Top 11+ Best Longboard Wheels For Your Ride (2022)

Choosing the best longboard wheels for your riding is a significant step. It is because they will keep you safe while improving the performance of your longboards and the overall quality of your smooth riding.

However, finding the most suitable gears of this kind isn't as simple as it appears. Since the market is overflowing with longboard wheel manufacturers, it is challenging for not only novices but also pro skaters to find the best longboard wheels.

best longboard wheels

Remember that only wheels that match your riding style, aesthetics, and riding attitude, are ideal.

Fortunately for you, we'll provide a list of excellent options along with practical purchasing recommendations later to spare you the time and effort of conducting your research about your dream longboard wheels.

The list of wheel specifications may appear daunting at first, but keep in mind that each longboard wheel has its particular set of characteristics that appeal to different types of riders.

Check out our in-depth review below to see which longboard wheel works best for you.

1. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels - Best For Terrain

best longboard wheels

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are 100x65 mm all-terrain wheels with exceptionally high traction. They are constructed of 78A SHR urethane and ideal for the roughest roads.

The thread on the wheels has excellent traction on loose soil, sand, and even concrete. In addition, the large size of MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels increases stability while allowing for smoother movements.

Users consider them to be one of the most fantastic longboards for touring wheels because of their ability to roll over small obstacles in their path.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels have excellent grip on paved surfaces additionally. Small gaps in the rails, cobblestones, and small sticks together don't make it difficult for these all-terrain wheels.

One plus point of the product is that MBS wheels will not slip on wet conditions either due to their high traction.

Bearing spacers come with the MBS All-Terrain Wheels to assist you apply enough stress to your boards when sliding, doing tricks, or riding hard in general, but they are not compatible with turbochargers.

However, because it rolls well on hard ground, bumpy roads, concrete, and asphalt rather than gravel, the wheels will put a lot of pressure on you when you're not on rough surfaces. These wheels are not suitable for power sliding either.

If you're driving a conventional road deck, you'll need add-ons for the MBS All-Terrain Wheels for a better fit. Considering their large size, you may need to purchase several large trucks to lift the board slightly above the ground.


  • Ideal for terrain riding
  • Good high-wheels traction
  • Overcoming difficulties and bumps easily
  • Exceptional grip
  • Stable surface
  • No slipping


  • Not as smooth if power sliding or not on rough surfaces
  • Not compatible with turbochargers

2. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels Mountain Cruisers - Best For Controlling

the best longboard wheels

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels Mountain Tourers have super high rebound urethane quality with an 80A durometer rating for stiffness. They ensure stability when moving too fast while maintaining grip, providing a good downhill journey, and you can control all your actions.

When turning or passing a corner, these longboard slide wheels are reliable. With their offset cores, they offer a larger grip. Moreover, they are predictable, allowing you to adjust slides precisely.

Now let's focus on speed. With these wheels, it's a lot easier to get from one area to another. Because of the continuous lateral grip, you can easily avoid kicking points and individuals in contested positions despite the movements.

Due to the offset core, the wheels grip as you spin while also controlling your slides.

Plus, you might be surprised at the affordable price range that comes with the high quality and great looks of the Bigfoot Longboard Wheels.

The only minor flaw in this product is its slight imbalance. However, even though it may lead to unstable feelings, the product’s firm grip for races and downhill journeys is excellent.


  • Predictable slide for maximum sliding control
  • Great for carving and downhill longboarding
  • Good grip
  • Compensation core
  • Cost-saving


  • A bit unstable when you're not used to it

3. FREEDARE 70 mm Longboard Wheels - Best For Budget

top longboard wheels

If we're going to make a list of the best wheels, we can't forget to include the FREEDARE Longboard Wheels.

They're incorporated with ABEC-7 bearings and meticulously fitted spacers. The ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) standard is significant. It symbolizes the tensile strength of ball bearings.

The greater the ABEC rating, the higher the efficiency and precision. ABEC-7 of this product is the second-highest standard after ABEC-9, a respectable score.

The wheels are reasonably priced, come in a wide range of colors, and travel smoothly on the street or in the skate park. Considering how inexpensive they are, these wheels are sturdy and smooth.

