Can Skateboarding Help You Lose Weight – Useful Tips For You

In the modern world, having a hectic pace of life is an undeniable part for everyone. It can lead to your habits of eating fast food or you may suffer from sleep deprivation. That’s why you need to take up a new hobby like skateboarding and even ask yourself “ Can skateboarding help you lose weight ?”

It is not only a great exercise for your physical and mental health but it can also help you lose weight and build muscles to look leaner. Skateboarding is a workout itself if you know exactly how to take advantage of it to practice exercises. 

Whether you are an amateur who has just started doing exercises with a skateboard or a professional skater, you can receive further information on skateboarding with some frequently asked questions below. 

Ideal Weight For A Skateboarder

Before trying this sport, you may wonder if there is a weight limit for a skateboarder. Luckily, skateboarding has no limit on weight because skateboards are often made of wood, making them more reliable when it comes to pressure.

No matter how much you weigh, just gain confidence and start learning to skateboard to keep fit. A wide range of skateboards is available on the market so that you can freely choose the most suitable one.

How Many Calories Will You Burn When You Go Skateboarding?

You will be surprised to know that riding a skateboard for one hour per day can help you burn about 300-500 calories, depending on your weight or your workout pace. 

With that amount of calories burnt, you will see some positive changes in your body soon. You can even practice either indoors or outdoors exercises according to your personal preference. 

Whatever kind of exercises you take, you will certainly burn a considerable amount of calories. In the long run, it can help you lose weight and become healthier.

can skateboarding help lose weight

Burning calories

Which Muscles Do You Use While Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a great way to improve your balance and provide increased flexibility. To do this, you need to work with all your muscles, especially your core muscles as well as your upper and lower legs.

The core muscles play an important role in stabilizing your body and supporting your balance. It serves as a connection between the upper and lower body so that you can ride a skateboard easier.

Legs are the body’s parts that can help you ride the board with cool movement. If you want to master skateboarding, you need to know how to use your legs effectively to move from a high to a low position without difficulty.

Is It Important To Have An Appropriate Schedule?

“ Does skateboarding help you lose weight ?” The answer is yes if you arrange a smart schedule and follow it closely. Once you know the right way to go, you will have motivation and ambition to stick with your plan of losing weight.

For a good beginning, you need to set a clear goal of your dreamt weight and stick to it. Secondly, you have to practice over and over and build up slowly. It can help your body get used to the workout and get ready for other exercises.

Next, make sure you listen to your body, take a break when necessary, and avoid burning yourself out with difficult exercises. Safety is also of great importance to your plan for losing weight.

can skateboarding help you lose weight

Plan your schedule

Step By Step Instructions

Learning that skateboarding can actually help you lose weight but you still have no idea how to start doing exercises? Let’s dive right in to broaden your mind with those useful exercises below.

You will find some exercises from easy to difficult levels that can help you keep fit.

Outdoor Exercises

Skateboarding often requires you to spend time outdoors.  All you need to do is to step on the board and ride it! When you practice skateboarding regularly, the calories and fatty acids will be burnt greatly.

Your body will get rid of those unwanted acids and you will be in good shape if you continue to ride a skateboard on a weekly basis. 

When you try for the first time, just ride with a slow pace and learn how to keep your balance on the skateboard. Day by day, you will have a chance to practice more difficult movements and you will burn more calories once you master skateboarding.

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can you lose weight by skateboarding

Go Skateboarding Outdoors

Indoor Exercises

In addition to outdoor activities, you can use a skateboard to practice indoors with some special techniques in order to lose weight. 

You will find it more comfortable because you don’t need to travel outside to practice anymore. You can stay at home, preparing a mattress and a skateboard and now you are ready for a daily routine to lose weight quickly.

One of the most popular exercises is using a skateboard to plank. It is an easy-to-follow exercise that everyone can do. And this can help you to build muscles and find balance.

The first step is to place your hand on a mattress and place your feet on the skateboard. Then, pull your feet towards your chest while your hips bend upwards. Inhale when you pull your legs and exhale when they come to the starting position. 

does skateboarding help you lose weight

Skateboard Workout

Another simple yet useful exercise is the skateboard push-ups. This one can help you focus on your arms’ strength and the state of stability.

The first step you should follow is to place a mattress under your knees and place your hands on the top of the skateboard. Next, inhale while lowering your hands to make sure your chest touches the board’s edge. When you push upwards, exhale slowly to finish the action.

You can repeat this exercise 20 times if you are a beginner and when you are used to it, you can double to 40 times for a more successful result.

can skateboarding help lose weight

Skateboard Push-ups


I hope that after reading this article, you will have your own answer to the question “ Can skateboarding help you lose weight ?”. Don’t hesitate to make up your mind and learn skateboarding. I believe that you will enjoy it as an effective way to let your hair down and lose weight at the same time.

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