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Top 11 Best Skateboard Knee Pads [2022 Reviews]

No sport is enjoyable if it isn’t protected and safe. After all, there’s no fun with broken bones. Skateboarding is no different.

Cruising on the streets with the light breeze feeding your senses as you balance yourself swiftly on the moving board is nothing short of an achievement. But what’s a greater achievement is doing all of this without sporting any bruises, injuries, or accidents.

Hence, if you’re an experienced skateboarder or a newbie, you probably realize that you will need knee pads among your most important protective gear.

So, if you’re on the lookout for the best skateboard knee pads, then you’ve landed the right guide.

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Top 11 Best Skateboard Knee Pads In 2022

The best knee pad is one that is lightweight, durable, adjustable, and well designed. Here, we have listed out 11 products, each with a unique functional value.

So go ahead and find the one that best floats your boat.

1. Triple Eight KP 22 Knee Heavy-Duty Pads Skateboarding Pair

best skate knee pads


If you’re a heavy-duty skateboarder whose passion and skills are held hostage by the fear of injuries and accidents, then these knee-pads may be the ideal ones for you.

Designed to protect your knee from the harshest hits, the KP 22 finds its padding with durable EVA foam, ensuring comfort and protection.

Furthermore, the durable molded plastic knee-caps are flat-designed, high-density, and 100% impact-resistant, with rivets to keep them secure.

As for the strapping, the Triple Eight KP 22 knee pads have a neoprene butterfly closure system and webbed elastic straps. These make the pads very stretchable and adjustable. You also don’t need to be worrying about taking your shoes off.

Also, the pads come in multiple sizes, so you hardly need to worry about missing out on them.

Ideal For: Skaters who need heavy padding


  • EVA Foam for protection and comfort
  • Maximum padding
  • High-density, impact-resistant flat knee caps
  • Adjustable fit with webbed elastic straps
  • Long-lasting and stable
  • Limited 180-day warranty


  • Might not secure well on small legs

2. G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads

best skateboard knee pads


The G-form Pro-X knee pads have a comfortable and lightweight design.

One of their remarkable features is the SmartFlex protective plastic cover over the knee-caps. This cover is flexible and comfy as you ride, but the moment you’re about to bear an impact, it hardens up. This feature makes the G-form an excellent fit.

Another unique feature is their ability to keep your knees cool and moisture-free even during heavy-duty skateboarding.

How so? The wraparound fabric is made of moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ compression fabric.

It also wraps around comfortably on your knee, allowing you all sorts of movements while keeping the pad in place. That means no matter the exertion, you never have to worry about the pad loosening or falling off.

Moreover, it is also highly breathable with its soft mesh panel at the pack. And, when you’re done for the day, find comfort in throwing the pair in for a wash.

Ideal For: Skaters looking for lightweight, moisture-free knee-pads


  • RPT impact-absorbing material
  • SmartFlex technology providing freedom of movement
  • Flexible in motion, hard in impact
  • Moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ compression fabric
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Available in many sizes, including extra-small and XX-large


  • More susceptible to wear and tear

3. Pro-Tec Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set

best skateboard knee pads reviews


When it comes to the brands that set the industry standards, Pro-Tech is a leading company with over 45 years of experience. Pro-Tech products are CE certified, implying that they meet the required safety standards.

These pads are secure and fit with their full wrap hook and loop fasteners instead of the usual elastic bands.

For comfort and protection, Pro-Tech utilizes the ergonomic EVA cupped foam as its construction material. The resultant pads are impact-resistant, as well as breathable and dry.

So, skill up your skating without the fear of incurring any possible damages.

Additionally, these pads are highly adaptable and flexible, owing to the stretch lycra interior and the neoprene backing. This means that you can experiment with all sorts of movements without the fear of wear and tear.

Lastly, these Pro-Tech knees and elbow pads can last up to 12 months, given proper cleaning and care.

Ideal For: Skaters looking for a quality, durable knee and elbow pad set


  • CE and A1 Level C certified
  • Stretch lycra interior for the best fit
  • High-grade EVA cup foam for firm padding
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable


  • Straps might fall off

4. Triple Eight Street Knee Pads

most comfortable skateboard knee pads



These Street knee pads are another of Triple Eight’s reliable products. They are specially designed for Skateboarding and Roller Derby, although they are useful for other sports, such as roller skating and biking.

Strong, impact-resistant polythene caps make up the knee cover, padded on the inside with high-density contoured EVA foam. This combination provides a substantial level of protection to its wearers.

Furthermore, these knee pads have an ergonomic design to provide comfort. They are secured and fit through the butterfly closing system, enabling you to get the pads on and off quickly.

These knee pads are available in sizes for kids, youth, and adults. They also come with a 180-day warranty from the manufacturer’s end.

A bonus scorer with these knee pads is that you don’t need to take your shoes off to put them on.