The offset cores ensure that the wheels have a firm grip as you turn while still allowing you to accelerate. Even if there are pebbles or other large objects on the road, the polyurethane substance can make your ride smoother. Thus, you'll be able to ride quickly without losing your equilibrium or comfort.

The wheels’ inboard side is recessed, making them appear flush with the board, and then they extend out like most longboard slide wheels.

FREEDARE wheel bearings, on the other hand, are pretty inexpensive and may cause problems in the future because of their low quality.

Another disadvantage is that the wheels wear fast, but if you're just beginning to longboard and don't want to spend a lot of money, using these best cheap longboard wheels is a great place to start.


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent for skateparks
  • Efficient and accurate
  • Stability when rolling over debris
  • Made of polyurethane for durability and strong
  • The simple design allows for more straightforward modification.


  • Poor quality bearings
  • Easy to wear out

4. Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising - Best For Hardness Levels

good longboard wheels

The Orangatang created their Caguama longboard wheels with the Happy Thane Orangatang formula and many durometer levels, smooth and plush wheels. Before they reach your hands, these wheels have been thoroughly tested in the lab for many years.

If you're looking for a variety of hardness levels, the Orangatang Caguama is an excellent choice.

It comes in three different durometers, allowing you to choose between softer or harsher levels freely. The blue 77A is the softer wheel, the orange 80A in the middle, and the purple 83A is the toughest.

The wheel's multiple hardness levels make it ideal for both novices and experienced riders since they may choose the appropriate durometer based on their needs and experience.

At maximum speed, softer durometer blue 77A, and orange wheels 80A will often slow you down faster and make it much easier to operate. They have a good balance of speed, grip, and buttery-smooth slide ability additionally.

The purple 83A version is the most intricate and helps you ride for extended distances before pushing again - ideal if you're seeking more of a long-distance push. They're excellent at turning quickly and navigating cracks or debris.

The Orangatang Caguama 85 mm wheels are large, which means less torque and slower acceleration, but it also means higher speed and smooth rides. Moreover, they give comfortable space for skid plates, reducing the amount of dirt that flies up and scratches the bottom of your longboard.

Despite the massive urethane lines in wheel size, the exposed cores save weight effectively at only 0.6 pounds.

The Orangatang Caguama wheels have a 56 mm contact patch but a 58.5 mm overall width, which means that as you ride, the wheels will widen and offer additional traction to the ground, offering riders more stability and safety.

Higher edges and rounded lips of the Caguama prevent the longboard from fishtailing. The rounded lip can reduce your wheel bite on the lip's edge on the road's paint lines.

However, these wheels are not ideal for little longboards and may cause shoe wear due to their large size.

Furthermore, some former users noted that the wheels could chunk on. This type of riding is a good way for beginner riders to learn board control skills, but it's also extremely enjoyable for advanced and expert riders in rough terrain. Regardless, this is a manufacturing defect that they will replace free of charge under their warranty.


  • Various hardness levels to choose from
  • Multi-use for carving, long-distance pushing, commuting, pumping, and e-boarding
  • Reduced wheel bite
  • Heat-proof urethane material
  • Compatible with electric boards
  • Wider wheels for heavier riders


  • Colors fading
  • Large-sized wheels may cause shoe wear
  • Not suitable for the small type of boards

5. Bigfoot Cored Classics Longboard Wheels - Best For Grip

best longboard wheel brands

Bigfoot Cored Classics has you covered if you're searching for larger longboard diameter wheels for increased grip. These downhill riding wheels include a center-set core and a super high rebound urethane hardness at 78A.

This suggestion is the best longboard wheels for cruising, providing excellent grip and ideal for downhill riding.

The considerable wheel size rides like a dream through rubble, fractures, and road debris, and you won't lose traction or maximum grip while carving.

The center-set core and round lip design of the cored classics give the rider complete grip control.

The color determines the size of the wheel. Particularly, 83 mm is available in red, 90 mm is available in green, and 97 mm is available in black. Keep in mind that the greater the diameter of the wheel, the better the gripping capability.

