Top 8+ Best Longboard For Sliding Reviews Of 2022

Finding the best longboard for sliding is essential, particularly if you plan to go through mountainous terrain.

Using it is an excellent way to slow down and is often easier to stop than using the air brake. At the end of the day, skateboarding isn't just about convenience; it's also about safety.

Longboards keep you in control of your speed and allow you to stop quickly. While technically, any longboard will enable you to slide, some are superior.

Finding the right board, even for seasoned riders, can be difficult. So, we have compiled a list of all the highly-ranked longboards on the current market to assist you in finding the best longboard for you. Continue reading to reach a step further to a better riding experience.

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1. PlayShion 39-inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard - Best For Speed Control

best longboards for sliding

The Playshion 39-inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard keeps the distance between the deck and the ground to a minimum (4 inches) when using. This insignificant gap lowers your center of gravity, allowing you to be more smooth in longboard control.

The only feature that is dependent on the wheels and deck is control ability. You won't have any problems breaking the deck because of its flexibility and halt the wheels in a fraction of a second with practice.

This Playshion deck features a combination of stiffness and controlled flex to give you easier road speed control. You can choose and adjust between high speed and low speed easily while sliding and still be confident with superior stability.

You'll also have complete control over the directions because the wheels are relatively wide at 9.1 inches.

This product also has a sturdy deck that can withstand up to 250 pounds of weight. Ball steel bearings along with larger freeride wheels and a 7-inch long truck provide a smooth ride.

Furthermore, the nylon ball cage reduces friction, allowing you to move smoothly while still providing enough resistance to limit speed, so you'll be able to manage the rate approximately.

At the same time, the rotating bearings and bushings on these trucks' material are polyurethane that doesn't wear out quickly, which is also a big plus in driving it more smoothly.

The 39-inch Playshion, which comes with many graphics, is also rated as the best-looking longboard from this company. Again, this longboard is of outstanding quality and reasonably priced.

About the limitations, bearings are one of the essential parts of any longboard, but it is also one of the downsides of this product. And since its trucks and wheels are tighter than other longboards, this item is unsuitable for tricky tricks or highly technical operations.

Moreover, while it may seem that having bubbles on the deck sticker is a minor issue, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the ability of this sticker to warp. Bubbles will form due to friction from your feet, and you may not like the look of your deck.


  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Lightweight (7 pounds)
  • High-quality and wide wheels for more balance
  • Simple to control the speed
  • Minimal gap between deck and ground for easier control
  • Aesthetic appearance with many designs


  • Not suitable for highly technical sliding
  • Bubbles on deck sticker

2. DINBIN 41-inch Drop Through 8 Ply Maple Complete Longboards Skateboard - Best For Solidity

best longboard for sliding

If you're new to the skating world, you would want to start with the best longboard for sliding that is particularly strong, precise, and flexible. DINBIN 41-inch Drop Through longboard is the most suitable solution on the market that can meet those requirements.

However, solidity is meaningless if the truck and its bushings are not as good. Although the truck's small weight at 6.5 pounds and exceptionally durable bushings, using the 7" long aluminum truck will give it a better load. So you won't have to worry because it's under control and more stable.

The manufacturer added to DINBIN a flexible 8-layer maple deck construction to increase the maximum load capacity. The result is its incredible 220-pound carrying ability.

A plus for DINBIN is the high quality of the longboard wheels. This product is equipped with adjustable 70x51mm 85A PU wheels to keep the skating experiences smooth as butter.

In addition, its ABEC 11 precision bearings, when combined with these high-strength and heavy-duty wheels, take ride comfort and load-carrying to new heights far beyond other longboards.

Regarding maneuverability, whether you want to try windsurfing, long-distance running, free-flying, or downhill, this item will be the ideal choice for all of them.

This runner-up also has a reasonable price. Some parts may not perform as well as you expect after an extended period, but asking for more in that price range would be unfair.

