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Top 7 Best Lubricant For Skateboard Bearings Reviews In 2022

For beginners and skilled skateboarders alike, choosing the best lubricant for skateboard bearings plays a vital role in keeping your bearings in tip-top shape. Regular lubrication will help enhance their durability, keep your ride safe, and improve your riding experiences.

With the wide range of lubricants available on the market today, seeking the right product is not easy. Thus, this article will shed light on the seven most commonly used skateboard bearing lubricants.

Take some time to go through each item and find the one you feel is a great lubricant for your skateboard. Let’s roll now!

Top 7 Best Lubricant For Skateboard Bearings Reviews

Let’s analyze each product more deeply to be able to make the good final choice!

1. Liberty Oil For Skateboards – Best For Quality

best lube for skateboard bearings


This Liberty lubricant contains two friction modifiers that bond and protect metal and act like micro-ball bearings to reduce friction and wear. Hence, it can be safely used on metal, plastic, and painted surfaces.

Not too thick and not too thin, this synthetic lube is perfect for lubricating bearings and other applications around your home that need oiling. Your skateboard bearings can reach maximum speed and achieve better protection against rust and dirt after lubrication.

The Liberty product comes in a soft, easy-to-squeeze plastic bottle, topped with a reputed Luer lock cover to ensure the oil does not leak during use.

The included 1.5” 18-ga rustproof steel needle makes it easy to get the oil to all the nooks and crannies without the hassle of disassembly.

As a high-quality brand at a reasonable price, it will keep bearings clean, quieter, and run more smoothly. It is very economical as a drop will last a long time.

The only downside of this product is its pungent smell, which is irritating for some people with a sensitive nose. But you can easily overcome this weakness with just a mask!


  • Ideal for lubricating any moving parts
  • Creates a protective barrier against rust and dirt
  • Safe on any surfaces
  • An included needle
  • Leak-proof locking lid
  • Affordable


  • Pungent odor

2. Oust Bearings Kit – Best For Convenience

best lubricant for skateboard bearings


As the name suggests, this kit makes greasing skateboard bearings rapid and smooth as it has all the helpful tools to complete the process.

The bearing holder allows you to store bearing balls neatly while the washing container is to control bearings during washing. Last but not least, the cleaning solvent is useful to clean the bearings.

The detergent is so dilute that it spreads rapidly in the surroundings of the bearings. As a result, the cleaning kit removes dirt and cleans your bearings in a snap!

After the bearings are cleaned, you can oil the bearings, make them mount easily, and lock them in place.

It is possible to use this item for a wide range of purposes, including inline skate, penny board, skateboard, and longboard bearings. Compact, easy-to-use, and comes with user-friendly and safe cleaners, it has never been so easy to lubricate skateboard bearings!

With a complete set of tools needed for cleaning and oiling, its price will certainly be higher than other single oil products. However, with the utilities that it brings, you will not hesitate to choose it, won’t you?


  • Clean bearings quickly and efficiently
  • Safe and non-toxic cleaning solvent
  • Comes with useful tools


  • Slightly pricey

3. Bones Speed Cream– Best Oil For Bearings

best lube for skate bearings


If you want your quality bearings to be high-speed and more long-lasting, Bones Bearing lubricant is a perfect option!

This lube is very convenient and safe to oil in case your bearings are dry or rattle during operation. You can even oil rusted skateboard bearings to get them operating steadily again.

With high-density polythene, this product allows bearings to roll faster and longer with significantly less wear. In particular, this skate-purpose lubricant is solvent-free, providing dirt and rust prevention for the bearings for a long time.

The Bones Speed Cream is formulated with low viscosity and can withstand high temperatures. Thus, you will immediately notice the huge difference right after lubricating your skate bearings.

Faster, smoother rolling bearings for a safer and more comfortable riding experience!

Although this lube for bearings offers a lifetime warranty, it only works best with clean bearings. And according to some customers, the large bottle tip without a long needle makes it difficult to precisely apply oil to narrow places.


  • Provides dirt and corrosion protection
  • Low viscosity and high-temperature resistance
  • Increases speed
  • Prolongs the bearings’ life


  • Without a long needle

4. Liquid Bearings Superior – Best For Safety

best lubricant for skateboard bearings


Unlike petroleum-based oils, this product’s 100% synthetic formulation meets all lubricating, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion requirements while being safe for users and the environment.

Free of PTFE, graphite, and other harmful additives, you can use it with confidence on any surfaces, such as metal, paint, ABS, and polyurethane. This lubricant is basically odorless, so your hands and clothes won’t end up with an oily smell after use either.

Because it’s safe on all materials, in addition to skate bearings, Liquid Bearings is applicable to everything from home appliances, door hinges, gears to other sliding components.

Additionally, the product includes ½ inch and 1-1/2 inch needles with tip scabbard, allowing you to easily get small amounts of oil into hard-to-reach corners without leaving a mess behind.

However, according to some users, the lubricant will dry within a second, requiring you to be fast and accurate.


  • Odorless
  • User-friendly and environment-friendly
  • Works safely on any surfaces
  • Ideal for many different devices


  • Dries instantly

5. Liberty Oil For Clocks – Best For Versatility

best oil for skateboard bearings


Another Liberty product that will help your skateboard bearings work more smoothly and reliably. This product is made from 100% synthetic lube that reduces friction between any moving components.