The Cored Classics will satisfy downhill racers that want to go all out. These are perfect for longboards with cutouts or drop-through longboards to decrease wheel bite and keep you safe from falling by dropping your maximum grip.

Additionally, they are fashionable due to their design. Red, green, and black colors are available for the wheels. The reward amounts vary depending on the size of the wheel and the type of material used.

Bearings are included with the Bigfoot Core Classics, although they aren't the most excellent. To have a smoother ride and avoid wheel chipping, invest in more robust approaches. These wheels are also an exceedingly tough option to use for the first time due to the cored center-set design.


  • Larger sizes for better grip
  • Good ability to rolls and slide ability
  • Lots of room to push
  • Durable urethane materials
  • Eye-catching design with three color options of three sizes


  • Exceedingly hard
  • Utilized the improper size bearing lead to chipping

6. Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Cruising Wheels - Best For Versatility

best longboard wheel brands

The Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill is an excellent choice if you prefer versatility above all else. Whether you're downhill racing, carving, pushing, or pumping, you won't have any trouble with these flexible wheels.

They can move at a fast speed since the wheels are 75 mm in diameter, and the hardness of the wheels prevents them from losing traction or versatility. That is one of the benefits of balanced wheels.

This product has square lips to improve traction, firm grip, and sliding. Besides, Orangatang added a Happy Thane Orangatang (urethane-based) rippling pattern for a more advanced rebound.

These flexible longboard wheels come in four different durometers: blue 77A, orange 80A, purple 83A, and yellow 86A.

Blue 77A is a softer wheel that is significantly smoother and more versatile than the previous options. Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill wheel Provides possesses increased strength to ensure sliding on concrete roads and mountain treks in urban and rural settings.

If you prefer a smooth and grippy ride on bumpy pavement, get the orange 80A durometer wheels, which are the softest of all Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill versions.

The purple 83A or yellow 86A wheels will move slightly faster on smoother surfaces and have a buttery-smooth slide easier than the durometer of the soft wheel.

With a decent rebound and flexibility for every terrain, these offset wheels can prevent wheel biting. Besides, when compared to other reels, you will get further with fewer pushes.

However, compared to prior generations of Orangatang, these wheels are less smooth and slower moving, explaining why the In Heat is less expensive than the others.

Furthermore, these brittle edge wheels aren't ideal for free-sliding, but they're perfect for making sharp 90-degree turns on highways or sidewalks that require more flexibility.


  • 75-mm wheels for buttery slide balancing
  • A flexible ride for intricate carving, or long-distance riding, downhill riding, speed, pumping
  • Provides incredible rebound by rippling pattern
  • Four available durometer types for versatile choices
  • Quickly passing through deep gashes due to rapid roll speed
  • Grips offer excellent control in damp circumstances.


  • Not designed for free-sliding
  • Quite heavy (2.2 pounds)

7. Blank Wheels 70 mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels - Best For Quiet Rides

best longboard wheels

Long-term and quiet use is the purpose of the Blank Wheels 70 mm Longboard Wheels, which come with a generous quantity of complimentary ABEC-7 bearings and spacers.

They have eight bearings and four spacers, making them excellent longboarding wheels for silent cruising.

The main advantage of these bearings and spacers is the quiet ride they provide. Annoying sounds will not ruin your moment as long as the two types of components are working together.

When you initially get the product, you'll notice that the bearings are a little greasy. This point prevents rust and reduces noise from exposing to moisture during your initial rides.

On extremely uneven pavements, these longboard wheels can deliver a forceful performance. They're vast and squishy, which makes them ideal for absorbing the impact of stones even when rolling rapidly. That is why people consider them as good longboard wheels for beginners.

Because good longboard wheels' look is essential to confident riders, the Blank Wheels 70 mm longboard is a perfect choice that comes in a wide variety of colors (up to 17). When you use these eye-catching wheels, you'll get a lot of compliments; that is without a doubt.

Although, bear in mind that once the wheels are installed wrong, the bearings do not spin very well. However, if your wheels don't turn very well despite being in the correct position, it could be a problem with your bearings, as the quality of these bearings isn't very optimal.


