Top 8 Best Longboards For Cruising To Enjoy Your Freedom

If you enjoy the feeling of wind blowing through your hair while cruising down the streets effortlessly, you would love to find for yourself one of these best longboards for cruising.

Cruising on a longboard is not only a way to help your body stretch and take in the fresh air, but it also gives a great sense of freedom. What could possibly be more exciting and beneficial than catching healthy sunlight on a fresh morning while swerving around the neighborhood with some friends.

So, instead of spending hours searching for a high-quality longboard to start your cruise, this article will do you a favor. It contains a list of outstanding products along with buying guides as a benchmark for your option.

As the table above has already given you a general comparison between these selected skateboards, now it’s time for greater details of each.

1. Quest Super Cruiser Bamboo 44″ Longboard - Best For All-level Riders

best longboards for cruising

It is not an exaggeration that Quest names this longboard the Super Cruiser, as every feature of this board will inspire you to take your first boarding ride downtown. The quality, style, and performance, in general, will leave you little to no disappointment.

Constructed with a sturdy combination of 7-ply super-flex bamboo, hardwood maple at ideal dimensions of 44 inches long and 9 inches wide, this Quest longboard deck promises a secured, steady ride for beginners and trick-triggered performances for experienced riders.

Its 70mm x 51mm wheels with unique transparent, groundstone design plus ABEC-7 bearings offer shock-resistant journeys to alleviate your worries of being a newbie on rough surfaces. The professionals also gain the fullest sense of enjoyment.

A specialty making this longboard more special than other bamboo counterparts is its huge weight limit of over 180 pounds. Thanks to the 7-inch reactive reverse kingpin trucks, 100A bushings, and 4mm riser pads, cruisers’ speed are well-supported, and the weight boundary also increases.

If you are a newbie to this sport, you might struggle to flexibly alternate your feet positions for fear of falling or slipping. Don’t bear in mind such a worry as the black OS780 grip tape on the deck will set your feet at the right point.

The simple, abstract, beautiful graphic design will visually appeal to riders of all ages and styles, especially those in favor of minimalism. All in all, it is a pleasing-to-the-eyes paint on a beautiful artisan bamboo deck that appears to suit people who prefer skating in style.

This Quest longboard has two noteworthy disadvantages: its heavyweight and high price compared to its rivals.

The significant weight might cause certain control difficulties and purchasing reluctance to newbies. That said, the quality is worth the price, and diligent practice will fulfill your skills.


  • Components and add-ons suitable for skaters of all levels
  • Balanced construction
  • High-quality, durable, and flexible bamboo deck
  • Great turning capabilities
  • Good value for money
  • Simple but appealing finish


  • Heavier than other brands

2. Seething 42” Cruiser Pintail Longboard - Best For Freestyling

good longboards for cruising

Designed for cruising, this Seething creation comes in great sturdiness and stability. The high-quality Canadian maple not only minimizes the board’s weight but can also withstand a maximum weight limit of 330 lbs.

The genuine aluminum 7-inch alloy trucks play an important role in the great balance between sturdy construction and lightweight. It provides optimal comfort to your smooth riding experience, making freestyling and skill-performing easier.

In addition, the ABEC-11 bearings combined with 95A PU cast brushing foster a smooth and speedy ride. You can speed up on any smooth surface and show off your longboarding dance in every street corner, even rough terrain, without fear of falling.

Besides gaining sustainable control over the board thanks to such a great support pad, you should have no worries about slipping while riding or styling. The anti-slip emery paper will allow you to show your skills and give extraordinary performances.

This feature provides more friction between your shoes and the board, bringing a safe and sound experience while enjoying every freestyle ride.

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Especially while performing skills, this board will not fail you with the sense of steadiness and safety given.

What seems to be most eye-catching is the signature streamline design that gracefully beautifies your style and ride. Not to mention, the stunning artwork with details and flawless finish brings comfort to the eyes and appeals to fresh riders.