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Since its design makes it impossible for you to perform stunts that require high precision and difficulty, it is only a good choice for moving or downhill instead of performing tricks.


  • Sturdy materials, components, and build
  • Good stability and controllability
  • ABEC 11 precision bearings for ride comfort
  • High durability
  • Good price


  • Not suitable for tricks
  • Some parts need replacement after a few months.

3. Volador 42-inch Freeride Longboard - Best For Downhill Slide

longboards for sliding

If you like to have a more challenging slide, then Volador Longboard is the way to go. Due to the ideal length of 42 inches, the truck is adjustable and spacious. This longboard is an exciting option for the downhill board and long-distance freeride.

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This freeride board is suitable for use in different contexts because it absorbs shocks and bumps very well, thanks to its rigid maple deck construction and its soft yet strong wheels. As a result, if you are boarding through a stone, for example, you won't feel jerky or panic for fear of falling.

They accumulate a lot of smoothness, and although they are not ideal for speed, they help flatten uneven roads to give you a worthwhile downhill skating experience.

Thanks to the great flares, the deck avoids every wheel bite and prevents you from making extreme bends from every angle - a crucial aspect when sliding downhill.

Moreover, the 9-inch floor offers a spacious footplate for users in terms of width, ensuring that you will never get legged.

The deck from the wooden texture comprises eight complex layers to create a strong feeling but still has some flexibility. So, if you are looking for something both flexible and able to reduce shock, your search may quickly end here. With it, you will not have a headache when learning new freeride tricks.

Beginner riders will see Volador 42-inch as a simple way to join this sport because it is easier to control topography and exercise without slipping.

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Adjustable trucks are one of Volador's best features. Its kingpin trucks are made of genuine aluminum and provide excellent movement capabilities, especially on steep and winding roads while descending.

Better yet, the trucks are adjustable, offering you complete control over your downhill smooth slide’s techniques.

Fortunately, when entering the crab at an angle of 50 degrees, the dashboard works effectively, and at a 45-degree angle, it promotes outstanding shock absorption efficiency.

Although you can use this downhill longboarding for dancing, it isn’t the first candidate for such a style. You won’t get the full benefit of dancing because its bearings are pretty limited. So instead, it is ideal for sliding downhill and freestyle.


  • Remarkably adapted when sliding downhill
  • Ability to absorb shocks
  • Powerful and fashionable appearance
  • Comfortable and spacious deck
  • Adjustable trucks for more control on steep roads
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Bearings need a stronger push.

4. Splendor 42-inch Longboard Skateboard - Best For Freestyle

longboard for sliding

The next one on the list is an aesthetically pleasing longboard with a wide turning radius: Splendor 42-inch. It's a versatile choice for anyone looking for a longboard to use for downhill racing or freestyle in town.

All Splendor components and hardware are made of high-quality materials, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your board with freestyle. As a result, riding the board over rough roads causes little to no damage to these elements and reduces the risk of them chipping or deforming.

You may not realize it, but the manufacturer has figured out that weight can also affect boarding performance, which is precisely why the product’s weight is limited to 6.03 pounds for more freestyle performance.

Although very sturdy, this item has considerable flex to withstand the shocks and shakes of the road. Even so, the deck's structure minimizes overall stiffness, making it easier for users to control the board, even when doing tricks or cutting downhill.

The proportions of the board are crucial for freehand comfort, ease of use, and performance. Fortunately, the Splendor 42-inch longboard does not disappoint in this respect.

Besides, this deck length of 42 inches will work in your favor as they are less likely to tip over, especially at high speeds, thus, improving the overall stability for smoother rides.

Its 9-inch-wide deck is perfectly proportionate because it is large enough to provide space for your feet to rest while doing spins or powering through slides.

The meniscus design, which secures your foot at both ends when pushing sideways, is the best feature for free-slipping. Not to mention, the PU wheels provide a smoother ride and reduce rolling resistance to get the most out of your ride.

