Top 6+ Best Longboards For Heavy Riders (2022 Reviews)

Longboards for heavy riders need to satisfy certain requirements so the them can give their best performances. The best ones should be made out of reliable materials and have sufficient specifications.

Let us give you our recommendations, some pointers on how to pick the best one for yours, and answer some questions often asked while making the purchasing decision.

We've got suggestions for carving riders as well as cruisers. Our list features options for both veterans and beginners. Whether you are a hobby rider or day to day commuter, we have you covered.

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These are our top choices in six categories. We hope that there is one for you there.

1. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder – Best for Carving

best longboard for heavy riders

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder is made for hard carving. We all know that you don’t use only your ankles or shoulders to make a sharp turn but your whole body.

A heavy rider, who is into carving, always prefers heavy-duty trucks and reliable kingpins. With the Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks and the double kingpins, this drop-through board can handle the extra weight with no problem.

The product is a really good board for beginners. Thanks to its lightweight of 6.9 pounds and compact design, you can learn the fundamentals comfortably without being overwhelmed by the board.

The other advantages of a shorter board are it is easy to maneuver on city streets and carry it around. It can accompany you on a day-to-day commute.

We also like the wavy design on the maple wood deck. It reminds us of the origin of skateboard culture.

However, the compact dimensions of the Sector 9 board bring issues of their own. There is no room for a kicktail, prohibiting you from doing certain tricks with this board. It is also a little bit high, making foot braking while sliding somewhat difficult.

The product is not very good for downhill riding either. It tends to wobble at high speed. You can tighten the bearings to solve this problem. Bombing hills also often require something bigger than the 69-mm wheels.


  • Turns on a dime for hard carving
  • Heavy-duty trucks and kingpins to handle weights
  • Good for novice skaters
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Compact dimensions, highly portable
  • Oceanic aesthetic


  • No room for a tail
  • Wobbly at high speed

2. Atom Drop Deck Longboard – Best for Downhill Riding

longboards for heavy riders

When it comes to downhill riding, stability is everything. It is even more important to heavy riders. And the first thing to ensure a stable ride is a drop deck.

This type of deck has a low center of gravity to stick to the ground at high speed. It is no coincidence that all F1 racing cars also have a low center of gravity.

Other components which contribute to the board’s stability and riders’ safety are ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant, full maple laminate sturdy 9-ply maple deck, and 80S grip tape.

While the high-speed lubricant enables the wheels to turn fast and smooth, the strong maple wood deck and the quality grip tape give the rider a steady platform bomb down any hill they want.

To add more maneuverability, the item has a unique 9.6-inch perimeter shape. The shape gives you more leverage in every turn and reduces wheel bite.

Furthermore, there is a limited one-year warranty against any defects that come from the manufacturer. If you detect any flaw in the materials or workmanship, you can activate the board’s warranty.

But before getting on the board, please keep in mind that the trucks, the wheels, and the bushings are reportedly average.

Consider changing those components for the ones of your trusting for intense downhill action. Otherwise, the product works just fine for a relaxing downhill ride and leisure cruising.


  • Drop deck for extra stability when downhill riding
  • Stable 9-ply maple deck
  • 9.6-inch perimeter shape for smoother turns
  • Bearing with high-speed lubricant
  • High-quality grip tape
  • One-year warranty


  • Mediocre trucks, wheels, and bushings

3. Volador Drop Through Longboard – Best Designed

best longboards for heavy riders

At Volador, each board is treated as a piece of art. A Volador board is a vehicle but also a canvas of personality. There are 14 different unique designs with inspiration from around the world.

On your deck, you can find beautiful graphics of a koi fish from Japan, a grizzly bear from North America, or the planets of the solar system.

Please don’t take us wrong; the board is not all about the look. It has many valuable characteristics too, especially for beginners.

We love the board strength. The 8-ply natural Canadian maple wood deck with epoxy glue is springy but stiff enough to handle riders with extra weight. Its concave shape, in work with the grip tape, also provides further stability. Your feet can become one with the board.

You can adjust the genuine aluminum 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks at either 50 or 45 degrees. Riders with different builds apply forces on the board differently, so this indeed is a convenient feature.

Other plus points of this product include its lightweight and its price. For a 42-inch longboard, this item is quite easy to carry. The price is pretty easy on the wallet; thus, beginners won’t have to think too much about purchasing this board.

But of course, when buying a low-priced product, you may expect some issues. They include loose trucks and pivots, slow bearings, and soft and squeaky bushings.

The trucks are not properly tightened, and the pivot doesn’t sit well on the cap. The low-quality bearings and problematic bushings can affect your smooth riding experience.

