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Top 7 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Skating & Buying Guide

Whether you are a beginner or professional skateboarder, ideal wheels are indispensable. These best skateboard wheels for street will protect you from unexpected damage when you roll or slide on various terrains.

Their size and quality determine how fast you can go and the ability to execute different tricks. Therefore, our article will offer you deep reviews of the top excellent wheels, so you can take your pick easier.

We also provide an ultimate buying guide to help you pick out the most suitable wheels.

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Top 7 Skateboard Wheels For Street Skating in 2022

Let’s check out a detailed description of the top remarkable skateboard wheels for the street in 2022 and see how they will meet your demands.

1. Spitfire Bighead Wheels – Best For Ramp Skating

best skateboard wheels for street skating


Spitfire is one of the most well-known brands producing top-quality skateboard wheels for casual skaters and rough riders. With sturdy construction from high-efficiency urethane, these wheels bring comfort and safety for ramp skating, especially rough surfaces such as parks or pools.

The product possesses a tough durometer 99a that is an excellent mixture of grapple, landslide, and speed. These 52mm small wheels will force the traction, so you can run smoothly on the road or uneven grounds.

The wheel design has superior treads to provide better grip and strain on downhill surfaces. Therefore, these wheels are perfect for professional skaters who want to practice ledge tricks on mini ramps or pebbles.

However, they are not suitable for beginner skaters due to the small size. You can not purchase one wheel to replace a single damaged one because the Spitfire Bighead sells in sets of four.


  • Excellent and durable urethane
  • Various color combinations and sizes
  • Amazing traction
  • Simple to slide
  • Significant for tricks


  • Bearings are slightly hard to install

2. Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels – Best For Durability

best skateboard wheels for street


The Spitfire wheels are a solid choice for rolling on rough roads. These wheels are hand-poured and hand-shaped, helping you stand out of the crowd and ensuring safety for street skating.

A diameter of 56mm is the ideal size for beginners who want to skate on the street or mini ramps. This diameter assists you in gripping the ground easily and smoothly. It provides great balance at high speeds, so you can speed up with confidence.

One of the significant features is the great subsistence. Specifically, these wheels are made from firm urethane, leading to incredible durability even if you roll on the bumpy surface. Many users rarely change Spitfire products because they don’t appear flat spots frequently.

Moreover, the classic structure and anti-stick slide will offer a sturdy connection on your skateboard to make you keep a balanced ride at a consistent speed.

Nevertheless, the company sells this item in packs of four, so some customers find it hard to change their damaged wheel. The bearings are also sometimes not included which leads to inconvenience to install the skateboard.


  • Suitable for all kinds of boards
  • Eye-catching design with sleek mini logo
  • Speed up easily
  • Solid construction
  • Stable ride


  • Sells in packs of four

3. FREEDARE Wheels – Best For Cruising

best wheels for street skating


Another go-to choice for most skateboarders is these FreeDare cruiser wheels. With a diameter of 58mm and a durometer of 82a, they let you cruise freely on rough spots or rugged asphalt.

This hardness of 82a decreases the toughness of the road that leads you to drift on the sidewalks easier and bust out traps without any effort.

The remarkable feature is its ABEC-7 top-quality steel bearings and spacers. These components guarantee smooth shifting and spin of the hub operation to assist you in rolling softly and speedily on the park and harsh terrains.

However, make sure you master how to hit the slopes or tricks carefully because several skateboarders find it difficult on these wheels.

Besides, these wheels belong to soft types, so always check the package to ensure that no part is broken inside. It pays to ask about the warranty before purchasing.


  • Simple to install
  • Excellent bearings and spacers
  • Superior durability when cruising
  • A fast ride on rough terrains and the park
  • High-quality materials from polyurethane


  • Not ideal for doing tricks

4. Cal 7 Skateboard Wheels – Best For Versatility

best wheel size for street skating


Cal 7 is a budget-friendly choice for starters who want to try skating in multiple places, thanks to its notable features. 52mm diameter with 99a for monochrome color and 100a for visual styles PU are perfect wheels for professional riders and street skaters.

The 99a durometer brings a firm grip with a slower ride, helping you skate safely on pools, ramps, skate parks, or road camber. Great 8 ABEC-7 bearings fit the front, and rear axles create smoothness and better control, even on tough grounds.

Four spacers will keep bearings in great condition to roll softly on various grounds.

Due to the harder wheels of 100a, some users get trouble sliding comfortably or hitting the slopes. Beginners should practice cautiously and frequently on these wheels due to their small size.


