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Top 10 Best Skateboard Trucks for Street for Fun and Convenience

Taking a skateboard outside for riding and playing tricks with friends is exciting. However, you will want to choose the board carefully not to pose yourself a falling risk. Today, get started with the best skateboard trucks for street.

They are the heart-and-soul part that you should never try to save money on. Instead, invest in high-quality and supportive skateboard trucks, and they will last for a very long time.

Our article is here to provide the necessary information about how to choose the trucks for the street and the best choices on the market for your reference.

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Top 10 Best Skateboard Trucks For Street in 2022

1. Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks – The Editor’s Choice

best skateboard trucks for street


The Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks have favorable features for street skateboarding, such as the low and solid hard-working trucks, standard Grade 8 kingpin, and medium bushings.

You will have a set of two low aluminum trucks on the package. There are several sizes available to fit the skateboard width from 6.2 to 10 inches.

We are sure that you can use Independent trucks for a long time since the aluminum build is durable.

This material is also lightweight, contributing only 1.83 lbs to the whole skateboard, so you can take the truck and the board outside and be ready to cruise or carve downtown.

The standard Grade A kingpin will make your riding experience more enjoyable, thanks to its clearance. You can enjoy an extra balance even on making sharp turns. It is also open to practice stunts.

So far, so good skateboard trucks for street skating. However, some people complain that the Independent Trucks are more expensive than common standard skateboard trucks. It is high-priced but worth investing in.


  • A set of two trucks
  • Durable T6 aluminum
  • Lightweight and balanced construction
  • Great standard kingpin clearance
  • Medium bushings to be stable and responsive at a time


  • Longer than normal skateboard trucks

2. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks – Best for Kids’ Boards

best trucks for street skating


Although Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks are supposed to fit any decks and wheels with their standard size, we only suggest them on the kids’ skateboards.

The set of two units is made out of aluminum alloy, which is quite durable. However, the Havoc 5.0 is a budget model, meaning that you should not expect it to be as heavy-duty as the Independent Trucks. The trucks can still handle the kids’ weight excellently.

In addition, the trucks are only 1.9 lbs – they will add no extra weight on the kids’ boards. Your kids can join you in curving around the park or on scattered streets.

A variety of colors is another plus since kids often have colorful boards. Except for black trucks as above, it is possible to buy Blue, Green, Yellow, etc.

People report they have experienced some bites. However, if your kid does not go too fast, the kingpin is still acceptable.


  • Great bargains for two trucks
  • Among the most lightweight trucks
  • Easy to adjust bushings
  • Many colors available


  • Not heavy-duty construction

3. Thunder Polished Hollow Lights 2 Trucks – Best Rated

best skateboard trucks for street skating


The Thunder Polish Skateboard Trucks are often in comparison with the Independent Stage 1. They both have a great performance and quality build. The Thunder models are even more adored for their lightweights, making them the best-rated in the market.

Similar to the Independent Trucks, these third trucks come in various sizes to fit your 8-to-8-1/8 inch deck. They are for big skateboards rather than normal ones.

The main material is the forged aluminum instead of conventional aluminum. It will not be as lightweight as titanium but help reduce the overall weight. A Thunder set is lighter than that of the Independent Stage 11 – 330 vs. 394g per truck.

The benefit of the weight reduction is that you can make a higher ollie and ride faster.

Another difference is that the Thunder trucks are high. Low trucks support street skating better, but these Thunder units are designed bigger and higher to benefit tall riders or those who like to do tricks and turn sharply.

Nonetheless, bushings need improving for those purposes. They have a durometer scale of 90A, meaning the bushings are extremely soft and require almost no time to break them in. Unfortunately, they are not durable if you play hard tricks frequently.


  • Durable and light forged aluminum
  • Big sizes for big decks
  • Good for sharp turns and tricks
  • Easy-to-break-in bushings


  • High skateboard trucks
  • Not durable bushing

4. Venture Skateboard Trucks – Best Lightweight Trucks

what are the best skateboard trucks for street


We already shared that light trucks help increase the possibility of easy and sharp turning, and they also provide a balanced ride. Both the Thunder and Venture provide the Polished Hollow Light Trucks.

However, the Venture set is even lighter than the Thunder. It is also made out of forged aluminum but with smaller sizes and parts, resulting in an overall weight of around 300g.

The hanger is 5.25 inches wide, which is suitable for decks within 7 ¾ to 8 ⅛ inches. Due to the shorter width, these trucks are also good to pair with small wheels between the 46 and 50mm range. You can avoid many wheel bites when riding down the street.