  • Relaxed rides thanks to the quiet united of spacers and bearings
  • Eight ABEC-7 bearings and four spacers for maintenance and regular usage
  • Oiled bearings ready to use right away
  • Shock-proof by large and soft wheels
  • Variety of colors available


  • Improvable bearing quality

8. Shark Wheel 70 mm 78A Sidewinder Longboard Skateboard Wheels - Best For Design

best longboard wheels

Shark Wheel Sidewinder is at the top of our list when selecting the best longboard slide wheel. Their wavy-edged surface that is dissimilar to traditional wheels is what initially caught our attention.

These gears are not only beautiful, but they are also of more outstanding quality than most regular longboarding wheels.

Shark Wheel Sidewinder tracks, like tire tracks, are designed to drain dirt or water away from the wheels and improve traction. Besides, they kick small stones out of the way or slide over minor fractures. As a result, you won't experience any severe jerks as you glide with the Shark Sidewinder.

This build is a significant advancement in longboard skateboard wheel design. In comparison to conventional 70 mm diameter wheels, its sine curves provide extra grip and speed.

Each portion of the wheel is curled to resemble a square edge but provides the seamless rolling of a standard-shaped wheel, with a mix of square and sphere shapes. They're made specifically for longboards to prevent loose attachment, a typical cause of sliding accidents.

The Shark Wheel Sidewinder's features and design are so distinctive and effective that it eventually appeared on the Discovery Channel's popular show "Shark Tank."

Aside from the futuristic style, this suggestion comes in nine various color combinations. The narrow contact patch of these wheels gives them a performance advantage. Therefore, you can select the most excellent color option that complements your longboard to create the ideal combo.

These Shark Wheel Sidewinders have a durometer grade of 78A, which means they are still soft enough to provide you with pleasant rides all day other than the beautiful outlook.

Large pebbles and deep puddles; however, may cause problems with this wheel shape; therefore, it's best to avoid them. Besides, Shark Sidewinder may not be ideal for smooth pavement such as concrete or soft ground due to the wavy wheel build.


  • Futuristic and distinguishable wavy-edged design
  • Great design for a variety of conditions: wet, rough, mountainous
  • Perfect for carving, sliding, and turning
  • Nine color selections
  • Reduce road vibrations
  • Lightweight wheel (1.5 pounds)


  • Quite costly
  • Not great on a smooth surface or encountering pebbles

9. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels - Best For Freeriding

best budget longboard wheels

This appealing-looking wheel option from Sector 9 Slide Butterballs offers nearly all of the attributes of the best wheels, but at an affordable price and worth the title of Best for freeriding.

The Sector 9 Butterballs get their name from the "buttery" and provide a buttery-smooth slide on any longboard. This feature comes in handy when freeriding.

The core of the cosmic counter set has come with it. The wheel loses its stability if some areas are more worn out than others.

However, this wheel's cosmic counter-set core will solve this issue and help Sector 9 Slide Butterballs wear out more evenly than other wheel types. The wheel's urethane substance is also resistant to wear and tear, making it long-lasting.

The 38 mm wide contact patch is large enough to grab while remaining small enough to slip. As a result, it possesses excellent speed and excellent grip.

For freeriding, this figure is a perfect balance combo. It has stone-ground contact patch material, and the wheel core’s rounded lips aid in breaking traction for your better freeride.

The wheels are available in durometers of 75A and 80A. Both of them allow you to explore across rugged terrain freely, even with debris.

However, Sector 9 Slide Butterballs leave many thanes on the ground after sliding, which might quickly wear them down.

The most significant disadvantage of these Butterballs is their short lifespan. It's just another one of those wheels where you have to balance the cost and benefit.

You get a wheel that slides beautifully but leaves a lot of thanes behind, and it may expire rapidly. All you have to do now is decide if it's worth it for you.


