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Easy Skateboard Tricks for Beginners – The Secret of Successful

For beginner skaters, the biggest fear is perhaps slipping off or not being able to control the board while performing tricks. Experience shows, however, that once you stay the course and find your style and rhythm, you’re in for hours of fun and exercise.  Learning to skateboard takes confidence, patience, and practice.  After you master pushing, […]

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How to Build a Complete Skateboard

Are you interested in learning to skate but you don’t have one? Is it overpriced and you don’t want this purchase to be heavy on your pocket? If this is the case, don’t worry, since you now can build a complete skateboard on your own in no time! Skating is one of the most exciting ways […]

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How to Ollie Higher On a Skateboard Faster

Once you move past the starting phase in terms of skateboarding, you will want to know how to Ollie higher. Almost all skateboarding beginners want to reach a level of perfection in terms of high Ollies. You can do that to impress your friends with your skills or simply because you enjoy these types of riding schemes. Wanting to […]

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What Size Skateboard Wheels Do You Need ?

Being a skateboarder, I know how hard it is to find the best wheels for your skateboard. Usually, skateboard comes with wheels, but sometimes manufacturers overlook their quality to save a few bucks. Most experts believe that customizing the skateboard is one of the best ways to introduce thrill in your skateboarding experience. Keeping this in […]

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Skateboard Deck Sizes – Guide 2020

Have you ever walked into a skateboard shop and felt overwhelmed by the different types and sizes of skateboards on display? Has it left you feeling confused about which skateboard deck size is best for you? Well, if this is the case, worry no more. We have for you the perfect guide to the different […]

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How to Choose a Good Skateboard

Are you one of those individuals who love to live on the edge? Do you want to learn all the swirling and spinning tricks of the skateboarding world? If yes, you must start with the basic question: how to choose a good skateboard?  ​​However, choosing the best skateboard out there is not that easy, especially when there are dozens […]

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