Top 13+ Best Skateboard Trucks For Street, Beginners (Reviews 2020)

Why do you need a solid skateboard truck?

A truck- a T-shaped part of a skateboard is one of the most important parts to ensure the safety of a skateboard. They are fixed under the deck of the skateboard and functions to safeguard the bearings and wheels. 

Thus, if you are building your own complete skateboard, this equipment is even more crucial to make. Down below we would like to provide you with some useful information related to skateboard trucks in order to help you purchase the best one and also 20 best skateboard trucks.

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Best Skateboard Trucks Buying Guide

Why does it play a crucial role?

Purchasing a skateboard truck will considerably have an impact on your balance and the techniques you do on your board. If you, unfortunately, purchased a poor-quality one, this would lead to a “wheel bite” situation in which the wheels rub on the skateboard and this engenders a sudden halt while the skater is performing a trick. 

In order to shun this case, you have to become accustomed to a myriad of things such as soft and robust brushing because this will affect the effectiveness of your board in general to a certain extent.

Now I will dig deeper into the characteristics of a skateboard truck. By doing this, you might be able to define better how is a good skateboard truck.

  • Brushing: It is an aggregation of soft rings that are produced from urethane and strongly attached around the kingpin. It helps the board to take turns and rotate well.

  • Kingpin: It is a comparatively big bolt that lies perfectly inside the bushing and also connects the parts of the truck. It has o have a long life-span to hold up well every part. Be careful with the hollow kingpins. They are lightweight and guarantee the robustness. They are more and more widely applied and it is better for you not to use them.

  • Hanger: the biggest part of the truck and functions as a supportive part for the axle when skaters do stunts and take sudden turns. 

  • Axle: it is a long pin that goes through the hanger and sticks to wheels

  • Baseplate: It is attached to the board by screws and is a place that all constituents are set fixedly

the best skateboard trucks

So now you might be well-informed of all parts of a truck. Next, we will learn more about the characteristics and specifications of these parts. The main content we will cover includes:

  • Insight of the main profile

  • Some special materials

  • More meticulous information about the constituents of the skateboard truck 

  • Height and width

Skateboard Truck Profile

There are 3 distinctive shapes of a truck and is normally decided by how close it is from the underneath of the deck to the hanger

 The low profile is very suitable for skateboards with small wheels as this will lead to a greater balance, particularly in hard tricks and maneuvers. Small wheels here are 50-53 mm type. 

best skate trucks

The medium profile are well designed for cruising boards with the wheels of 53-56 mm

The high profile will definitely go for wheels over 56mm. They are normally quite longboard or some certain boards that are widely skated on the roads.

Special Materials

It is non-mandatory to purchase trucks that are made from special materials. The price would be much higher but this can ensure the higher quality. For example, trucks made from Titanium alloys are more durable and lighter compared to other types. 

Or another special material is magnesium which can make the trucks 25% less weight. 

If the kingpin is made from aluminum, it will ensure the higher durability and lightness. Yet, bear in mind not to choose hallow kingpin because of its poor quality. 

Finally, remember to carefully check the guarantee policy to avoid the defective products.

Other Parts

Apart from the main constituents, it also includes the risers. They are very useful in making the board raised and absorbing impacts. This leads to an alleviation of the vibration during the skating experience. 

Risers look like a small rectangle and are made from rubber or hard plastic. The thicker the risers are, the better they are in absorbing shocks. 

All risers are fixedly attached with six screw holes and suitable for regular and longboards. Thanks to this, the risers are fastened firmly between the deck and the baseplate. 

Nevertheless, risers are not compulsory. Only when the wheels are 56mm or bigger, risers should be added to guarantee a smooth ride. Furthermore, when skating a longboard or with large wheels, the wheel bit will absolutely happen to your board. If you have the risers, they will help your board to instantly absorb the shocks. 

Sometimes, risers can be useful to decrease the vibrations as well. 

Today, the majority of the trucks available on the market have various sizes and not many of them have to add risers.

Width & Height

We have mentioned the height earlier. Just remember to consider low, medium, or high profile based on the size of the wheels.

For instance, many famous brands like ACE, Krux and Thunder offer various trucks with distinctive width based on the size of the skateboard. Therefore, pay the heed to the size of your skateboard prior to purchasing a brand new truck.

To make it easier, this is the summary of brands and their specifications of the width and the corresponding skateboard sizes. 


I expect that this post will be useful for you to choose the best skateboard trucks for beginners. We also welcome any further concerns that you might have in the comment box down below. 

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