  • Firm grip that is ideal for freeriding
  • Break-traction with rounded lips
  • Sliding more easily with stone-ground nature than plain wheels
  • No break-in periods required
  • Wheels’ cosmic core for even wear and tear


  • Leaves many thanes after sliding
  • Short lifespan

10. Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Wheels - Best For Durability

best cheap longboard wheels

If you're seeking a set of durable longboard wheels for sliding, your quest may come to an end right here.

Orangatang Stimulus wheels are medium-sized that are suitable for longboard riders who wish to do freestyle tricks. Stimulus wheels are created on the original Happy Thane Orangatang formula, ensuring that they will survive even under maximum speed riding for a long time.

They measure 70 mm in diameter, which is the largest size for longboards. But don't be fooled by the size of Orangatang Stimulus wheels; they're durable, quite sturdy, and capable of generating a lot of momentum and maintaining a steady speed.

The core of these longboarding wheels is a high-strength, heat-resistant polymer that keeps your slides smooth and their lifespan long.

Furthermore, this long-lasting substance ensures undisturbed glides with improved traction.

The suggestion is available in four different durometers, allowing you to find the ideal choice that fits your longboard. The softer 77A blue, the softest orange 80A, and the 83A purple are slightly more challenging, making them better for cruising and sliding.

This wide availability allows you to select the optimal durometer option for your liking and riding style.

That’s not all; the harshest durometer is the 86a in yellow, ideal for cruising and sliding but will make you feel the bumps on the road more than the milder durometers.

Orangatang Stimulus wheels feature a spherical surface and a stone-ground contact patch for smooth, balanced slides.

They're tough and durable enough that you can ride on a bumpy surface without fear of cracking or scratching. Due to its center-set core, it is also simple to accomplish stunts and flips.

While they are excellent longboard wheels for freeriding, Orangatang Stimulus wheels are not the best for speed or steep slopes because they are highly slippery and difficult to control, which might cause you to fall.


  • Highly durable material with urethane and stone-ground
  • Smooth sliding with plain wheels
  • Includes the loaded Jehu v2 bearings
  • Easy to install
  • Four optimal durometers


  • Not suitable with faster speed or downhill rider

11. Sector 9 Skiddles 70 mm 78A - Best For Sliding

good longboard wheel brands

With another position on the list, the Sector 9 Skiddles from Sector dominate the best sliding wheels for longboard rankings.

The Sector 9 Skiddle wheels, similar to the Sector 9 Butterballs but are less expensive, come in various colors, produce stunning slides, and become the perfect wheels for sliding.

They're contoured to make it easy to start sliding, and the rounded edge (inner and outer) prevents you from getting stuck on crevices, ensuring a smooth, constant slide.

You can use the Skiddles for cruising, but they are best for slides. When you slide, these leave thane markings, but you won't lose enough that they'll wear down quickly. Hence, you can skate for years without having to replace your Skiddles 9.

The 70 mm diameter wheels are smooth, quiet, and consistent right out of the box. Because of the offset hub, the wheels may cone if you do a lot of sliding. They have thick rounded lips and stone-ground inner and outer edges, making them perfect for sliding.

You may lose a lot of speed in the slide due to the softness of the Skiddles at 78A, but you still slide nicely, especially if you are a beginner. Heavy riders, who prefer slower speed, will appreciate the Sector 9 Skiddles for this.

Their usage just maintains for a shorter period, owing to their leaving gray lines after sliding, leading to wear out faster than other wheels. And they might lose their smoothness at the end of their lives.


  • Contoured for consistent slides
  • Predictable slide by super controllable wheels
  • Decent roll speed for controlling easily
  • Thane in 2 different colors
  • Inner and outer rounded edges avoid getting stuck on crevices


  • Quite costly
  • Wears quickly

The Best Longboard Wheels - Buying Guide

To get the ideal wheel for your board, you must have a broad understanding of the subject. This guideline will show you how to choose the best wheels.

best longboard wheels for speed

Understand the longboard wheels


When it comes to the characteristics of your longboard wheels, the size or height is the most popular parameter.

Longboard wheels have many diameters, ranging from about 60 mm to 100 mm. A longboard wheel diameter is usually more significant than a typical skate wheel, ranging from 48 mm to 60 mm.

top longboard wheels

The bigger the wheel is, the faster the trip becomes. Moreover, the larger wheels will absorb more shock when driving on cracks, bumps, and other obstacles.