This item’s wheels and trucks work together to give users more control over the board, even under the most extreme riding conditions such as rough or mountain roads.

However, heavyweight riders, especially those close to the weight limit, can cause the board to bend. That's because the load capacity of this longboard is not very high, remaining at 220 pounds.


  • Suitable for freestyle skate with only 6.03 pounds in weight
  • Perfect proportion for freestyle
  • High-quality materials for durability, even on rough roads
  • Long wheelbase to provide more balance
  • Ideal size for feet resting and avoiding tip over


  • Not suitable for tricks
  • Low loading capacity

5. Atom 39-inch Pin-Tail Longboard - Best For Beginners

best sliding longboards

This Atom 39-inch suggestion is the type of longboard that beginner riders or those looking for a casual, uncomplicated board for commuting or surfing on familiar terrain can choose.

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard is an attractive option for most new riders looking to go long distances because it's simple, easy to operate, and inexpensive.

Its shape is a classic, old-fashioned pintail manufactured from laminated Canadian maple and 39 inches in deck length, 9.4 inches in deck wide.

Its wheel flares reduce the risk of wheel biting, allowing riders to use a broader range of the longboard wheels without being too technical - something novice skaters will highly appreciate.

The dashboard feels leaner and more agile, and the driver has more control over their truck than the top-mounted counterpart. All those features will help you go from novice to expert faster.

Atom's choice of a truck top mechanism is also a wise choice as the board has more rotation, response, and control, much suitable for beginners.

Another feature worth mentioning is its ability to gnaw the freewheel, which works even if you, like most beginners, practice the small daily spins.

With the usual longboard, you can simply get cracks, if not total breaks, when you get hits or stumble. But, different from other skateboards, this product is durable and flexible enough to keep it intact every time you skate thanks to its strong rock maple materials.

On the other hand, this longboard can also be limited in some respects. For example, its ABEC 5 bearings are not the slowest, but neither are they capable of using fast roll speeds.

When traveling long distances or on rough, patchy concrete, its small 65-mm wheels can struggle. They won't maintain speed for long and will have a more challenging time navigating cracks and other obstacles.

Besides, it has no tail, so performing tricks will be difficult. That is one of the reasons why it is more suitable for beginners than experts.


  • Suitable for beginners to practice daily
  • Easy to use, durable against stumbles
  • Good price
  • Enduring maple and Aluminium materials
  • Rugged and robust deck design
  • Softwood is easy to adapt to.


  • Slow-motion bearings
  • Rather small wheels
  • No kicktail

6. Atom 39-inch All-Terrain Longboard - Best For Different Terrains

good sliding longboards

Atom All-Terrain Longboard is the ideal candidate to handle even the roughest terrains, making it best for getting you around wherever you want.

You may already know that the wheels are the part of the longboard directly in contact with the ground and are responsible for keeping the board in a ready-to-go state.

Aware of this, the manufacturer has used very resilient Urethane wheels with an all-terrain cast with this board for all-terrain application. As a result, they provide the ideal balance between road speed and off-road grip.

Additionally, 46 Grit Terrain Tape gives you more control over your board. This band will support you everywhere you go, whether you're spending time on the road or off-road.

This board maintains balance and stability, whether you drive on flat, hard ground, or rough terrain. You can push the board about, and it will never stop or fall in any terrain, even if there are cobblestones or cracks in the ground.

Since the manufacturing company needs to make its boards suitable for all terrains, it is essential to maintain a high level of stability. Therefore, it features a low-profile design of 5.51 inches that lowers the center of gravity for increased strength.

Not to mention, the deck of the All-Terrain Longboard is made of maple, making it more sturdy and long-lasting.

Atom uses ABEC 9 bearings on this board to keep the same high quality as its other product lines. Rubber covers these bearings for added protection and safety. They are also pre-lubricated to make your ride even faster in rough terrains.

Since Atom All-Terrain Longboard trucks' design are heavier to be suitable for all-terrain, it is unsuitable for performing tricks.


