Top 5 Best Skateboard For Kids In 2019 – Reviewed and Tested

Skateboarding is a fun and exhilarating sport, most popular amongst kids these days. Any child can do skateboarding if they have the right equipment with them. They just need to know which are the best skateboard for kids on the market. In this guide, we’ve explained what aspects you should look for in a good child-sized skateboard and listed our recommendations.

The Best Skateboard for Kids in 2019: Our Top Five Picks

Keeping the above criteria in mind, we’ve picked out the five best skateboard for kids on the market in 2019. These skateboards are recommended for any beginners, but especially for kids because of the many features they provide

#1 RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

best beginner skateboard for kids

The Rimable Complete 22 Inches Skateboard has a 22-inch long and a 6.5-inch wide deck. Therefore, it’s great for kids over 3 feet and 4 inches. The skateboards deck, wheels, and trucks are made of 100% fresh materials for more durability, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or getting stuck in the middle of a turn. 

The PU Wheels run smoothly with high-speed bearings whereas the trucks are coated in three-inch-thick aluminum for more stability. Moreover, the maximum load it can take is 198 pounds or 90 kgs, so it’s perfect for smaller and bigger kids.

The skateboard is lightweight and easy to maneuver, which is why it’s great for beginners. Kids with intermediate or advanced skateboarding abilities may want something with higher-speed.


  • Comes with high-quality aluminum trucks
  • Available with protective gear set
  • Three-year protection plan
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Wheels roll easily


  • Bearings are a little tight
  • Adjustment to speed takes time

#2 Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

best skateboard for kids

The Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard is made of Canadian Maple construction, making it highly durable and prone to scratches as well as other types of wear. The Krown Rookie Skateboard has five-inch aluminum trucks, 52 mm high-speed Urethane Wheels, and Abec 7 bearings for more precise movements.

Moreover, the width measures to about 7.5 inches and the length measures to 31.5 inches, making it suitable for taller kids. Ideally, you should get this as an upgraded skateboard after your child has had practice on a beginner level board. 

The Krown Rookie Skateboard is narrow and lightweight, with a modern concave. The concave makes it easier to learn new tricks and keep control of the board at the same time.


  • Available in six different colors and prints
  • Comes fully assembled 
  • Includes additional black grip tape
  • High tensile Phillips 
  • 99a high-rebound urethane wheels 


  • Trucks need to be properly mounted
  • Left and right turns are a bit hard 

#3 KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

good beginner skateboard for kids

The KPC Pro Skateboard Complete is made by the same company as the Krown Rookie. It comes ready-for-use, so you don’t have to waste time trying to assemble it for you kid. 

The KPC Pro is the best skateboard for kids who have more advanced skateboarding skills. This is because the skateboard width measures to around 8.0 inches and the length to around 32.0 inches, which is ideal for pros. If your kid has reached the advanced level, you should get this skateboard as it’s both inexpensive and good quality. 

The bearings are Abec 7 and consequently, give your kids more control over speed. Moreover, the trucks are made of high-quality metal, and the deck is constructed from Canadian Maple, making the board more flexible and damage-proof.


  • Very fast speed
  • Comes with high-quality assorted havoc metal trucks 
  • Pop makes for easier tricks 
  • 13 different colors and designs 
  • Use of modern concave that makes it easy for beginners to learn tricks 


  • Trucks can’t be adjusted for more security
  • No warranty specified

#4 ENKEEO 32" Skateboard Complete 9 Ply Maple Wood

how to choose a skateboard for kids

The Enkeeo 9 Ply Maple Wood Skateboard is a good option for both beginners and pros. Even kids as young as five won’t find much difficulty using this skateboard because it’s easy-to-use and high-performance at the same time. 

The skateboard measures 32 by 8 inches and weighs around 4.3 pounds. Moreover, it’s made of aluminum trucks and lightweight maple wood, so it’s easier to carry around. Since the maximum weight limit is 220 pounds, even adults can utilize this skateboard. 

However, the great part is that safety isn’t a concern, especially for younger children. The deck has a black, brushed surface to prevent slipping and the 9-Ply maple wood is shock absorbent. Therefore, your child has more stability while in motion.

ABEC 9 bearings give the skateboarder a smoother riding experience and allow more leeway for stunts. Performing stunts is much easier with the Enkeeo Skateboard because it has double kick concaves.


  • Two years long warranty
  • Can buy as a set with protective gear 
  • Works for both kids and adults 
  • High-speed performance 
  • Comes with anti-shock 85a PU wheels 


  • The deck can get scratched
  • The wheels squeak sometimes 

#5 Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard for Beginners

best skateboard for kids to learn on

The Merkapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard is specifically meant for younger kids, being 6 inches wide and 22 inches long. The Mini Cruiser deck is very shock absorbent and damage resistant, so your kids can practice on this without breaking it. 

The 60 by 45 mm PU wheels move very comfortably, giving your kids a greater grip and more precise turns. The Merkapa Skateboard has ABEC 7 bearings, which are ideal for learners who don’t know how to skate at higher speeds.   

However, the best part about this skateboard is the battery-powered LED lights. The lights tell you whenever a wheel or screw cap becomes loose. Once you’ve fixed the problem, the lights will automatically turn off. This additional safety feature makes the Merkapa Skateboard a highly convenient purchase for parents, in particular.