Unlike the Thunder set, Venture trucks have a low profile and medium bushings. Trucks that are lower to the ground offer improved stability, and you are less likely to have kingpin but caught on grinds. Meanwhile, medium bushings help maximum turning experience.

In drawbacks, you might have to sacrifice technical tricks for low trucks. Moreover, the forged aluminum of the Venture does not have the same durability as the Thunder’s material.

To make it up, the Venture set is far cheaper.


  • In the budget category
  • Light construction
  • Low kingpin skateboard trucks
  • Easy to install on the boards
  • Less wheel bite on the bushings


  • Only one smaller than normal
  • Not durable overtime

5. Tensor Skateboard Trucks – Best Durable Build

what are the best trucks for street skating


Tensor Skateboard Trucks deserve the best skateboard trucks for street skating in terms of durability, thanks to advanced manufacturing technology.

The set is molded from the finest aluminum alloy, plus with the stringent process to ensure that all parts are connected flawlessly. They can last longer before a replacement.

The good news is that all trucks of Tensor use the company’s own quality bushings. You can rest assured about their durability even if you play the tricks.

Tensor also offers a simple design to optimize the lightweights. The manufacturer adjusts the angle of the kingpin pivot and nut so that the trucks are less bulky; meanwhile, you are free from sluggish movements.

Altogether, the Classic version we are reviewing has an overall weight of only 312g. The MAGLIGHT version is, meanwhile, as light as 231g. The lightweight trucks shred off the burden so that you can grind more easily on the road or even pull through carves.

In terms of size, the trucks are also 5.2 inches wide, so you can add it to the skateboards from 7 ¾ to 8 ⅛ inches like how the Venture does.

The high price point is what makes riders hesitant. And the shorter skateboard trucks than Independent Trucks or Thunder is another common reason.


  • Made from the finest aluminum alloy
  • Durable bushings from the company
  • The advanced stringent manufacturing process
  • Professional and sturdy design
  • Great colors


  • High price tag
  • Occasional mishap on delivery

6. Paris Street Skateboard Trucks – Best Stability

good skateboard trucks for street skating


The brand confirmed that it is stronger than other traditional kingpins, and it is. The metal around the kingpin has a square shape to offer extra stability. It clears the hanger perfectly up to 50-50 grinds.

You should know that Paris Street’s kingpin is longer, and its geometry is sensitive to changes of bushing and washer. To ride more smoothly, you can use tall bushings in combination with a solitary bushing broadside.

Moreover, the baseplates of these skateboard trucks are also tall so that you can easily connect them to the wheels of 57 to 58mm without using risers. Big wheels offer more stable skateboarding.

It is also worth mentioning that Paris Street Skateboard Trucks feature extra durability and resilience, using gravity molded aluminum. Other parts like axles, speed washers, and nuts are of high quality too.

The manufacturer even has a lifetime guarantee for their skateboard trucks.

The only big thing we want them to improve is the axle. It is slightly bent upwards, so it can cause some problems when you turn.


  • A medium price point
  • Stable baseplate and kingpin
  • Able to work with big wheels


  • Long kingpin that might cause quirky carving

7. Gullwing Sidewinder II Skateboard Trucks – Best for Carving

best skateboard trucks for street


Sidewinder II Trucks by Gullwing have revolutionary double-stack geometry, consisting of the 89A cone and barrel bushings, making it a good option for carving along the street.

There are two separate kingpins designated to two different turning points. You can turn smooth but very tight, so you will feel like carving around the town. It is possible to remove the middle joint to turn the duo kingpins into the traditional single truck.

In addition, the cone-shaped bushings roughly sized at a high durometer will facilitate the turning. They are soft enough to make the truck bounce up on your turns without resulting in wheel bites.

Aluminum hangers are solid sitting on the baseplate even when you make a rough bump for crazy street stunts. They are also 10 inches wide – wider than many other hangers, so you can use them with a big deck to ride more stably.

However, the particular carve design poses a limitation to the deck and wheels you can use. It would be better if you used carving skateboards.


  • Both separate kingpins
  • Two pivot hangers available
  • Cone-shaped bushing


  • Hard to follow guide
  • Limited to choices of decks and wheels

8. CCS Skateboard Trucks – Best Ease of Maneuvers

best trucks for street skating


If you do street skating for fun, you will prefer something cheap and easy to control, you can consider CCS Skateboard Trucks.

CCS Skateboard Trucks’ features are quite conventional, promising you easy control. The standard kingpin is sturdy and non-slip. Thanks to that, the axle is solid enough, and the hanger turns out to have ample clearance. They can carry on full weight and tolerate frictions.

