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Top 13 Best Skateboard Decks Reviews (Top Rated 2022)

If you are looking for a new skateboard deck to enhance your skating skills or cruise through your neighborhood effortlessly, you must invest in a high-quality one that compliments your style. With the deck holding up all your weight, your skateboard choice has a massive impact on your balance and, ultimately, your skating tricks.

This is where we come in with some of the best skateboard decks recommendations. Since many brands are always ready to dupe you into purchasing low-quality decks, we have only mentioned the top-rated skateboard decks for you.

Without further due, let us jump right into our top deck reviews.

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Top 15 Best Skateboard Decks Reviews 2022

1. Bamboo Skateboard Graphc Decks

best skateboard decks


Bamboo Skateboards is quite well-known among the best skateboard deck brands. The name speaks for itself. You can rest assured that their skateboard decks will only offer the best qualities to complement your skating skills.

As the brand’s name suggests, the skateboard decks are sourced from bamboo, a more renewable source than maple wood. The smart combination of six plies of bamboo and high-quality maple wood ensures a sturdy foundation for performing kickflips and heelflips.

Bamboo Graphc Decks are more robust, can withstand high pressure, and offer long-lasting durability. On the other hand, they are comparatively lighter, more flexible, and include shock-absorbing features.

Meanwhile, the deck’s deep concavity offers optimum balance and control for those sharp turns that you always wanted to excel in.

For aesthetics, your skateboard comes with an attractive geometric design bound to catch all the eyes. Who does not want to ride in style with their friends? The brand has even marked all their skateboard decks with their label for authenticity.

Overall, you can purchase the Bamboo Skateboard Graphc Deck from three different sizes at a reasonable price.


  • Combination of bamboo and maple wood
  • Deep concavity for optimum control
  • Available in three sizes
  • Five attractive designs


  • Graphics are on the bottom

2. BLANK DECKS Warning Skateboard Deck

best skate decks


If you want to invest in the best skate deck brand, you cannot do better than Baker. The reliable brand has years of experience in producing top skateboard decks, wheels, and related accessories.

As the name suggests, their Brand Logo Skateboard Deck has a broad yet cool Baker logo in black and white shade. The aesthetic print screams out iconic and quality when you are cruising down the streets.

Overall, it has a seven-ply maple wood construction that offers strength, stiffness, and durability to the deck. Designed for both beginners and experts, you can perform the craziest tricks with confidence.

Besides this, the skateboard deck has a mild concavity which offers a balanced feet placement for comfort and decent control over sharp turns and stunts.

Unfortunately, there are no other color options, and you need to purchase grip tape separately.

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  • Dimensions and construction suit big-size people as well
  • Mellow concave shape
  • Aesthetic monochrome logo print
  • Recommended for beginners


  • Only one color and size option

3. Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

the best skateboard decks


The Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck is known among the best skate decks with its superior construction, performance, and incredible durability.

It is one of the strongest skateboard decks with a hard rock maple and high-grade fiberglass construction and is held together with high-quality epoxy resin. You can distinguish this desk from regular seven-ply skateboard decks by its thin and lighter built.

However, do not mistake its thinness for subpar performance. Although it is relatively more expensive than others, the deck can withstand heavy use, extreme stunts, and hard impacts on the ground with ease.

In fact, these decks are perfect for excelling in various types of skating tricks by helping you flip faster, jump higher, and slide down the stairs. What’s more, they give you an extended pop than most decks.

Meanwhile, the popsicle shaped concavity enhances your balance and control on those pinpoint turns that you always wanted to master. As for the design, the brand has used non-solvent inks as an eco-friendly alternative.


  • Hard rock maple and fiberglass construction
  • Medium concave for control
  • Flight deck; ideal for faster flips, higher ollies and easier execution of other tricks
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • Eco-friendly, non-solvent inked graphics
  • Tested for longevity and durabilitys


  • Brittle edges

4. MPI NOS Mahogany Skateboard Deck

best quality skateboard decks


If you want a throwback to old school vibes, there is nothing better than the MPI NOS Skateboard Deck. It is specially designed for retro fans who dream to live in the 1970s and show off their vintage deck to the world.

