Top 8 Best Longboard Helmets Buying Guide (Newest 2022)

One of the repeated mantras in practicing sport is “Safety always comes first’”; and it is no exception for longboarding.

Finding the best longboard helmets allows you to practice the sport with extra safety. It can even encourage you to attempt a technically challenging riding style such as downhill sliding or circus kickflip.

Let’s think about it. Who doesn’t want to be the first to showcase such a performance to other skaters, right?

In reality, wearing a helmet is a top requirement in many competition rules, be it for amateurs or professionals.

Hence, our article will cover the essential heads-up that you need to consider before buying one. Now, let’s begin!

To save you time searching through endless options on the Internet, we have sorted out eight cool longboard helmets. Let’s look at them more closely.

1. Triple Eight Sweatsaver Original Skateboarding Helmet: Best Fit

best longboard helmets

The manufacturer must be considerate enough to release this type of longboard helmet in five different sizes, from S to XXL. Such varied sizes, coupled with the Sweat Saver liner and an adjustable strap, allow you to have a highly personalized and snugly fitting helmet.

In addition, its look is extremely eye-catchy with vibrant color options, ranging from a black-red mixture, Baja teal, blue fade to neon fuchsia. You will certainly capture everyone’s attention at the park; and let us tell you, that would be a wonderful feeling.

Another plus point of this popular choice is that you can use it for other activities aside from longboarding, such as roller-skating or skateboarding. How convenient!

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The only problem is, the helmet remains uncertified by any national or international standard, which may be an instant turnoff for you. We ourselves even question, “How is the helmet supposed to protect you if it doesn’t meet any safety requirements?”

Still, after bringing this product to a test, we say it is a worthy investment. So, if certifications are your top requirement, you might want to reconsider this choice.


  • Has a detailed size chart for reference
  • Features 360° padding for extra comfort
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Gorgeous look
  • Affordable price
  • Thick ABS outer shell for extra protection


  • No certifications

Verdict: Kudos to Mr. Tony Hawk, as he has done such strategic marketing on this brand. If you appreciate his work, as well as the comfortable, chill vibes that the Triple Eight helmet brings about, hesitate no more. Grab this pick. Still, bear in mind that there hasn’t been any certification yet.

2. JBM Multi-Sports Impact Resistance Helmet: Best Versatile Option

cool longboard helmets

Trust us, you can’t find another as budget-friendly product, yet quality as this JBM helmet. It is also among the least expensive items compared to other counterparts on the current market. But most importantly, you can use it for either boys or girls, and for any other sports.

Featuring the anti-shock mechanism, this bike helmet can shield you from multi-impact by partly absorbing and partly resisting the force. In doing so, your head won’t be suffering from sudden, unexpected collisions, which is the primary cause of head injuries.

However, this type of JBM helmet is specifically curated for kids, thus only available in three restrictive sizes, from small to large. Hence, it is not Mr. Right for people with a head circumference greater than 23.2 inches.


  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Highly affordable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Unisex looks
  • Special aerodynamic styling


  • Not featured in many sizes

Verdict: If you have a medium-sized head and don’t have much to splash out on (like us), no worries! This JBM pick will still be there as your loyal sidekick on your longboard experience.

3. KORIMEFA Adjustable Lightweight Multi-Sport Helmet: Best Ventilation

best longboard helmet

You can almost instantaneously tell this one out in a crowd by its staggering 11 air vents. Spreading across the shell, they enable the internal heat and outer winds to distribute in and out evenly.

As you know, sweating is an essential part of any sport. It can sometimes be encouraging, other times annoying. Yet, with JBM’s removable and breathable foams, you can always replace the sweaty pads with clean ones.

Thanks to this feature, you won’t find your head stuck in an overly moist, smelly, and cramped environment anymore. Rather, you will shift your focus towards a stream of constant delight during every longboarding session.

Also, this KORIMEFA helmet has a system of elastic straps, which can be attached to the Velcro closure for ease and convenience.

The only downside is, this pick is not durable enough to withstand sudden, hardcore hits.


  • 11 air vents for better heat distribution
  • An adjustable dial for a better fit
  • Detachable sponge lining
  • Lightweight
  • Cute look


  • Can be broken easily

Verdict: Cool and facilitating as this helmet may look, we don’t recommend it to you as well as your kids. Even though it can somewhat protect you against mild crashes, it does not meet any relevant standard.

4. TurboSke Multi-Sport Helmet: Best Protection

good longboard helmets

We believe this TurboSke multi-sport helmet will provide you with maximum safety. It has checked every box from multiple tests, such as the 16 C.F.R. and EN 1078.

As a clarification, these safety tests are respectively dictated by the US and British authorities as the bike racing standards. Miss either of those certifications, and the helmet cannot be qualified for the market.

