Top 8+ Best Longboards Under 100 Dollars (2021 Reviews)

Compared to traditional skateboards, longboards tend to be significantly more expensive. Because of the superior construction and materials, finding the best longboards under 100 dollars seems to be a big problem not only to beginners but also advanced skaters who wish to breathe new life into their board collections.

This article will recommend the 8 most affordable longboards on the market and provide potential riders like you with a complete walkthrough on how to choose the right board.

Whether you are looking for an updated model or just started taking up longboarding as a hobby, we’ve got you covered.

This section analyzes the detailed features and the advantages and disadvantages of the best longboards under 100 dollars. Stay tuned to find out!

1. Quest QT-NSC44C: Best Value For The Price

longboards under 100

Despite its high-end brand name and materials, the Quest QT-NSC44C remains one of the cheapest options out there for beginners. The longboard boasts a 44-inch, 7-ply deck made of maple wood and bamboo, accompanied by lightweight aluminum trucks.

It also consists of wheel wells to reduce "wheel grab" during tight bends. This robust, beautiful board is a reasonably priced alternative whether you want to go to class, cruise the boardwalk, or just take a stroll around town - such a versatile range of usage for the cost.

Besides, its 280-pound weight capacity makes it a perfect choice for heavier riders.

You might realize that Quest QT-NSC44C doesn’t have good bearings, so it would be a good idea to replace them with better ones for a more upgraded experience.


  • Prestigious brand at a reasonable cost
  • Suitable for all body sizes
  • Amazing deck rock finish
  • Excellent turn response
  • Non-removable shields
  • Sturdy yet lightweight materials


  • Lacks flexibility
  • Improvable bearings

2. Apollo Savaii Cruiser: Best for Beginners

best longboards under 100

Being an asymmetrical longboard, Apollo Savaii is ideal for newcomers to enter the thrilling world of longboarding. If you have just started this sport recently and wanted to improve your basic skills such as downhill or freeriding while maintaining assured stability, this item is for you.

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Apollo Savaii is good for long-distance commuting because of its low center of gravity. Besides, it comes with a sturdy 36-inch deck that guarantees easier mobility as compared to bigger decks. This smaller deck size also makes it a wonderful longboard for ladies and kids.

The wooden maple material adds more strength and a large degree of flex to the structure.

Regardless of its petite size, Apollo Cruiser is quite heavy; thus, it’s not a good idea to perform tricks involving kicktails using this board. Intense pressure might result in their ultimate breakdowns.


  • Beginner-oriented design with optimal stability
  • Compact design suitable for skaters of all ages, genders, and levels
  • Provides a T-Tool for riding customization
  • Ensures smooth rides with reverse Kingpin trucks
  • High-speed bearings
  • Stiffness wheels for stability
  • Sturdy aluminum trucks


  • Second heaviest on the list
  • Loose screws on certain parts

3. Volador Freeride Cruiser: Best Overall

longboards under 100 dollars

Volador Freeride Cruiser is a good board for beginners and expert longboarders since it is durable, versatile, and inexpensive. The robust deck is made of eight-ply natural maple wood and has a weight restriction of 250 pounds. It also has great shock absorption.

The durable deck of this longboard also gives excellent grip, while the adjustable metal reverse kingpins allow for excellent mobility.

Even though this item ensures smooth riding experiences, you should avoid uneven terrain and stick to paths, parks, or paved roads because the wheels are soft.

In addition to the superior materials, deck size, and structure that ensure excellent stability and balance, what makes the Volador Cruiser the best overall option is because of its outstanding graphic design.

Whether you’re a novice or an advanced rider, it shouldn't be difficult to choose a design that suits your taste because they offer a wide range of models, including the classics, modern, and bright visuals.

If you want to use the Volador longboard for a long time, you'll need to replace the bearings. The available ones are prone to get dirty and sluggish rather quickly, creatings loud noises while grinding.