The skateboard deck boasts an eight-ply mahogany wood construction, which offers strength and durability to rival some of the best-rated skateboard decks in the market. Meanwhile, the unique combination of narrow tail and pointed nose gives you control over your moves.

Although popular in recent skateboard models, the MPI NOS Deck does not come with any concave shape. This distinguishing feature gives you more foot space, making the skateboard suitable for medium-level stunts or regular board walkers. On the downside, it negatively impacts the control on your deck.

Overall, the skateboard deck ranks among the best cheap skateboard decks. Since the deck is quite aesthetic with its two attractive wood colors, you can even display it on the wall as a decoration. What’s more? The vintage hole patterns are still compatible with a few recent trunks.


  • Vintage 1970s deck
  • Eight ply mahogany construction
  • Lack of concave shape offers more foot space
  • Comes in two aesthetic wood colors
  • Attractive enough to display on the wall


  • Tricky control with lack of concavity
  • Only a few trunks models are compatible

5. Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck

good skateboard decks


The Cal & Blank Skateboard Deck is suitable for people who want variety in their choice. It comes in four different sizes of 7.75, 8.0, 8.25, and 8.5 inches to help you select one comfortable for your skating needs.

Along with this, you can choose your skateboard deck from among five colors. Most importantly, these color options will not hide the beauty of natural wood. Instead, they will enhance the natural grains of high-quality maple wood through their color.

Since the skateboard deck does not come with a particular pattern or printed graphics, you can even personalize the blank canvas with your artistic skills to impress your friends.

As for the construction, the brand has used seven layers of Chinese maple wood in their decks to offer incredible durability. Consequently, your skateboard deck can withstand wear and tear over a long period.

Besides this, the medium concavity on the deck gives you decent control and balance when performing small tricks. However, it is not recommended to perform extreme stunts on this deck.

Lastly, the brand has conveniently included grip tape with their skateboard decks.


  • 7-layer Chinese maple wood construction
  • Medium concavity supports more skating styles
  • Five color options with natural wood grain
  • Four different sizes
  • Includes grip tape


  • Not suitable for extreme stunts

6. Element Section #9 Skateboard Deck

best skate deck brand


Element Section #9 Deck is a good skateboard deck that boasts a sturdy construction and remarkable performance at an affordable price. Constructed with seven plies of thriftwood, the deck offers a decent amount of durability and stiffness.

Furthermore, its built makes the deck quite flexible and robust, allowing you to perform tricks effortlessly. The best part, however, is its lightweight body. Weighing just 2.7-pounds, the deck helps you to flip faster and jump higher every time.

The brand has used a bold selection of colors, i.e., red, black, and white for its graphics, and emblazoned their brand logo for an iconic look. Its design will definitely turn heads whether you are in the park or on your street.

Lastly, the skateboard deck comes in just one size of 7.75 x 31.25-inches and includes a wheelbase of 14-inches for optimum performance.


  • Seven-ply thriftwood construction
  • Attractive Element logo graphics
  • Lightweight at 2.7-pounds


  • Only one size and design

7. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

best skateboard deck brand


The Moose Blank Skateboard Deck has 100% genuine Canadian maple wood construction. Its seven-ply layer assembly offers incredible strength and stiffness to withstand harsh impacts.

With a weight of just one-pound, it is one of the lightest skateboard decks. Overall, the deck is perfect for beginners who want to learn control and balance in no time.

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Unfortunately, the deck is not durable enough to resist extreme skateboarding stunts. However, it is ideal for street skating in your neighborhood and gives you a more extended pop than most decks.

Besides this, it has a medium concave shape and a steep nose and tail, which boosts control and further enhances pop on your deck.

As for the design, you can find the deck in various solid dipped colors and wood-grained stained. Since the deck is a blank canvas, you can even add your touch by customizing it with graffiti and art.

If this was not enough, Moose Decks offer the deck in various sizes from 7.0 to 8.75-inches.


