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Kryptonics Skateboard Review: Good or Bad?

Are Kryptonics skateboards good? Do they provide you with a good skating experience?Your skating experience can change depending on the quality of your skateboard. For beginners, if the skateboard you purchase is not suitable for your skating style or is not strong enough to handle a little impact, it will hinder the learning process for […]

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Ridge Skateboard Review: All You Need to Know!

If you’ve been looking for cruisers, you’ve probably come across Ridge Skateboards at least once in your search. The company is actually quite well-known for the mini cruisers it manufactures.It would be best if you were extra careful when you’re looking for skateboards, as the quality of your skateboard can make or break your skating […]

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Quest Skateboards Review

If you’re looking for a cruiser or a longboard, you’ve probably come across a Quest Skateboards longboard. The brand is well-known for the longboards it manufactures.But is Quest Skateboards a good skateboard brand?Having t In this post, we’ll be doing a thorough review of Quest Skateboards. We’ll discuss the type of skateboards the company manufacturers, […]

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