Otherwise, narrow wheels will accelerate faster and have the highest speed. The most frequent wheel size is from 63 mm to 75 mm.

When your wheels are more significant than 75mm, check out the arrangement of longboard deck/trucks that can handle the additional rider weight without causing wheel bites.


Longboard wheels are usually made of polyurethane and come in a variety of hardnesses. The wheel durometer reflects the hardness of polyurethane. A durometer refers to how effectively the wheel grips the surface you're riding it on in terms of performance.

best longboard wheels

75A to 88A is the usual range depending on your choice. However, the most unwieldy grades sometimes start at 83A.

Overall, longboard wheels may be softer than skateboard wheels, as evidenced by their range from about 90A to 101A.

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Moreover, a low or soft durometer rating provides better grip but slower speeds. It often leaves many urethane lines on the ground, which is beneficial for speed control and continuous trips. Unfortunately, it will quickly wear out the wheel simultaneously.

On the other hand, wheels with a high or hard durometer will have less grip and increased speed. Thus, it will be more enjoyable for high-speed players. Plus, you can take the durometer to the next level by extending the distance between each push.

Core Setting

The location of the wheel core is in hub placement. The core position affects the grip and life of your long table wheel.

According to physics, when starting to spin a wheel, the force applied to the wheel is absorbed around the wheel's core. Therefore, if you have a wheel with a center-set nature, the urethane content will be evenly distributed from left to right.

good longboard wheels

Side-set, Center-set, and Offset are three types of core positions of longboard wheels.

The internal lip of the wheel correctly links to the side core. As a result, it has the lowest amount of power, allowing easy slip. That’s the reason why it is a good beginner longboard wheel.

Side-set core, nevertheless, is the most difficult to adjust. It might cause uneven abrasion on the lips additionally.

Meanwhile, the Center-set core is in the middle position. It has the most substantial grip, opposite to the Side-set. Its grip is due to the expansion of its lips.

Another advantage of the Center-set core is its durability. It would be best if you flipped it to ensure it wears evenly. By combining nature with round lips and narrow contact patches, freeride wheels can take advantage of this.

The Offset core is the last core type. It is a mix of Side-set and Center-set substances. It allows smooth slides while keeping a light grip, allowing you to control the speed completely.

Core Material

The primary materials used in the core of longboard wheels change the least on models compared to other wheel features. But, they affect how long the longboard wheel rides and lasts.

Long-lasting board wheels are from the most complex aluminum to urethane core, with the plastic core being the most popular. Here are, again, some standard wheels core materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Urethane

Plastic has a smaller volume but less weight than aluminum, less dampening than urethane coal, and the most reasonable price. There is no wonder for it being the most popular material for longboard wheel cores.

Lip Shapes

Configuring the lips of a longboard wheel, like a durometer, determines your wheel speed and grasp of the riding surface. Although diverse wheel models have different versions of rounded lips, beveled lips, or square lips, most wheels direct towards a spectrum.

best longboard wheel brands

At a faster wheel speed, a square lip shape will be more grippy and provide better control. This version of square lip wheels is usually thick and sharp.

Its primary focus is to maintain a stable grip, especially important for downhill trips. It is not the best choice for a slide wheel, but it's perfect for deep carving or entering narrow angles.

A rounded lip profile provides less grip to improve sliding performance. With a rounded lip shape, the braking force is not tricky. It is less clinging, facilitating changes from sliding to grip and vice versa. It works well with freestyle riding.

Beveled lips can appear on longboard wheels sometimes. This design gives the wheel a balance of grip and sliding, making it ideal for freewheeling drivers who want a little drift or comfortable ride without affecting the overall traction.

Contact Patch

A longboard wheel's contact patch is simply the breadth or amount of the revolution that touches the surface at any given time.

the best longboard wheels

The standard range is 38 to 55 millimeters, but you can go as small as 29 millimeters and as large as 70 millimeters.

