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8 Best Skateboards For Girls Beginner (Top Reviews 2022)

Skateboarding is a popular means of transportation for both young boys and girls. If you are tired of traffic in your streets or want an eco-friendly ride, skateboarding is the most refreshing solution.

Previously, it only targeted young boys or men, but today more sports goods companies are making customized skateboards for girls. Isn’t that great?

Skate culture is becoming more inclusive as young girls are revolutionizing the sport’s industry. We have discussed the achievements of some remarkable women as well.

So if you are looking for the best skateboard for girls, you are in the right place.

We have shortlisted some of our favorite skateboards below for your ease.

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Top 8 Best Skateboard For Girls In 2021

Are you hunting for a girl’s skateboard deck but don’t know where to start from?

We have compiled girl skateboard reviews from authentic sources to give you a comprehensive view of the most prominent brands.

Here are some of the best skateboards for girls.

1. RIMABLE Complete Skateboard – Best Skateboard For Teenage Girl

best skateboard for teenage girl


If you are searching for the best skateboard for teenage girl, then you might have come across the name ‘RIMABLE’.

It is a reputable brand that offers a broad range of skateboards for teenagers. In fact, it caters to users of all ages.

The bold RIMABLE Skateboard is 22 inches in width so you can get the best support on the board. You will not have much trouble because of its user-friendly design.

The board is purpose-built for your comfort, so you can easily cruise with your friends on the streets and have fun.

RIMABLE Skateboard can carry a maximum weight of 198 pounds, which is lesser than what others offer. However, this load capacity is sufficient for teenage girls to learn to balance the board.

The durable board consists of a Solid 3inch Aluminum Truck, a fresh-material deck, and smooth bearings and PU wheels.

This board is super easy for new riders and allows parents to enjoy with their kids as well. That’s why RIMABLE Skateboard is a complete family entertainment pack.


  • Super affordable
  • Available in multiple designs and colors
  • 3-inch aluminum truck


  • Might get bendy when you get on it

2. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Girls Beginner

best skateboard for beginner girl


If you are a novice saving up to buy a skateboard, then the Skatro board offers the best value. As compared to other skateboard brands, Skatro Mini Cruiser delivers you the premium experience at a reasonable price.

The Skatro Cruiser is one of the best skateboards for girls beginner. It is also one of the most recommended brands available.

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The 22×6 inch high-performance deck comes with ABEC-7 Bearings for those tight and quick turns.

Additionally, this skateboard promises the smoothest ride with its 59MM Urethane Skatro wheels. It is equipped with advanced reinforcement molding, providing durability and a convenient handgrip.

Compared to the traditional carbon steel bearings, this superior option is more durable as it resists wear and tears quite well. Hence, you will get a virtual smooth-rotation performance.


  • Waffle style tread provides excellent grip
  • Skatro Flexy Technology guarantees optimal flex
  • -Tool gives assistance to loosen up trucks or wheels


  • Not suitable for performing tricks

3. Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete

skateboards for girls beginner


Amrgot Pro 31 will help you get used to riding a skateboard and allow you to learn different moves, turns, and techniques. Other than that, it has some next-level, best graphics and an edgy looking skull with flowers decorating it.

So if you are hunting cool skateboards for girls, Amrgot has got you covered.

Most importantly, it comes with all the necessary features the best skateboard for girl beginner should have. For instance, it includes eight piles of good quality maple with improved flexibility and resilience.

Secondly, the Amrgot board uses a high-quality aluminum alloy stent for making your turns smoother.


  • 54 x 37 mm PU Wheels delivers higher speed on tracks
  • Aluminum alloy stent makes it more agile
  • Eight piles of wood keep it light


  • Not built for professionals

4. Punisher Cherry Blossom Skateboard – For Title Girl

girl skateboard reviews


Punisher has some high-quality skateboards for girls beginner. Just like the Samurai Complete Skateboard, the Cherry Blossom Skateboard also comes assembled.

All you have to do is unpack it and start cruising to the train station or hit the streets.

This skateboard is designed for trick lovers who enjoy skating in skate parks as well as for beginners.

What’s more? It has alloy trucks, which minimizes the vibration damage and boosts its lifting capacity for about 200kgs. Also, it comes with 54x36mm PU Ivory White Wheels and a 31 inches wide mild concave deck.

All in all, it is the best skateboard for girls who love cute designs on their boards. This one has soft pink cherry blossoms that will make you stand out even in jammed traffic.


