Top 10+ Best Longboard Trucks For Your Ride’s Solid Support

If you measure your time with the longboard by years, seeing you disregard the trucks’ importance would shock just about everyone. They are not there simply to hold the wheels together but to act as a speed enhancement and allow for an adept ride, thus promoting the need to invest in the best longboard trucks.

But this one mission involves the question of ‘how’ and ‘what’ more than anything else. Having no idea what to go after, you can be lost inside their vast market and end up paying for your future biggest regret.

We can tell that you would hate to go through that, so we have gathered 10 recommendations from all price ranges for your reference!

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1. Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks - Best Overall

best longboard trucks

These Gullwing longboard trucks can be described by numerous things, but we think the most fitting ones are no-nonsense and groundbreaking. Inspect closer, and you will understand why right the moment their dual-kingpin construction comes into view.

Drilled into its hanger’s center and mid-section is a pair of massive bolts molded from high-density metal like the rest of its construction. Trucks are there to keep the wheels from rolling their way and neutralize impacts following each turn or pump, so doubling their number equals doubling the support.

In the end, what you have will be a hankering-worthy system that outperforms most longboard trucks in how far the steer goes. With this comes more fine-tuning pumps and sharper twists as you round corners regardless of the speed.

As long as you have the dexterity for it, directing your longboard into the boldest arc while maintaining the flow and balance is never a challenging feat on these trucks.

But will the higher amount of metal on the trucks’ bodies weigh them down and need time to get used to? Worry not, for this dual-kingpin system proves otherwise.

The flow of strength in its functional construction transfers a whopping amount of responsiveness into the wheels, taking them higher into the air after dropping onto any surface.

But if you don’t find wheel bite acceptable, no matter the reason, we wouldn’t recommend getting your money out for these trucks. Considering their design to turn so hard on two gigantic bolts, the issue of wheel bite will happen sooner or later.


  • Great for carving and cruising
  • Enable high-speed ride
  • Steer further than usual
  • Heightened maneuverability and motion
  • For all levels of experience


  • High possibility of wheel bite

2. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Truck

top longboard trucks

Caliber has incorporated an ingenious treatment process during these rugged and solid trucks’ manufacture, which sends 40% more power into their axles.

Having the right longboard at hand, even skaters over 200lbs can maneuver their way through tight corners day after day and never find so much as a sign of deformation on the trucks.

Another factor that heavy longboard users place high on their priority agenda is the bushings - also known as friction absorbers for skating - as those with smaller durometers are deemed unfit for them.

Caliber is well aware of this fact, so they have ensured that their creation comes with an all-size-fit-all bushing holder, giving users the freedom of choice!

Like the rest of their body, the baseplates holding them to the longboard deck are reinforced for optimal loading capacity - a sign that they can survive both your weights and rough landing for a long time.

It just so happens that these parts lean an ideal 50 degree, a baseplate angle where responsiveness and stability meet. This fits longboard riders of all levels, so the trucks will work wonders in all situations.

We would appreciate it if Caliber thought more about creating a fine look that lasts as long. The trucks’ paint soon chips and peels off after the purchase, leaving an impression that you come across them at some corners in a thrift store.


  • Accommodate bushings of all types
  • High responsiveness and stability
  • Generate higher bound after each drop
  • For all riding styles
  • Installation takes little time


  • Chipped paint

3. Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Trucks - Best For Carving

good longboard trucks

You can ride a longboard around town for endless reasons, but if carving takes the lead of that list, make sure that Paris V2 is the one having your back.

Since the activity has high demands for back-and-forth motions as well as strategic trajectories to get momentum to come and stay, their bushings are made from high-performance urethane.

For your information, this material is treated like gold in the skating world as it promises fluid motion and excellent rebound. It snaps your trucks back to place no matter how sharp the movement, easily granting a smooth riding experience.

These pivotal components are not the sole driving force for your smooth ride. The 50-degree baseplates help them a great deal. They tilt the board in a position that automatically complements your ride’s responsiveness, which is ideal for effortless navigation.

Another thing that we love about these good longboard trucks is the fact that serious attention has been placed on their build quality.

To ensure that your means of enjoyment doesn’t go down in shape too soon, Paris has wrapped around it a shell of pure virgin aluminum. Other crucial parts also receive similar rewards with their dense metal forms.

We have some qualms about this Paris V2 product being suitable for people keen on a hassle-free installation, however. As far as we can tell, the set comes with not even a single bolt which can annoy you to some extent.


  • Suitable for carving on any surface
  • Highly durable trucks
  • Designed for proper turn and rebound
  • Work well with all riding styles
  • Compatible with all types of longboard


  • No bolt included

4. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set - Best All-In-One Package

best longboard truck brands

This assembly of solely irreplaceable bits - trucks, wheels, bearings, risers, and other hardware - by Yocaher is worth a shot if you plan to build your board from scratch.