  • Great deck motion
  • 9 colors and designs 
  • Comes with unique LED lights 
  • No need to charge or batteries, as electricity is produced by rotary motion 
  • Very durable and long-lasting 


  • Board is not very flexible
  • Kids will outgrow the board quickly 

At What Age Should You Buy a Skateboard for Your Kid?

Before we get into everything, you should know what ages are appropriate for skateboarding. As parents, think of this as a prerequisite to knowing how to choose the best skateboard for your kid. From toddlers to tweens, it doesn’t matter how young your kids are. These days you can find skateboards for any age group on the market.

However, at times, just because you can buy a skateboard for your kid doesn’t mean you should. Even if you get the best skateboard for kids out there, it will not diminish the risk involved in the sport.  

Children Under Four Years

Both skateboarding pros and doctors discourage children younger than four from skateboarding. The science behind it is that children haven’t developed their muscles as yet and consequently, are prone to injuries. 

best skateboard for kids

We recommend waiting a year or two to buy one. After all, kids are constantly growing at that age, so you’ll have to buy a bigger skateboard for them after a year in any case. 

However, this doesn’t mean that children in this age group are completely banned. Skateboarding is fun and a great excuse to exercise outdoors. If you want your child to partake in it, you just need to take proper precautions. 

Firstly, make sure to supervise at all times. Secondly, buy well-fitting safety equipment though you’ll find it difficult to get the right size. Another thing you can do is go to the skatepark instead of a normal one. If you do, you’ll find many instructors and pro skaters around to guide you. 

Children Ages Five to Six

Five-year-olds are still pretty young to start skateboarding. However, their motor skills and muscle strength have developed to the extent that they can keep their balance on a skateboard. The period between ages five to six is the ideal time to teach kids skateboarding. 

Children also have a greater learning curve during this time. They’re usually more patient and focused on learning a new skill, which is why it’s easier to teach them as opposed to older children and adults. Not only are they able to perform well, but skateboarding also helps their physical and mental development.

Skateboarding teaches children both physical and emotional endurance. Instead of being cooped up inside, children are outside burning calories and therefore, improving health. Studies have shown that skateboarding improves heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Beginning at this age helps prevent these problems later in life. 

Moreover, the right-size necessities, including protective helmets, pads, and other safety gear, are easily available for five to six-years-olds online.

Children Above Six Years

Children over six years can also learn to skateboard pretty comfortably. While younger children have greater learning curves, older children can still retain lessons easily. Along with being physically developed, older children also have increased mental capacities. Their reflexes are also faster, and they have more hand-eye coordination. 

However, older kids still need close supervision from adults or trusty adolescents. No matter how old the child, if he or she is a beginner, you need to stay close by to prevent any accidents or injuries.

How to Choose the Best Skateboards for Kids

Now that we’ve established the appropriate ages, what kinds of things should you be looking for in the best skateboard for kids? To tell the best skateboards for kids from the not-so-great ones, you need to take into account a few basic qualities. 

These qualities include:

  • Child Height

The width of the skateboard directly correlates with your child’s height. Of course, the older and taller the child, the wider the skateboard will be. For children under 3 feet and 4 inches, the ideal skateboard width is between 6.5 inches and 7.0 inches. Moreover, children with heights ranging from 3 feet 5 inches to 4 feet 4 inches should have skateboards 7.0 to 8.0 inches wide. 

For older children between the heights of 4 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 2 inches, the skateboard width should be between 7.5 inches and 8.0 inches. Lastly, for children over 5 feet and 3 inches, the skateboard width should be above 9.0 inches.  

  • Level

There are three grades in skateboarding, i.e., beginner, intermediate, and advanced. However, different manufacturers refer to these levels in different ways. For example, some say pro and rookie as opposed to advanced and beginner. They all refer to the same thing, which is the level of the skateboard.

best beginner skateboard for kids

For kids, we recommend beginner or intermediate skateboards, depending on their level of practice and experience. Advanced skateboards are typically more expensive and have harder wheels and bearings. This makes them the least best skateboard for kids as kids need something slightly softer. 

  • Safety Features

Additionally, safety is a very important factor to take into account when buying a skateboard for kids. To make sure the skateboard is safe to use, you need to buy it from a reliable, thoroughly researched vendor. Don’t invest in skateboards from generic department stores or toy stores as you can’t be sure of the quality. We recommend buying from any of the top brands given in the list below. 

Also, along with the skateboard, you need to buy appropriate protective gear, including a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. The protective gear should fit your child perfectly, so make sure to buy the right size.


In sum, all these skateboards are easy to work but deciding the best one depends on what you need. As mentioned above, you should look at your child’s height and ability before deciding. If your kid needs something to learn on, the Merkapa or Rimable Skateboards are good options. If he or she needs something more advanced, you should buy the Krown Rookie.

However, our top pick for the best skateboard for kids is the Enkeeo 32" Skateboard Complete 9 Ply Maple Wood. This is because it's adaptable to the skillset and height of your child. Advanced or beginner, any child can use this skateboard without difficulty. It also has great safety features to reduce the risk of injuries.  

Moreover, an added advantage of getting the Enkeeo Skateboard is that you won't have to replace it once your child grows. It's a one-time investment that you'll be able to utilize for years to come. This is something that the other skateboards on this list lack.

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