Top 18+ Best Skateboard Bearings Of 2020 (Top Review)

You might be figuring out how to buy robust skateboard bearings to bolster your riding experience. Apparently, though they are just small rings located inside the wheels, your skating experience will be stuck without them. 

They are very important because they make the metal located on the external side of the wheels be able to rotate around the hinge but not causing any harm to the metal 

Due to the advent of ceramic bearings. skaters’ skating speed has been boosted to a higher level. 

If you want to reach a brilliant speed, just need to have a look at our list of best skateboard bearings and also some tips for your better purchase. 

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Best Skateboard Bearings Buying Guide

What are the constituent elements of a skateboard bearing?

As I mentioned earlier, though skateboards bearings are quite small, they are very complicated. Newbies in skating therefore normally consider bearings as a part of the board. 

best budget skateboard bearings

When they are disassembled, you will see that there are even smaller parts inside a bearing. 

  • Bearing Shield. This is quite larger in size than the C-ring and located on the side. It serves to keep the ball bearings impervious to grime 
  • C-ring. This ring goes through a groove and ensures the shields are firmly bolted.
  • Inner ring. Smaller in size than the outer ring. It is perfectly matched within the outer ring. 
  • Outer ring. It is an external ring that is made from metal and well-suited with other parts. 
  • Ball retainer.  It plays a role to firmly hold the ball bearings and also makes the casing able to rotate on the axis.
  • Steel balls. They consist of 6-7 steel balls and lie still in the ball retainer. They ensure the bearing casing to rotate around them. 
  • Rubber seal. It is a rubber ring on the outside of the bearing. It makes sure to keep the bearing interior away from grime. 

Small tips: Your skateboard bearings would not work effectively if one of these constituents elements are malfunctioned. Therefore, bear in mind to maintain your bearings on a regular basis. 

ABEC Ratings

the best skateboard bearings

As a skater, you probably have ever heard of ABEC ratings - a measurement to evaluate the bearings. 

Basically, if the ABEC rating is scored high, then the quality will be higher regarding exactness. The rating scores are respectively 1,3,5,7 and 9. 

One thing that should be taken into account is that the ABEC rating does not include many notable aspects such as ball precision, vibration, and the quality of constituents.

Therefore, a bearing rated ABEC 4 might outperform than one with a rating of 7.  

Under any circumstances, we decided to give you a list of the ABEC rating scale for your reference. 

  • ABEC 1. These bearings are the most low-priced and normally of poor quality and their precision is underrated. Furthermore, the quality of the steel tends toward the lower point of the range. 
  • ABEC 3. it is a little bit pricier than ABEC 1, yet it is still classified in low-priced bearings. Bearings in this price spectrum will not function effectively.  
  • ABEC 5.  In general, it is the regular genre for non-professional skaters because it somehow can speed up their skating with an affordable price. 
  • ABEC 7. They are highly appreciated by its fastness and smoothness but they are also quite expensive to buy. 
  • ABEC 9. They are utmost suitable for downhill riding because of its incredibly fast speed. 
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Notes: The ABEC rating system is not commonly applied. Some well-known companies in the world do not use this system but they invented their own rating system. Take Bones Bearings as an opt-quoted example. This company has a rating system named Skate Rated.

Skateboard Bearing Material Quality

Ceramic Bearings 

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Not many companies providing ceramic bearings to the market. They are brilliantly smooth. There would be almost no or very little friction during your riding time. One more advantage of this type of bearings is they would not swell up under the heat. 

 One drawback of the ceramic bearings is that they even cost higher than top-quality steel bearings, yet their quality is extremely incredible.

As they are sold more widely on the market, there is a heating discussion regarding their price gap. Basically, you just need to invest about $15 for standard bearings whereas the price for ceramic bearings is increased from threefold to fourfold.

So the big question here is that is it worth to invest in ceramic bearings?

Answer: Probably.

Though apart from balls made from ceramic, other parts are made of steel. But the thing is the quality of these steels are superly more excellent than the normal type. Thus, the level of friction is highly minimized. 

Steel Bearings

best skateboard bearings 2020

The majority of bearings available on the market today are made from steel. Nevertheless, the quality of each steel bearing is up to the manufacturer. 

Technically, a more expensive steel bearing will go along with higher quality. It could be considered a long-run investment when buying a more experience but quality bearing as it will consist of greater sealing, top-quality metal, and additional ball bearings. 

Low-price bearings may sometimes generate irritating creaking or even become stiff. Besides, they can be easier and quicker to be rust-covered and grimy. Therefore, it is better to buy good steel bearings for long-term use. 

Bearing Options

Speed Washers
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They are found over the axle and in the central of the bearing and the nut. It also locates between the bearing and hanger. 

They are a crucial part as they help to decrease the degree of friction which leads to the smoother turn of the wheel. Besides, they also protect the bearing face from damaging impacts. 

They are not a mandatory part. Nevertheless, if you want to push your speed to a higher level, then it will be greater to get them. 

You can switch to other ones whenever you want. The problem is that they are quite easy to wear down. So when this happens to your washers, you just need to replace the old washers by brand-new ones

Bearing Spacers
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They are a small cylinder that is made of metal and stays still in the wheels. It helps to decrease the weight of the bearing. Consequently, this will increase the smoothness and stability of your board. 

They are not really necessary for normal skaters and longboarders. Instead, they are more needed for skaters who follow skateboarding as a serious career and need to practice advanced tricks. 

They are medium-priced and can be made from certain metals. 

They can measure the size of bearing spacers by 2 aspects including Axle diameter and spacer width. The installation process of bearing spacers are not really complex and even pretty fast. Firstly, you need to put it into the first bearing. Then overturn the wheel and shove it into. When you are sure that it is strongly fixed in the wheel core, then the installation process is done. 


We hope that our information about skateboards can be helpful for you in case you are confused about how to buy bearings that are reasonably-priced, high quality, and also satisfy your needs. 

Apparently, there is a big difference between those who just want to purchase a standard skateboard to ride around their living area and those who decide to pursuit skateboarding professionally. If you are of the former case, then it is ideal to buy bearings that are medium-priced. Yet, if you are of the latter case, it will be worth spending a higher budget into the bearings.

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