  • Comfortable large wheels and flex
  • Stunning design
  • Excellent turn radius
  • Durable and flashy deck
  • Lightweight yet firm structure


  • Squeaking and soft truck bushings

4. Minority Drop Longboard: Best for Downhill

best longboards under 100

Minority Drop Longboard is a top-notch imported model which was made of 100% natural maple wood. As a result, it provides beginner riders with excellent balance and stability, ideal for skating downhill.

With a low center of gravity, this item is again a perfect option for downhill tricks since you can easily control your speed while riding.

The 40-inch deck also allows a lot of space for your feet to remain off the ground. The sturdy eight-ply hardwood material contributes to a thorough downhill platform.

However, a Minority Drop rider needs to watch out when they ride on this affordable item due to the rail biting you might experience even after replacing the longboard trucks.


  • Easy paddling because of the low gravity center
  • 100% maple wood, 40-inch deck for stability and large foot placement
  • Small turning radius
  • Changeable longboard bearings and trucks
  • Stable grip tape


  • Squeaky trucks leading to rail biting

5. Atom Drop Through: Best Design

longboards under 100

Atom Drop Through is undoubtedly a great option when it comes to the most popular longboards under 100 dollars.

With optimum stability and a low deck, this board is excellent for carving down a well-paved slope. It's also a good choice for riding, cruising, and commuting due to its simplicity of pushing.

Atom Longboard proves to have the best design because of its perfect maple wood and aluminum trucks. They go along with a 9.6-inch leverage that can eliminate wheel bite and make carving on the road simpler.

As a result, this item’s structure enables it to sustain a high-quality performance for a long time without typical hassles. Besides, the high-end design makes it difficult for customers to realize that this longboard is under 100 bucks.

This perfect board is covered by a 12-month guarantee and can withstand up to 250 pounds of weight, offering skaters of all sizes to test it out to the fullest.

It is advisable that you, as a rider, avoid hard contact with any surface because the deck material is not durable. Excessive pressure might lead to serious consequences.


  • Sturdy bearings
  • Catchy graphic designs with top-notch materials and deck shape
  • Stunning flexibility for a comfortable ride
  • Agile wheels, suitable for abrupt turns
  • Solid longboard trucks and texture
  • Suitable for long trips


  • Unstable deck material
  • Expensive board

6. Krown Elite Longboard: Best for Tricks

longboards under 100 dollars

Krown Elite has a low board, providing the rider a lower center of gravity and minimizing the amount of work required to propel these boards around.

Elite Downhill Longboards are made of Canadian maple wood, resulting in a strong and rigid structure. Because they are firmer, they are better suited to sliding and higher speeds. The board's size also favors freeride and downhill riders because it is slightly shorter than other boards.

The best thing about this model is that it is the best choice when it comes to tricks. Thanks to the reduced length, it is simpler for you to get into the correct tucking position for downhill riding.

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On the other hand, Krown Elite has pretty weak wheels, which might be dangerous for young children. Besides, the grip tape is unstable, so the rider needs to consolidate it before riding it on the street.


  • Perfect shorter length for tricks and sliding
  • Lightweight deck
  • Low center of gravity for more control
  • High-quality trucks and bushings
  • Excellent delivery service
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Easily worn grip tape
  • Soft wheels

7. Rimable Longboard: Best for Long Distance

best longboards under 100 1

With a perfect turning radius, a Rimable board is an ideal alternative for those who desire all of the advantages of a conventional drop-through deck but modernized features.

What sets this model apart is that you can use it for long-distance travel. This small carver will get the job done when you’re passing across people and vehicles while maintaining absolute balance on board.

This item is a hard-to-beat all-rounder that provides a smooth ride with effortless pushing, a 9.5-inch wide deck, and 70mm PU grippy wheels for lower rolling resistance and smoother rides.

However, due to its limited size and capacity load, it is not a good choice for heavy riders.