But these problems are not exactly hard to solve. You can tighten the trucks and pivot on your own. Few decent pairs of bearings and bushings are not very expensive either.


  • 14 beautiful designs
  • Sturdy concave 8-layer deck of Canadian maple wood
  • Easy to turn, thanks to large cutouts
  • Adjustable trucks to suit heavyweight riders
  • Tenacious grip tape for stability
  • Lightweight
  • Affordability


  • Loose trucks and pivot
  • Soft and squeaky bushings

4. Magneto Bamboo Longboard – Best for Cruising

longboard skateboard for heavy riders

Magneto Bamboo Longboard is the perfect choice for cruising down the street smoothly. Everything from the deck to the wheels is designed to create this awesome feeling of a smooth ride.

The flexible deck is a combination of bamboo and fiberglass that provide both extra sturdiness and flexibility. Bulky riders should be able to push, pump, and carve freely with this board.

The Gravity Cast Aluminum Trucks and the branded ABEC 11 from Magneto Longboard allow the wheels to spin easily and smoothly as the wind brushes against your skin. The soft wheels, even though they sacrifice some speed, prevent bumpy feeling and absorb vibration.

With the target of creating a velvety ride in mind, Magneto opts for an alternative to the traditional grip tape. The board has a sanded grip. It is tenacious enough for your shoes but won’t ruin your clothes when you carry the board on your side.

The sanded grip is a part of the sleek design of the product. Relying on the natural look of bamboo and the clean look of fiberglass, the longboard has a simple but stylish appearance with a minimalized Magento logo. The manufacturer also includes a skate tool in your package.

Some downsides of this product are the small kicks, low-quality bearings, quickly deteriorating components, and a little bit high price.

Without significant kicks, a novice heavy rider may need some time to get used to the board. It is also recommended to pay attention to some components like wheels, bushings, and bearings.


  • Components that prioritize smooth rides
  • Nimble and fast
  • Aluminum truck
  • Bamboo and fiberglass deck for durability and flexibility
  • Sanded grip beneficial while riding but not damaging clothes
  • Clean and sleek design
  • Skate tool included


  • Small kicks
  • Components deteriorate quickly

5. WiiSHAM Drop Down Longboard – Best Price

heavy rider longboard

This item is the most affordable longboard on the list. WiiSHAM Drop Down Longboard is a suitable choice for beginners who like to test out the water before putting down some serious money.

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Besides the price, the dropdown deck is another friendly characteristic of this product. With this type of deck, your foot on the board would feel more secure and has more control over it.

Other components are acceptable for a non-demanding heavy rider who does not engage in high-level riding.

One above-average part we can point out about this board is the bearings with high-speed lubricant. Even though this product is not fit for advanced usage, having something ready for a little intense action is still nice.

The longboard has attractive graphics of flowers on a dark background. A skate tool is also included.

The product has some pretty nice things going for itself, but if you are big and tall, you may want to consider two things before buying it. The first thing is that the dropdown is a bit low, so the deck sometimes can scrape against the obstructions on the ground.

More importantly, the deck itself is not quite strong. It reportedly broke when bumping on a wall or pavement.


  • Affordability
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Bearings with high-speed lubricant
  • Skate tool included
  • Excellent design


  • A rather weak deck
  • Dropdown a bit much

6. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Longboard – Best Performance

longboards for heavy riders

Dervish Sama is superior when compared with other boards. Every aspect of the bamboo board boasts quality and promises a lively ride.

This Loaded Boards product is the only item on the list that has flex options for customers. Heavy riders can find themselves comfortable with the Flex 1 option with a maximum weight capacity of 270 lbs - the highest weight limit on the list.

The product is also the longest board of the bunch, with a length of 42.8 inches. Riders with bigger than average feet won’t have to worry about stability while standing on this bamboo board.

Bamboo and fiberglass give the deck the ability to flex energetically. The deck has large cutouts to maximize wheel clearance for hard carves and sharp turns. There are also nose and tail kicks, which means you can perform all disciplines of longboarding with this item.

High-speed downhill riding is especially sufficient with Dervish Sama, thanks to its Paris 180-mm high-quality trucks, Loaded Jehu V2 bearings, and 75-mm hard wheels.

The only drawback of this product is its expensiveness. But if you are down with it, it will be worth every dollar.


  • Excellent performance with outstanding features
  • Wide flex ranges, especially suitable for heavy riders
  • Bamboo and fiberglass deck for sturdiness but respectable flexibility
  • Large cutouts for wheel clearance
  • Paris 180-mm trucks and 75- mm wheels for high-speed downhilling
  • Beautiful graphics


  • Expensive

Best Longboard for Heavy Weight Riders - Buying Guide

When looking for the ideal choice of longboard skateboard for heavy riders, you want to pick a product with a high weight limit, adequate durability, stability, and fits your riding style of choice. A suitable board should let you perform to the best of your ability while preventing any unwanted accident.