Though the overall construction of the board gives you comfort and safety, it is not entirely suitable for downhill rides. It does not possess shock-resistant parts to avoid accidentally swerving into a hard surface at high speed.


  • Steady, well-made parts
  • Delivers smooth and balanced freestyle riding
  • Respectable weight capacity (330 lbs)
  • Anti-slip add-on for more speed control
  • Eye-catching, functional design
  • Optimal durability
  • Good speed acceleration for freestyling


  • Not excellent for downhill rides

3. Junli 41” Freeride Longboard - Best For Downhill Skating

best type of longboard for cruising

Don’t let the vibrant-patterned design fool you by the underestimation that beauty only comes with so-so quality. This Junli product line spreads across longboarders’ world thanks to its special build to work best for downhill skating.

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Downhill is not the most difficult technique, but it requires certain features to attain safety and stability. 41 inches in length and 9.5 inches in width resulting in lightweight and comfortable foot space, make the Junli longboard appropriate for such a steep ride.

Sturdy construction will guarantee further firmness in the feet to take full control of your speed. It is the cold-press 8-ply maple wood deck combined with the brushed black anti-slip surface that offers a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs and a great sense of safety.

Not only lightweight, but the level of shock absorption is also a plus to experience smooth cruising, especially downhill. As encountering obstacles on slope terraces is quite challenging, this feature provides security in every ride you take.

With regards to trucks, you can expect to have highly responsive and controllable 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks. Compatible with an elastic PU support pad, the trucks bring the sense of stability to let your feet move flexibly without fear of falling or shivering at high speeds.

The bearings and wheels contribute greatly to the ideally functional design for a downhill longboard. Durable 70mm x 51mm 80A PU wheels with ABEC-11 high-speed bearings provide a lot of traction and withstand considerable pressure and weight.

The maneuverability of this longboard is also highly appreciated, thanks to the variety of styles and turns you can perform to improve strength, balance while enjoying the fun. It is suitable for sports enthusiasts of all ages and levels, from beginner to professional.

It is rare to find critical reviews about the Junli creation; however, durability is not a strong point of this brand. The longboard can easily get warped by time or weather. For flat cruising, the speed is rather slower than downhill.


  • High load capacity (330 lbs)
  • Firm construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Spacious deck for steep downhill rides
  • Shock-absorbing quality for smoother rides at high speeds
  • Well-constructed, durable wheels and bearings
  • Suitable for all riders


  • Not so durable by time and weather
  • Rather slow on a flat ride

4. Volador 42” Freeride Longboard - Best For City Rides

best longboard skateboard for cruising

It would have been a great pity if city riders miss the excellence in flexibility and responsiveness of this artistic longboard from Volador. Beginners and even experienced riders can find it stable and easy to use, thanks to its various outstanding features.

Contributing to the flexible movement of the longboard is the 42-inch long, 9-inch wide drop-through camber deck, which makes a decent space for a comfy, smoother ride. 250 pounds of weight capacity doesn’t reflect superb sturdiness but still gives great weight support.

In a city full of polluted sources, longboards made from environmentally-friendly materials such as natural maple wood and methanol-free epoxy glue can be a green, positive message to people’s awareness of pollution.

This set of materials preserves the board under harsh city conditions to retain durability, strength, and flexibility. Additionally, as city streets are often rough, obstructed, shock-absorbent design makes the deck super-flex and maneuverable.

How city rides suit this longboard is obvious in the fantastic avant-garde graphics and unique symmetrical shape. The board absorbs the city vibes from differently cultured designers to attain such a stunning and appealing piece of artwork.

A considerable turn radius allows sustainable speed and effortlessly surpassing obstacles, which is the typical street condition in most cities. This feature optimizes the enjoyment and stability while riding in crowded places.

The wheels are durable in an 80A durometer, amassing ease of use. You can expect a feather-like ride even if you are inexperienced and effortlessly ready for a long journey. The wheels’ harness also plays an important role in being a guardian for the sake of safety.