  • Great for beginners and experts
  • Little to no wheel bites
  • Stable trucks and bushings
  • Simplifying commuting experiences
  • Flexible drop-through deck


  • Not suitable for a heavy rider

8. Quest Totem Natural: Best for Children

longboards under 100 1

Quest Natural is a 36-inch longboard, and its craftsmanship includes a maple hardwood deck and bamboo with a distinct tribal pattern. It's also a powerful performer, with a kicktail and even a tiny kick nose that allows you to go vertical while maintaining a comfortable, stable ride for cruising.

This model has a slightly smaller deck size than other products, making it an outstanding option for children. With this choice, you can be sure that your kids are safe riding it.

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The worst thing about the brand Quest is the delivery service. The board was delivered in a plastic bag. It was firmly attached to the board, making removal difficult and inconvenient.


  • Safe and suitable for children
  • Stylish design
  • Amazing shape and texture
  • Stable trucks and bushings
  • Suitable for trick performers


  • Cheap and unqualified bearings
  • Poor delivery service

Best Longboards Under 100 Dollars - Buying Guide

Choosing inexpensive longboards is more complicated than it appears because everything from the wheel bearings to the deck form impacts your ride.

Longboards exist in a variety of features, forms, constructions, and riding styles. As a result, the following section aims to assist you in selecting the perfect longboard to get you riding on the street right away!

Riding Styles

There are several riding styles in longboarding, leading to different longboard styles.

When choosing a style, the first thing to consider is where you practice riding. If you live in the city, you won't encounter many hills. However, if you live in an mountainous area, you'll be bombing flats, hills, and many other surfaces.

Here are some common longboard styles that you should keep in mind.

Carving and Cruising Longboarding

Carving down increasingly inclined streets and long-distance rides on level or slightly inclined ground are all parts of the carving and cruising longboarding experience.

If you're new to longboarding, this is most likely the sort of riding lesson experienced riders will teach you in the first lesson.

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Downhill Longboarding

It's all about blasting slopes as fast as you can while retaining control in downhill longboarding. For less wind resistance and improved stability, you usually need to tuck or crouch on your board.

True downhill isn't the ideal kind of riding for fresh new riders since, like freeriding, your board wheels might easily break in a slide to control your speed.

Freeride Longboarding

Freeride longboarding entails riding steep slopes at high speed while adding flair with curb hops and slides. Because this kind of riding necessitates comfort with high speeds and a high level of board control, it is usually reserved for more professional riders.

Freestyle Longboarding

It's all about being inventive, so you don’t need to stick to any specific style. Awesome board tricks, sliding, dancing, and funny riding are all part of freestyle longboarding.

This riding style is great for novices learning to manage their budget-friendly boards, but it's also a lot of fun for advanced riders.

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Deck Shapes

All deck designs fit into one of two basic board shapes: symmetrical and direction. Both board shapes are suitable for both beginners and experts.

Directional Boards

Only one direction is allowed on these boards: forward. The iconic Pin Tail is the most well-known directional longboard design, yet it lacks adequate board control and feels when ridden switch. Although most downhills, cruisers, and carver boards are directional, there are a few exceptions.

Symmetrical Boards

Symmetrical boards have the same appearance and feel no matter which direction it is heading to. The asymmetrical board is the way to go if you plan on doing any 180° slides (popular in freestyle riding and freeriding).

Deck Styles

A longboard's deck type influences its foot-brake, stability, and the ability to push on the ground. Higher boards are likely to generate greater gravity than shorter counterparts, leading to less strain and stability during foot-braking and pushing.

Top Mount Boards

Being the most conventional longboard shape, the top mount is also the most affordable style. The deck is positioned above the trucks, resulting in a greater center of gravity than other board layouts.

Because of the boosted turn leverage, the top mount is more agile than dropped boards despite its instability. Additionally, this strong deck style is the most adaptable type, suitable for carving, freeride, freestyle, downhill, and cruising.

Drop Through Boards

A typical drop-through longboard consists of a pair of tighter trucks mounted throughout, essentially using the board thickness to lower the height of the deck.