The special part is the very high rebound bushings. You can freely slide on any surface area or pop on an obstacle. The maneuverability is impeccable. You hardly come across wrapping issues or deformations like other cheap skateboard trucks.

The trucks benefit both beginner and professional skateboard riders, particularly when it comes to grinds and basic tricks.

We think it would be better if the manufacturer could make the black paint thinner. Now, we find it hard to screw and install parts.


  • Extremely low price
  • Acceptable quality
  • Non-slip kingpin and axle
  • High rebound bushings


  • Thick black paint
  • Not advanced features

9. Core Skateboard Trucks – Best Budget

best trucks for street skating


The Core Skateboard Trucks look much like the CSS model, and in fact, it is also on the budget list for street skateboarding.

What makes both professional and beginner skaters fall in love with these trucks is that the Core Trucks have over 20 years in the industry and stand for their quality. You are not worried about a scam at such a low price tag.

The skateboard trucks are standard with six holes, making it easier to screw and assemble them on any new deck – whether the vintage boards or modern ones.

The colorful options also improve the versatility of these trucks. Black or silver are classic for mature riders, and you can use vibrant colors like yellow or pink for young souls.

We give our thumbs up that the geometry of Core trucks comes with both rebound bushings and pivot cups. They smoothen your pushes and turns with hardly any wheel bite.

Ease of use and acceptable reliability overall all so you can bring them out for street, ramp, and freestyle.

However, you should not expect the skateboard trucks to be extra light. Low-priced aluminum alloys are strong but heavy. It takes more effort to do popping if you want.


  • A fit for your bill
  • Strong and sturdy aluminum construction
  • Versatile trucks to fit any board
  • Colorful options included
  • Great geometry


  • Heavy design

10. BYBAIZ Skateboard Trucks – Another Choice For The Money

best skateboard trucks for street skating


At a glance, the trucks give off a sturdy and aesthetic feeling on every part. Even the logo and the brand’s name look modern and well-crafted. The next impression is that the BYBAIZ Skateboard Trucks are not expensive. In contrast, they are affordable.

When we took a closer look, we figured out that all parts are made out of aluminum alloy. It is reasonable to expect that the trucks are lightweight and sturdy over time.

In terms of performance, the BYBAIZ works similar to other budget trucks with the standard kingpin, low-height, and stable axles and hangers.

However, the variety of sizes is a bonus. You will find three dimensions available, which are 5.0, 5.25, and 5.5 inches. The smallest size can fit kids’ skate decks while the largest one can work with 8.85-inch boards.

If only the bushings could be harder and more durable, then all are good.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Aesthetic design
  • Sturdy aluminum baseplate
  • Various sizes available


  • Chipping-off paint on delivery
  • Too soft bushings

Buying Guide For Best Skateboard Trucks For Street Skating

A Truck’s Components

best skateboard trucks for street

Understand to buy the best skateboard trucks.

Trucks also consist of many parts that are hardly missing on any skateboard truck brands. You will want to ensure that they are well-made and fit well together:


The plate is the foundation, as known as the base layer of the truck. It has a kingpin and pivot cut mounted with the board with 4 bolts.

best trucks for street skating



Kingpin is short for the king of pins. It connects the hanger to the plate so that your trucks will not fall apart. You can either loosen or tighten the kingpin to adjust the turns.

best skateboard trucks for street skating

Kingpin (the long bolt)


It is a triangular-shaped part made out of metal to support the axle and allow grinding curbs and rails. There is a pivot hole keeping the hanger sit in the baseplate.

what are the best skateboard trucks for street

The triangular hanger

Axles & nuts

You will find the wheels attached to the axles, and they will run through the hanger. These components must be sturdy enough since they often deal with a significant force. When axles bend, you need to consider buying a new truck.

Nuts are to secure wheels to the axles from flying off.

what are the best trucks for street skating

Axels and nuts for trucks


Sliding on the kingpin and resting on one side of the hanger, bushings help control the turning behaviors. They are made out of a polyurethane cushion, varying in firmness degrees.

good skateboard trucks for street skating

Bushings of skateboard trucks (the white part)

Softer bushings make more responsive but less stable turning, while hard bushings improve the balance. For street skateboarding, you can choose the bushings according to your riding skills and skating environment.


