Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands In 2019 – Skateboard Brands Reviews

For the skateboard fans, there's nothing that beats the fun that comes with skateboarding. The trick in most cases isn't even learning how to skate but getting the best skateboard brands to use with your sport.

 So, how do you achieve that? Often most skaters don't know how to pick out a good skateboard from all the rest being sold, and that's why this article is here to guide you through the entire process. If you want to awe everyone with your skating skills, then it is mandatory for you to get the right skateboard.

After all, without the right tools for the job, you won't accomplish it effectively. Think of using a hammer in the place of a screwdriver, you might achieve the task at the end of the day, but the job will be shoddy.

Short Description of the Ten Best Skateboard Brands

1. Zero Skateboards

best skateboard brands

Jamie Thomas is one of the best skateboarders in the world. He is a pro at what he does and understands the sport well, being an active part of it. Zero Skateboards is a brand that is slowly transitioning into a super brand for most skaters, and Jamie Thomas is the brainchild behind it.

The skateboards made from this line offer immense stability and control to the user. For this reason, it is an ideal option for both the newbies and pros. With a brand that has advantages and experts in it, you don't expect anything short of quality and durability. All of these pros come together and put their ideas to light to come up with products that solve every day skating problems.

It is this incredible expertise that makes it fall under the best skateboard brands in the market. It has a myriad of amazing features to look out for including the following:

The Decks

The design put on the decks is one that ensures the user is stable at all times. This consists of a mild concave design that makes it easy for you as a skater to carry out all the tricks and styles you want to do. This feature will also prevent injuries since you will not fall off the skateboard easily.

Performance is one other factor that is important for a good skateboard. The design of the decks ensures this factor is boosted and the skater can perform highly. Again it is this design that makes the skateboard easier to use for beginners who are just starting on the sport.


The hardware used in the construction of this skateboard brand is standard and of high quality. This makes it easy to put together or assemble even if you are not a pro at using skateboards. User friendliness is a critical factor in choosing almost anything there is in the world.

The product that you choose should be easy to use and assemble just like this skateboard is. The other significant part about the assembly of this skateboard is that you don't need to use many tools like some other brands which often make it an uphill task to put together and even to use.


The skateboard has an enhanced maneuvering system which makes it easy to move around with. This feature is improved to help even those who are just starting in the sport.


  • It is a favorite brand in the market.
  • It is ideal for sliding
  • It has iconic symbols.
  • Offers the user variety


  • Premium price for customization

2. Globe Skateboard

list of best skateboard brands

Ever since 1994, the Globe brand has grown to be known and used by most skaters. Today, this popularity has led it to fall among the high quality skateboard brands in the market. The Globe brand creates everything skateboards from decks to wheels and other apparel.

In a nutshell, the brand manufactures everything needed for skateboarding enthusiasts. Their reputation has grown worldwide as more and more skaters are beginning to adopt the use of these skates. The product has also spread all over the world making it convenient to get wherever you are based.

The skateboards are steady, and you can rely on them for performance and quality. It is this durability and high quality of their products that have made them gain fans from all over the world. The brand has the following features:

The Design

When it comes to the design of the skateboards, Globe has made it their priority to make innovation a priority. If you are looking for a skateboard that will make you stand out among your peers, then this is the one judging from the creativity that is used in every product they make.

The Uniqueness

Every skateboard from Globe is made with precise originality that is unmatched from all the rest in the game. You can attribute this feature to the fact that the founders of the brand are pros in the skating niche. A unique product is a reliable product and Globe knows all this too well.


  • It is unique from the rest
  • Innovative designs
  • Popular brand


  • Premium price for customization

3. Punked Skateboards

the best skateboard brands

This is yet another excellent skateboard brand in the market. The brand has existed for a while now and has its skateboards selling all over the world. Their boards are especially very popular with the young and are appreciated for their quality and durability.

Pro skaters will agree that what they look for in a skateboard are balance and control, and this is what the Punked skateboards offer the user. The other reason why the brand appeals to most young people is because of the design. Its design involves the use of beautiful graphics that finish its look.