  • Seven-ply Canadian maple construction
  • Medium concave built
  • Steep nose and tail for longer pop
  • A blank canvas for customization
  • Available in 11 different colors


  • Subpar durability
  • Not suitable for extreme stunts

8. Birdhouse Skateboards Crest Old School Skateboard Deck

best looking skateboard decks


If you are an avid fan of old school products, the chances are that you will love the vibe of the Birdhouse Tony Hawk Skateboard Deck. It is a good skate deck for replacing newer skateboards with vintage ones to bring them back into the style.

In fact, these classic decks are generally wider than the recent decks. As a result, they are ideal for pool, carving, or simply cruising down your street. Besides this, they offer more foot space, making them perfect for beginners who want to learn skating skills in no time.

The Birdhouse Deck comes in just one size of 9.75 x 32 inches and has a broader nose than the tail. Its unique shape is bound to catch everyone’s eyes too. Apart from its shape, the deck boasts a bright blue tony hawk graphic top sheet designed after the famous skateboarder.

Moving on to its construction, Birdhouse has used seven plies of Canadian maple wood in their deck to offer stability, strength, and high durability. You can rest assured that your flexible deck can handle all skill levels and last a lifetime.


  • Wide deck for stability
  • Unique old school design
  • Bright graphics
  • Caters all skill levels


  • Old hole patterns not compatible with all trucks

9. NPET Blank Skateboard Deck

the best skateboard decks


If you are looking for the most durable skateboard decks to handle harsh use and tricky stunts, then the NPET Blank Skateboard Deck will be ideal for you.

It has a 100% seven-ply Canadian maple construction using epoxy glue to offer incredible strength and help maintain its shape over time.

Even after heavy use on the streets, the deck will provide remarkable performance for a long time. Moreover, the deck is strong enough to support weight up to 330-pounds.

Moving on, the skateboard deck has a double kick, medium concave shape with a slightly more concavity on the nose and tail. Hence, it will offer large amounts of pop while cruising down your streets.

Besides this, the eight-inch NPET deck is suitable for beginners, experts, and every skill level. Its versatility reflects in its incredible performance in the streets, skate parks, and pools.

Since the deck is entirely blank and comes in natural light wood color, you can customize the deck by drawing and painting to show your personality. Overall, the NPET Skateboard Deck ranks among the best budget skateboard decks in the market.


  • Can fit 139mm Stage11 independent trucks
  • Supports weight till 330-pounds
  • For all skill levels
  • Smooth and well polished surface
  • Eight-inch wide deck


  • Only one color option
  • Hole patterns incompatible with many trucks

10. BLANK DECKS Warning Skateboard Deck

best rated skateboard decks


If you want to truly showcase your art while riding your skateboard around the neighborhood, then the Blank Decks Skateboard Deck will be perfect for you. Since it is a blank canvas, you can draw your favorite graffiti or comic book characters to customize your deck to your liking.

Besides this, Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck will be an ideal replacement for your skateboard too. The brand has used bamboo and maple wood in its seven-ply body, making it perfect for eco-conscious people.

With bamboo in its construction, the skateboard deck is more flexible and long-lasting than many top skateboard decks. Along with this, its shock-absorbing properties allow you to excel in many popular skating tricks.

What’s more? The deck weighs just one-pound, making it one of the lightest skateboard decks in the market. Another prominent feature lies in its steep concavity, raised tail and nose.

Not only does it offer stability and balance to maneuver through hard turns, but you can also make pinpoint turns with ease.

The best part of the blank deck skateboard deck is its affordable price. It offers some of the best features without putting a dent in your savings. You can purchase the deck in either 7.75 or 8-inch.


  • A blank canvas to showcase art
  • Good for starters
  • Steep concave with raised ends
  • One-pound weight
  • Available in two size


  • Send random colors
  • Few blemishes

11. Vision Original MG Reissue Skateboard Deck

best budget skateboard decks


Just like the Vision Original Psycho Deck, the MG Reissue Deck is based on the original 1980s design with the same specifications. So if you love old school vibes, the vintage deck will be a perfect addition to your deck collection or a wall decoration.