Ideal For: Skaters looking for a multi-use protective gear


  • Useful for multisports
  • High-density contoured EVA foam for shock-absorbing
  • Butterfly closing system for easy on and off
  • 180-day warranty
  • Available for kids, youth, and adults


  • Straps can be a bit itchy
  • You would need to be careful with the sizes

5. JBM Adult/Child 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set

best knee pads for skateboarding


JBM is that brand that provides you with some of the best skate knee pads at budget-friendly rates, without compromising on safety and quality.

This 3-in-1 protective gear set is a prime example. It consists of a pair of knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. So, if you’re looking for a complete set for a child or an adult, JBM has you covered.

It might also be ideal for you if you’re looking to buy for a handful of children or adults together. The pricing and the safety standards make this gear set an option worth considering.

On the exterior, you have sturdy plastic-made protective cups and plates, while the interior is composed of soft EVA material that serves as shock-absorber, minimizing unwanted damage.

Customers repeatedly review that the pads fit well and secure, no matter the size or age. JBM has made this possible by providing adjustable straps with Velcro closures.

When cared well for, this 3 in 1 pack can last you a good few months, maybe even a year.

Ideal For: Beginner skaters looking for the necessary protection


  • Affordable
  • Useful for multiple sports
  • Soft EVA material for comfort
  • Secure and fit with Velcro closures


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty

6. J187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pad

skate knee pads review


If you’ve been reading best skateboard knee pads reviews for a while, you’ve most likely come across the 187 Killer Pads more than once. No doubt, these are some of the most loved knee pads across the globe.

Why? Well, they owe their reputation to their ability to provide comfort and protection to those who engage in serious skateboarding, making them sufficient enough to protect you from the most problematic impacts.

Although they are a bit pricey, when safety comes first, what else matters?

The 187 Killer Pads for knees are made of v-22 dual-density foam, which provides comfortable cushioning and serves as a shock-absorber, safeguarding you in crucial times.

The fabric is made from ballistic nylon with industrial weight stitching, which assures durability. This material is also known for being scratchless.

Furthermore, these knee pads also come with a lock-in cap system allowing the user to adjust the cap as per convenience.

Ideal For: Athletes and professional skaters looking for quality, durable, and heavy-duty knee pads.


  • Best protection
  • V-22 dual-density foam to reduce the impact
  • Revolutionary lock-in cap system, with replaceable cap
  • Ballistic nylon with
  • Ideal for extreme sports
  • Greater color options
  • Sturdy and reliable


  • Can be a bit bulky

7. IPSXP Knee Pads Set

best skateboard knee pads


Are you looking for a complete protective gear set for all kids and teenagers? You may not need to look any further.

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This set includes a pair of knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. They can be useful for multiple sports, including skateboarding, biking, roller skating, rollerblading, and scooters.

The inspiration behind the ergonomic design of these knee pads comes from the well-known brand Triple Eight.

The exterior is made of impact-resistant, high-density plastic caps with multiple elastic straps and Velcro closures to ensure a secure fit.

As for the interior, the shock-absorbing EVA foam provides cushioning to the lightweight pads. These knee pads also feature a tough, abrasion-resistant nylon body that guarantees durability and sturdiness.

Furthermore, IPSXP offers this set in three different colors, making it all the more appealing to young children and teenagers. Despite that, they provide all adult sizes too.

Ideal For: Children, teenagers, and young adults looking for a safe skateboarding experience


  • Best for the younger audience
  • Can be used for multiple sports
  • Multiple color options
  • Interior of EVA form for impact-resistance
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Lightweight and non-bulky


  • Might not be ideal for all adults
  • Not recommended for serious skateboarding

8. Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee Pad

best skate knee pads


These are what you can call street knee pads (more on that below). They are flexible and versatile.

Unlike most knee pads that come with plastic cups, these offer protection through their high-density 8-link foam padding. There are also six padded pockets to reduce the shock of hits as they reach the wearer.

Although this protection does save you from multiple possible harms, you must remember that they are not as sturdy and impact-resistant as their plastic alternates.

On the outside, these knee pads are supported with a Kevlar knee cover designed to resist maximum wear and tear. This feature ensures durability and long life.

Furthermore, the Triple Eight ExoSkin knee pad has a perforated neoprene body, making it breathable. This feature also enhances sweat absorption, thus keeping your legs dry and airy.

On another positive note, these knee pads are slim and may be one of the most comfortable skateboard knee pads. This means that you may wear them over your clothes or under them; the choice is yours.

On a downside, though, these are not recommended for beginners or juniors since they do not offer premium protection.

Ideal For: Mountain bike and BMX riders as well as snowboarders. Also designed for situations when you don’t want to wear knee pads, but the padding is required.