The ability to hold relatively heavy weights of the ABEC-9 bearings can benefit big people to their smoothest longboarding ride. Exceeding maneuverability can also be derived from the trucks, making turns on city steep or curved roads less challenging.

What is exciting about those 7-inch aluminum reverse kingpin trucks is the ability to adjust in 50 and 45 degrees. At 45 degrees, they will be a booster to shock absorption, retaining smoothness for your ride over several hours. Instead, trucks at 50 degrees support corner-takers.

Though reasonably priced, some features of this longboard are not entirely satisfying. Bearings, despite heavyweight capability, fail to add in further flexibility, while wheels come with quite a low durometer, leading to soft pushings.


  • Spacious control and comfortable riding experience
  • Eco-friendly, well-made materials
  • Good flex and shock absorption for less bumpy city rides
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Good turning capabilities to quickly react to corners in the city
  • Stunning graphics with multiple-colored options


  • Rather low-quality bearings
  • Low durometer wheels

5. Retrospec 44” Zed Bamboo Longboard - Best For Smooth Rides

best longboard skateboards for cruising

Retrospec is a well-known brand in the longboard market, and its Zed Bamboo creation seems to be one of the most eye-catching and popular skateboards. Cruising will be at ease, even for beginners, primarily thanks to all elements featuring smoothness.

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From the external design to the detailed specifications of wheels and bearings, the longboard does not miss out on flexibility and smoothness in any function: gliding, cruising, speed, riding, etc. Ultimately, it is the brand’s mission to deliver efficient performance.

The Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard is 44 inches long and 9.5 inches wide with a pintail shape. The dimension creates big enough room to flexibly move their legs while skating. Meanwhile, the strong deck shape develops a certain speed and balance.

8-ply Canadian maple wood and Zed’s bamboo build up the necessary amount of flexibility and stiffness to promote a more smooth, enduring, all-day, and comfortable ride. That said, it is still lightweight and balanced on a classic design.

The 70mm smooth wheels apply the anti-wheel bite mechanism to help soak up road bumps and smoothen the pathway you take. As you ride, a good grip provided by the soft wheel durometer will give you full control over your movement.

Those wheels combined with lightweight reverse kingpin trucks and ABEC-7 bearings maximize the speed while retaining smooth gliding, optimal control on turns to conquer bumping terrains.

Coming from the brand name, this board is not designed to be a fancy piece of artwork but rather retro. That’s why in the aspect of design, it does not leave a strong impression on consumers. The bearings, compared to other rivals, are not too excellent.


  • Comfortable standing space for lengthy rides
  • Stable, larger wheels
  • Soft durometer for movement control
  • The anti-bite mechanism on wheels to guarantee smooth experiences
  • Lightweight, smooth reverse kingpin trucks


  • Mediocre design
  • Quite low-quality bearings

6. Atom 39” Pintail Longboard - Best For Beginners

best longboard cruiser brands

As a fresh rider, choosing a type of board that possesses simplicity in design and construction while obtaining high-quality performance is ideal. And this Atom Pintail Longboard is produced with the core purpose of providing the fundamentals to all beginners.

The classic pintail shape formed by the laminated maple deck facilitates skating in many ways. This overall design, plus the concave cross-section with full grip tape coverage, will help you avoid wheel bite to assure a less struggling pathway.

The weight limit ranges over 170 lbs or more, which seems to be quite lower than other brands; still, it offers a sufficient amount of durability and flexibility. Even on not-so-smooth terrains, the board can ride on comfortably.

The 8.5-inch aluminum trucks and ABEC-5 bearings are to accelerate speeds and smoothen your journey. Especially if you are new to the sport, stability is often in need to alleviate the fear of falling. You can ask to change into more durable bearings to reduce board vibration.

78A urethane wheels are ideal for laid-back cruising. However, installing upgraded wheels on the board is advisable to optimize your smooth riding experience and enhance comfort. This upgrade will guarantee safer landing and pausing for beginners.