The deck is one of the widest skateboards that you can find, measuring 10 x 30.25 inches with a wheelbase of 16.25-inches. As a result, you get the best foot placement and balance needed to cruise through your streets. Moreover, it has a unique asymmetrical design and original aesthetic graphics that will catch everyone’s eyes.

Besides this, the deck features a low concave design and recent truck holes to suit your existing set-up at home. It makes them ideal for both cruising in your neighborhood and performing tricks at the skatepark.

The deck is available in more than eight vibrant colors.


  • Widest deck for balance
  • Low concave deck
  • 1980s vintage design
  • Available in eight colors
  • Extra-wide wheel base
  • Modern truck hole patterns


  • Not suitable for street skating

12. Skateboard Collective Shaped Blank Skateboard Deck

best skateboard decks reviews


The Skateboard Collective Blank Deck is one of the more affordable decks in the market that will not put a dent in your market. Similar to branded decks, this brand offers only high-quality decks with durable construction.

It has a seven-ply construction that uses 1/16-inch rock hard Canadian maple wood and a waterproof glue lamination. Since the deck is cold-pressed, you can rest assured that it only offers high durability and strength to skateboarders.

The deck’s high-quality construction also ensures that it can maintain its pop and stiffness for a long time.

Besides this, the deck has a medium concave shape for control and balance, making it suitable for both beginners and experts alike. Overall, it can easily support weights up to 220-pounds without cracking under pressure.

The skateboard deck includes both an 8.5-inch pointed nose and 9-inch shovel nose variety. As for the design, the brand has added a natural wood bottom to give you a blank canvas to add your favorite art or stickers and customize the deck to your liking.

Meanwhile, the top comes with a random colored veneer from among eight aesthetically pleasing colors.


  • Seven-ply 1/16-inch hardrock maple wood
  • Cold-pressed for stiffness
  • Maintains pop
  • Eight color variety
  • Customizable natural bottom
  • Two different sizes for the nose
  • Supports weight till 220-pounds


  • Top sheet color is random
  • Easy to chip

13. Vision Original Psycho Skateboard Deck

best skateboard decks


The Vision Original Psycho Reissue Deck is one of the top-rated skateboard decks. Measuring 10 x 30 inches, it is the widest deck in our list that offers massive space and better balance than most regular skateboard decks. Although they are perfectly suited for all skill levels, the deck is highly recommended for beginners.

Based on the original Vision decks from the 1980s, they are an excellent replica at an affordable price. Overall, you get a low concave shape, wide 15-inch wheelbase, and sloping nose to give you more control over your tricks. Most importantly, you get modern hole patterns compatible with recent trucks.

Since the graphics itself is quite vintage and aesthetically pleasing, you can even hang the deck on your wall as a decoration. You can select your Vision board from four to six colors.


  • Vintage design from the 80s
  • Low concave shape for control
  • Aesthetically pleasing graphics
  • Transition of vintage and modern
  • Extra-wide deck for balance


  • Might be delivered with chipping
  • No grip tape includes

Buying Guide For Best Skateboard Decks

If you are new to skating, chances are, you are not aware of most technical jargons related to skateboard decks. How are you supposed to invest wisely when you do not even know about appropriate width or concave shapes?

This is where we come in with a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will cover every aspect of a modern skateboard deck. Before purchasing a deck for yourself, check out all the crucial features in a good skateboard deck.

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The width of a skateboard deck generally ranges from 7.5-inch to 8.75-inch. However, some old school decks can go almost up to 10 inches. Typically, wider boards are believed to offer better performance than the narrow ones.

In reality, the width of your deck depicts your skating style. So which width suits your style more?

Firstly, you need to settle on the type of skating you prefer. There are two main types when it comes to showing off your skills, like street skating and transition skating.

skateboard decks width

As the name suggests, street skating involves performing tricks on obstacles found right in the streets. If you are into skating on raised platforms like benches, staircases, or ledges, street skating is right up your alleyway.

In such cases, a narrow and lightweight deck can help you execute flip tricks and rotate your deck in the air with ease.

Meanwhile, transition skating is more focused on skating in pools, bowls, or skate parks where you can find vertical ramps for stunts.

