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Top 8 Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising And Tricks (2022)

All professional skateboard cruisers have their own set of the best skateboard wheels for cruising anh tricks! These types of wheels can provide a great amount of grip and traction on the ground while increasing the roll speed to help you skate smoothly on any rugged terrain.

If you are about to buy a set of cruising wheels, don’t miss this article! Here, we review the top 8 best items in 2022 and share some essential buying tips.

So, please scroll down and have a look!

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Top 8 Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising in 2022

Here come our top 8 best wheels for cruising skateboard in 2022!

1. Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel – Best For Smooth Rolls

best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks


The first product we want to introduce to you is the Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel. No matter which type of rugged terrain you ride on, this product will always provide the smoothest rolls.

78a is not the highest durometer a cruiser wheel has but is enough to help the Ricta Clouds make lots of grip on the ground. Even when your road contains many rough rocks, you can still skate smoothly on it.

In addition, the Ricta Clouds come up in a size of 54 mm. This dimension allows the wheels to increase the speed quickly when rolling. If you like high-speed skateboarding, this model is surely an excellent choice.

As these wheels grip the road so well, they are not suitable for you to do landing tricks by sliding. When doing such a special technique with these Clouds, you may feel them quite sticky.


  • 78a durometer for good grips
  • Size of 54 mm for extra speed
  • Urethane material for high durability
  • Suitable for both filming and cruising


  • Not suitable for doing a couple of tricks that involve sliding

2. Spitfire Skateboard Wheels Bighead – Best For Versatility

best skateboard wheels for cruising


Do you require a set of versatile cruiser wheels? If yes, you should go for these Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels! With a high hardness rating and 3 size options, they will serve you well on the roughest terrain.

Specifically, the durometer of this model is 99a. This type of hardness is the favorite of many intermediate riders. It allows the wheels to provide high traction on both smooth and rocky roads.

The Spitfire company offers you 3 options for sizes, which are 52 mm, 53 mm, and 54 mm. All these sizes are good for riding on multiple types of rough terrains, thanks to the 99a durometer.

If you want a slower ride, you should try using the 52 mm or 53 mm. For the highest speed, feel free to get the 54 mm!

Please handle this Bighead model gently. If you make an emergency brake or ride the wheels on hard obstacles too often, they are prone to flat spots quickly. As a consequence, they will create buzzing noise and vibrate when you roll on them.

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  • High hardness rating for smooth riding on difficult rough surfaces
  • High stability on bumpy rides
  • Large wheel size adds extra speed to the ride
  • 3 options for wheel sizes
  • A wide range of colors
  • Tight grip on the road


  • Attract flat spots if not handled gently

3. Everland 65 x 51 mm Skateboard Wheels – Best For Skating On Rocky Road

best skateboard wheels for tricks and cruising


The Everland 65 x 51 mm Skateboard Wheels are our recommendation for skating through the city. You can have a smooth ride with these cruiser wheels on both main rocky roads and sidewalks.

Street wheels for cruising need to be solid. Thus, the Everland company has designed them with a hardness rating of 78a. Like the Ricta Clouds, these Everland will tightly grip on the road to help you ride in balance.

The great thing is, these city-friendly wheels will remain durable and functional after you ride on rocky terrain. Even when they go over huge rocks, you will find no flat spot on them!

The 65x51mm size is very large. You can only equip this Everland model with cruiser drop-through boards and longboards. It is quite unfortunate that the wheels do not support traditional skateboards.


  • The high durometer of 78a
  • Providing tight grips on the road
  • Flat spot proof
  • Giving lots of stability in the ride
  • High durability


  • Not suitable for regular skateboards

4. Sector 9 Butterball 65Mm – Best For Fast Speed Riding

best wheels for cruising skateboard


Is skating at high speed your big passion? You definitely can not miss this Sector 9 Butterball model if you scream, “Yes!” With the help of these wheels, you can ride to your desired destination in the shortest time!

When buying, you can choose between 2 size options, which are 65 mm and 70 mm. All these sizes can help increase the roll speed of the skateboard wheels. Your job is to choose the dimension that fits your skateboard most!

Never worry about getting into accidents while you are riding at the maximum speed. The wheel durometer of 80a will provide high traction on any type of road. You are free to ride stable and change direction without losing control!

