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Cal 7 Skateboard Review: A Good or Bad Brand?

If you are a beginner in skating and want to buy an affordable, good-quality skateboard, look no further. We have compiled the following guide about the Cal 7 skateboard review.

Cal 7 skateboard features extra-smooth wheels with sturdy trucks to guarantee a robust skating system. Moreover, the classic shape offers maximum stability to the beginner riders and a flexible sliding ride for the skateboard professionals.

This multi-purpose skateboard can be used in both streets and parks for casual transportation and skating practice.

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Top Best Cal 7 Skateboard Reviews

Let’s walk you through the Cal 7 skateboard’s features, design, and other components by discussing the following two variants.

1. Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Review

cal 7 mini cruiser review


The Cal 7 Mini Cruiser plastic skateboard features compact dimensions of 22.5 x 6 inches to fit in your backpack perfectly. Interestingly, it comes in a variety of graphics and colors to match your style statement.

The 3.125-inch trucks are made of aluminum alloy, while the 5 x 6 inches deck is made of durable plastic.

The basic idea of the Cal 7 penny board review is to explore its different specifications and functionalities.

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The Cal 7 Mini Cruiser comes in various design series, out of which the Color Blast and the Snack Attack are the most popular ones. Moreover, these series are suitable for all kinds of age groups.

Another one is the Grafix series with a bold, twisted yet classic design recommended for funk lovers.

Additionally, you can select graphics such as Glacier, Midgard, Onyx, Lotus, etc.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran or a youngster; the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser allows you to select colors and graphics to match your age.

Moreover, the design isn’t just attractive but also durable. Thanks to the end-to-end grip tape, which comes pre-applied with the skateboard to ensure a firm grip to your feet.


As compared to the regular full-wood or carbon-fiber boards, the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser features a plastic construction. The 22.5 inches vinyl plastic offers many advantages, such as flexibility and durability. It can withstand breakages even under heavy stress.

Additionally, the high-grade components can withstand hits from the street corners without any visible damage. You don’t have to worry about accidental sling rings or razor tails while aboard the Cal 7 mini cruiser.

Moreover, the seven-ply maple bolsters the durability of the vinyl plastic boards.

The best thing about this all-rounder skateboard is its lightweightedness despite the sturdy construction. It’s quite convenient for you to carry in your hand or backpack without much effort.


The highly robust Urethane wheels measure around 59 millimeters in diameter. By the way, it’s an ideal size for the beginner riders, mostly the junior, to maintain the balance.

Moving forward to the stiffness, the wheels ensure a softer feel than the majority of the street wheels. Consequently, it guarantees better rolling-overs on cracks and pebbles while adding buoyancy to your ride.

The softer wheels always make you feel like floating above the ground, whether you are a beginner or a veteran. Besides, these wheels allow you to pull out a trick over bumps, thus making your overall skating experience more enjoyable.

Keep in mind that the wheel’s diameter decides the quickness with which the rider can accelerate. Besides, it also determines the tightness of the turn.

In the case of the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser, it’s a 59 mm wheel.

For skateboards, anything between 54 mm and 59 mm is considered a suitable size for beginners and bigger riders. Meaning, the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser wheels are strong enough to withstand weight without any difficulty.

Trucks and Brushings

Trucks are composed of metals that offer axles of the board. The three inches trucks are made of premium quality aluminum to enhance robustness to avoid wraps. Furthermore, aluminum ensures the lightness of the skateboard as well.

These trucks are sized properly according to the deck to increase accessible alignment between the deck’s and wheels’ outer edges.

In short, trucks control how the board feels and how to react to you during turning.

Moving on further, bushings are the polythene cylinder found inside the trucks. These are responsible for controlling the skateboard turns because of their attachment around the deck plat and the kingpin.

The Cal 7 bushings flex side to side to allow you to turn the board during the ride. Furthermore, the HR95A bushings also add to the overall flexibility to guarantee a stable ride for all ages.

The softer the bushings are, the smoother turning will be.

Consequently, your curves will be well-defined and smoother while doing the pop in flip tricks. Additionally, the preinstalled 3 mm riser pads assist you during the skateboarding in skating streets, ramp, skate park, or pool.


The ABEC 7 bearings offer accuracy in providing smoother and faster rides consistently.

ABEC rating is the measurement to determine the tolerance and accuracy of bearings—the precision level increases as the rating increases. Similarly, the tolerance gets tighter.

The bearing measure of 7 on the ABEC scale is fair enough but not excellent. That’s why many riders use redbones bearings with this mini cruiser to elevate the skating experience.

Assembly Shipping

Excellent news for all the beginners is that the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser comes pre-assembled from the manufacturer. This is not like many skateboards that come with separate pieces and require manual effort to attach all the components.

It means you can skate right away after opening the package.


  • High-speed ABEC-7 bearing
  • 59 mm smooth Urethane wheels
  • Three inches trucks of Aluminum alloy
  • 24 different colors and designs
  • Vinyl plastic build ensures durability


  • Rigid trucks may cause difficulty in turning

2. Cal 7 Complete Skateboard Review

cal 7 skateboard review

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The Cal 7 Complete Skateboard features 3.125 inches aluminum alloy trucks, 8 inches maple deck, and ABEC 7 bearings. Additionally, it offers 52mm wheels made of 99A or 100A Urethane.

