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Bullet Skateboard Trucks Review – A Brief Outlook

Are you having trouble finding a Bullet skateboard trucks review ? Without looking any further, this article is the perfect one for you.

We will bring you a better insight into the brand so that you can make your own decision whether the brand is worth purchasing or not. Let’s get started!

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Top Features


The height of the trucks is the distance between the baseplate and the axle’s middle, which equals the space from the truck to the deck. This measurement often confuses a lot of people, especially beginners.

bullet skateboard trucks review

The low height is the middle ground for beginners.

In case you can no decide between high and low trucks, mid trucks are the go-to options. This compromise height is ideal for all-around skating. If you are wondering which brand should you choose, we recommend Bullet.

It is well-known for the 51.5 millimeters (2.02 inches) trucks. They are suitable for wheels anywhere from 52 millimeters (2.04 inches) to 56 millimeters (2.2 inches).


The truck width means the size of the hanger (also called the inner width) and the size of the axle (or outer width. It is one of the most important factors to consider since it determines how your board feels.

In an ideal world, the truck’s measurement should match perfectly with the skateboard deck width. Still, it won’t cause much problem if the deck is somewhat wider than the trucks.

Bullet offers you a wide range of width options to choose from, from 140 millimeters (about 5.5 inches) to 180 millimeters (7.08 inches). You can pair these trucks with decks between 5.5 inches and 7.2 inches wide.


Choosing the truck’s weight relies on individual preference. The more weight you have, the easier for you to kick up and grind on the board. On the other hand, the lighter trucks are perfect for those who perform stunts often.

The weight of these Bullet trucks is slightly on the heavy side compared to other brands, around 362 grams (nearly 0.8 pounds). So if the lightweight trucks are what you are searching for, these trucks might not live up to your expectation.


The design is the highlight feature of Bullet products. The “Straight Wing” hanger with a no-slip axle and a high-grade cast brings strength and sturdiness to the items.

bullet skateboard trucks review

Bullet trucks stand out from the crowd due to the design.

Plus, they have a classic geometry model which fits with all types of terrain shredding. The 88A cushions provide high rebound, allow you to do complicated stunts with countless jumps.


The substance is the dominant factor that decides the durability of a product. In this sense, you can easily see that trucks from Bullet have incredibly hard-wearing materials.

With the aluminum and Chromoly steel materials, these trucks elevate stability and smooth control, giving you more responsive and better skating experiences.

Pros & Cons


  • Ample size choices
  • Affordable price
  • Responsive, sturdy structure
  • Suitable for skater of all levels


  • Heavy construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bullet Trucks A Reliable Brand?

Anyone who has used the products from Bullet can agree that this is an excellent brand. The trucks not only have the best high-quality build construction, but they also provide a great board feel and control.

Suppose you want to find a reliable trucks brand out of hundreds out there; Bullet is what we highly suggest.

Should You Purchase Low-Priced Trucks?

As you may know, Bullet’s products come at the best price point among the skateboard truck brands. You can get the standard trucks line in amazing quality with only under 30 dollars.

The brand also releases a premium collection of under 60 dollars for those who have wider budgets.

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Can Beginners Use Bullet Skateboard Trucks?

In short, yes. With the mid-height and affordable price, these trucks are the best option for beginners. You won’t need to worry about the confusing height range or the budget while purchasing from the brand.

Bottom Line

So right above is our Bullet skateboard trucks review that you are looking for. You now increase the understanding of the brand and the products that it offers once you finish reading this article.

We hope you can make up your mind about whether the products from Bullet are worth the money.

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