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Blind Skateboard Reviews: All You Need to Know!

Are you interested in buying a Blind Skateboard but don’t know much about the company? Well, fret not, friend. We’re here to help.

In this post, we’ll be discussing the inception of Blind Skateboards in detail. We’ll unveil how the company started while also talking about the different skateboarders that are part of Blind’s team.

We’ll also lay out the pros and cons in our review, so you have a better idea of the type of products the company manufactures. By the time we’re done with these Blind Skateboard reviews, you’ll be aware of everything there is to know about the company.

Let’s get right to it.

Getting to Know Blind Skateboards

How Were Blind Skateboards Created?

Blind Skateboards was found in 1989 by Mark Gonzales under the distribution company, World Industries. Gonzales started the company after he left Vision Skateboards, his old sponsor team.

blind skateboard reviews

Blind entered the skateboarding world when companies like Vision and Powell Peralta were ruling the market. Big players threw out any competition immediately. However, within a few years, Blinds managed to catch up to the market’s biggest competitors.

As the years went by, the company underwent a lot of change. They used an illustrated grim reaper during the initial years, but now they’ve switched to a graffiti that spells out blind.

Another noteworthy change is the departure of Mark Gonzales. Dwindle Distribution currently owns the company.

If you’ve done your research on skateboard companies, you’ll be familiar with Dwindle. It’s a well-known and widely-respected company that owns other brands such as Enjoi, Tensor, and Almost Skateboards.

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What’s the Secret Behind Blind’s Success?

Blind entered the skateboard market as a small company, but how did it suddenly catch up to competitors like Vision and Powell?

In the 80s, competition among skateboard companies was tough. Smaller brands were often thrown out of the game by larger brands. Often, larger brands would subtly, and sometimes even directly, make fun of smaller companies.

Blind made a name for itself by facing its competitors head-on, responding to the jokes and jibes that were thrown at smaller brands.

blind skateboards review

The name ‘Blind’ was a jibe at Vision, Gonzales’ old company. Even the graphics on their decks were a recreation of Powell designs as a way of making fun.

Blind’s public declaration of war to more prominent companies played a significant part in its popularity. Mostly because at the time, skateboarders had developed a dislike for larger brands.

Quite a few riders left big brands to join Blind. For instance, Rudy Johnson and Guy Maiano both left Powell to join Blind.

As Blind’s professional skaters’ team grew, it became one of the most popular skateboarding brands of the 90s.

Is Blind Skateboards a Good Brand?

So are Blind Skateboards good?

Yes, Blind is well-known in the industry for producing high-quality products. Their decks are some of the most durable decks in the industry. Besides, they have a team of professional skateboarders backing them up.

Some of these professionals include:

  • Jordan Maxham
  • TJ Rogers
  • Cody McEntire
  • Kevin Romar
  • Micky Papa

While Blind’s marketing game isn’t as strong as it used to be, the company’s Instagram page still boasts over 360 thousand followers.

Does Blind Only Make Skateboards?

You may find this a bit surprising, but during the 90s, when Blind first started, it also sold jeans. Yes, you read that right.

A good portion of Blind’s popularity can also be attributed to the jeans they manufactured. The best part about Blind jeans is that they’ve been created for skateboarding. Not only are they durable, but they’re also flexible and comfy.

Nowadays, Blind mainly produces skateboards and wheels, but they’ve also introduced a line of apparel and other skating accessories such as grip tape, pins, etc.

How Does Blind Manufacture Its Boards?

Are Blind decks good?

There’s a reason why Dwindle is so well-known and respected in the skating industry. Not only is it reliable, but Dwindle decks promise high-performativity.

blind skateboard review

Unlike some manufacturers who press multiple decks at a time, Dwindle is known for individually pressing decks.

What’s wrong with pressing multiple boards at a time?

While collectively pressing helps save time and money, it reduces the quality of the deck. The deck comes apart easily and doesn’t provide skaters with a good pop.

By pressing each deck separately, Dwindle ensures high-quality products. Not only will your board be able to last long, but you’ll also be able to feel the excellent pop as you skate and perform tricks.

What’s So Special About Blind Skateboards

What makes Blind so different from other brands?

We mentioned earlier that Blind Skateboards are durable; this is mainly because their decks are thicker. Unlike traditional skateboards that have 7-ply, most Blind skateboards have 8-ply. This makes them stronger than most boards in the market.

While this does add a little weight and make the boards a bit rigid, it also makes the board more shock absorbent. What’s a bit of extra weight if it adds more years to your board’s life?