Although these wheels can ride over cracks and rocks, you should avoid doing so as much as you can. Otherwise, the wheels may suffer from flat spots due to the impact from the ground.


  • 2 big sizes for fast speed
  • High durometer of 80a for high traction
  • Giving maximum control on the ride
  • Supporting sliding
  • Featuring center-set-core for smoother rides


  • No flat spot proof
  • Only one option for color

5. Spitfire Skateboard Wheels Formula – Best For High Skateboard Wheel Hardness

best wheels for skateboard cruising


Among 8 products on this list, these Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels feature the highest durometer rating. If you require maximum control on the ride, you can consider this model as your best partner!

What durometer level do these wheels have? Believe it or not, the hardness of them comes up to 101a! We don’t exaggerate, but it is quite difficult to find another product that has a high durometer as these urethane Formula wheels do.

As you know, the higher the durometer is, the more traction the wheels will have. As a result, your ride will be a lot smoother. It does not matter if you ride on a flat or a bumpy road. The skateboard will always stay under your control.

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A bad issue that we have found out about this urethane Formula model is that it creates weird noise while rolling. Although this sound does not cause any problem to the ride, it may badly affect your rolling experience.


  • High durometer rating of 101a for smooth rides on the roughest roads
  • High control during the ride
  • Plenty of size options
  • Keeping the body balanced while riding on uneven surfaces
  • Not getting flat spots easily


  • Causing weird rolling noise

6. Blank Pro 52mm Skateboard Wheels – Best For Quality Bearings

best skateboard wheels for cruising


We will continue with the Blank Pro 52mm Skateboard Wheels. What makes this product special is its high-quality ABEC 7 Bearings.

When unboxing the package, you will get a set of 4 wheels and a set of 8 ABEC 7 speedy rated bearings. Although these pieces of equipment do not come previously assembled to the wheels, you can assemble them by yourself with ease. The entire installation process only takes a couple of minutes.

You probably wonder about the features of the bearings, right? These small circular devices can work to make the cruiser wheels run quicker and smoother. The ABEC 7 standard means that these bearings can resist surface friction to give you high control on a fast ride.

We only give a minus point to the material of these components. Instead of PU, the manufacturers have used plastic – a less durable material to construct the bearings. To keep these pieces of equipment durable, you should avoid jumping and landing with the wheels from a great height.


  • Bearings meet ABEC 7 standard
  • Easy to assemble the bearings to the wheels
  • Supporting smooth riding at an incredible speed
  • Anti surface friction during the ride
  • High durometer of 99a


  • Bearings are built of plastic instead of PU.

7. Orangatang 4 President Skateboard Longboard Wheels – Best For High Traction

skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks


It does not matter which terrain you cruise on. You can always have a smooth and stable ride, all thanks to this Orangatang 4 President.

There are 4 options of wheel durometers, which are 77a, 80a, 83a, and 86a. As you see, all mentioned hardness ratings are very high. So you can wholeheartedly give your trust in the traction this product provides.

Besides high durometers, the sharp and square lips also play an important role in the high traction of the wheels.

The special design of these components allows the wheels to provide maximum grips so that you can do any difficult techniques, such as pumping, carving, slalom, downhill skateboard racing, cruising, mini ramp skateboarding with fewer injury risks.

Unfortunately, these neon-colored wheels don’t seem to last long. After a time of usage, their lips will start chipping and chunking off. As a consequence, they may not give the best support as when they are new.


  • 4 options of high durometers
  • 4 options for cool colors
  • Strong supportive core support crisp slides
  • Sharp and square lips providing high traction
  • Supporting pumping, carving, slalom, cruising, and skating downhill


  • Square lips chipping and chunking off
  • Creating unpleasant noise during the ride

8. Sector 9 Nineballs Longboard Wheels – Best For Quiet Cruising

best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks


Last but not least, we share with you a set of wide profile wheels for street rides – the Sector 9 Nine Ball. If you require silent riding, this product definitely will be the best choice for skateboard wheels.

With a large size of 70 mm, these wheels will provide a large coverage of 38 mm on the ground. The high durometer of 78a allows them to stay close on the road. With this heavy-duty construction, the wheels will be able to roll smoothly without leaving any sound.

Since these wide profile wheels can roll smoothly and quietly, you can make your street skating on the city road or sidewalks. There is no need to be afraid of disrupting bypassers and people in the neighborhood.