Since the focus of today’s guide is all but the trucks, let’s shed the spotlight on them first. Reverse kingpin, 180mm in width, high-quality aluminum from one side to the other - that’s what you have in the package to boost your ride’s agility and power.

Yes, we say power. The smooth, almost lean design plus the precise level of rigidity form the equation for a responsive and stable ride with just the grip we need.

This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the assistance of the rest of the set. The wheels roll on the road with 78A hardness, which expert skaters advise for any outdoorsy type of fun as they take on bumpy terrain as well as scattering gravels here and there with ease.

Even more, fluid motion is on the way as the bearings inside them are pre-lubed, and the risers connected to the deck reach a height that keeps wheel bite less of a concern.

As a bonus, you can have the Yocaher combo for a steal! Taking into account the various items that would be there to give you the desired journey on your board, the set could even be considered our best cheap longboard trucks!

While a great number of things about the set are of excellent quality, including speed, traction, and fluid motion, they make, sadly, a rather poor choice for high-complexity tricks.


  • 5-in-1 combo for a complete installation
  • Connectors (bolts and screws) included
  • Suitable for training purposes
  • Perform as expected with all speed and on all surface
  • Enhance grip, rebound, and responsiveness


  • Not ideal for tricks or stunts

5. Thunder Unisex Team - Best For Grinding

best cheap longboard trucks

Grinding is, arguably, an art in its own right. There are ample areas requiring dexterity - speed control, balance maintaining, and weight distribution to keep the momentum.

Don’t apply the one-size-fit-all mentality in this case, and find some trucks as streamlined as Thunder Unisex Team instead.

The well-polished metal of the truck is designed not to pull your legs down with any more weights - a factor no one can overlook when about to let wheels do the feet’ job on a ledge.

Coupled with baseplates and hangers structured especially for swift movements and timely reaction, it creates the needed effects in holding yourself at optimal grinding speed before that sharp wheel lift in the end.

How it plays into the grinding action of yours is taken to another level with the rigidity its geometry embraces.

Thunder chooses heavy-duty metal in the making of this truck - clear proof that it won’t break under massive force or non-stop slamming against hard surfaces.

We are talking about a branch of skating that involves rougher treatment of your longboard than anything for all the slamming that follows, after all.

That said, this longboard truck is not without flaws. Ever wondered why we never use plural when referring to it? Unlike the majority of trucks on the market, it doesn’t arrive in a pair but one single piece.


  • Made for quick turns and grinding
  • Strong and light design
  • Stand up against defects and breakage through time
  • Highly responsive
  • Sufficient control


  • Doesn’t come in a package of two

6. Paris V3 180mm 50° Longboard Trucks - Best For Unmatched Endurance

best longboard trucks

Taking one tremendous step from the previous V2 model, which we have reviewed earlier, Paris has brought its up-to-par proprietary alloy-forming process to the production line.

This upgrade of material results in a new generation of trucks blessed by high density and a rigid outer shell that lasts against all external factors. Even when you add heart-pumping elements to the game, breakage is rarely a serious concern.

Being a product from Paris, the trucks flaunt well-adjusted responsiveness to any riding style via the functional bushings and 50-degree baseplates.

Their inner mechanism keeps on working throughout the length of your ride, adding extra swiftness to your turns and heightening the stability as you lean from left to right in search of momentum.

One minor inconvenience: Some adjustments need to be done to improve the trucks’ tightness if you want to travel at 40 miles per hour or more.


  • Hardly break under any circumstance
  • A balance of quality and performance
  • Deliver a smooth carving experience
  • Responsive at any speed
  • Fit all riding styles


  • Need to be tightened for a full-speed ride

7. Cal 7 180mm Trucks - Best For Training

cheap longboard trucks

Looking for longboard accessories for the first time can be daunting as you won’t be able to tell which ones are cost-effective and newbie-friendly. The all-in-one combo from Cal 7 does a splendid job in balancing all of those prioritizing qualities.

Like any other longboard trucks the market has to offer, the pair included in this collection is built with precision in mind - a 180mm hanger, about 10-inch wide, with generous emphasis on the little parts to act as a cushion for each fall, drop, and sudden stop.

Here is an interesting fact: they are the most widely used types in leisurely cruises, the simplest skating stage ever. This alone can be the sole reason for a novice to have them in grasp-the-basic practices.

But these trucks can’t justify the Cal 7 set’s title without the functionality of the remaining bits. The PU wheels hold a 78A durometer and reach a size of 70 x 51mm, which is widely recognized as a sufficient range for testing what you can actually do.