  • High-density 8-link foam padding
  • Kevlar knee cover for maximum tear-resistance
  • Perforated Neoprene body for breathability
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Easy to wear
  • Interior Sweatsaver lining for comfort & sweat absorption


  • Can sometimes prove bulky
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty skateboarding, children or beginners

9. Pro-Tec – Street Gear Jr 3 Pack

knee pads for skateboarding


This is another of Pro-Tech’s product set, the company that has been in the industry for five decades. For our junior skaters out there, this may be the best skate knee pads in the market.

This pack comprises a pair of knee pads, elbow pads, and wristguards. Repeated reviews from customers claim that these are high-quality products, providing a safe and protected skating experience to their kids.

Akin to other products by Pro-Tech, this too is CE certified, and A1 Level B certified.

These knee pads are made of neoprene as the primary fabric at the back to enhance comfort. It adds to the breathability and sweat-resistant features of the knee pads.

Apart from these, the interior is a stretchy lycra fabric, making it a fit-to-all product. The upper and lower support straps work to enhance the adjustability of these pads.

To modify the secure fit, the hard plastic exterior is held in place using a full wrap hook and loop fasteners, ensuring the knee pads don’t loosen or slide off.

Ideal For: Children aged 5 through 10


  • Offers all the protective gear in one place
  • Durable and comfortable
  • CE and A1 Level B certified
  • Neoprene used for sweat-absorption
  • Stretchy lycra interior for a secure fit
  • Hook and loop fasteners


  • Not for professionals and adults
  • The matte finish is susceptible to scratches

10. LANOVAGEAR Protective Gear Set

best skateboard knee pads


This is another cool set in the market. What makes it more user-friendly than its competitors is that it offers sizes for toddlers as well! Isn’t that cute?

This protective gear set consists of a pair of knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. All of them are made of PP material, which is known for its toughness and durability. So, rest assured, this protective gear set offers some good impact-resistance value.

Apart from that, the sleeves are made of breathable polyester, providing you comfort and ease, along with sustained protection.

The padding in this pack is set in place through high-density, thickening EVA foam.

Adjustability and secure fitting are ensured through adjustable straps and nylon button design. Furthermore, this protective gear set is ideal for various sports such as cycling, inline skating, skateboarding, and more.

Ideal For: Beginners and intermediates of all ages


  • All ages friendly
  • PP material for durability and toughness
  • Made of breathable polyester for ventilation
  • EVA foam for impact-resistance
  • Useful for multisports
  • Colors: black and pink


  • Not suitable for serious sports
  • Can sometimes be a bit too tight

11. 187 Killer Fly Knee Pads

knee pads skateboard


Are you looking for some durable yet vibrant knee pads? The 187 Killer Fly knee pads might do the trick.

Available in various colors to grant you the luxury of expressing your personality, these knee pads are durable and long-lasting.

The exterior is made up of molded plastic, which works well for sliding. It also extends to the front side of the knee to increase areas of impact-resistance. Moreover, they manufacture size-specific caps to minimize bulk.

The firm and the slim-fitting fabric is made of ballistic nylon with industrial weight stitching to enhance durability. They also have a streamlined design, which allows you greater mobility.

Ideal For: Anyone interested in safe skateboarding


  • Molded plastic for impact-resistance
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Ballistic nylon with industrial weight stitching for durability
  • Streamline design for mobility
  • Suitable for heavy-duty sports


  • The bend can be a bit uncomfortable

Buying Guide For the Best Skateboard Knee Pads

Knee pads are one of the most crucial elements of your protective gear. And protective equipment is like food for fun and worthwhile sports; it allows you to stay healthy and fit. Thus, investing time, thought and money into your protective gear is a wise decision to make.

To simplify this ordeal for you, we’ve listed and explained all the features you should know to make a decision you wouldn’t regret. These are:

Size & Fit

Why is the size and fit of your knee pad crucial? Well, imagine cruising and gliding across the streets in your comfortable knee pads, only to find them getting loose right before a fall and not providing you the protection that they were meant to provide. How awful, right?

best skate knee pads

Finding the right size and fit saves you from many serious injuries and accidents. When your knee pads stay firm and secure, they best serve their function of safeguarding you.

Apart from that, a well-fitted knee pad will stay secure and not loosen up and slide down during active motion. At the same time, it would not cling on too tight to cause discomfort.

Thus, to determine the right size for yourself, use a tape measure or your height and weight. Most products also provide a size chart to help you choose from.

Pad Types

After deciding on your size, your next step would be to determine the type of pad you want to wear. Pads are of three kinds; toy, vert, and street.

Vert Pads

Vert pads are what comes to your mind when you imagine the regular skateboarding knee pads. These are made of thick foam, with a plastic cap over the knee for protection. This cup is supported by extra foam padding behind to cushion your knee during times of sliding.