We have no complaints about the function. The only disadvantage we have found out is the clear urethane color of the wheels. They may look dirty if you skateboard on a road that is full of mud or dirt.


  • Large wheel diameter of 70 mm for quick speed
  • A wide contact patch of 38 mm
  • A high durometer of 78a
  • Quiet rolling
  • Featuring center-set-core for comfortable rides


  • Urethane color getting dirty easily

Buying Guide For Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising And Tricks

You probably wonder how we decided on the 8 skateboard wheels above, right? Actually, there are several buying tips that help us pick out top-quality products. In this section, we will share all of them with you!

When doing skateboard wheels check, you definitely have to:

Get The Perfect Size!

Skateboard wheels for cruising appear in many different sizes. Each measurement will give a specific skating experience. Therefore, you should always check the diameter before buying!

The range of durometers runs from 50-75 mm. Larger wheels will make your ride faster, and vice versa.

If you are a beginner who needs skating at a slow speed, you will want to choose the small wheels, typically around 48 – 52 mm. If you like fast riding, go for the wheels that are about 53 mm – 75 mm!

Check The Hardness Of The Wheels!

You surely don’t want your wheels to break down after a time of usage, right? Therefore, it is important to check the durability of the product!

Many users think that small wheels are easier to break down than big wheels. But they are wrong! Please keep in mind that the size of the wheels does not decide the durability.

What shows the durability is the average wheel durometer rating. It tells how hard the skateboard wheel is. In other words, the higher the durometer is, the harder the wheel will be.

The accurate hardness range of a good cruiser wheel is from 75a to 101a. The harder wheels your skateboard has, the smoother you can make the ride.

Make Sure That The Product Is Affordable!

You do not always need to pay a lot of money for an expensive product. There are a lot of cheaper wheels that have quality features.

Of course, high-price wheels will have advanced technical skating features to bring more convenience of usage and assistance in performing tricks. However, these features are unnecessary if you only require a couple of wheels for basic or casual riding.

According to our cheap price check, we notice that a good set of wheels usually costs about $30 – $50. Some modern products are priced in the higher range, between $60 and $80.


Below are some common questions you may have while browsing for a new set of wheels:

Are Cruiser Wheels Soft?

The hardness of the cruiser wheels depends on the materials. They can be either soft or stiff due to the consistent urethane touch. However, even having high hardness, the cruisers are still softer than other types of wheels.

For example, compared to park and street skateboard wheels, the wheels for cruising are a lot softer. This specification allows them to support skating on rough pavements and cracks smoothly.

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Can I Put Cruiser Wheels On A Regular Skateboard?

Of course, yes! You can equip cruiser wheels on a traditional skateboard. But keep in mind that these wheels will not perform their best on this type of board.

The truck of a regular board is quite low. When equipped with cruiser wheels, the board may create a wheel bite. This issue may bring you into unexpected accidents.

Also, not all cruiser wheels can fit conventional boards. You should only buy ones that have a diameter below 60 mm.

If you require a good board that supports cruiser wheels, you will want to consider drop-through skateboard designs.

Can You Ollie With Cruiser Wheels?

It is possible to ollie with cruiser wheels. But we only recommend you perform this trick if you are well aware of what you are doing.

The reason is, the cruiser wheels don’t have a light weight and are quite sticky. They will react slower when the riders pop the ollie. Beginner riders usually do not know how to handle this situation. At low skill levels, they may not perform the technique at their best.

Are Harder Cruising Wheels Faster?

Our answer is yes. The harder the wheels are, the faster you can skateboard.

It is very simple to understand, as hard wheels provide better grip and traction to the ground. With their help, you will be able to stay stable on the ride and increase the speed.

Are 52 mm Cruiser Wheels Good?

The 52 mm wheels are a good choice for beginners and intermediate riders. They provide slow roll speed so that any skater can control the ride with ease. This size of wheels will be our recommendation for skating downhill or riding on the street.


Above are our top 8 best skateboard wheels for cruising in 2022. Have you found the perfect wheel set to buy?

Every set of wheels has its specific advantages and disadvantages that you want to consider carefully before making the buying decision. Don’t forget to use the tips that we have shared with you in the buying guide!

For further questions, please get in touch with us! We will answer you as soon as we can.

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!

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