In reality, this TurboSke has received a host of positive reviews, including ours as well, for its hardware parts. Saying it is built to protect is not an understatement at all.

The inexpensive price is also a major point to include. It is only a red herring since the outer material is so cheap, to the point that you can see scratches all over the shell after a few uses.


  • Meets every safety standard
  • Affordable
  • Has up to 12 color choices
  • Personalized customer service
  • Sturdy internal parts
  • Maximum protection


  • Gets scratches easily

Verdict: For a longboard starter, this one might be an economical choice. Even though it is not that durable on the outside, it stands extremely reliable on the inside.

5. Pro-Tec Classic Skateboard Helmets: Best Brand Quality

top longboard helmets

Pro-Tec has always been known as a big name in the production of quality sports gears and accessories; and this product is no exception. It manifests every clever aspect of the brand Pro-Tec: technological advancement, physical durability, and cool appearance.

Using synthetic ABS plastics for the outer shell, together with EPS foam linings as internal fitting, the helmet provides you with a protective layer of shield from any unexpected impact.

Aside from such quality, the brand also cares much about its customers. Not only do they sell this product in six different sizes, from XS to XXL, they also adopt a free return strategy, enabling the customers to swap their pick if necessary.

As the helmet uses thick paddings and EPS foams for its protective system, you may be sweating rather hard on the inside. Still, that is a worthy tradeoff for maximum safety, isn’t it?


  • Brand reputation
  • Reasonably priced
  • Proper ventilation
  • Fantastic look
  • Comes with some small decals
  • Facilitating return policy
  • Multi-sport use


  • Thick paddings

Verdict: Don’t miss this pick as a downhill racer, seriously. With a Pro-Tec helmet, we can guarantee you won’t be afraid of trying any challenging longboard poses.

6. Flybar Multi-Sport, Multi-Impact Helmet: Best Design

best longboard helmet brand

We are sure that you will fancy the gorgeous design of this distinctive helmet. The Flybar makes itself known through the vibrant colors and beasty-looking air vents.

With these vibrant options, your kids won’t be complaining about the cheesy colors anymore. Any of its nine colors can be cool in its way.

Not to mention, even though the shell is plain, its internal protective system is very thick. Thus, the 11 air vents spreading across its surface act like cool, mysterious eyes to absorb and give off heat constantly throughout your kids’ game.

That said, young adolescents and adults can use this kind of helmet as well. It is available in three different size options to suit your needs.

However, the manufacturer hasn’t solved the equation between appearance and longevity as yet. Its plastic, adjustable chin strap is too flimsy and can fail your naughty kids after a few longboarding sessions.


  • Ingenious look
  • Unisex helmet
  • Suitable for many action sports
  • Excellent fitting and protective system
  • Detailed size chart instructions


  • A bit heavy
  • May not last long

Verdict: We highly recommend it to you as well as your kids. If you don’t mind having every head turn into you, hesitate no more and go for it.

7. Nocihcass CPSC Certified Helmet: Best For Kids

best longboard skateboard helmets

Nothing would light up your kid’s smile more quickly than this sports gift. The Nocihcass helmet provides plenty of space for paddings and foam on the inside, allowing the scalp to be extremely comfortable. It is also this feature that stands well in the face of potential smash.

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Most importantly, it is authorized as eligible for CPSC EN1078, which recognizes the helmet as reliable enough for mainstream uses.

Better yet, you can return the helmet and get your money back within 30 days from the date of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product. This is a bold move for the manufacturer and a beneficial one for customers.

Yet, as you might have guessed, durability is not a strong suit of this pick. Its fitting system or the plastic parts securing internal foam can snap after a month of usage.


  • Impact system
  • Wonderful 11-vent ventilation
  • A quick release buckle
  • Can be easily adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Certified product
  • Highly sturdy construction


  • Not durable

Verdict: This helmet is a perfect surprise for your kid on any occasion, or even no occasion at all. But beware, you will get what you pay for.

7. Nocihcass CPSC Certified Helmet: Best For Kids

best longboard skateboard helmets

Coming from the brand TSG, this is the only full-face adult helmet in our carefully selected list.

Since the only open part is the spherical visor, you might be concerned about the fogging as an effect of breathing. But don’t worry, the manufacturer has carefully curated it scratch-proof and anti-fog, making sure that you only have the best experience with their best helmets.

Its shell comprises robust fiberglass, coupled with EPS and Yaoili fabric liner on the inside, promising the downhill racer maximum fit.

The only turnoff of this downhill racer helmet is its bitter price. Yet, if it’s any consolation, it will be worthy of what you pay for after all.


  • Very safe for longboarding
  • Technically excellent design
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Removable visor
  • Perfect fit
  • Great visibility


  • Quite heavy
  • Pricey

Verdict: With this pick, nothing can go wrong. Its full-face protection will rescue you from any external forces, be it expected or not. It can encourage you to try out difficult techniques.