  • 31.5” x 7.75” 7 Ply Canadian Maple
  • PUNISHER ABEC-7 High-Speed Wheel Bearings
  • 5” Alloy Trucks & Bases
  • 80AB heavy duty grip tape on the other side


  • Might have a loose mounting truck

5. WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro – for Girls Beginner

skateboard for beginner girl


What makes WiiSHAM the best skateboard for girl beginner? It is super comfortable and easy to ride.

Coming to the features, it comes with a maple deck, wiisham polyurethane wheels, and aluminum trucks. However, it is not suitable for professionals as it doesn’t support tricks and shuvit.

This skateboard is a perfect gift for Christmas or birthday for young girls. If you are looking for cool skateboards for girls, this one comes with the chicest girly design.


  • High-quality water-based glue attaches maple piles together strongly
  • ABEC-9 Bearings come with high-speed lubricant to loosen up wheels
  • Hefty and sturdy design enhances control


  • Stiff bearings and wheels initially

6. Punisher Samurai Complete Skateboard for Beginner Girl

skateboards for girls


Punisher Samurai is another best skateboard for girl beginner. Featuring a beautiful design, it has a 31.5” x 7.75” 7-ply Canadian Maple deck so that you can enjoy a smooth ride.

Many young girls and teenagers love this skateboard because of its popping pink Samurai art.

Other than stunner looks, it has other features to offer as well. For instance, Punisher Skateboard comes with a mild concave deck, which gives you excellent control while riding, turning, flipping, or doing tricks.

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Moreover, it is equipped with Abec-7 high-speed wheel bearings. The 5-inch alloy truck and base provide you a solid grip.

This advanced skateboard will enhance your riding experience through its PE riser pads and 50x30mm polyurethane wheels.


  • 9 Ply Maple
  • PU casting cushions HR90-92A
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with 80AB heavy duty grip tape


  • Might be tricky pivoting the trucks

7. Landyachtz Dinghy – Cool Skateboard for Girls

cool girl skateboards


This super chic skateboard is every girl’s dream, especially if you are into tricks. Dinghy offers room for both shuvits and accommodates all your flip tricks with excellence.

This one is a convenient board and can easily accompany you around your campus or slender streets. With its cut out wheel wells, you can avoid wheel bite and have more control over the ride to feel secure.

Since it is manufactured with premium quality materials, it can last for a very long time. This best skateboard for teenage girls also comes with bear trucks, wheels, and Space-Ball bearings.

The Dinghy promises a smooth ride over highly uneven roads and can easily surpass road obstacles. You can go faster on steep hills without caring about wobbles or vibrations.


  • Mini wheel flares provide maximum wheel clearance
  • Superior quality 7 ply maple
  • Best fit for professionals and tricks


  • Quite expensive

8. Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer – Cool Girl Skateboard

cool skateboards for girls


Manufactured by the famous Californian brand, Santa Cruz, the Youth Land Shark works like a charm for professionals or even girls who enjoy tricks.

It has an edgy pintail shape and a large width of 27 inches, which is extremely helpful for balancing weight and performing new tricks.

The kicktail is 4.3 inches and can make tight turns smoothly. Not only that, but it also includes Road Rider wheels, Bullet trucks, and spray on the grip.

Because of its superior quality components, the land shark is the best skateboard for girls.


  • Light-weight design gives better portability
  • Bullet B137 blue and white trucks balance weight on deck
  • 4.3 inches kicktail gives a more locked-in feel


  • Not suitable for beginners

Best Skateboard for Girls – Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know about some of the best skateboards for girls, let’s take a step ahead and figure out the other factors you need to keep in mind.


When buying a skateboard for girls, the size of the board matters the most. Therefore, you should carefully compare different sizes to find a board that suits you the most.

best skateboard for girls

Ideally, the size recommended for girls’ deck is between 28” – 32” long and 7.5” – 8.25” wide. The broader and longer it is, the more room you will have for learning moves, flips, and turns.

Once you find your perfect fit, you can enjoy flexible and steady rides. However, it will take some time to get the hang of it.

Girls Skateboard Decks

Once you configure your size, finding the most suitable deck for your foot placement is the second step. Decks are mainly available in different shapes, each shape supporting a different activity.

For beginners, Radial and Progressive Decks are recommended. They are U-shaped with a broad base offering you a more secure and robust footing.

The W Concave and Asymmetrical Decks direct energy towards your heels so you can make smooth turns.

