Caliber Trucks Review: For All-degree Players

This Caliber trucks review will support you a lot if you’re looking for a replacement but haven’t had any idea yet!

The truck plays an important role in attaching the wheels securely to the deck. Thus, it significantly affects the stability and balance of skateboard when you are riding and even can lead you to dangerous situations if you choose an unsuitable one.

Caliber is one of the most favored truck brands with high-quality products. In this post, we will give you the necessary information as well as a review based on our experience.

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There are 3 main product lines of Caliber: 44-degree, 50-degree, and standard trucks. Each will have its features so you can consider carefully to find out the one you like most.

44-degree Caliber II Truck

caliber trucks review

44-degree Caliber II Truck

We highly recommend the 44-degree trucks for all beginners. With this angle, the distance from the deck and to the ground will be lower, making it easier for you to ride, stand, and keep balance.

The main material that makes up this product is aluminum alloy. For that reason, it’s durable, strong, and able to stand heavy weight.

You may have experienced that your truck rusted quickly or fragile after a period due to wet or high-humidity environments. And this means you have to replace the truck more frequently. When you choose Caliber trucks, there is no need to worry about this problem!

Its 89a barrel bushings will give you great support when you want to downhill. This type stabilizes the deck and reduces wrong deviation. You can change the direction only when you lean your body more than usual.

In addition, the Caliber trucks are usually a bit heavier than others. Weighing at about 1.02 pounds also contributes to keeping the balance and smoothening your ride.

Last but not least, if you’re a skillful player who wants to perform more hard skills, a low truck like a 44-degree one is an ideal choice. The lower deck will easier for you to jump, lift, and more.

50-degree Caliber II Truck

caliber 2 trucks review

50-degree Caliber II Truck

If you ask us which one is the most flexible and suitable for different playing styles, this must be the 50-degree truck. No matter if you want to do carving, dancing, freestyling, or even downhill, it supports you to do all of them.

Like the 44-degree lines, it’s made from high-quality aluminum alloy to expand the lifetime and strengthen the truck for safer rides.

While others can lead your skateboard to shake or be unbalanced when you’re on a tough road, the 50-degree truck will be your savior. This material increases its weight but doesn’t make it too heavy.

Besides, the 17.4mm kingpin has a circular shape, and you can easily adjust it. It’s an ideal choice for longboarding when you’re able to control properly without many efforts.

You’ll be satisfied by the 55-degree truck as they support you to keep balance and turn easily at the same time. The higher deck makes it straightforward to change direction, while an improved baseplate stabilizes your posture to have smoother rides.

Caliber Standard Truck

caliber trucks review

Caliber Standard Truck

This is Caliber’s earliest product line. Although they don’t have innovations and features of the 44-degree and 50-degree series, this is the most standard and suitable for many different types of skateboards.

About the size chart, they provide players with 3 choices:

  • 8-inch axle: about 0.759 pounds, which is suitable for decks from 7.75 inches to 8.25 inches.
  • 8.5-inch axle: about 0.792 pounds, it’s suitable for decks from 8.3 inches to 8.6 inches.
  • 9-inch axle: about 0.814 pounds, best for decks from 8.8 inches to 9.5 inches.

Its open-yolk pushing seat is expanded. This feature allows you to customize or choose the pushing setups that best suit your style and need.

Different from the 2 types above, this one has a 92a bushing. It gives you great responsiveness and high flexibility, so you don’t need to try hard to ride or perform tricks like using others anymore.

Caliber Trucks - Pros And Cons

Based on our experience, 3 product lines of Caliber are all at standard to high-quality. There are some obvious pros and cons you should take a look at to make sure that their products are totally suitable for you:

What we like

  • High-quality materials
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Suitable for different skateboarding types and styles
  • Ideal for both beginners and the professional
  • Improved bushing
  • Various price range for different budget

What should be improved

  • A bit heavier than other products


Overall, you’ve got on the necessary and useful information via this Caliber trucks review. We hope that you’ll find it understandable as well as supportive for you to make a final decision.

44-degree, 50-degree, and standard trucks are 3 main types that Caliber offers to players. We appreciate their quality, design, effectiveness, etc.; based on our real experience, we make sure they will totally satisfy you!

If you have had a decision yet, don’t hesitate to re-check this post to clearly understand them.

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