Top 5+ Best Longboard For Tricks – Guide & Review in 2022

Whether you belong to the league of beginners or expert riders, you all want the best longboard for tricks to master exceptional skills.

Longboards come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, weights, materials, etc. Therefore, it is quite a challenge to choose the best one that suits your style and needs.

Most people prefer longboards since they're long, providing a wider turning radius and more stability at a fast speed. When finding the best longboard with a smooth ride, you should go for the features such as the board's shape or the size of the wheel size.

The cruiser boards have smaller sizes, designed for cruising down streets, but it's slightly harder to control, especially for beginners. So, here is the list of the top 5 best boards for your diverse needs. Let's check them out right away!

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Here is our completed list of the top 5 longboards for your consideration. Please read each of them in detail to decide on the best one for longboard tricks.

1. Volador Freeride Longboard - Best For Value

longboard for tricks

On top of our list is no other than this Volador Cruiser. We recommend it highly for its outstanding features, which give it the edge over other competitors.

It is one of the most stunning and artistic longboards, which comes with a plethora of graphics for your choice. The board is suitable to perform multiple kinds of tricks due to its efficient and robust structure.

The body of this product is a Canadian maple deck, providing flexibility and durability. It is one of the drop-through longboards that offers extra control and a more stable ride.

One plus point is it's quite environmentally friendly since it uses durable woods and methanal-free epoxy glue. The materials minimize negative effects on both the environment and your health.

For the advanced longboarders, the mellow concave of this board is an ideal choice. Coupled with ABEC-9 bearings, they will maximize your smooth ride and enjoyable riding experience.

Overall, it would be said that the board is the best choice for riders who want no limits. And there is no con of it.


  • Diverse and creative designs
  • Durable structure
  • Precision bearings
  • Environmentally-friendly


  • None

2. Quest QT-NSC44C - Best For Durable Construction

best longboard for tricks

The runner-up in this round is Quest QT-NSC44C. This product earns second place for its durable construction and safety, even for new riders.

This 44 inches longboard is constructed by a 7-ply bamboo and hardwood maple that offers sturdiness and flexibility, allowing the expert riders to perform various tricks on road surfaces.

Also, its aluminum trucks and ABEC-7 bearings help with the board's turnability and maneuverability so that you can get high speed and accuracy for freestyle longboard tricks.

Besides, the product is made by the Quest brand, one of the most famous, trustworthy, and longtime skateboard manufacturers. It's quite a popular longboard among college students. However, large adults can ride it comfortably.

This product comes with safety features, such as preventing wheel bites, and the long deck provides space adequately to keep your feet stable for easier balancing. So, it has a friendly structure to inspire confidence in beginners during their first rides.

We would appreciate it if the manufacturer offered more graphic options as there is only one graphic design available.


  • Long and large deck
  • Durable Polyurethane wheels
  • High-quality bearings
  • Innovative anti-bite structure
  • Budget-friendly


  • Limited graphic choices

3. Playshion Drop Through Longboard - Best For Versatility

best longboard to do tricks on

Playshion longboard won't let you down with its amazing features and versatility that delivers in third place.

It's a multi-functional longboard that can handle any type of trick, including cruising, downhill riding, riding switch, and double kicks. Its size is on average length, which is 39 inches, slightly smaller than the other longboards.

Thanks to the softer and larger wheels, which are 2.7 inches, you can handle it effortlessly and get more control, even in rough terrain. There is also no need to worry about the board's weight capacity since it can handle up to 250 pounds.

The product comes with 2-ply flex bamboo and 5-ply hard maple, giving it amazing durability.

One of this product's highlights is the ABEC-9 bearings that provide higher speed. The bearing steel and nylon ball cages can help you with minimizing friction and noise while performing board tricks.

The drop-through style allows you to navigate very comfortably and stably. This feature makes it suitable for beginner, professional, and intermediate riders.

One minus point about this unit is it doesn't provide enough grip tape.


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for various riding styles
  • Impressive designs and graphics
  • Sturdy components


  • Insufficient grip tape

4. Slendor Drop Through Longboard - Best For Price

best type of longboard for tricks

We have good news for those who have a tight budget. Slendor Longboard is the most budget-friendly among our recommended products. If you’re a beginner, you don't need to splurge on shopping but still get a genuinely well-made and reliable longboard.

With its 42 inches of length and 9 inches of width, properly everyone can get enough space to comfortably troll around. This is coupled with a low height allowing you to commute and push easily.

Both the ABEC-11 speedy bearing and Aluminum trucks will provide smooth rides on any road surfaces, even bumpy roads. Its 7-inch trucks with an adjustment of 45 or 50 degrees make it a flexy board to perform double kicks.

Besides, the board is made of 100% environment-friendly materials, including a wooden deck and epoxy glue. The large PU soft wheels with a hardness of 85A are incredibly shock absorbent.