Therefore, you can use this pick to lubricate skateboard bearings, sewing machines, fishing reels, or other household items lubrication.

This product contains two friction modifiers that bond and protect the metal, so its quality is far superior to other oils on the market. You can rest assured to apply it on surfaces like plastic and paint without worry about deforming or changing color.

The accompanying 1.5-inch 18-gauge chromium steel tip allows for precision and control when applying the oil. As a result, there is no need to disassemble internal components , avoiding unnecessary mess and oil waste.

Liberty Oil is packaged in a soft, easy-to-squeeze LDPE plastic bottle with a unique Luer lock cover to prevent oil leakage during use.

Thanks to this design and the included needle tip, it is easy to grease all the components, creating a slippery surface for the skateboard bearings to function properly.

It should be noted that the product will work best after the device is cleaned. It doesn’t attract dirt and rust, so a small amount will help your skateboard bearings last a long time.

In addition, with some small details or in hard-to-reach places, the needle tip seems relatively big to reach the right place. You may want to oil it slowly and carefully, and your skateboard will be up and running in no time.


  • Safe for all materials
  • Applicable to many different devices and components
  • High-quality oil
  • Efficient lubrication
  • An included needle for easy application


  • Big needle tip

6. Horace Whitlocks Lubricating Oil – Best For High-Speed Moving Parts

best bearing lube for skateboard


If you are seeking a product that brings out your bearings’ full potential and performance, this lubricating oil is a great option. The oil will lubricate all the balls, cages, and bearing races and then cling to the balls to provide long-lasting lubrication.

This lube is completely made of synthetic material, making it safe on all surface materials, including plastics, lacquers, or varnishes. So you can have complete peace of mind when oiling both steel and ceramic bearings for perfect speed, engine silence, and a great riding experience.

Perfectly blended for the best viscosity for bearings, Lubricating Oil’s task is to prevent them from drying out, dirt, and rust.

When applying this clear and lightweight lubricant, you can protect all the bearing components against corrosion. It is an effective lubricant that protects bearings, increases speed, and bearing smoothness.

Purchasing this product, you will receive a 3-inch 23-gauge blunt end needle with Luer lock and rubber tip needle end caps. They allow for easy and precise application and prevent leakage during use.

The only thing that might put you off is its high price. However, considering the effectiveness and protective coating it gives your skateboard bearings, it’s worth every penny!


  • 100% synthetic oil
  • Safe and effective on all materials
  • Prevents dirt and rust buildup
  • Leak-proof locking cap and needle included


  • Slight expensive

7. Green Oil SK8 Skateboard Bearing Lubricant – Best For Ingredients

best skateboard lubricant


As a prestigious oil that has been on the market for decades with many awards related to its safe ingredients, Green Oil is an indispensable lube for skateboard bearings!

SK8 oil completely uses plant-based ingredients instead of paraffin and PTFE. It’s a skin-friendly lubricant that won’t cause rashes or skin allergies, even for the most sensitive skin.

The product is contained in a recycled plastic bottle, so it is environmentally friendly and does not harm aquatic life. This is a huge advantage compared to other competitors, and also the reason behind more and more skateboarders choosing this product.

This lubricant delivers high performance to all equipment it lubricates thanks to the award-winning formula that reduces friction, enhances acceleration and mobility.

It penetrates incredibly quickly, offering maximum protection for your skateboard and slide bearings by reducing friction and corrosion.

Furthermore, Green Oil provides excellent anti-friction properties in wet and snowy conditions. Its special plant-based formula prevents the oil from freezing and retains its effectiveness even at low temperatures. Surely this will be the perfect product for snowboarders!

With a series of advantages above, do you think the price of the product will be expensive? Not at all! Except that there is no needle included, this is by all means the best skate bearing lubricant!


  • Penetrates quickly
  • Reduces friction and prevents corrosion
  • Anti-friction in wet and snowy conditions
  • No freezing in cold weather
  • Safe for skin, eco-friendly


  • Without a long needle

Frequently Asked Questions

If the above information is still not enough, please refer to the questions that many people also ask below:

What Type Of Lubricant Should Be Used For Skateboard Bearings?

It is possible to use oil or grease lubrication for your skateboard bearings. However, we highly recommend oils, especially low viscosity oils for proper lubrication. Those products that we have listed are the most suitable lubricants for skateboarding.

Is Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil Suitable For Lubricating Bearings?

Coconut oil and olive oil are not recommended to lubricate skateboard bearings because they won’t help with the skateboard’s speed.

Moreover, these oils greatly attract dirt from the surrounding environment. If you use them for your skateboard for a long time, they will accumulate a great amount of dirt, reducing speed and smoothness.

See also:

How Often Should Skateboard Bearing Lubricants Be Applied?

The frequency of using oil for skateboarding depends on your needs. You can use it when your skateboard wheels are loud or dry, or you feel like they are not working smoothly.

To enhance the performance, we recommend that you clean and lubricate your bearings regularly.


With all the essential information provided in this review, choosing the best lubricant for skateboard bearings should no longer be a challenging task for you.

Remember to always clean bearings before lubricating and not to use too much oil if you don’t want your bearings to become greasy and a dust magnet.

In case you are still confused with your choice, we recommend the Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit because it includes all the tools needed for the cleaning and lubrication process. It’s also perfect for a variety of skateboards and other household devices.

Hope you find these reviews helpful and enjoy a smooth ride once you’re done with this maintenance part!

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