  • More background angles
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Urethane wheels with super resilience for stability on many terrains
  • Low gravity center for increased strength on rough terrains
  • ABEC 9 bearings with rubber shield
  • Secured level 8 stand


  • Not suitable for performing tricks

7. RIMABLE 41-inch Drop-Through Longboard - Best For High-speed Slide

best longboard for sliding

Have you ever wondered with which boards famous skaters train to achieve such respectable speed? RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard is the answer for you.

RIMABLE created this item to meet the needs of customers who want to learn faster transitions in skateboarding. Not only will it teach you how to slide at high speed, but it will also help you keep your balance while having fun.

It includes a release cruise with security features and speed to reduce the risk of skating at high rates. This 41-inch longboard is ideal for novices and experts who want the extra speed benefit from a narrower turning radius.

The standard 70mmx51mm PU wheels are durable and provide a smooth, rapid, and stable ride on uneven terrain. They give the longboard good traction on the ground and reduce the unsafe feelings at high speed.

This board’s trucks are easy to balance, go fast, and accelerate quickly because of the smooth wheels.

ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubrication are on the wheels of this longboard. They fit snugly on each wheel and aid in high-speed travel. Not to mention, these bearings can be serviced and won't wear out quickly if cleaned regularly.

They last 20 times longer than conventional bearings and provide enough stability and safety when riding at fast speeds over long distances.

They look great on an extended low deck and have excellent resistance to going low. In addition, when exposed to the heat of high speed, they ensure that the wheels do not wear out quickly.

The 9-layer deck can support cumbersome skaters comfortably. Besides, the width allows you to try different flight patterns for an outstanding balance and lots of power.

While driving quickly, this eye-catching laminated maple deck design allows for safe turns. Even after long-term use, the color does not fade.

There are a few complaints about this product, all of which are essentially the same. These longboard trucks and wheels appear adequate but not professional or very durable.

Skateboarders who want more than the conventional mode of transportation will not like this fact as you will have to replace them after a few months.


  • Ideal for high-speed sliding
  • Lightweight (8 pounds)
  • Easy to accelerate, thanks to the smooth wheels
  • Excellent traction to react while fast-paced riding
  • Eye-catching and long-lasting laminated maple design
  • Durable high-speed lubrication ABEC 9 bearings


  • Improvable wheels and trucks

8. Retrospec 44-inch Zed Longboard Pintail Bamboo LongBoard Skateboard - Best For Design

best longboards for sliding

If you are a skateboarding fan looking for a stylish design and balanced longboard, Retrospec 44-inch Zed Bamboo Longboard is a great option.

The last candidate on our list is one of the highest and most fashionable skateboards that we have seen. This modern longboard is a classic surfboard and will ship you to the memories of California beaches.

It is a craft board created in Los Angeles from sustainable bamboo material and has an eye-catching classic appearance. The unique design shapes of the board and the cutting edges increase the balance, accuracy, and speed.

It also includes a bamboo deck construction, a kicktail, and a reliable and specific 8-layer style of wood. The structure of maple and bamboo adds strength and increases flexibility, subtle designs, and stability for riding experiences.

The Retrospec Zed Longboard has a great pintail shape with a much wider length and width (9x41 inches), allowing comfortable drivers.

Moreover, the pintail shape allows you to overcome the wind with less effort and grip. The curves of the board and sliced edges increase the balance, accuracy, and speed of the table.

The wheels absorb shock 70 x 50 mm and 85A, come with high-precision ABEC 7 bearings, which can provide you with a comfortable ride.

The special on its wheels is a consolidation of anti-bite technology to protect your safety. Besides, it includes kingpin aluminum trucks with a 7-inch thickness, both durable and lightweight. Moreover, these trucks are strong enough to withstand the harshness of the rocky terrain.

It is worth noting that the wheel on this longboard can be pretty rigid, making it less flexible than other routes when turning on the curve. The bearings can also cause problems after some time.