The overall designs and graphics of this item are also stunning and eye-catching. This creative street skateboard comes with different styles ranging from fierce ones like skull graphics to romantic ones like desert or diving.

Unfortunately, it is slightly difficult to make sharp turns with this longboard.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Wide deck
  • Safe materials
  • Flexy board


  • Doesn't support sharp turns

5. Magneto Bamboo Longboard - Best For Larger Riders

best longboard for tricks

Lastly, this item is one of the toughest and sturdiest bamboo longboards for larger riders.

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When it comes to weight capacity, this product outcompetes regular skateboard since it can handle up to 300 pounds. Yet, the deck is still lightweight, at only seven pounds, enabling you to maneuver this item easily.

With 7-inch Aluminum trucks and slight kick tails, this pick is an ideal choice for doing sharp turns and tricks. If you desire to do freestyle, downhill and dancing with a longboard, you should consider this item.

This freestyle longboard is 42 inches, enough space to secure your feet so you can perform dancing tricks or others freely.

Its PU soft wheels have a dimension of 2.7x2 inches and can help the board respond well. These wheels also have a full shock absorption for a long smooth ride.

However, this board is on the expensive side. But we are confident that you won't regret it for all of its benefits.


  • Perfect for heavy riders
  • Sharp and responsive cornering
  • Supportive dancing tricks
  • Fully shock absorbent


  • Slightly expensive

Best Longboard For Tricks Buying Guide

There are many options for longboards available on the market, the drop-through or the cruiser ones, etc. For the beginner, the checklist below can help you to get a quality one.

Mount Type

It is necessary to differentiate the longboards if you want to understand them. Following are the most popular mount types that you may come across.

Top Mount

longboard for tricks

Top mount longboard

The trucks are mounted directly to the bottom of the deck. It's the most common and old-schooled type of mount for longboards.

Drop Down

This is not precisely a mount type. The board features a lowered deck making it closer to the ground. The positions of your feet are lower than the truck mounting, providing a lower center of gravity.

Drop Through

The trucks are mounted through the board with wheel cut-outs in the deck. This slightly lowers the deck and the center of gravity to the ground.

best longboard to do tricks on

Drop through longboard

Deck Size

The deck boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the terrain you are going to ride on, whether the crowded streets or the empty parks with bumpy roads, you can pick the most suitable one.

A smaller longboard would help you a lot in a downtown packed with pedestrians. In contrast, the extended one offers higher stability and a wobble-free ride in large and open spaces.

Wheel Size

If you're looking for a new longboard, it's better to be mindful of the wheel size. For example, the drop-through boards provide a speedy ride; thus, they need the big wheels to balance.

But if you go for small wheels, buy a longboard with cutouts to upgrade it for long use.

best type of longboard for tricks

Big wheel size


One thing that has an impact on your performance is the wheelbase. It is the distance between two trucks, determined by the inner mounting holes. The smaller the wheelbase, the more dynamic and playful the ride is. But it might be a challenge to control your longboard at higher speeds.

Deck Height

Deck height is the distance between the ground and your board deck. It has a vital role in your riding experience.

The high-lying decks make it more challenging to push or foot braking because of the large gap between your foot and the ground. In contrast, the lower decks provide you with stability and balance while riding the longboard.


The last thing to consider before picking up a board is the price. There is a wide range of prices on the market for your choice. But remember, an item from trusted brands is always a safe bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next is the common questions about longboards.

Q1. Can Longboards Do Tricks?

A1. Their big soft wheels make them ideal for tricks, particularly on bumpy roads or rough terrains. Those wheels help with maximizing shock absorption and perfectly keep the balance. So, the answer is yes. Longboards are definitely suitable for performing tricks.

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Q2. Should I Begin With A Cruiser Or A Longboard?

A2. Generally, the longboards are easier to maneuver and more robust than the cruisers. If you're new to this sport and want to travel long roads or downhill, longboarding is surely a perfect choice.

Otherwise, the cruisers are more flexible and easier to carry out than the longboards as they have a more compact design.

Q3. What Is The Easiest Trick Of Longboarding?

A3. For most riders, cross-step is one of the simplest tricks in longboarding that beginners should start with. You can maneuver the board from the tail, do the cross-step, walk up the board then ride the nose.

Q4. What Type Of Longboard Is Best For Tricks?

A4. The type of longboard best for tricks depends on the tricks you want to play. You should decide what tricks you prefer to do, then move on to which hoverboard is a perfect combination for which trick.

The most popular trick among longboarders is freestyle. The best longboards for freestyle riding are short and lightweight, with the flexible medium wheelbase combined with flex to respond at low speeds.

Final Verdict

That's all our best longboard for tricks reviews. Hopefully, these suggestions can meet most of your requirements.

Among the options provided above, we would recommend the Volador Freeride Longboard. It is the best overall longboard since it has high-grade components and stunning graphic designs to deliver the most enjoyable riding experience.

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