The elements that decide those qualities are the components of the board.

Deck Materials

A durable longboard deck is made from durable materials. The common materials on the market right now are maple, bamboo, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Each component has its unique characteristics and applicability.


This is a stiff and dense type of wood. It can provide excellent hardness and durability. Maple-made strong boards for hefty riders should have at least 8 layers of wood. Anything lower than that is not reliable to handle heavy loads.


Bamboo has lower density and fibrous characteristics. Boards made out of bamboo have good strength and natural flexibility.


This is a low-density engineered material composed of resin and long glass fibers. It is often woven with bamboo layers to balance out its stiffness and give the bamboo layers more strength.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is the stiffest and least flexible material of the four. Manufacturers often use it in ultra-high-speed lightweight decks. The material is a composition of epoxy and long strands of carbon fibers.

In general, it is common for heavy riders to favor stiffness over flexibility. However, carving riders or freestylers may want some flexibility in their boards.

Board Shapes

Besides the materials, the deck shape plays an important role too. First, we will talk about the curve of the deck, then we will discuss the wheelbase length.

There are three types of curves when it comes to longboard decks: upward curved decks, flat decks, and downward curved decks.

The upward curve is the stiffest and least flexible, while the downward curve is the most flexible and least stiff. Flat decks are the neutral option. As mentioned above, big and heavy riders may want to prioritize stiffness over flexibility.

Wheelbase length is the distance between the front pair of wheels and the back pair of wheels.

As you can imagine, a board with a longer wheelbase is more vulnerable against top-down forces. Big riders generally choose a short wheelbase, but it all comes down to your techniques of placing your feet and distributing your mass.


Solid tight trucks are vital to the durability of a longboard. Hollow trucks are a no-go zone for taller and bigger riders.

Even more, the trucks should be made from aluminum or steel. Plastic trucks or nylon trucks can’t be trusted by heavily weighted riders.


There are many types of bushings you can choose from, including cone barrel, double barrel, double cone, barrel stepped, double-stepped, and hourglass. But the important factor is the hardness of the bushings.

These are some recommendations on bushings for riders in various weight classes in each discipline. If you are from 175 lbs to 220 lbs or above, 90a bushings are the minimum regardless of discipline. In case you are into downhill, the stiffer, the better.


A good bearing allows you to go a long distance without having to push too much. Don’t pay too much attention to the ABEC rating. You should check the build quality itself. Steel bearings are the way to go. Fancy materials like ceramic bearings are not up to the job in your case.


Modern polyurethane wheels can handle pretty much all kinds of weight. You only need to know that harder wheels are faster but soft wheels are more stable.

78A – 80A ratings and 70-75 mm smooth-rolling wheels are suitable for weighty guys because their weight is enough for maintaining grip and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is it safe for big guys to ride longboards?

Skateboarding in general and longboarding, in particular, is about moving your body weight.

To stand on a board, you need to be balanced, which means distribute your mass evenly. To move the board, you need to create momentum first then maintain it throughout the ride. You do that by pushing and pumping.

When you do tricks, it is about putting the correct amount of force with your body in the right place at the exact moment. So as long as you have control of your body, you can ride longboards.

Truth be told, longboarding can be more challenging for hefty guys. For example, big guys have big inertia, so turning a tight corner while bombing a hill is harder to pull off.

Or, while you are carving, with each quick and successive turn, you need to use more energy to maintain an S-line trajectory.

But you also can use your weight to your advantage. The greater the mass, the greater the momentum.

To be safe, you should fluidly move your body, especially when riding at high speed. Sudden shifts of weight need to be avoided. Everything from your toes to your head should be moving lithely.

In summary, big guys can ride longboards safely and efficiently with enough practice and the right equipment.

Which size of the longboard is suitable for big riders?

The answer to this question depends on your height, your shoe size, and your riding style. These are our suggestions for board size for each discipline:

Riding discipline

Board lengths (inch)


28 – 46


36 and more


38 – 42


No limit


Longboards for heavy riders can provide durability and stability while fit to the rider’s style. Deck’s shape and materials, maximum weight capacity, curve, trucks, bearings, bushings, and wheels are some of the important elements. It is recommended to prioritize stiffness over flexibility.

We have given you some suggestions on longboards for each discipline. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder is the perfect choice for carving due to its ability to take sharp turns. Atom Drop Deck Longboard is our favorite downhill longboard because of its stability.

Magneto Bamboo Longboard for cruising due to its smoothness. Or you can all in with Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard for its superior quality and amazing features.

We wish you safe and fun rides.

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