For showing tricks, professionals use the Flat Deck as it provides more room for feet.

Lastly, the Convex Deck supports natural foot-placement to give you a smooth downhill skating experience.

The last noteworthy thing about the deck is the number of wood plies. The more wood plies, the harder the deck. For beginners, 7-ply is recommended, whereas, for professional females, 8-11 ply-wood deck is suitable.


Next, you should find the right fit of the wheelbase for your skateboard.

For beginners, larger wheels are better with a diameter of more than 55+ mm. Soft or medium hard wheels are suitable for practicing because you can easily turn and control them.


The last crucial step is to adjust trucks according to your skateboard’s size. A truck wider than the skateboard’s width slows down the speed. So you have to make sure your truck is small comparatively for a swift and light ride.

skateboards for girls

Medium-hard wheels with medium size trucks are the best combination for beginners.

Fixings and Bearings

Although fixing and bearings are not as crucial as the other factors, they can still improve your riding experience by letting you turn smoothly.

If you are new to skating, then bearings with lower ratings from three to five are recommended. Once you excel, you can upgrade to ABEC 6 to ABEC 9.

Last but not least, the grip tape is also essential for your stability and balance on the deck.

So before you purchase any skateboard, make sure it passes through these checks so you can learn quickly and have fun.

Girl Skateboarders and You

How many times have you considered skateboarding in the streets but couldn’t, because you would feel like an odd one out there?

best skateboard for girl beginner

It may feel odd at first, but after some time, you will start embracing it. All you have to do is be confident, really.

Sure, women skateboarding is still not common, but you can play your part to inspire others and even yourself.

Some Achievements

Some women are already playing their role in the industry. For example, Patti McGee, Peggy Oki, and Laura Thornhill have played integral roles in the sport’s development during the mid-20th century.

Women skateboarders have proven as game-changers to the industry. They have redefined standards of the game and continue to break records.

The first woman to do so was Cara-Beth Burnside, who became the first pro woman skater to get her shoe in 1994. She shifted the idea to vans and earned the title of Female Vert Skater.

The names don’t end here. Elissa Streamer was the first-ever female pro skateboarder who was signed to Toy machine in 1998.

Similarly, Jean O’Brien was the first girl skating at X Games and earned herself a silver medal. Lacy Baker is one of the most reputable names in the industry today.

best skateboard for teenage girl

She is the first queer woman to join the Nike Skateboarding Team, also responsible for designing the first Nike skate shoe for women in 2018.

Baker is actively working towards making the sport more inclusive. She aims to bring the public’s attention to the LGBTQ community in the skateboarding world.

So next time, when you doubt yourself, know that you are not alone, and no one can stop you from achieving success in this game.

It’s time to grab yourself a perfect board from the list we mentioned above and start chasing your dreams.

Decks for Girls

A significant difference between decks for girls and boys is the variation in their heights and weights. Therefore, beginner girls need to search for their perfect fit.

A skateboard that supports your weight and height will help you get the best results and quickly learn the techniques.

If you are a beginner, we would suggest focusing more on the board’s width than the length. Whereas, if you are a professional capable of performing cool ramp tricks, then the length is an essential factor.

girl skateboard reviews

For a novice, width is of importance due to foot placement.

If you are 5” 3 tall, you would want to consider a 7.5-inch deck. However, if you are buying for a kid, a mini-cruiser is your best option.

The width allows you to adjust your balance and reduce your fear of getting out of control.

Complete Girl Skateboards

There are two broad types of skateboards available in the market: the first type requires some assembly, and the second one comes entirely constructed.

skateboards for girls beginner

We recommend buying the second one, which is also called complete skateboards. You can simply unpack it and start with the learning process.

Complete skateboards come fully equipped with decks, wheels, bearings, trucks, grip tape, risers, hardware, etc.

With complete skateboards, you can choose to select from a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs according to your taste.

However, you can also buy the first one if you aren’t short on time.

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Skateboarding is eco-friendly and provides numerous health benefits as well. There is no reason you shouldn’t try it out.

If you are still nervous, you can check out social media to find some famous girl skaters. That will give you a dose of motivation. You can even check out youtube tutorials on skateboarding.

Once you are ready to hit the street, you can get your hands on a stylish, high-performance girls skateboard deck. Make sure to buy the best skateboard for girls to learn quickly.

We have hope that our guidelines and girl skateboard reviews will assist you in making a good investment. Happy skateboarding!

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