The best thing about the brand is how they cater to everyone's needs. They provide the right type of skates for those who are just beginning, the ones on intermediate levels and even the pros that understand and live the game. Their boards have unique features which we can look at below:


The creative use of graphics on these boards cannot be overemphasized. They have done the best graphics meant for the youth, and it is eye catchy. This is why when you spot any of the Punked skateboards, and you will not fail to be amazed by their uniqueness. The boards are attractive and will leave you gasping to take them home.


The super light-weight design of this skateboard makes it so useful for fast and complicated skating, especially when you're making styles and moves. This light design also makes their boards flexible enough for anyone who is using them.


Who doesn’t want a product that will last? The Punked brand ensures that the boards they make last long and serve the user for many years without failure. A robust and steady skateboard is quite important because having a weak one can rather risk your chances of having a safe and secure skating experience.

If you are a frequent skater, you probably have noticed that it isn’t every board that can go for long distances without getting destroyed or damaged. As for this brand, their boards can withstand long distances without getting worn out or damaged. Therefore, if you are thinking of using a skateboard to move around town, this is the perfect match for you.


  • It is long lasting
  • It is incredibly light for higher performance
  • It has innovative and eye catchy graphics


  • Some users don’t like the fact that the skates are so light

4. Element Skateboards

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If you are looking to enjoy skateboarding, then you need a regular skateboard like this one. Element skateboards have mastered the art of skateboarding, and this has helped them to come up with exquisite boards for the ready market. When it comes to pricing, the boards are pocket-friendly and won't make you break the bank even one bit.

This is value for money makes it fall under the best skateboard brands in the current market. Apart from the price, there are also other features that will convince you to buy their skates. The following are some of these features:

Air incorporation

The use of air on these boards makes them more efficient and steady than a regular board. Wondering how this works? Well, air is placed in chambers inside the helium lines all over the deck. This makes the board light in weight but still have the needed strength to move and carry weight without getting worn out quickly.


One other noticeable feature on this skateboard brand is the design that they use in each of their pieces. The graphics design is not only attractive to the eye but also finishes the board making it unique; every bit is standing out from the rest of the boards.


The materials that are used in the construction of these skateboards are of high quality and ensure that you get a strong experience always.

Most of the other regular skateboards in the market use standard materials so that they can boost profit margins. This is not the case with the element brand, and they make use of high-end materials that deliver class and long life. Some of the materials used include fiberglass boards and thrift wood which form the boards gain quality.


  • Easy to customize
  • A favorite brand in the market
  • They offer other apparel that matches with your style


  • The wood deck is prone to chipping after some time

5. Alien Workshop

best skateboard brand to buy

This brand of skates was founded with the collaboration from Mike Hill, Chris Carter, and Blender Neil. Their skates have grown to be a force worth reckoning with and a lot of individuals have gained trust with the brand.

The prices that the brand sells their skates at are unimaginable while it doesn't affect the quality at all. The variety of the boards remains exceptional even with the pocket-friendly price point. This equates to value for money on the skates that you buy.

After all, a good brand is one that brings top quality at a price that most of the customers can afford without having to break the bank, and this is what is evident with this brand of skates. And this is made possible through the use of the following incredible features:


The design of the skates from this line is unmatched. They employ creativity and innovation in every piece to ensure that their customers get value for their money. What sets its design apart from the rest is the fact that they use modern technology and materials in the manufacturing process.


Just as mentioned earlier, the brand has made use of all the modern technology in all of their pieces to boost performance and efficiency. For instance, their boards use the seven-ply material which makes them light in weight but not susceptible to damage or wear and tear. This light design comes in handy for those who want to learn new tricks and the rest who want to perform the skills they already know.


The kind of materials and technology employed on every piece of board brings down the production cost thus lessening the price. This means that for the same level of performance and efficiency, or even more, you can get these boards without breaking the bank. They make high-end boards at budget-friendly prices.


  • It has a deck of high quality
  • It has unique designs
  • They also offer apparel that matches with your style


  • It is average or rather mid-average

6. Birdhouse Projects

best skateboard brands for street

Tony Hawk and Per Welinder are the founders of this brand of skates. If there is one brand that skyrocketed to fame, then you can argue that this is the one. It is a board that has an endorsement from some of the best skateboarders in the game due to the quality applied to each piece.

