9+ Best Skateboard Bushings – Best Choise Of 2020

Bushings play a crucial role to form a skateboard. They are considered a shock absorber and determine how effectively the board functions in leaning and turning. In order to reach the potential of your skating performance, you have to choose best skateboard bushings

In this post, I would like to provide you with some good bushings that can facilitate the function of your trucks. The post also includes some aspects that you should take into consideration when purchasing bushings. 

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1. Bones(TM) Wheels Hardcore Bushings

best skateboard bushings

They are highly recommended for tight trucks due to their attached insert. This insert can make these bushings become more resistant but also firm enough to hold up heavier skaters.

Other types of bushings might get too hard and decrease their bounce when reaching a certain high level of durometer.

If you are expecting the bushings that stable but not seem to stiffen your trucks, then these bushings are an ideal option. They will bring to you a feeling of balance in the trucks. This can make you more self-assured when preparing for stunts and landing. Therefore, they are quite expensive bushings. 

Though their price is quite high,  these TM  bushings are ensured to be very durable, which makes it a worthwhile investment in the long run. 

2. Independent Standard Cylinder Cushions Medium Hard 92a

best skate bushings

These bushings are manufactured by a very famous company. They are highly appreciated and considered the most suitable bushings for heavy skaters. It is due to the fact that these bushings are well-fitted with the middle ground between being average and extremely strong. Although their hard degree is 92a, they are still squishy enough to match with your trucks and turn well. They might be a consideration for lighter skaters if they want a tighter truck. 

In case you want to substitute for the wear-down bushing, these Independent bushings set consists of the washers in two sides for easier replacement. 

In addition, these bushings can be suitable for most traditional kingpin trucks, yet they would not match with reverse kingpin trucks in most longboards. 

Best Skateboard Bushings Buying Guide

Which truck do you usually use?

The type of bushings you need to purchase will be decided by the trucks you are skating. This is due to the fact that the bushings in traditional kingpin trucks are not the same as the bushings in reverse kingpin trucks.

Therefore, you need to make sure you are choosing the proper bushings for your current trucks. In case you choose the wrong bushings, it is likely for them to be falling out when you are skating or in other words, your money would be totally wasted. In addition, the reverse kingpin trucks normally a less hard durometer bushings than the traditional kingpin trucks. 

What are skateboard bushings

Bushings are small conical-shaped stuffs in the skateboard trucks that are made from rubber. They offer a wide range of sizes and forms and be the decisive factor in the function of your trucks. If you expect your trucks to perform in various ways, then you can switch to different bushings.

When should replace the bushings

Basically, you are suggested to replace your current bushings after every some months. Or you can even replace them in case you notice that your trucks are functioning quite badly.

If you are just a cruiser and doing some carvings around, then you can use a set of bushings you bought permanently. Remember not to tighten them too heavily since this would shorten the longevity of your bushings. 

Your body weight

Your body weight is one of the key factors to choose the proper bushings. The bushings could be compared to the springy strings. The heavier you are, the more elastic the string will become. Therefore, in order to hold up well the heaviness of a rider, the bushings should be made to be firmer to minimize the likelihood of the deformation of the bushings. 

So it is recommended to choose the firmness of the bushings based on your body weight. Normally the common bushings manufacturer will offer a chart that can assist the buyers to choose the bushings based on their body weights appropriately. 

Handmade bushings

The answer is yes. You can absolutely make your own bushings. What you would need is an oven, a mold, and of course, liquid of urethane formula. It is expected to be an interesting process to carry out. 

Nevertheless, in my opinion, this would be a challenging process to make bushings that can be as relatively good as those produced by famous companies. These companies might have to do tons of experiments with urethane to create the most proper rubber. Therefore, I recommend you to spend time looking for the right bushing on the market.  

 Loose trucks or tight

Choosing loose or tight trucks is just a matter of individual taste. However, each type of truck has its own advantages and disadvantages

  • Loose trucks make the riding more enjoyable. 

  • Tight trucks allow you to land with ease and avoid the case of wheel bite. 

  • Loose trucks are less stable and controllable but they allow riders to turn more easily

  • Tight trucks are more stable and controllable but have restricted turnings. 

This is always a controversial topic. After all, I believe that it is better for riders to use trucks that are loose enough to give them much comfort. 

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