This layer of extra foam can prove itchy for your legs. Hence, to cater to that, the vert pads often come with another layer of cloth. This makes a luxurious combination of comfort and protection, making vert pads the ideal options for your skateboarding experience.

These come in all variety and sizes, designed for beginners to expert level skateboarders and athletes, although some of these with added protection features can prove bulky and limiting. Most of the products we have listed above fall into this category.

Toy Pads

If you’re wondering whether a toy pad is truly a toy, then the answer is yes. These pads are meant for children when they play skateboarding.

best knee pads for skateboarding

You will find them to be made of plastic or foam, secured by thin straps of elastic of Velcro.

Do not make the mistake of thinking these can work for your adult skateboarding. The manufacturers weren’t thinking of serious skateboarders like you when they designed these toy pads.

Street Pads

Street pads are also as they sound by their name. Their primary purpose is fashion, rather than protection. For this reason, they are designed to be flexible and versatile.

These pads are made of thin foam stitched in cloth, offering minimal protection. They can resist low impacts, but since they don’t have any hard caps, they aren’t ideal for serious skateboarding.


When looking at the knee pads’ construction, you will often find varying combinations of three different types of materials; plastic, foam, and cloth, among others.

best skateboard knee pads reviews

The most common material is reinforced foam. This popularity is based on foam’s ability to serve the best protection purpose required from knee pads. Foam works by absorbing the shock and impact of a hit, reducing any possible damage to the wearer.

The second most-used material is hard plastic. This usually constitutes the cup that covers the knee for added protection. Plastic is ideal since its material helps the wearer slide in case of a fall or slip, thus preventing an abrupt concrete landing.

Other materials include cloth, elastic, and Velcro. These are often used to secure the pads in place, offering adjustability and comfort.

It is recommended to choose a combination of foam, plastic, and other materials depending on the frequency of use and the seriousness of your sporting activities.


Is Knee Pads Really Neccessary For Skateboarding?

Every sport involves risk, but the risk increases multifold when the sport in question involves more action and speed. Such is the case with skateboarding.

As a skateboarder, you will be balancing yourself on a plank while moving at incredible speeds. This makes you prone to risks of all sorts, ranging from bruises to severe knee injuries. Hence, protective gear is crucial.

The importance of knee pads

By a general rule of thumb, knee pads are important whenever you’re skateboarding for the simple reason that accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

skate knee pads review

But, the type of risk involved also dictates the level of importance of wearing knee pads.

Hence, if you’re practicing some regular moves, you may skip the pads. But when experimenting with new stuff at which you’ve not gained ground yet, risk chances increase. Therefore, knee pads become even more important to wear.

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How To Size My Knees For Skateboarding Knee Pads?

It is not difficult to identify your knee pad size. Two methods are commonplace.

The first is a soft tape measure where you use a tape to measure your knee’s circumference, running over the center of the hard cap.

The second method is using your height or weight. Some manufacturers deter from traditional measurement methods to this one. They pair a specific size to a particular weight or height range; for example, 125 – 150 lbs means a medium size.

How Tight Should I Wear My Skateboarding Knee Pads?

You want to be wearing pads that fit on your knees snugly enough to offer the required protection. They shouldn’t be loose enough to fall off or slip down as you move, nor should they be so tight that they inhibit your freedom of movement.

best skateboard knee pads

You want to be gliding smoothly and safely. The last thing any skater wants is his protective equipment slipping off at the most crucial hour. Thus, if you feel that the pad is slipping with every bend and kneel, you need to get a different size.

A different size will also work if you feel the plastic digging into your skin as you move or find angry red marks with only a reasonable amount of usage.

For all these reasons, professionals recommend that you try on and walk around with the knee pads before purchasing them.

How Are Knee Pads Worn For Skateboarding?

Generally, knee pads require you to pull them up over your knees. However, some come with increased adjustability for a secure fit. Elastic straps or Velcro hooks support these.

When you’re pulling over the knee pad, settle it in a place where the knee is most covered. If your knee pad has a hard plastic exterior, fit it snugly on your knee cap as that is the area most vulnerable to hits.

Are knee pads needed when I ride electric skateboards?

Absolutely! Electric skateboards are faster than regular ones, hence riskier. You should upgrade your protection and use sturdier and stronger knee caps when skateboarding using an electric skateboard.

Can I use skateboard knee pads for longboarding?

Yes. You can easily use your knee pads interchangeably for both longboarding and skateboarding. However, since longboarding involves higher speed than regular skating, you may want to go for knee caps with greater protection and safety.


With this, we come to the end of my guide for the best skateboard knee pads reviews, along with all the valuable information that you need to know to make a worthwhile purchase. We hope you’ve found everything here that you were looking for.

It can be tiresome to find the right protective gear, but remember that this preliminary search is vital. Good protective gear is an essential prerequisite to having a good time enjoying an active sport.

Where there is health, there is life. So, happy skateboarding!

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