The pintail located right behind the longboard wheel does not affect trucks’ functions but causes difficulties in performing tricks. Also, long periods of riding on rocky terrains lead to rattling sounds in the risers. Thus, rubber ones will be better to use instead.


  • Great for entry-level riders
  • Familiar, classic pintail longboard shape
  • Easy to learn, control and ride
  • Sturdy and long-lasting maple deck
  • Strong grip tape


  • Not suitable for tricks
  • Occasional wheels upgrade

7. Magneto 42” Bamboo Longboard - Best For Professional Tricks

top longboards for cruising

Professional riders would love to have this Magneto Bamboo Longboard as the sleek and smooth design to glamorize tricks. You can expect an outstandingly consistent performance, thanks to the combination of smoothness and stability.

When doing tricks, it is important to remain balanced. This 42x9-inch bamboo and fiberglass deck subtly combining with a U-shape will get you that perfect sense of balance while riding at high speeds.

The innovative drop-through design and concavities offer great smoothness and stability. Tight turns are no longer a big deal as the board will become highly responsive under your control thanks to the concave’s shallowness.

Balance is even pushed to a higher level with the 7-inch Paris-inspired aluminum trucks set at a 50-degree angle to extend durability and comfort when taking sharp turns. They grant you perfect opportunities to freestyle and dance around all street corners.

The subtle kick tails on each side of the board trigger a greater variety of tricks and fun. It is the chance to pull off some of the eye-catching tricks. With this spacious design, stability, and flexibility, you can confidently pride yourself on your freestyling skills.

Wheels and bearings are usually the vulnerable part of every board as they fade away if rolling for a long time. Though costly, it’s better to upgrade them, loosen the wheels, for instance, to lengthen each ride and reduce pressure on the board.


  • Unique and bold look
  • Quality bamboo deck
  • Highly responsive trucks for more tricks
  • Great sense of balance while performing
  • Suitable for carving and freestyling


  • Low-quality bearings and wheels
  • Quite costly to upgrade parts

8. Sector 9 36” Aperture Sidewinder Longboard - Best For Sliding

the best longboards for cruising

A high-quality package at an affordable price is exactly what the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard offers. It is a great choice for beginners to start their longboarding journey to acquire sliding skills to soonly become intermedia-level riders.

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The 36-inch long deck makes it easy to control while providing enough foot space for comfortable movement. For sliding, it is essential to maintain a good position on the board to not cause leg fatigue.

8-ply cold-pressed maple deck specializes in durability enhancement in an attempt to prevent obstacles from ruining the longboard drop-through curves. A cutout is also added to make sure of the wheels' minimal friction.

The Sector 9 Aperture brings you great sliding capability, thanks to the set of high-quality components. Gliding requires flexibility in your ankles, so to minimize ankle tension, the wheels and bearings provide smooth and comfortable movements.

What seems to be the most special feature is the sidewinder truck settings. Gliding does not only ask for comfort but also sustainability in speeds. It is extremely flexible, enabling you to speed up to a certain extent and stabilize when climbing down.

Overall, the Sector 9 Aperture is great for sliding because of its maneuverability. However, high speed should not get involved due to some necessary adjustments to the wheels. You’d better check and upgrade before taking a long ride.


  • Safe balance while sliding
  • Good built-in quality
  • Large, comfortable deck to reduce leg fatigue
  • Unobstructed sliding
  • Reasonable price
  • Well-designed construction


  • Minor adjustments needed
  • Lower speed than other longboards

Buying Guide For The Best Longboards For Cruising

Choosing a good cruiser board is not an easy task at all as the market of skateboards varies in different sizes, qualities, materials, prices, etc. Thus, the following buying guides might help you out to clarify your needs for an ideal board.


Well-known cruiser longboard brands usually constitute a remarkable proportion of the market. So as not to tarnish the brand image, their products always thrive by high quality and eye-catching, stylish designs.

best type of longboard for cruising

Thus, it is common that people tend to search for famous brands for the sake of safety and styles. Especially in such a challenging sport as skateboarding, security and steadiness are the features you should prioritize.