Therefore, more experienced skateboarders can choose to upgrade the wheels and directions on the board to move and reach faster speeds smoothly.


  • Beautiful and functional design
  • 17 color variations
  • High-quality and eye-catching bamboo materials
  • Consolidation of anti-bite technology for safety
  • Pintail shape provides more comfort


  • Difficult to rotate wheels on curves
  • Bearing problems

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The Best Longboard For Sliding - Buying Guide

Sliding is hard, but finding the longboard for sliding that suits you best is even more challenging. When looking for the best longboard to slide, you should keep these factors in mind:

Materials Of Sliding Longboard

The strength and durability of the longboard heavily depend on the material used. Maple is the most popular longboard material because it is sturdy and long-lasting. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable longboard, this might be the best solution for you.

Bamboo is often used in making longboards as a more flexible replacement than maple. This component is best for sliding or carving.

best sliding longboards

For experienced riders, a longboard made of Carbon fiber with a foam core that makes it lighter can be more appealing. Of course, it's more expensive, but it can get you to the finish line faster, navigate around the skid easier, and turn more quickly.

good sliding longboards

Trucks Of Sliding Longboard

Your longboard trucks will move sideways as they slide, putting a lot of pressure on them.

TKP (Traditional Kingpin) and RKP (Reverse Kingpin) are the two most popular longboard truck models. Recognizing the difference between the hose, turning style, and truck height are the solutions to distinguish between them.

Trucks with higher angles are less stable and slide more than those with lower grades. On the other hand, trucks with lower corners are more stable but harder to skid.

best longboard for sliding

Look for parts attached to the deck where they install the longboard wheels when inspecting the truck. The trucks determined the stability and rotation of the board.

A stiff bushing is suitable for downhill riders. Also, avoid using the turntable too quickly because doing so at high speeds can put you in danger.

Do not ignore the pin. It helps tighten the bush, compress or stretch it. Minimum width of 180 mm is reasonable for great trucks. The RKP truck for longboards is by far the most popular on the market.

Wheels Of Sliding Longboard

The distance between tracks on the longboard is called the wheelbase. In the long haul, a longer wheelbase gives you more stability, but it reduces responsiveness. Moreover, a shorter wheelbase allows for better response, which is essential while completing tricks.

A longboard requires wheels to slide, but they are not of one type.

Softer wheels are more flexible and grip the road better than harder wheels, allowing you to slow down when you skid more. However, harder wheels are easier to initiate a high-speed slide, but they don't lose as much speed as softer wheels because they have less distortion and less grip.

best longboards for sliding

As a result, at higher speeds, stiffer wheels offer less control than softer wheels. Otherwise, more rigid wheels can be beneficial at slower speeds as they make it easier to hit the slide while maintaining speed.

Therefore, your desired rate will determine the durometer you choose, determined by your sliding targets.

While the durometer is the most critical factor in a longboard's gliding ability, other factors, including form, lip, contact line, and core position, are also worth considering.

Bearings Of Sliding Longboard

Each type of longboard bearing has numbers to identify how they differ. Bearings are usually ABEC 5 to 12. Choose a longboard with ABEC 7 to 10 bearings if you want to slide long. The higher bearing rating will ensure that the free run will include high-speed action.

longboards for sliding

Types Of Mounts

Since the deck sits lower to the ground than the top-mounting, it's often easier to launch slides on dropped decks.

The stability of dropping during installation is enhanced by the easy push of the sliders out. It also aids in breaking traction. This function also makes it easier for the driver to perform slides.

This feature is essential if you want your longboard to have more flexibility, responsiveness, and traction.

longboard for sliding

On the other hand, the top rack has a shorter wheelbase and allows for quick transitions between pins, making it ideal for more technical sliding.

Dimension Of Sliding Longboard Deck

The deck of a standard longboard is typically 34 to 44 inches long. You can choose different deck sizes depending on the rider's height.