Their performance has more to expect thanks to the 50-degree baseplates that guarantee stable speeds and manageable turns when you round corners. Anti-wheel bite risers are a part of the set, so it is safe to assume that all the riding decks have been stacked in your favor.

However, this works best as a training set for trainees but is of little use when you graduate from your baby steps and enter more adventurous zones.


  • A full set of longboard accessories
  • Easy to put together
  • Work well for children as with adults
  • Recommended for entry-level carving and cruising
  • Highly durable


  • Mediocre performance for professionals

8. Atlas Truck Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks - Best For Sophisticated Design

good longboard trucks

The attention put into every inch of this lustrous-looking pair of trucks makes it worthy of your consideration.

Embracing the height of kingpin design where modern technology leaves no room for slop to wiggle in, the bolt thereby snugly sits in its place. As long as it stays tightened and well-maintained, wobbling problems aren’t going to come by to knock you off your feet.

Add to all that, this central bolt is a result of strengthening forged A356 aluminum for days on end. We like to think of this as Atlas’s silent commitment to an unparalleled build quality that lasts us for years.

It’ll be unfair to leave the other important parts for a smooth ride out of the picture. With aluminum axles formulated to be much lighter than most heavy-duty metals and cone bushings that bring a desired level of maneuverability, it gives you a surf-like feeling no matter what speed you travel at.

The height of sophistication is even shown in the baseplates, which tilt a 48-degree angle. This walks the line between stability at speed and continuous responsiveness for turning, measuring up to the demands of both adept skaters and amateurs.

Unfortunately, these longboard trucks don’t have washers underneath their base as the baseplates offer enough space for support, giving rise to a big concern about wear and tear.


  • More strength and accuracy in your ride
  • High-performance kingpin
  • The right set of bushings for all longboarding activities
  • Fluid leans and turns
  • Bend-resistant and anti-breakage


  • Susceptible to wear and tear

9. Gullwing Longboard Trucks - Best Multipurpose Trucks

best longboard truck brands

Gullwing Longboard Trucks are just as diverse in function as they are in color scheme. The mechanism under which they steer your board to different directions enables their adaptation to all riding techniques, whether cruising on an even path and freeriding down a steep hill.

It is the secure position of the kingpin that first makes this possible. The bolt and the holder share compatible traits in their design that form an excellent fit. For that reason, you can expect your ride to be flowy on all surfaces and at all potential speeds.

Your speed and performance then receive some minor but useful enhancements from the speed rings. They stay in their designated spots on the truck hanger and axles, inserting a gap between them and the bearings.

Through time, they eliminate the struggle with friction when all these bits push against each other, giving you extra speed and solving the wear-and-tear problem.

One thing to bear in mind: These trucks turn sharper than they are supposed to be with the 50-degree baseplates the producer claims they have. You should make a point to watch out for wheel bite.


  • Work well for all deck styles
  • Compatible with old-school and modern installation
  • Anti-friction
  • Built with strength for longer service
  • Keep your ride stable


  • Be careful of wheel bite

10. Bear By Landyachtz Grizzly 852 - Best For Speed

top longboard trucks

As expected from their hybrid design, Bear by Landyachtz Grizzly 852’s setup is a combination of factors for racing and fluid maneuverability.

The hangers are the key for this top level of versatility, for, with each flip, you are granted an exclusive installation to give your ride the quality of a speed machine.

In the standard position you find when first opening the package, they make an ideal partner for full-speed carving, thanks to the responsiveness and built-in wobble-free rotation ability.

But if you unscrew the hardware and flip them around, you have for yourself a speed machine to challenge each hill you come across. The low radius achieved by the newer installation style increases the control, which is all you need to bolt down any steep surface without the fear of overstepping your own limitation and ending up tripping.

However, we think you should know that the trucks come in a hardware-free package.


  • Hybrid design for speed in carving and freeriding
  • Easy installation for quick adjustments
  • Promotes sharp turn in all situations
  • Responsive with a high rebound rate
  • For all deck styles


  • No hardware included

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The Best Longboard Trucks - Buying Guide

Looking into all the items in skateboarding shops and comparing them side by side is well-advised. But heed our warning: you may have nothing to show for all those back-and-forth trips unless there is a precise picture of what you prefer in mind.

How about easing that shopping game by etching into your mind the key points top longboard trucks can’t do without?

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

best longboard trucks

Reverse Kingpin trucks Are The Most Excellent Choice For Longboards

Plenty of standard truck designs (mostly for shorter-shape skateboards) have enormous central bolts facing inward to hold themselves together. But in modern longboards, this infamous connector sits in the directly opposite direction - on the outside and closer to the skating surface.