Keep in mind that Blind’s Youth and resin decks are usually made of 7-ply as they’re manufactured for kids.

If you’ve grown tired of deep concave decks, then you’ll like Blind’s more mellow concave. It allows riders to stand on their board for lengthy periods without feeling discomfort.

Top 5 Blind Skateboard Reviews in 2022

Now that we’ve covered the company’s history, it’s time to take a closer look at some of Blind’s best skateboards.

1. Blind Complete Skateboard

blind skateboard reviews


First up, we have the Blind Complete Skateboard. If you enjoy cruising along the streets or through skate parks, this maple board might be a good choice.

This board comes with all the components pre-assembled, deck, grip tape, trucks, bearings, wheels, and all. You won’t have to worry about correctly assembling the board, as Blind does it for you.

The wheels have a durometer of 92A and a diameter of 52-mm, which allow you to glide on your board smoothly. Moreover, the durometer is soft enough for you to skate over bumpy surfaces with ease.

Besides, maneuvering through corners is going to be easier thanks to the Tensor trucks.


  • 92A durometer allows you to skate over bumps with ease
  • All components are pre-assembled
  • Tensor trucks allow maneuverability


  • Wheels don’t provide a lot of speed

2. Blind Logo Glitch Youth Prebuilt Skateboard

blind skateboards review


If you’re looking for a mini-skateboard for a younger skateboarder, then you might like the Blind Logo Glitch Youth Prebuilt Skateboard. The shape and size of this board make it perfect for beginners.

Measuring to 7.25-inches in width, this board is light, making it easy for younger skaters to flip. The concave of the deck is mellow and allows newer skaters to get comfortable on the board quickly.

This pre-assembled board comes with 4.75-inch silver trucks and 50-mm Blind wheels. While the smaller wheels are slower, they do allow a more stable ride.

However, the bearings have an ABEC-5 rating, which means they’re not very smooth.


  • The light deck makes it easy to flip
  • Mellow concave allows beginners to get comfortable quickly
  • 50-mm wheels allow for stable riding


  • Smaller wheels are slow

3. Blind Skateboards Reaper Dagger Blue Complete Skateboard

blind skateboard review


Measuring at 7.75-inches and 31.2-inches, the Blind Skateboards Reaper Dagger Blue Complete Skateboard is the right size for younger skateboarders who are just starting.

This board features 52-mm Blind wheels with Bind bearings. The grip tape on the deck ensures riders don’t slip off their boards as they perform tricks.

The Dagger also boasts a pair of Slant trucks that are durable and will hold up against all sorts of tricks.

As this board is made for kids, it does not boast Blind’s 8-ply deck. While the Dagger may not be as durable, it still promises high-performativity.

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The best part about this board is the graphics. This board is sure to turn a few heads wherever it goes.


  • Durable Slant trucks
  • Strong grip tape
  • Blue graphics and illustrations are eye-catching


  • Not as durable as other Blind decks

4. Blind Skateboard Mark Gonzales Screen Printed Old School Skateboard Deck

are blind decks good


Next on our list is the Blind Skateboard Mark Gonzales Screen Printed Old School Skateboard Deck. This limited edition deck is a tribute to Mark Gonzales, the founder of Blind Skateboards.

Measuring at 9.87-inches and 31.9-inches, this board is larger than your average skateboard. If you prefer cruising, this is a great option to consider.

However, tricking on this board can be very difficult, given the large size. This board is made of 8-ply, which means it is very durable.


  • Deck Size and shape make it suitable for cruising
  • The 8-ply deck makes it durable


  • Not ideal for tricks due to size

5. Blind McEntire Old Boney Bastard R7 8.25 Skateboard Deck

are blind skateboards good


Last on our list is the Blind McEntire Old Boney Bastard R7 8.25 Skateboard Deck. The deck is part of Blind’s resin collection. Made of Canadian maple with an epoxy resin glue, this deck is stronger than most of the industry’s 7-ply decks.

This 32-inch deck is a bit on the longer side and is great for cruising. The deck also boasts a strong pop and has a long life.

The best part about this board is that you can choose between a mellow concave or a steep kick. If you select the steep kick, keep in mind that you will need more strength to skate.


  • Stronger deck due to epoxy resin glue
  • Deck has a strong pop
  • Skaters can choose between mellow concave and steep kick


  • A bit too long for beginners.


As you saw from our Blind Skateboard review, Blind is a decent skateboard company. It provides riders with high-quality products that last long. Whether you’re looking for a skateboard for cruising or for performing tricks, you’ll be able to find a suitable model from Blind Skateboards.

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