Here, wider boards have a better advantage by offering you significant foot space to balance yourself up and be stable all the time. It is perfect for gaining speed on the ramps and jumping high in the air.

If you are confused about your skating style, you should purchase a medium size deck to dabble in various styles.


Just like how skateboard decks are available in different widths, you get a variety of lengths too. Generally, they measure from 28 to 32 inches, but a few professional decks can be longer.

skateboard decks length

However, keep in mind that longer decks are typically wider with a longer wheelbase. As a result, they are more stable and offer more control over your moves. These decks are suited for professional skateboarders to exceed their limits.

On the other hand, shorter decks are narrow and more lightweight. They are suited for street skating to perform tricks and stunts at will. You can flip faster, jump higher, and rotate your deck more quickly with shorter decks.


skateboard decks Wheelbase

The distance between the two sets of holes on either side of your skateboard deck is known as a wheelbase. While most decks have a set distance of 13 to 15 inches, a few include multiple holes for customization.

A narrow wheelbase offers sharper, pinpoint turns and a faster response, owing to their smaller radius. However, you will have to compromise on stability, which makes them more suitable for street skating. On the other hand, a wider wheelbase offers the best stability for the transition style of skating.

Although many people believe that a wheelbase does not play a significant role in balance, you can feel a visible difference by adjusting your wheelbase to different distances.

Mounting Holes

skateboard decks mounting holes

As mentioned above, the mounting holes on skateboard decks are for attaching trucks and wheels to your base. While most come with only one set, a few might offer you versatility with multiple holes. If you do not have a specific skating style, opt for the latter to adjust to both street and transition skating.

Nose & Tail

skateboard decks nose and tail

The nose and tail of a skateboard deck are referred to as the two ends on each side. If you are a beginner at skating, it might be hard to distinguish the nose from the tail. While some graphics are a dead giveaway to the nose, others might have a neutral pattern.

Typically, most decks are quite symmetrical and more suitable for street skating and tricks. These decks have a substantial kick on your skateboard deck’s nose to help you with sharp turns and a faster response rate. Try looking for the side with a bigger kick to differentiate between the nose and tail.

Besides this, there are many other decks with more shapely ends. You can find ones with fishtails, squared ends, and tapered noses. They are ideal for just skating in a regular stance in your neighborhood or skate park. These are discussed in detail below.


skateboard decks rails

In simple words, rails are the edges of your skates that surround your whole deck. If you think that they do not make a difference in your skating style, think again.

The majority of the decks have soft, rounded rails that are ideal for heelflips, kickflips, and various other skating tricks. Meanwhile, some have sharper and blunt rails to offer control while sliding down a ramp.

A few models of decks may also feature newer gas pedal rails. These have beveled cuts on some areas of the edge to reduce the concavity and sharpness of the rails. As a result, GPs give you more stability and control on vertical ramps.


skateboard decks effective foot platform

EFP is an abbreviation for Effective Foot Platform and refers to the area where you place your feet on the top of the board to control your movements. It is found right in the middle of your skate deck, in between the two trucks.


skateboard decks ply

Ply refers to thin layers of wood that are used in making a skateboard deck. Instead of using a whole wood slab, these layers have different grain patterns crossing each other at various angles. As a result, you get one of the most durable skateboard decks with incredible strength to deal with challenging stunts.

Since all these layers are pressed together with high-quality glue, you can rest assured that your decks will not crack or come apart under pressure.

Most decks in the market come with a seven-ply construction. However, few higher-end ones can even feature nine plies in their decks.


skateboard deck style

As mentioned previously, not all decks have a similar shape. While a few are more popular than others, different skateboards cater to different skating styles. If you have a specific style already, check out the following deck shapes to find the one that suits you best.


A shortboard has a symmetrical shape with a similar nose and tail on both ends. It is one of the most commonly used decks by skateboarders due to its lightweight yet sturdy construction.

Also referred to as popsicle shape, they are typically short and ideal for street and park skating. You can smoothly perform skating tricks and stunts on this traditional deck in no time at all.