These metal discs are placed on the two sides of the bushings to bring the skateboard to the initial position after you make turns.

best trucks for street skating

Washer of skateboard trucks

Pivot cup

The pivot cup supports the hanger when it sits in the baseplate’s pivot hole. It is often a tiny cup of hard polyurethane and plastic.

best skateboard trucks for street skating

These are polyurethane pivot cups of skateboard trucks

Standard Trucks Type

Trucks for skateboards fall into two categories based on their kingpin – the standard and reverse kingpin trucks.

what are the best skateboard trucks for street

An example of standard kingpin trucks

Standard one often has the screw facing inside to prevent whatnot and grinds. Meanwhile, the reverse kingpin sits lower and through the hanger to improve the overall stability.

When it comes to street skateboarding styles such as carving, cruising, or freestyle, we would suggest skateboard truck brands that offer the standard kingpin trucks. They are cheap and easily-adjustable and affordable.

Width Of Skate Trucks

After deciding on the truck types, the next step is to ensure the fit between your deck and the trucks. A bit off less than 1/4 inches is acceptable, but a significant difference in sizes might shift the center of gravity, causing you to fall and hurt yourself.

Get started with the width dimension by measuring the outer axle and the inner hanger. Many manufacturers, unfortunately, often do not state both widths. They only show the hanger’s width. Not to mention, the scale might be different.

As a result, you can end up buying a wider truck, considering the fact that the axle is often larger than the hanger. You had better refer to the size guides of the top brands on the market.

Truck Height: Low And Tight

Although high trucks are more common for skateboards, we suggest using low and tight trucks for streets.

what are the best trucks for street skating

Skate trucks should be low to the ground.

The closer you stay to the road, the better you can maintain the center of gravity. You can test this when grinding on tube rails. The fulcrum between the rails and your feet is shortened, so you are not likely to slide off.

Plus, the lower trucks facilitate flips tricks compared to high versions.

There is not a specific “low” dimension on the market since each brand might have its specific size guide. From our experience, 46-49m trucks are in a low category.

In case you are tall; however, you should still go for high trucks. Since your long legs can generate more power with one push, low trucks are hard to control. You can consider other factors such as bushings, tightness, and kingpin clearance to improve the stability.


Both the construction above and the materials of the trucks will affect their performance and durability. Obviously, the combination of the two factors decides how expensive the skate trucks are.

good skateboard trucks for street skating

Aluminum skateboard trucks for street skating

Most models are crafted with metals using two methods, either gravity casting or die casting.

  • The main material is aluminum because they are light and able to grind well. However, aluminum is not very durable.
  • Steel lasts longer, but it weighs down the board and makes it harder to grind. Therefore, steel trucks are often cheaper.
  • Pro-grade trucks for street skating use titanium, magnesium, and forged aluminum to balance the benefits of steel and aluminum.
  • Nowadays, riders even use plastic skateboard trucks to prevent wheel bite when turning. However, plastics are far less durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Skateboard Trucks For Street?

In terms of performance, they are Thunder Polished Hollow Lights. When it comes to the quality build, the Tensor Skateboard Trucks are the best candidate.

However, the most recommended trucks are Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks for the balance of the price, quality, and performance on the street.

Why Are Trucks Important To Street Skateboards?

Trucks are of the heart and soul, considering that this part controls how the skateboard rides on the street. Quality-build and fit trucks help you rid the board more safely.

What Are Included In Trucks For Street Skating?

All products above are good trucks from reliable skateboard truck brands for street skating. If you still have in two minds, you should note the buying guide as follows:

  • Standard kingpin trucks.
  • Low and tight trucks.
  • Fit width compared with the skateboards.
  • Aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and forged aluminum materials.

Can I Use Reverse Kingpin Skateboard Trucks For Street?

Thus, we do not recommend using reverse skateboard trucks.

The reverse trucks are sitting lower through hangers. They are more suitable for longboard trucks, carving, cruising, or downhill situations where you need extra stability.

When it comes to concrete street skating, you might come across more wheel bites than good. If you are skilled at skating enough, you can still use them – of course.

When Should You Replace The Trucks Of Your Skateboard?

If you find your trucks warped or they have small cracks, damaged baseplates, or bent axles, you should replace the trucks.

However, you just need to replace small parts if it is a problem with nuts, kingpins, washers, bushings, hangers, or pivot cuts, etc.

Wrapping Up

Above are the best skateboard trucks for street. The heart of these trucks is to contribute to the smooth and convenient riding on hard surfaces.

It is not necessary to get expensive models on the market, but you can stick with the standard kingpin trucks. Investing more in the quality build is even better. If you do not know what to buy, we have already announced the winner today. They are Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks.

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