To guarantee the reliability, it comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure a safe investment.

Like the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser, this one also comes in bold designs with various colors and graphics.

Unique Design

As discussed earlier, Cal 7 comes in different colors and graphics, allowing you to reflect your vibrant personality through your skateboard. Isn’t it cool?

Some of the famous designs include the Color Blast, Snake Attack, and Graffix. For instance, if you have a playful and youthful personality, Snake attack is the recommended design for you.

On the other hand, if you want to keep it fresh and relaxed, you can opt for a retro-styled skateboard with solid colors.

Moreover, you can find high contrast artwork underneath. The pattern comprises coinciding signal waves arranged in vibrant colors of pink, green, and blue against a black background.


First thing first, let’s talk about its efficiently-designed deck, which guarantees a smooth riding experience. The deck features a medium, concave, double kick-tail design. The symmetry in the design is responsible for stability and balance.

Luckily, you can quickly pull off some flying moves and try some skating tricks.

Moving in further, it’s made of seven-ply maple that allows the board to stay stiff and maintain its original shape for a more extended period. The deck is made by combining seven thin veneers of plastic glued together with strong epoxy glue.

Not only that, the 80AB edge-to-edge black grip tape holds your foot firmly during the ride.

Do you know there is another advantage of grip tape in addition to providing firm hold? It doesn’t let the deck collapse under heavyweight riders. Yes, the grip tape gives extra strength to the deck by running full-length across the top.

By the way, it’s denser and more stable than the previously discussed mini cruiser.


Wheels play a make or break role in determining the quality of a skateboard. An ideal wheel is soft and sturdy at the same time.

Keeping in view the rider’s requirements, the Cal 7 complete skateboard wheels are softer and broader than the standard wheel available in the market.

Not only that, they have secured a rating of 99A on the durometer. It means they are more rigid than your regular shoe sole or shopping cartwheel.

Besides, they are made of polyurethane plastic to roll over pebbles and cracks with enhanced buoyancy comfortably.

Additionally, polyurethane makes it softer than the regular wheels. Thus, the softness absorbs more vibrations to give a smooth and less bumper ride. As far as the diameter is concerned, it’s 52 mm, ideal for technical and trick riding.

Note that these wheels are of less diameter than those of the 59mm Mini Cruiser wheels.

One benefit of the larger wheel size is that it allows you to ride faster.


The Cal 7 complete skateboard comes with five inches trucks made of aluminum metal.

Why aluminum? It makes these trucks lightweight without compromising the durability.


The bearing rating determines the level of smoothness during the ride. That’s why the Cal 7 complete comes with ABEC 7 bearings.

We know that the bearings should have high precision and small tolerance at a higher revolution per minute (RPM) of wheels.

Apart from that, the bearing comes pre-lubricated to smoothen your ride further.


  • A durable deck made of seven-ply maple
  • Pre-applied grip tape to increase feet grip
  • Sturdy five inches aluminum trucks
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Larger footprint


Are Cal 7 Skateboards Good?

Without a doubt, yes. The Cal 7 skateboards aren’t popular because of their affordable prices, but also because of their versatile construction, vibrant design, and quality components.

are cal 7 skateboards good

Cal 7 offers a variety of skateboards, including both mini and maple boards. Their classic shape helps both beginners and professionals to maintain balance during the ride.

Moreover, beginners enjoy extra control over the board. At the same time, the elegant shape helps the professionals to relish a flexible sliding ride.

Are Cal 7 Decks Reliable?

Of course, with seven-ply maple, these are one of the sturdiest decks in town. The durable plastic not only makes the skateboards lightweight but also flexible.

Are Cal 7 Wheels Good Quality?

Absolutely. The Cal 7 wheels are made of Urethane, soft enough to absorb the external vibrations to guarantee smooth riding and turns.

Are All Cal 7 Boards Pre-Made?

Yes, that’s the best part. All the Cal 7 skateboards are pre-made, thus saving you from the hassle of assembling all the components.

Is There Any Weight Limit for Cal 7 Complete Skateboard?

Yes, you can’t exceed 215 pounds of weight; else, the board might end up collapsing.

cal 7 complete skateboard review

Is It Possible to Ride Cal 7 Skateboard During Rains?

No, we don’t recommend you to skate in wet conditions as it’s not safe, and the ground may be slippery.


If you don’t want to invest a hefty amount in buying a top-quality skateboard, the Cal 7 skateboard is an apt choice for you.

Without compromising the quality, you can enjoy a smooth ride on Cal 7 skateboards. With the freedom to select from a wide variety of graphics, you get to personalize your skateboard.

Not only that, the durable deck, wheels, and trucks couple together to enhance your riding experience.

By the way, the Cal 7 isn’t just for beginners but for all the professionals who love to board and enjoy smooth rides.

Happy skate riding!

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