In this way, you can avoid getting in touch with the ground by putting your foot down. This style minimizes strain and improves stability while pushing or braking.

Downhill, freeride, and commuting riding styles are all suitable for this deck style.

Drop Deck Boards

These are the strange-looking decks. Drop deck longboards are formed in a way that the trucks are above your feet when riding. While braking or pushing, this strategy can reduce fatigue and improve board stability by lowering the center of gravity.

Drop decks are most commonly encountered on freeride and downhill longboards.

Double Drop Boards

Double drop beginner longboards are a combination of a drop deck style and drop through trucks. The design aims to bring your feet closer to the ground ("double" drop).

It is the most sturdy deck layout, but it is also the least popular because of its construction difficulties and expensive price range. You can easily find this deck shape on downhill boards.

Shape Features

Each longboard has a unique form that provides particular riding qualities and helps define the board's intended function. Concave, wheel cut-outs, and kicktails are typical examples of the feature.

Kicktail Boards

You can see the kick tails on two ends of an ordinary skateboard. These items let you hop curbs or do tricks while raising one end of the board off the ground.

Longboards can feature kick tails on one or both ends of directional and symmetrical boards.

Wheel Cut-Outs

Wheel cut-outs are designed to avoid wheel bite, which occurs when your larger wheels collide with the deck the moment you corner too sharply. You will most likely be kicked off your board as a result of it.

Because the wheels cannot make contact with the board, cut-outs allow you to turn the fastest.

Deck Concave

Grip tape helps keep your balance while riding, and deck concave has the same function. Concave refers to the fact that the longboard deck's sides or rails are somewhat higher than the center of the board.

When you stand on the board, your feet will conform to the shape, thus enhancing your grip by enlarging the contact point between your shoe and the deck.

The degree of the deck concave is generally determined by the board's intended riding style. In comparison to cruisers, freeride and downhill boards have a deeper, more aggressive concave.

W-concave Boards

W-concave, like standard concave, keeps you standing firmly on the board. It's as though there are two concave areas adjacent to each other, providing many grips. Only the most costly freeride longboard has this function.


Typically, traditional longboard construction consists of veneers made of Baltic or maple birch wood. The veneers are bonded together, piled on top of one another, and shaped.

The quantity of veneers used varies from board to board, but as a general rule, the board becomes heavier and stiffer when you use more veneers in the construction process.

Bamboo laminates are becoming more popular in the longboarding community. Particularly, manufacturers sandwich or wrap a sheet of laminated bamboo in high-quality materials, such as fiberglass. This usually results in a board that is medium to light in weight with a powerful feature.

Composite materials, like carbon fiber, are used in the third and most costly structure. A light wood, such as bamboo, is frequently coupled with foam to make a very light core, which is then covered in composite material to create a stiff board.

These boards are popular among downhill riders because of their rigidity and lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Cheap Longboard?

The best cheap longboard for beginners proves to be the Minority Drop Longboard. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it also comes with a durable deck, stable trucks, sturdy bearings, and a perfect turning radius. Thus, it is the best alternative for both beginners and advanced riders.

2. Are Skateboards or Longboards Cheaper?

Generally, a high-quality longboard tends to be more expensive than skateboards because they require more high-quality materials and greater technology in the production process. However, it’s not difficult to find cheaper options for longboards with solid quality.

3. What Longboards Should I Get as a Beginner?

As a beginner, the main focus should be practicing basic skills while maintaining balance with both feet off the ground. Apollo Savaii Cruiser is a perfect example as its compact design, and top-quality material allows you to move with ease.


It requires a stunning amount of research to figure out the best longboards under 100 bucks. Hence, this review has saved you a lot of time and effort by analyzing the top 8 longboard choices on the market.

Remember to consider the materials carefully before making your decision because they strongly affect the board’s flexibility. Besides, keep in mind that your safety is always the top priority!

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