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Meanwhile, other brands still struggle to find their place in the market because their products are not worth the value or are not outstandingly special in any aspect. However, there will be some whose longboards are exceptionally sturdy and durable.

All in all, brand reputation exerts a noticeable influence on the majority of consumers. However, before finalizing your decision, you’d better read customers’ reviews of your concerned brands, then it’s just a matter of preference.

Cruising Longboard Deck Size

When choosing the most suitable longboard for cruising, the very first consideration is deck size. An increase in size is the equivalent of a comfort booster. The downside of big deck size might just be the heavyweight, making it harder to carry around.

For a cruise in crowded cities, urban corners, it is wise to go for a mini-cruiser of about 28-32 inches. Though having less space for your feet, the longboard will allow you to swerve through small alleys and narrow pavements.

On the other hand, beach fronts or parks offer you a larger space to enjoy breezes playing with your hair. In such spaces, medium longboards ranging from 32’ to 38 inches is a perfect size. For greater distances and durations, full-sized longboards will be the most efficient.

Cruising Longboard Deck Shape

top longboards for cruising

The deck shape also decides the commuting and long-distance cruising level of your longboard. When cruising around the city, a directional, bullet-shaped longboard with a narrow nose and a kicktail will support quick turning and sidewalk or obstacle hops.

Meanwhile, beach cruisers should opt for a pintail mid-sized longboard with a flat deck and top-mounted trucks, which offers ample foot space. You can also gain stability, comfort, and security from large wheelbases on pintails plus tapered nose and tail.

Long-distance cruising and commuting require a certain level of durability and stability. That’s why an asymmetrical cutout shape will provide abundant foot space between truck mounts in a lowered ride height and risk-free wheel bite to enhance stability.

Cruising Longboard Construction And Flex

The durability of a longboard depends majorly on its construction, as the more sturdy and high-quality the materials are, the longer the longboard lasts. Not to mention, cruising activities as freestyle tricks or speedy downhill can benefit enormously from a stable build.

City cruising challenges many riders with rough surfaces, narrow lanes, and considerable obstacles. To give a stable ride, withstanding good pressure is a desired feature of every board. You can also achieve street tricks, long rides as long as the board holds enough strength.

Hardwood maple tends to be the core of most well-known longboard brands, thanks to its sturdiness and elegance. If combined with hybrid composite blends, the construction will reach a whole new level of beauty and carry you on wind-blowing rides.

A flexy high-quality deck also contributes to comfort enhancement and shock absorption, which elevates your cruising experience. That said, too much flex isn’t a great booster as it can be too pushing, unstably speedy, and becomes an obstruction to freestyle tricks or kick turns.

Cruising Longboard Trucks

Street trucks should be highly responsive and fast. Especially those that suit small-sized, flexy decks are great for city cruisers. A medium-sized longboard for a larger-spaced ride that ideally possesses pintail-based trucks designed for smooth turns tends to be curvy and flowy.

If you love long-distance cruising, steady trucks are essential to keep you on track while swerving through obstacles. Loose trucks cannot assure stability and durability on long rides, especially when you want to perform quick turns or tricks.

Cruising Longboard Wheels

Typically, cruising wheels vary between two common measures of 78A and 85A. They often come in a square-lipped shape and extended patch for optimal traction. Some riders, however, prefer harder wheels so that their cruiser becomes more trackable.

Each type of cruiser board matches different wheels’ sizes: city cruisers range from 60 to 65mm, large drop-through ones vary between 70mm to 85mm, while the mid-sized ranges belong to the cruisers on beach fronts and similar spaces.

Which Are The Best Longboard Cruiser Brands?

Longboards come in different styles and shapes, but your specific demands for cruising, for example, can make a difference between brands. Longboard cruiser brands are immensely diverse, so it might be quite a tough decision for cruising newbies to decide on one from the get-go.

Here are some brands excelling in cruise longboards. Each is famous for different aspects of longboarding. Let’s have a look!

