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Top 2 Minority Skateboards Review in 2021

New skateboard brands are popping left and right, but only a handful are doing things right. Is Minority Skateboards one of them? If you’ve come across Minority’s gorgeous skateboards and are trying to do your homework on the brand, you’ve come to the right spot. This Minority Skateboards review will explore exactly that. We’ll cover everything about […]

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Cal 7 Skateboard Review: A Good or Bad Brand?

If you are a beginner in skating and want to buy an affordable, good-quality skateboard, look no further. We have compiled the following guide about the Cal 7 skateboard review.Cal 7 skateboard features extra-smooth wheels with sturdy trucks to guarantee a robust skating system. Moreover, the classic shape offers maximum stability to the beginner riders […]

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Darkstar Skateboards Review: Are They Good Enough?

Darkstar is a well-known skateboard brand with humble beginnings. Formerly a wheel company, the brand switched to manufacturing skateboards back in 1997 under Chet Thomas’s guidance, a highly acclaimed skater himself. The company originally started fifteen years ago as a wheel manufacturing company, before it turned to producing high-quality skateboards. Today, it is one of the most […]

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Blind Skateboard Reviews: All You Need to Know!

Are you interested in buying a Blind Skateboard but don’t know much about the company? Well, fret not, friend. We’re here to help.In this post, we’ll be discussing the inception of Blind Skateboards in detail. We’ll unveil how the company started while also talking about the different skateboarders that are part of Blind’s team. We’ll also […]

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Top 3 Roller Derby Skateboard Reviews in 2021

You’re probably thinking about the Roller Derby sports, which the company pioneered back in the 1930s. However, they also produce skateboards, which are just as popular as the skates. These Roller Derby skateboard reviews will focus on the buying guide and also review some of the most popular models. While the company started with their namesake […]

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