These boards are the opposite of shortboards when it comes to skating styles and design. They are longer, symmetrical, and generally, have a pointed nose and tail. Since they sit low to the ground too, they are ideal for downhill racing.

As such, longboards are suitable for professional riders and people who want to use their boards for transportation. However, keep in mind that you cannot perform skating tricks on this deck.

Old School

Old school skateboard decks have a vintage vibe and are easily distinguishable from modern decks due to their unique shape. They are completely asymmetrical and include a wide, flat nose with sharp kicktails.

As a result, these decks are perfect for skating on ramps, skating pools, or sharply maneuvering your deck around the streets.


As their name suggests, these decks are perfect for cruising around the streets. They have a medium length and come with a prominent kicktail to help you maneuver the deck with ease. Besides this, they are incredibly versatile and perfect for those who are still figuring out different skating styles.

Concave Shapes

One of the most critical factors that affect your skating performance is the concave shape of your deck. Not only do they affect your stability and foothold, but different concavities are aimed at different skills.

skateboard concave shapes

Some of the most common shapes are mentioned below.

Progressive Concave

Like a radial concave, a progressive concave is an upgraded and more pronounced shape to give skateboarders a better foothold and stability on their decks. For this purpose, they have a steeper rail and a broader base for secure foot placement.

Radial Concave

A radial concavity in the middle of your deck is the most common shape that you will find in skateboards. The decks have a subtle U shape, which gives a better foothold for all types of skating styles.


A tub or flat-cave is quite similar to a radial curve. However, it has sharper rails for flatter foot placement, allowing you master pinpoint turns on the streets or skate parks.


Just like the letter W, these decks have an additional concavity in the middle. This shape channels your energy to the toes for faster response, sharper turns, and better precision.


An asymmetrical deck provides riders with more control aimed towards their heels. These decks have rails elevated at different angles all around the edges.


A convex shape is entirely different from other shapes due to its upward-facing arch in the middle. As such, it is only suitable for professional skateboarders with an experience in downhill racing.

Skateboard Deck Price

Before you can start looking for a new skateboard board, the first thing that you consider is the price. What is the point of falling in love with the features or the graphics on the deck when you cannot even afford it?

skateboard deck price

Start by asking yourself if you can purchase a particular skateboard deck or how much you need to save to get a high-quality one. The best way to go about this situation is to set a budget for yourself before you can start browsing the market.

Fortunately, you can find a variety of decks in the market, from low-end to high-end. You just need to know where to look for it. For example, you can purchase a high-quality blank deck at a lower cost and customize it yourself to save money.

On a positive note, you will be surprised to learn that skateboards have not seen a significant change in prices since the 1990s. Although inflation is at an all-time high in recent years, competition from various skateboard brands has kept the price at an average of $50 to $80.

When most brands sell their decks at half the price, customers tend to gravitate towards their models for their needs instead of the high-end brands. You will find that a vast chunk of these brands sell the same highly sought-after construction and features at a remarkably affordable price.

Consequently, even the high-end brands have to lower their cost to make sales across the country and keep their name alive among the skateboard brands. Hence, you will not make a dent in your savings to get your hands on the best skateboard decks for streets.

Best Skateboard Deck Brands of 2022

With rising competition between skateboard brands, it is no wonder that some are doing quite better than others. Instead of struggling over their products’ quality and performance, the best skateboard deck brands have become a go-to for most skateboarders, beginners, and experts alike.

Check out our list of renowned and trustworthy skateboard deck brands down below.

  • Element
  • Baker
  • Birdhouse
  • Girl
  • Toy Machine
  • Santa Cruz
  • Real
  • Zoo York
  • Anti-Hero
  • Flip


Since skateboard decks come in different sizes, shapes, and construction, they significantly impact your skating style. You need to purchase only the best quality and most durable skateboard decks to withstand harsh skating tricks.

This is why we have reviewed 16 skateboards, from budget options to high-end ones, in our article. While all of them have their benefits, the Via: Bamboo Skateboards Graphc Deck offers the best construction and features suitable for beginners and experts.

Make sure to read our buyer’s section to learn more about all the crucial features of the best skateboard decks.

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