounter any threat not to yourself and other people. So learning it will give you more confidence when learning more demanding tricks.

2. Dancing

tricks to do on a longboard

Dancing is another upscale level of footbrake. As the name suggests, when performing this trick, it’s likely dancing with your lovely board on the street. Also, by maneuvering your board up and down, you can regulate or control its speed.

How to master this trick? It would be best if you spent hours confidently making the board sway. And then, learning how to distribute the speed on four wheels is essential. Without controlling the speed, you will experience over speed and lose your balance.

The posture on the longboard also plays a vital role when performing dancing skills. Riders tend to open the arm widely to distribute the gravity and get balance quickly. Based on our experience, it works effectively, and you should take it into consideration.

3. Slalom

can you do tricks on longboards

Are you a big fan of skiing? If yes, this skill is a version of it. For this trick, you will perform curving turns to avoid the obstacle ahead and manage your speed when moving downhill.

The skill requires a good balancing position with your feet placed on the middle of a longboard, and knees bent sideways. Also, your hand needs to move with your feet to regulate the speed.

4. Pivot

can you do tricks with a longboard

When moving to this skill, we believe that you have mastered controlling the speed. If not, please practice it until you become confident. To perform pivot, you’ll need to fully concentrate when rotating the board; otherwise, the chance of getting hurt is high.

Here is the brief of skill execution. Firstly, place the front foot on the board nose and press it with appropriate pressure to lift the tail of the longboard.

After that, firmly rotate the board 180 degrees with your hindfoot. In other words, you will move the position of the longboard tail to the place of the board nose and vice versa.

Please keep in mind that do not apply too much pressure on the board; otherwise, you risk yourself falling down.

5. Shove It

how to do tricks on a longboard

Shove it an upgraded version of the pivot skill. It remains all the fundamentals of executing the pivot, and the difference is that you need to jump with your longboard while turning on a semi-circle rotation.

This skill is more complicated than the pivot; it requires a longboard with durable and traction wheels. You do not need to jump too high; sufficient height for turning the board is highly recommended for your safety.

6. Drop-In

what tricks can you do on a longboard

It is time to move to a different terrain; a skatepark area will be an excellent option to make a memorable movement. We have seen many riders afraid to perform this skill, and you might be one of them. However, it is not a risk at all if you stick to our guideline.

The requirements of this skill are similar to the shove it trick; you need to concentrate on speed and balance. Firstly, you need to stand on the edge of a skate ramp by holding the tail with considerable pressure from your foot. Place the other foot on the board nose and bend your knee forward.

Slowly release pressure on the board tail and slide up front; it is wise to bend your body to minimize the wind impact. When practicing this skill, a spacious area is preferable because other riders may go directly to the way you slide.

7. Backside Kickturn

tricks to do on longboards

The drop-in trick is just one of the primary skills in the skatepark. If you want to advance your skill, let’s have a look at the backside kickturn.

The fundamental rule to having a smooth kickturn is to maintain your desired speed before making a turn at a ramp. If you do it well, there will not be any challenge to perform this trick.

Also, balancing your body is essential to maintain the gravity of the board. This trick is the same as the pivot, but you need skatepark terrain to comfortably perform it.

8. Frontside Kickturn

can longboards do tricks

This trick is the final part of the backside kickturn; however, it’s tougher to master. The tail of the longboard needs to reach the ramp flawlessly. At the same time, you need to rotate the board nose to your desired direction by using the force from your leg.

It is not as easy as it seems because you need to control your board when the tail reaches the ramp; otherwise, you will fall. Also, if you have a fear of heights, prepare yourself as you’ll be quite far from the ground.

We do not recommend practicing the skills executing in the skatepark area. If you are green to this sport, take it slowly and step by step.

9. Strawberry Milkshake

can you do tricks on a longboard

This trick is complex, and not many riders can masterfully execute it. But we would like to mention it as we know many of you would love to give it a try.

The execution of the strawberry milkshake requires the right foot position.The first step is to step off the board by using the upfront foot while simultaneously using the back foot to increase speed.

Quickly spin the board with the backside kickoff, but you need to keep your feet on the edge of the board. And then you turn it back promptly for sliding.

What Are The Criteria Of A LongBoard For Tricks?

tricks to do on a longboard

Before getting further to today’s topic, here is the most critical knowledge to ease your training process when studying tricks for a longboard. Without understanding the shape function of a longboard, you may experience injury and fatigue when practicing.

Technically, you can slide on any chosen or favorite longboard. The best decks, trucks, and wheels will make your training more accessible.

The ideal dimensions for length and width are 41 and 9.5 inches, respectively, making you easily balance yourself on a longboard after or before performing tricks.

Also, a longboard with loose wheels will give you smoothness of sliding, but they should be durable and work on any terrain. If you want to slide at an increased speed, loose wheels may need to be replaced.

Many decks are made from various materials; however, light and durable decks will be the top choice as they will allow you to flip over with ease. Deck with rubberized substance cover will prevent slippery and increase balance.

Some Recommendations For Choosing A LongBoard

Below is the list of most widely-used longboards for you to choose from.

Double Kich Popsicle

This shape allows you to execute ollies and tricks as it has a large platform compared to other designs.

Double Kick Cutaway

The double kick cutaway is an ideal selection for advanced riders. It has an upturned nose and tail, enabling you to perform many free trick styles. Also, this design effectively prevents wheel bite.

Drop-Through Double Kick Cutaway

It is another worth-thinking choice for beginners. This design features a low-riding platform that allows you to push with ease. You also can perform some advanced tricks such as kickturn or drop-in.

While the low-riding platform will decrease maneuverability, the board will tend to be more stable when rolling.

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Is It Hard To Do Tricks On A LongBoard?

Our answer is no if you keep practicing sliding longboards seriously. There is no better method to acquire skills rather than practicing. You may fall, get hurt, or demotivate, but it is worth the try.

Admittedly, it will be hard to roll on board for beginners, and you may feel embarrassed for the first time trying.

If you don't want to get attention from other riders, you can reschedule or choose a place that is not crowded so you will have more space. We suggest that you can play with your friends or get a mentor to not feel bored easily.

How To Maneuver A Board Smoothly And Safely?

Each sport has its safety procedures and regulations; longboard riding is not an exception.

For your safety, you need to wear a safety helmet with high resistance to excessive forces. It also needs to be lightweight and easy to use. Plus, the helmet should have a well-designed heat dissipation.

Let’s be honest, and you do not remember how many times you have fallen, do you? So it pays to equip yourself with protective knee and elbow pads. There will be some riders who disagree about our recommendation because they may feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

However, imagine that you may end up with a big bruise or, even worse, with an open wound or broken bone if you hit the pavement unintentionally.

There are many choices for protective gear on the market, and the ideal equipment should not be heavy or make you sweat for a long time of wearing.

Final Thoughts

The best recommendation for “can you do tricks on a longboard” we would like to give to you is practice and dedication will help you successfully master all of these tricks. But please remember that your safety is always a top priority, and do not try any trick that you are not confident about.

If you need any advice or recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact us through email or leave a message in the box below.

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