  • Affordable
  • Compatible with all types of skateboard
  • Incredible speed for different terrains
  • Smooth ride on grooved surface


  • Unsuitable for tricks

5. Orangatang Kegel Wheels – Best For High Speed

best skateboard wheels for street skating


For skaters who love smooth longboard wheels for the street, Orangatang Kegel is an ideal choice. These downhill and versatile wheels of 80mm diameter are huge and delicate for maximum traction, great rolling speed, and fluent ride even on little rocks.

They can energize your daily workout to attain your specific purpose effectively. Strong and square lips give the greatest grasp, whereas still sliding easily when craved.

They offer expansive 46mm cores to decrease body weight, making longboarding skate strong, speedy and smooth even with pumping or hard roads. These cores will provide you notable traction, high speed and easy control when you accelerate suddenly.

The formula is Happy Thane that avoids fires because of superior speed contact and hot climate. Furthermore, luscious urethane provides convenience and safety for your longboard while you practice on the riding surface.

However, there is a downside to its delicate construction. The edges of the wheels are quite easy to break into small pieces in a few miles and months.


  • Soft grip and ride
  • Various colors and sizes available
  • Maximum speed and control
  • Strong lips
  • Excellent traction


  • Sells in packs of 4

6. Ricta Clouds 92a Wheels – Best For Rough Terrains

good skateboard wheels for street


Ricta Clouds wheels, measuring 54mm in diameter, brings much comfort and safety for starters thanks to their remarkable features. These 92a wheels are the most suitable for rough landscapes such as jagged roads, trench, masonite, or pools.

They are made from soft and NRG Hi-Energy urethane, which lets you ride smoothly even on rough surfaces at a high speed. The product highlights a classic design, which helps the wheels are bounded enough for compassing different tricks with ease.

Because they are exceptionally hard, they cannot make you tremble frequently when you are riding in a metropolis. They also possess great cores to help you remain a stable and smooth roll on a few miles though you skate at rush hours.

On the downside, these wheels are not the best choice if you’re mainly aiming for practicing shuvit. Shuvit is a trick that is achieved by rotating your board 180 degrees and slightly hopping up. Then you scoop the tail down that applies your feet only, not the whole body.

Some users find it hard to do this trick with these wheels because they stick too much on the ground. Several skateboarders feel uncomfortable sliding down due to this issue.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent for cruising
  • Superior for rough terrains
  • Adequately hard for riding smoothly in city
  • Sturdy construction


  • Not ideal for performing shuvit
  • Doesn’t hold up to intense use

7. Spitfire Formula Four Conical Full Wheels – Best For PowerSlide

best skateboard wheels for street and park


Spitfire conical full wheels feature great sliding thanks to a hardness of 99a. They are made from top-quality urethane, bringing faster speed when you slide down and roll.

Bones STFs formula allows you to roll quickly, grasp strongly, and slide smoothly without any flat spots. This feature also offers you significant control over the board. The product lasts longer compared to other brands, thanks to this point.

You can hold up and perform tricks simply with these small wheels on rough roads, scraggy asphalt, and pools.

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On the downside, the hardness of 99a means that these items are not meant for smooth surfaces. These wheels are slightly expensive, making them not the first choice for beginners who need more practice before the actual ride.


  • Excellent for sliding and bombarding hills
  • No flat spots
  • Great performance
  • Quick and simple to control


  • Slightly expensive
  • Not perfect for smooth surfaces

Best Wheels For Street Skating Buying Guide

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned skateboarder, you always need good skateboard wheels for street. Check out the nine factors below before selecting wheels for skating on the street.

Size (Skateboard Wheel Diameter)

The first thing to investigate is the wheel diameter, which directly affects how quickly you will ride the board and how effective you will turn. According to your purposes, you can choose different sizes of your wheels.

Nevertheless, larger wheels (over 56mm) are only suitable for bigger boards, which is not the safe choice for technical tricks. For road skating, the small skateboard wheels will be more superior because they are near the ground and simple to control.

To be specific, your safe choice is anywhere between 50mm and 54mm in diameter. These skateboard wheels can provide you multiple uses even with the most difficult tricks for street skating. They guarantee a quick, smooth, and enjoyable ride.

Small wheels will meet most demands of professionals, including bombarding gigantic slopes. In general, always choose the small wheels when you skate on the street.

Besides, we recommend you pick out polyurethane or urethane wheels. They are solid, long-lasting, and bring a smooth and comfortable ride on the street.

Durometer Scale

Small wheels are typically harder than bigger ones and are often the strongest. It is advisable to choose a durometer of 99a, which is versatile for all purposes, including skate parks or street skating.

They are moderate, delicate but excellent for power sliding and sliding downhill on rough surfaces.