Sector 9 - It is known for a wide, high-quality variety of products that longboarding players of all levels should have a go. This brand strives for excellence in both construction and comfort to enhance customers’ experience.

Landyachtz - Though having a large variety as other brands and a higher price range, this brand stands out because of its unique designs. One of their most featured designs is the drop-down and symmetrical creation of the Landyachtz Switch 40”.

Atom - Unlike Landyachtz, Atom is more inclined towards the affordability of longboards, especially for beginner riders. However, a low price is not the equivalent of a low quality. Its core value is providing a great line of boards with sturdy designs to all riders.

Volador - Made with selective materials, Volador longboards possess great stability and sustainability. The various deck styles and unique artwork on each deal will be appealing to artistic eyes. Volador uses well-made parts so that you would have no concern about replacements.

Junli - Created for downhill and high speeds, Junli longboards are exceedingly sturdy with a great, lightweight design and extra stability, thanks to their high-quality trucks. For cruising, it might be slow, but for beginners, it can be a fresh start.

Magneto - Regardless of any riding style you might perform, Magneto bamboo and maple longboards are incredibly versatile and high-quality. Their sleek, lightweight designs with good bearings and grippy wheels offer a safe and smooth ride.


This section will answer some of the most common questions asked before finalizing your purchasing decision. Hopefully, it will help you define your expectations of a good cruiser longboard.

Which Longboard Size Is Best For Cruising?

Again, sizes matter to your desired longboarding journeys. Different terraces also require a suitable-sized board to fit in, jump over obstacles, and offer smooth rides for all entry-level riders.

For instance, large spaces allow longer boards to ride while crowded city streets match smaller-scale ones to run on narrow lanes or rough sidewalks.

It also depends on your interest, whether you find bigger or smaller-sized longboards easier to ride. You should consider comfortable feet space and inspiring designs to optimize your cruising experience.

Only when you love your longboard can you treasure the fullest sense of enjoyment while cruising on a longboard across all corners and the scarce freedom after long tiring days.

Are Drop-through Longboards Good For Cruising?

Drop-through longboards, as mentioned, are excellent for cruising in large spaces and long distances. This type of board ensures sustainability and flexibility as long as it is made of sturdy, durable materials and high-quality parts.

A great option for cruising and carving is symmetrical top mount decks included in a flexible, high-quality design. To improve stability, wheels and trucks are installed on the ends of the longboard. The downside of this feature is no kicks supported.

Are Pintail Longboards Good For Cruising?

Pintail longboards are one of the most popular options when it comes to choosing a board for cruising. They work perfectly in mid-sized areas as beach fronts and offer smooth rides and sharp turns that tend to optimize your enjoyment.

It is advisable to consider different terraces an indispensable element, though your interest mainly drives your decision. A flat deck and top-mounted trucks of a pintail longboard will let you have comfortable foot space with exceptional stability and safety.

What Is The Best Brand Of Top Longboards For Cruising?

There are a lot of good longboard manufacturers to choose from. We cannot determine which is the best for cruising as different elements contribute to the cruise performance of each longboard.

It also depends on your demands for an ideal cruiser longboard. As you are in favor of a city swerving, for example, brands producing mini cruisers are among great options for you.

However, all the brands we have mentioned above are worth checking. Each serves specific unique selling points from skaters of all ages, sizes, levels, riding styles, and preferences for aesthetics.


We have given all the information needed about good longboards for cruising, and now the choice is all yours. The list of features should be the first thing to look at to identify your taste for a cruise downtown.

The buying guide will also find you certain elements to sort out your options and select the best longboard to enjoy your cruising. Each of the longboards in the list is special in different aspects, so choose the most impressive one and give it a try.

If we have to pick one, the Junli 41” Freeride Longboard will be ranked first. It has an elegant, attractive design combined with sturdy, stable construction and highly responsive trucks to ensure flexibility and durability. In general, it offers great value for its reasonable price.

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