Best Wood For Skateboards – Searching For The Winner

Recently, more and more people of different ages enjoy skateboarding. As a result, there are numerous choices on the market with different design styles and features for satisfying the increasing demands of customers.

However, it is important to understand the requirements of high-quality skateboards so that you can choose the right product. Your safety needs to be the first concern if you want to join this sport, especially if you are a beginner.

This post will show you the best wood for skateboards and how to recognize them at first glance.

best wood for a skateboard

Best Wood For A Skateboard

Manufacturers usually use two materials for their skateboards: maple and birchwood. Yet, bamboo is gaining more attention recently. Wood for making skateboards also has two types: plywood and the other is plank wood.

With plank wood, we will see many flat pieces with parallel faces on one board. This type normally has much less flax and is quite harder than plywood.

On the other hand, the technique for plywood is gluing thin pieces with gum altogether. And when manufacturers use this method, we will call them “ply.”

The thickness of the plywood boards depends on the number of wood layers. As a result, we can see many durable 8- or 9-ply wood, etc., on skateboards.

With this product diversification, choosing the right wood for making skateboards is a central task because one type of wood can’t serve all the purposes, no matter how good it is.


With plywood, manufacturers glue three or more wood layers together. There are various grades, types, and thickness levels for plywood. According to many users, the most suitable plywood is 1/8” Russian Birch or Baltic.

best wood for a skateboard

To make a high-quality birchwood skateboard, you need to find sources with little knotting or maple wood with a full core.


  • Reasonable price


  • May has too many layers
  • Cannot stand the quality skates
  • Not too durable surface

Canadian Maple Wood

Now, you will get to know about the durable and hard Canadian maple wood.

best wood to make a skateboard

With a maple skateboard, you can ride at higher speed, easily ride downhill, and show off various tricks. As a result, many freestyle skaters choose these skateboards because they can speed-up very quickly.

The maple deck has six to nine layers. For that reason, maple wood can make your skateboard extremely durable and stand different pressures. Simultaneously, it doesn’t wear off or split on the sides quickly like other types.

However, maple wood is quite heavy and thick, so you will have issues if carrying a maple skateboard for too long. Luckily, some manufacturers often mix this material with bamboo plywood to make the board lighter.


  • Multiple layers (7-9 layers)
  • High-quality boards
  • No toxic material
  • 100% natural


  • Quite expensive
  • Hard to find


Unlike maple, bamboo boards are much lighter but not weak, as they are about five-ply to nine-ply. This type has lots of flex for surviving from rough grounds and bumps. With its flex, you can ride smoothly, even on bumpy roads.

Bamboo boards are pretty popular thanks to the environmentally-friendly feature. While it takes up to fifty years to take the wood from maple trees, the time cycle for bamboo trees is only five years. Therefore, many skaters go for bamboo products to enjoy all the fun while helping to protect the environment.


  • Enough strength for making boards
  • High spring quality
  • Easy to find on the market


  • Pricey
  • More fragile than maple

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There are some advantages when using this material. Birchwood boards have many layers so that they are as strong as maple products and are a bit more flexible than bamboo boards.

Generally, manufacturers produce their skateboards with 9-ply to 12-ply birch wood. They also have more reasonable price ranges.

Surprisingly, skaters can ride in different styles, and birchwood can handle all the regular bumps as it has all the qualities from maple and bamboo.


  • Durable and strong
  • Excellent resistance


  • Coarser than maple

How to Choose The Right Material?

best wood for skateboards

The Right Material

Things you can do with your skateboard depend on the width, length, and especially the deck material. One skateboard includes many different parts, yet the deck is still the most important thing to consider.

While riding, you will put your whole body’s weight on the skate deck, so it must be firm and durable to protect you from any injury. Besides, although there will be various bumps and pressure, the deck with high-quality wood can help you perform tricks without suffering serious damages.

All these three wood types in our article are excellent. However, finding the ultimate material is quite impossible, as they serve different usages and purposes.

As we were saying, although maple wood is durable and strong, this type of board is quite extravagant to some customers.

Therefore, if price matters to you, the more affordable and flexible birchwood would be the perfect choice. However, in terms of strength, maple is the winner.

On the other hand, with the shortage of maple wood, many manufacturers develop their bamboo products to maintain the natural balance.

It is necessary to understand your needs and personal preference to find the most suitable material for your skateboard among all these amazing types of wood. Moreover, if you had chances to try different skateboards before deciding to buy one, choosing the right material will be easier.

Another smart solution is asking sellers or experienced players. They will show you a suitable model for your riding styles (performing tricks, long-distance riding, fast riding, etc.)

But now, let us give you some advice before purchasing any skateboard.

best wood to make a skateboard

Choose The Boards

Pay attention to some main indicators:

  • Look at the layers. They should be neat and smooth if you want a high-quality board.
  • If you could see the smallest stratification at first glance, the skateboard could have poor quality. These product types will become dry, less elastic, and may give you a hard time practicing skateboarding.
  • Checking the curvature and the roundness of the board! See whether there is a small concave on four sides of the board. This feature will make the board stronger and provide better control.

The next step is testing the elasticity of the board. You can try by performing some basic postures with one foot at the center of the board. The perfect status is that the board can bend but doesn’t touch the ground.

As you can see, there are different factors to consider when choosing the right material for a skateboard. Moreover, choosing the wrong board can lead to poor ride quality and cause severe injuries to you. So, be careful when choosing wood for your skateboard.

Final Thoughts

While owning a reasonably priced skateboard is great, your safety is the priority, so the quality is much more crucial than the price.

All the wood types we mentioned in this post are the best wood for skateboards. Besides, along with the material, you should always choose multi-layer hardwood products. Normally, the strongest and heaviest decks include seven to nine layers, and the boards must be smooth, with no bubbles and stratification.

Hopefully, our post gives you all the necessary information to buy a favorite skateboard with high-quality wood. It’s also our pleasure to answer all your questions in the comment section.

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