The shape is also a vital characteristic that directly affects your skateboard. There are many types, such as conical, conical fulls, classics, and radials. Many experts select classic shapes since they are slender and excellent for sliding.

Notwithstanding, other riders prefer conical wheels because they are more extensive, offer more grasp and safety. Hence, they are a great option for not only beginners but also professional skateboarders.

Contact Patch

The contact patch is the zone of the wheel that comes in direct contact with the ground. It can be tight or broad. The narrower wheels come with less grasp, which is ideal for riding smoothly.

With a smaller grasp, tricks will be easy to practice on different surfaces such as asphalt, pools, parks, or dusty roads with balanced control.

Otherwise, wider wheels are preferred for riding in the city owing to a slower speed and incredible grip. They are not appropriate for doing tricks and stunts.

To sum up, for starters, larger contact patches are the way to go because they deliver high speed, firmness, and remarkable grasp. For experienced riders, narrow wheels are the most suitable choice since they can perform advanced techniques or slide skilfully.


The brand is also one of the key features to consider before buying skateboard wheels. Spitfire, Bones, Orangatang, Santa Cruz and Shark Wheel are some well-known companies on the showcase that promise top-quality products.

Color And Scheme

Since skateboard wheels come in an assortment of designs or colors, you can coordinate your board or deck color with the proper set of wheels. We suggest you select retro wheels, dark wheels, see-through types, and wheels with graphic styles like Led lights.

Based on your favorite color and taste, choose the most suitable skateboard wheels as they can boost your confidence while riding.


The core owns three sorts of designation: side set, counterbalanced, and centerset. The side set center encompasses a minimum grasp to guarantee smooth slides. Thus, it will be a great option for free skaters.

The centerset type has the toughest hold and is exceptionally solid, while the counterbalanced core features a mix of the side sets and centerset cores. Thus, the balanced type will give smooth slides, great grasps, and incredible control.

Larger and sturdier cores are more compelling, quicker for most sorts of rides. But a few strong cores can be unsafe for downhill bombing because you may fail to manage, which leads to injuries easily.

Kinds Of Lips

Lips are the external portion of the contact fix, which comes in square and adjusted shapes. The narrow lip wheels are extraordinary for sliding and losing grasp a few times to execute traps, making them excellent for free riders.

Noticeably, the squared lips are sharp and thick that center on a solid grasp. Hence, they are not perfect for sliding and hindering. It is a great option for starters to pick out squared-formed lips to receive superior control while skating on the street.

Plain Wheels

Plain wheels are also a significant alternative if you are new to skateboarding. Bare or clear wheels are often white with no center elements. These are generally bland wheels that you just apply to cut out only the wheel portion of the skateboard and spare the bearings.

Additionally, they are less costly and are frequently accessible in sets of four or more. Thus, users will fix or replace damaged wheels easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s examine some common questions that you may ask when you start playing this sport.

Should We Choose Softer Wheels For Skateparks?

Soft wheels are the best option for skateparks. Softer kinds at around from 73a to 86a durometer are great for riding on the parks that require parcels of grasp or bumps and rocks. They can bring you a smoother ride, nice cruising, and balanced control better than harder wheels.

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What Is The Ideal Size Wheel For Street Riding?

You can pick out different sizes of street wheels depending on your needs. The small size is excellent for road skating because it is close to the surfaces, giving you a better grip without any trouble. You can perform flip tricks skillfully thanks to these small wheels.

On the other hand, larger wheels assist you in rolling at a high speed with great control and stability. Make sure you are accustomed to any types that bring you maximum stability, safety, comfort, and confidence.

Are Bigger Wheels Perfect For Street Riding?

Bigger skateboard wheels are superior for cruising and rough streets. If you are an expert or beginner who prefers to go fast and overcome obstacles on the road, bigger skateboard wheels are the way to go.

How Often Do You Change Skateboard Wheels?

It depends on how regularly you ride your skateboard and what kind of skills you perform on it. Skateboards for basic tricks, competitions, and ordinary commutes should be replaced and preserved every other month.

People who barely practice skateboarding only need to change their wheels three times a year. You also can fix some small issues if your wheels remain in good condition.

However, when you see extreme chipping or lumps of wheel fabric, you have to replace them immediately before playing the skateboard.


With detailed reviews and guidelines for choosing wheels, we hope that you can find the best skateboard wheels for street. Always check the size, durometer, contact patch, and shape so you can enjoy skateboarding on any terrain, even concrete surfaces.

Moreover, it pays to know how often to change damaged wheels for guaranteed safety, balanced control, and stability when skating.

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