We know this as the reverse kingpin style. One simple tweak in design, yet what follows impresses the whole longboard community.

The inverted placement of the bolt results in more responsiveness during the ride, balancing the entire board so that you can revel in a smooth journey at any speed.

Hanger Width

good longboard trucks

The Hanger Width Decides Whether Or Not Your Board Performs As Expected

To pull off a great performance, the hanger has to equal your longboard’s measurements in terms of width. It’s a good thing that almost all longboard trucks start at 150mm and go all the way to almost 200mm, abounding with options fitting the typical size of modern longboards like a glove (180mm).

And don’t get upset if the store has nothing to match your longboard. While an ideal fit allows a balance of all factors, cutting it a tad smaller can place extra maneuverability under your feet, and something larger promises more stability.

We know it’s sad not to have both. But it’s not like anything will go wrong if you have enough skating bones in your body.


top longboard trucks

The Tilt Of The Baseplates Control The Board’s Responsiveness

Baseplates are flat metal panels that hold the truck and the board together. It’s easy to think that their roles are limited to nothing more than that, but they double as something that might take you by surprise: thrill enhancer!

It all boils down to how these baseplates are angled, as that drastically changes your board’s responsiveness.

If you haven’t learned the ins and outs yet, the larger end, around 50 degrees, should be right up your alley as it stabilizes the ride, bringing fun while dialing down risk factors.

40-degree or even 30-degree baseplates work wonders for longboarders seeking a pump of adrenaline. They are made for higher speed, so their specific design keeps any balance losing concern out of the way for all-out power in your daring carves.


best cheap longboard trucks

The Bushings Are Necessary For A Smooth Ride

Bushings are nut-like components nestling themselves in their own “bushing seat”, a special spot around the central bolt, and they work to absorb the friction your motions might load onto the trucks.

Their durometer calls the shot in this. How to do the math is quite simple: Begin with your own weight, then add the speed you ride at most of the time and the force your longboard is likely to take on.

Going towards “stiff” or “hard” if your style includes many freeriding and downhill trips, as their restrictive shape handles the harsh landing better.

Moving backward to “soft” if you enjoy none-too-severe carves and cruises. These trucks enable a sense of responsiveness more to your taste while the board is in motion.

Best Longboard Truck Brands

The list of longboard truck providers to keep tabs on can actually form a book if you combine them into pages. But which one among them stands out when reliability and power are what you have set sights on?

Cal 7

You can’t claim to take to skating or longboarding like a duck to water and not know anything about Cal 7.

Aspiring to revive the 1970s spirit when skateboarding barely began to take form, the brand aims to incorporate the old school values with today’s contemporary geometry. What comes out are a series of decks and components exclusive in design and efficiency on the streets.


If the name is anything to go by, Caliber certainly never ceases to awe the skating world.

Over ten years of producing and distributing skating gear to dozens of shops nationwide have established its influence across the board, and the way it serves both the skateboarding and the longboarding community certainly solidifies that.


Paris has made a name for itself over the past few years with its series of highly functional yet lightweight trucks that leave no wobble in your trail.

Whether your preference is something leisurely and refreshing or downright wild and not for the weak stomach, the Paris trucks inventory has something that passes all the tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions people are left wondering when they haven’t been around the world of longboard trucks long enough.

What Is The Difference Between Skateboard Trucks And Longboard Trucks?

The line between them is best described as indiscernible if appearance is what’s on your mind. While those going under a longboard’s deck fall under the double kingpin category, what you have for skateboards, which are shorter in design, are standard kingpin trucks.

We have gone over this earlier in the guide. What differentiates skateboard and longboard trucks is the direction in which their kingpins turn, and the other things, even the structural integrity, are pretty much alike.

That said, using them interchangeably is ill-advised, for an unfitting pair of trucks does nothing more than sending your board down a disturbingly wobbly path.

Why Are Your Trucks Producing Squeaky Sound?

We have no doubt that the screeching sounds each movement elicits from your trucks kill all the good mood you have.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, chances are that the rubber in your pivot cup has gone drier than its limits allow, and wanted to grab your attention to its condition by squeaking each time the hangers turn inside it.

An inconvenience by all means, sure, but not something threatening your board’s longevity. It can actually be remedied by an hour or two taking the trucks apart and treating those rubber to some quality paraffin-based wax.


Whether you find enjoyment in a light cruise around your neighborhood or race at high speed down a hill full of curves and challenges, missing out on the best longboard trucks doom you to failures one way or another.

Our guide above has presented numerous items of the highest caliber that get your journey off without a hitch. What would it be? Our editor choice - Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard - for a well-round trip, or the Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Setfor a DIY longboard that you have the freedom to personalize.

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