The length and width of the deck should be 38 to 42 inches long, 8 to 10 inches wide, and the durometer hardness should be 70a to 90a as it is suitable for all riders, including beginners, players intermediate, and professional players.

Common Question Asked About The Longboard For Sliding

We collected a list of frequently asked questions and gave our answers below to help you understand it better.

What Is The Best Type Of Longboard For Sliding?

The question of which longboard is better for skating is always relevant. It is a difficult question for us to answer because it depends on the perspective and ability of each rider and the type of slide they prefer.

However, on the market of long skateboards today, the most popular are the following types:

Type 1: The Top-mounting Board

Trucks that attach directly to the base of the deck are used on this style of a longboard. With this specific model, longboard riders will find it easier to make sharp turns.

best sliding longboards

While this clearance makes sliding easier, it can also cause wobbling at higher speeds as long as the wheel is stiff enough.

Type 2: The Drop-deck Board

These longboards have raised deck ends, making them easier to spot both in front and behind. In addition, because of the curved deck, the board’s central part is closer to the ground.

The wheels can maneuver more easily since most of the deck is between the trucks. This longboard style is excellent for sliding as long as the wheels are on the right side of the hardness scale.

Type 3: The Drop-through Board

This type of longboard gets its name from the location of the baseplate.

The mount is the part that connects the wheels to the longboard deck. You can find it at the top of the structure and go down through. As a result, the board sits closer to the ground than before. This fact makes the ride less shaky and allows you to go faster.

good sliding longboards

However, it will not spin when sliding sharply, requiring the skater to plan the slide a few seconds in advance.

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What Is The Best Type Of Wheels For Longboard Sliding?

Since wheels allow your longboard to move, they are essential. It’s best to look for slightly smaller wheels than downhill or cruiser wheels in case they slip.

Wheel materials are also an essential factor to think about when choosing a longboard for sliding. The urethane compound makes the wheels slightly stiffer, which affects their slip.

Alternatively, if you prefer softer wheels, choose one with a durometer value between 75A and 80A. To receive more rigid wheels, you’d better go with anything between the 83A and 88A. To slide or freestyle, you need large and soft enough wheels to glide on any terrain.

Suitable wheels for longboard sliding should also have a smaller contact pad to reduce friction loss. They also make you feel comfortable and simple to use right out of the box.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Longboards For Sliding?

Sliding longboards have five outstanding advantages:

Create Favorable Conditions For Braking

While foot braking is essential, it can be most difficult when traveling at higher speeds when sliding. It is easier and safer to bring a longboard to a halt if you can manage it so that the wheels spin independently.

Allows To Slide Longer In A Variety Of Terrain Conditions

The longboard's ability to break in many ways makes it safer to slide long distances in various situations. The ability to slide when stopped can enhance overall safety and allow you to do so wherever you feel comfortable, especially in urban terrain with many downhill surfaces.

Strengthens Core Muscles

When sliding for long distances, the rider's core muscles work naturally due to the crouching required to reach the front of the board. Practicing this aspect of upper body strength, like any other muscle group, offers several physical benefits.

Easier Balancing

Longboard riders must maintain posture from various angles while crouching to reach the nose of the board and slide. From there, balance recovers naturally due to this difficulty. You can apply this ability every day to many different situations in life.

Extends The Life Of The Wheels

Long skates help reduce wheel wear by allowing them to rotate independently of the road surface instead of using friction to brake. Therefore, you will not have to do as much maintenance when using longboards compared to planks.

Final Thought

So there you have some of the best longboards for your consideration. We also provide a helpful buying guide for you to consider when making your purchase.

You can select the best longboard for sliding based on your budget and intended use. But, more importantly, you should choose the option that suits your preferences best. The longboards listed above are of excellent quality and reasonably priced so that you can rest assured.

You can choose the perfect slide ride now that you're familiar with the world of long tables. Leave a comment below with your story or insights about your longboard. We hope you find your favorite longboard soon and have fun skating!

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