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Can You Bring A Longboard On A Plane – Important Things to Keep in Mind

Flying with a longboard may bring you anxiety. Can you bring a longboard on a plane? Will you have to purchase an extra cost? Many things remain uncertain.

The official regulations of most airlines accept skateboards as checked baggage or carry-on baggage. Most airlines usually allow you to take them on board if they suit their regulation.

This article will clarify the question: “Can you carry it during flights” and provide information about a list of airlines with their policy of carrying skateboards. Let’s go into details.

Can You Take A Longboard During Flights?

While the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not consider skateboards a threat, it is up to the airlines themselves, and you still wonder can you take a longboard on a plane.

You can carry a skateboard in your hand baggage as long as it fits the size limit of the airline you wish to fly with. Skateboards may be carried in luggage, but there may be restrictions on hand baggage size.

Some domestic airlines allow you to board your skateboard on the plane as long as it fits under a seat or in a bin. Some airlines cite skateboards as an exception to the size limit, while others do not.

can you bring a longboard on a plane

Bring A Longboard On A Plane

The TSA does not restrict passengers from carrying a skateboard on planes, but most airlines do not permit skateboards as carrying luggage.

Policies differ for all the airlines, but most allow passengers to take their skateboard on the plane if they follow the rules. Call your airline and check their baggage policy to make it clear. Though most official airlines have guidelines for sports equipment, especially skateboards, the rules are far from clear and vary widely.

It can be difficult to know whether an airline will carry a skateboard in hand baggage because the wording in the airlines’ skateboard policies is confusing.

Can You Take Electric Skateboards?

Some airlines allow electric skateboards on planes, but only if the battery has run out. Virgin Australia Airline Policy accepts electric skateboards on flights. However, you must declare that you have such a device at check-in and have a lithium battery that does not exceed 160Wh.

can you take a longboard on a plane

Electric Longboard

The dimensions of your board are the main factors that determine whether your electric skateboard can fly, not the battery. Most electric skateboards have a large battery capacity of 160 watts per hour, and many e-boards are not suitable for flying.

List Of Airlines And Their Policy Of Carrying


If you are a skateboarder, you probably want to bring your longboard during the flight. Chances are, you are afraid of asking the airline company for a permit to carry.

Firstly, you had better know that some airline companies have different policies. As far as boarding items are concerned, domestic flights generally tend to be lenient. Sometimes, it just depends on whom you will ask.

can you bring a longboard on an airplane

Carrying the longboard on the plane

To ease some unexpected difficulties, please check our list of regulations below, which are directly extracted from some of the popular airlines in the world:

Alaska Airline

In the United States, Alaska Airlines is the only major airline that does not allow skateboards as checked luggage. They will permit you to carry your skateboard on the plane, but only if it is under your seat.

It is compulsory to put your longboard in a hard-sided case, small enough to fit under your seat. To use a hard-sided case, you must purchase it from Alaska Airlines or one of their approved vendors. Plus, your skateboard must be made out of wood, not carbon fiber, fiberglass, or metal.

can i bring a longboard on a plane

Alaska Air

Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air is also a favored airline in America. Unfortunately, if you are about to travel with your skateboard, this company is not for you.

Allegiant Air is an American airline located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its policy does not accept longboards as in-flight baggage, except for luggage shipping service.

can i bring my longboard on a plane

Allegiant Air

American Airline

American Airlines has strict regulations about luggage on flights. One of the things this company discourages you from carrying on board is longboards.

That does not mean you cannot bring a skateboard on the plane, and you have to check it in and pay a fee. The fee varies depending on the size and weight of the board ranging from $50 to $100. American Airlines allows passengers to take a longboard with a maximum size of 62 inches and 50 pounds.

can i take my longboard on a plane

American Airline

Air Canada

Air Canada has no restrictions on bringing longboards on board. The only limit is that the board has to be under 30 inches in length.

Air Canada’s policy is not to charge an oversize fee for carrying a longboard, but they charge for any excess baggage. For this reason, we recommend you check the board’s size beforehand.

You have to purchase $25 for carrying a longboard on Air Canada flights. But there will be a surcharge along with the regular fees for the checked baggage. Therefore, you should be aware of this extra fee.

can you bring longboards on airplanes

Air Canada

Delta Airline

Delta Airline is the world’s largest airline regarding the number of passengers carried and the second largest in fleet size. However, this company is properly not the go-to airline for skateboard lovers.

The reason lies in the restricted size of carry-on luggage – 62 linear inches. This figure means that your skateboard cannot fit the overhead locker. Luckily, you can opt for checked luggage with a limitation of 115 linear inches. But remember to store the board in a bag.

The Delta website doesn’t mention anything about the exact size of the overhead locker. But they are about 22-24 inches deep. And your skateboard can fit if it is no more than 30 inches long.

can you bring a longboard on a plane

Delta Airline


JetBlue offers a limited number of boards on each departing flight.

It’s a flat $100 fee, regardless of the size or complexity of your board.

When you arrive at the airport, your board will be placed with the rest of the passenger’s baggage.

The catch is that your board must fit in the overhead bins. If not you’ll need to check it as baggage, which costs an additional $75.The biggest difficulty is making sure that the wheels don’t stick out the end of the bin.

can you take a longboard on a plane

Jet Blue


Southwest allows you to swap your longboard for either a carry-on or a checked bag. If the board is small to fit under the seat, it does not need a bag to wrap. It would help if you stored it with the wheels up so that it does not roll.

If it is too big, you have to place it in the overhead lockers. In this case, the wheel must be up and carefully covered.

The fixed maximum dimension of a carry-on is 24x16x10 inches so that you make sure your longboard is compact enough.

How To Pack A Skateboard On Traveling Air

A high-quality skateboard handbag is a clever idea. It provides additional protection for your longboard. Even better, you can effortlessly carry the board plus its accessories, thanks to the compact storage of the bag.

Some airlines will allow the passengers to take your longboards on hand if they are small enough to fit underneath the seat or in the luggage compartment.

You had better use a backpack to store skate bikes and small accessories to ease the burden of the travel bag. Longboards and skateboards are not always treated as hand luggage.

Normally, a 44-inch longboard just does not fit in a huge bag. In this case, it is advisable to wrap your skates and longboards in duct tape to cover the bag.


Despite some official airlines’ permission of bringing longboard on the flights, you are not sure about it every time. Thus, you ought to expect the likelihood of getting to examine it in and maybe wrap your longboard carefully to ensure.

To eliminate the probability of leaving your skateboard on the flights, have a shot at the fittest board.

We hope you can. The above information makes you clear of the question, “ Can you bring a longboard on a plane.”

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