The Best Longboard Helmets - Buying Guide

Helmets vary in sizes, shapes, materials, colors, and so forth. But when it comes to the best longboard helmets, the suitability for the user is the overriding factor.

Stick to the following criteria to better understand what you need.

Types Of Longboard Helmets

best longboard helmets

A helmet is necessary for every longboarder’s starter pack.

Based on the coverage area of the item, there are mainly two types of longboard helmets, namely half-shell and full-face helmets.

Half-Shell Helmets

As their name might have given away, these standard half-shell helmets mainly enclose the part over your head, leaving the other half open. They also have an adjustable strap on that open side, which can be secured against the chin for a better fit.

best longboard helmet to buy

Half-shell helmets

Another characteristic of this type of helmet is air circulation, usually in the form of marble-size ventilation holes across the surface of the shell. This feature allows for better internal air circulation. Otherwise, you will become literally hot-headed during the game.

They are also the most widely used for sports ranging from longboarding, skating, cycling, pogoing to scootering.

Full-Face Helmets

best longboard for helmet

This is what a full-face helmet looks like

Meanwhile, full-face helmets cover every part of your head, from the brain to the ear, and primarily the face. It might initially strike you as hefty and stuffy. Yet, in exchange, it can protect your head like a loyal safeguard, helping to minimize any possible brain-related injuries.

From our perspective, the full-face construction is too much for normal activities such as cycling. Still, when it comes to risky longboarding, nothing is too much. We highly recommend it if you can afford one.


best longboard helmets

Durable helmets can protect you against unnecessary injuries.

The physical material of the helmet is also an aspect to factor in, especially when you are choosing one for thrilling longboard racing. The most common materials are ABS plastic shell outside and EPS foam inside.

If you want more durability, fiberglass is also a great choice.

Head Circumference

Head circumference remains the deciding factor, as it varies from person to person. Follow up on our next section to understand how to measure yours.

Safety Certifications

For a helmet to be completely safe, it should be pre-tested by authority figures. They are CPSC, ASTM S1447, ASTM F1492, ANSI, or B90, to name a few. You can either see the certification marks listed in the product’s specifications or from the label on the shell.


After doing meticulous research around the longboard helmet market, we have come to a conclusion. You can always find a quality product in the price range of $40 - $80. There is no need to spend a fortune.

However, if you plan to take up this sport to be a professional, and are ready to afford a durable hundred-dollar full-face helmet, don’t be afraid to splash out on it.

Return policy

We believe that size charts and head measurements are somewhat puzzling and even misleading to many people. Thus, only purchase products from brands that offer a clear-cut replacement policy.

Trust us. You don’t want to spend your time bickering with the product distributor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Dangerous Is Longboarding?

Longboarding is among the riskiest sports because it requires perfect balance, body coordination, and mental strength at the same time. Statistically speaking, the odds that you lack at least one of those criteria is very high. Hence, the high probability of longboarding accidents.

Moreover, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has revealed in a study that injuries related to longboarding are not uncommon.

The median age of the sufferers is 14.5, most of whom are male. These widely range from traumatic brain injury, concussions to skull fractures. Most of them happen on the streets and roads.

Thus, it is not enough if you only have a helmet as safety gear. To be precise, you need a quality helmet. Its quality should be examined by national or international authorities.

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How Can I Measure My Head Circumference?

You can measure your head circumference, or head size, by using a measuring tape. Start by bordering the tape around the middle part of your forehead. Then, compare it with the available size chart from the manufacturer.

If your figure is on the higher-end in the chart, we suggest that you go towards one size up for more comfort. You can adjust the straps or add paddings later on.

Until then, it should fit perfectly.

Do I Really Need A Full-Face Helmet For Longboarding?

As we have briefly mentioned earlier, there is a high incidence of longboard injuries, leaving the longboarder with varying degrees of concussions. Thus, many people believe that covering every part of their face is a must. By doing so, their face will remain intact after a bad hit.

To be frank, that is not the case at all. Full-face helmets are not necessarily safer than half-shells, except that the former protects your face better than the latter does.

Not to mention, downhill riding in a heavy full-face helmet during scorching midsummer can be exhausting. It causes shortness of breath, annoyingly damp scalp, and sometimes dizziness.

So our answer is no. You don’t necessarily need a full-face helmet for longboarding. Consider the current proficiency in longboarding versus your body stamina, and eventually choose one helmet that suits your needs.


That concludes our article for today. To recap, when it comes to choosing a longboard helmet, remember to go over these crucial aspects: the material, head circumference, certifications, budget, and the manufacturer’s return policy.

Based on such reference, we have settled on our top choice. It is the Pro-Tec classic helmet that stands out as our ultimate safety shield. Most importantly, it is our sidekick of constant delight.

What about you? Have you made your decision on the best longboard helmets?

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