This design does not include any bevels or lips that do not make contact with the surface. There is more urethane on the surface of a wider contact patch, which means more grip. There will be less urethane in a thinner contact patch, resulting in more slides.

Keep in mind that this feature interacts with the wheel's durometer to determine how grippy it is. On the other hand, most sliding wheels will have a thinner contact patch, while most freeride/downhill wheels would have a wider contact patch.

Best Longboard Wheel Brands

This point is a matter of personal opinion; however, Orangatang, Shark Wheel, Bigfoot, Sector 9, FREEDARE are remarkable among the good longboard wheel brands. They have a lengthy history in the market and only provide the highest quality products.


Orangatang is one of the most popular longboard wheel brands in the whole world. It has mastered the urethane formula with the Happy Thane formula and produced a wide range of downhill, sliding, and cruising wheels.


With its gorgeous designs, Bigfoot is causing quite a stir. People can either admire or despise these one-of-a-kind innovations. But undeniably, its products are of excellent quality and among the greatest longboard wheels available.

Sector 9

In the realm of longboard sliding wheels, Sector 9 products are unrivaled. They're ready to use right away and generate some of the most significant thane lines that probably satisfy you.

Shark Wheel

It is one of the most rapidly growing longboard wheel companies. This brand has been making a unique wheel design that's not like the typical round-shaped wheels. Its wheels are flat in shape and perform better than many other high-quality longboard wheels.


This Chinese company, which only recently opened its doors, focuses on creating high-quality outdoor sports equipment, particularly longboards, skateboards, and roller skates.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand this topic better, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions and provided our responses. Please continue reading.

Is It Better To Go With Small Or Large Longboard Wheels?

Your goals dictate the wheel size you need for your longboard. Many seem to feel that larger diameter wheels are always better than narrow counterparts. However, this statement is not entirely true.

The larger diameter wheels are better for higher top speeds and more effortless gliding over rough terrain, but they're not the best choice for every long-distance racer.

The smaller wheels have their advantages, including faster acceleration, making it easier for you to perform tricks, and the ability to fit more boards without modification.

What type of wheels is best for rough roads?

Size, softness, and lip shape are important factors when looking for the top longboard wheels for rocky roads.

top longboard wheels

To glide smoothly over rough terrain, you'll need a giant wheel that can absorb a lot of shocks. A chamfer on the wheel provides smoothness and control and allows you to decelerate quickly and gain better control.

Besides, you should choose wheels with high stability and tighter grip.

What are the wonderfully carved longboard wheels?

Different types of longboards are more suitable for different kinds of carvings. The ride is excellent for carving but not so much for stability.

The commuting style long top planks provide plenty of leverage to the wheels since the trucks are positioned at the larger deck poles, allowing for excellent carving performance.

Long planks with easy-turning trucks are ideal for carving. The width of the truck determines this primarily. Greater width means increased stability and reduced wheel wear.

Wheelbase occurs when the board may flip over and the wheel scrap. Less width improves maneuverability and traction, thus, better for carving.

Another important consideration is the height of the truck. The taller your truck is, the better your carving will be, and the less likely your board will be to hit the wheels. On the other hand, tall trucks lose stability, and it's much harder to push when you're higher off the ground.

What accounts for the high cost of longboard wheels?

If you intend to skate for the long term, you should consider buying the right wheels. We may confirm, high-quality wheels are worth the money you spend.

good longboard wheel brands

The higher-priced options have better material, design, and performance. Therefore, the production of these wheels takes a little more time, money, and research.

These longboard wheels can give skaters the most comfort and best experience possible.

Although cheap longboard wheels can move slower and are easier to maneuver, newbies should think twice before buying them.

Some cheap wheels are made of low-quality materials and may have flaws in the design, causing problems during use. More affordable wheels also run the risk of failing faster, requiring more frequent replacement.

Final Thought

Now that you understand the basics of longboard wheels, you can select the ideal set.

Remember that the most refined longboard wheels for you should be based on the type of wheel, the types of riding you intend to conduct, and your primary objectives: improved performance, safety, and budget.

We hope that you can find the best longboard wheels for your budget and meet your needs among the designs shown above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful day!

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