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Skateboarding is becoming increasingly popular among people of all age groups. Every skateboarder had a starting point; even the very renowned skateboarders you’ve ever heard. It has never been easy for any beginner but they eventually gather enough courage and get their way into it.

 You could be the one the world is waiting upon to break the worlds skateboarding records if you just need to start and give no room for fear. Do that trick you always desire to find yourself doing.

Fearing a slum is quite normal for all people while trying a new trick but you should be keen to avoid chicken footing. While trying a kickflip and one of your foot lands on the board and the other on the ground, then this foot becomes the chicken foot. This implies that you actually had no intention for the chicken foot to land on the board and this will never let you learn how to perform the kickflip.

break skateboarding fear

For you to skateboard, it is important that you prepare yourself psychologically because at one point in your skating you will fall and get hurt. This is the greatest fear for almost all skateboarders and it will definitely affect the way you will skate. So, it is paramount that you find a way of getting around this if at all you are apt to perfection your skill as a skateboarder.

 This is actually the cost you got to pay for you to enjoy the goodies that come with skateboarding. In the real sense, if you get your mind ready for either a slam or a landing while performing any trick you will almost always get yourself landing rather than wrecking.

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Dangers of chicken footing

In addition to never learning any trick while chicken footing, it could be more dangerous than you think because you can easily get hurt while trying to jump gaps or bail leaving you hurt and have not achieved your initial intention. It is therefore always best to try to land on your board and get moving immediately because it will get off most of the momentum out of most slams.

Focus and trust

Before you set out to do any trick it is always good to gather enough courage and trust in your ability to do it perfectly. To do this, then you first have to understand what is required of you to perform the trick, then visualize yourself doing it smoothly all the way through till you land safely on your board. After this then commit yourself to the move.

If planning to do a kickflip, for example, visualize yourself performing the Ollie perfectly. If you are learning the 50-50 ledge, it is good to see your trucks contacting the exact point where they lock in on the wheels at the back of your mind. With this, you will find yourself doing it perfectly subconsciously.  
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This is when your wheels come to contact with the concrete. The landing! You’ll soon meet the stairs you went over and at this point, you had better have a good speed and believe you are going to make it. To avoid being hurt make sure you land the trick and roll away smoothly.

Execution is a skill you will learn as you grow in the sport and it will soon become your habit.


“If you are not falling you are not learning.” This saying is always true for skateboarding. Bailing will never get you anywhere in skateboarding in as much you are trying to save your limbs and your life as a whole by doing so. Just drive out the fear and go for it.

Hopefully, this article has helped you drive out the fear and gather up more courage to try out any trick that you would wish. If so, refer a friend in need.

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