Pros argue that these boards offer immense stability; they are easy to maneuver and are long-lasting. Some of the best features of the skateboard brand include the following:

Concave design

The boards have a universal concave design which is more stable than other models. This comes in handy especially when lifting the skates while performing tricks. Up-kicks are also made easier thanks to this innovative design.


The kind of technology used in this board is innovative, and it is known as black six technologies. This technology is used on the skate's decks which gives the user more control aside from making the board sturdy.

Heavy decks

The skates have huge decks to reduce the chances of chipping. This makes the board last longer than most of the other standard boards in the market.


  • It is of high quality
  • It has tough skins
  • It is made smooth for gliding and sliding


  • It is a premium range in cost

7. Blind Skateboards

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This is yet another excellent skateboard brand founded by Mark Gonzales. It is not only durable but also has unique designs and features that make it stand out among the rest. These skates are made explicitly for hardcore skaters and can also be used by beginners. It doesn't fall on high quality skateboard brands for no reason as it has incredible features that we can see below:


The brand has it's signature sick graphics which they use on every board they make. They make use of the grim reaper, skulls, and graffiti to make the skateboards look fantastic and eye-catching.

Eight plies skates

The boards made have eight plies in their construction which makes them robust and appropriate for hardcore skating. This also boosts the long lasting ability of the boards and makes them endure most conditions that other boards may fail too.

Vertical lamination

In the construction process, they use vertical lamination for the decks. This makes the board more flexible for various tricks and styles.


  • The boards are highly flexible
  • Ideal for hardcore skating
  • Robust and steady
  • Signature eye catchy graphics


  • Premium price point for customization

8. Enjoi Skateboards

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This brand has developed from scratch and today, and it is among the most innovative skateboard brands in the market. Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson founded it. The brand is versatile as it can provide skateboards for both beginners and advanced skaters. The following are some of its best features:

Easy maneuvering

You can quickly move around using this skateboard thanks to this feature. This feature suits explicitly those who are just starting in the sport more than even those who are already established. The best part is that you can adjust this as your skills get better. Adjusting is through tightening to offer more resistance.

Wide dimensions

The skate's decks have wider aspects than most of the other skates in the market. This is meant to reduce any chances of injuries to beginners or while learning new tricks.


This skateboard brand equally has beautiful graphics that they use in their boards. They have their signature graphic that entails a panda design which they use in all their skateboards.


  • It has an excellent quality deck.
  • It has awesome skins
  • It has great stability


  • The print fades off after some time

9. Plan B Skateboards

top skateboard brands for beginners

The professional skater Mike Ternasky founded this brand of skateboards. Later on, the founder was involved in an accident and couldn't survive, and so the company changed hands. Ever since the brand bounced back and has gained more popularity in due course. Some of the brand's best features include the following:


The skate's decks are flexible for smooth movement and performance of tricks. It also helps to reduce shocks that may come from action.

Easy to put together

The assembly process of this skateboard is user-friendly and will not give you a hard time. Even when you want your board customized, it is equally a fast and easy process.


  • It is one of the most recognized brands
  • The wood is of high quality
  • It has excellent and creative designs


  • A high price point for customization

10. Powell Skateboards

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Last but not least on our list of the most excellent skateboard brands is the Powell Skateboards. This brand dates back to the '70s and is known to come up with high-end skates. Some of the best features of the skateboard brand include the following:


The decks on this skateboard are strong and durable enough to serve you for an extended period. The board is also made to be strong so that it can endure rough usage by pro skaters. This construction also supports the changing weights when skating.


The bearings used on this skateboard are of excellent quality, and that is why it can support varying weights from skaters. The ABEC-7 bearings are the ones used on this skateboard and offer high performance.


  • Full customization of the skates
  • Huge variety
  • It has many creative skins


  • It has a premium price when it comes to customization

Bottom Line 

Wrapping up, we have seen the best skateboard brands in the market, and it is now up to you to decide which one is the best that suits your needs. With the information provided above, you will be able to distinguish the right skateboard for you from the rest.

All of the brands have their pros and cons as seen above, and it is up to you to choose the one that fits you perfectly. You can also use the pointers above to help you as a buying guide for the top quality skateboard brands. Remember that getting the right skateboard is key to boosting your performance. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there is something for everyone.

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