Top 11 Best Longboard For Beginners (Reviewed in 2022)

Longboarding, and skateboarding in general, is what usually pops up into the mind of many people when they think of an action sport.

You might not get a longboard as a kid, but it's never too late to get into this sport and its community. And the greatest way to do this is to get the best longboard for beginners.

To make everything easier for you, we have tracked down the best boards designed for newcomers here. This list covers a wide variety of designs and riding styles, all of which are worthy of consideration as your first longboard.

1. Volador 42-Inch Freeride Longboard - Top Pick

best longboard skateboard for beginners

Broadly speaking, this Volador longboard is an amazing all-around choice and the best starter longboard that will teach you the basics of this sport.

It may not have the most cutting-edge features, and we don't think it's the right choice for advanced tricks either, but for the first few months into longboarding, you will benefit the most from its design and components.

The deck of this 42-inch longboard will help you have the best control of your ride. It's slightly curved at both ends, reducing the resistance when you're skating in through the wind.

While this flat curve in a symmetrical design means less leverage, those who are just starting out will have a better board feel.

Beginner riders will have more room for their foot with the 9-inch width, while the drop-through design results in more control for riders of this board.

The distance between the ground and the deck is shorter, which leads to more stability even when you are learning to skate downhill at high speed.

There should be no issue if you want more flexibility with the trucks. These 7-inch kingpin trucks are made of aluminum, and you can adjust them to 50 degrees for more maneuverability. But if you need a better shock-absorbing ability, you will want to ride it at 45 degrees.

Coming with these trucks are 70x51mm soft wheels with a wheel durometer of 78A. As a result, the Volador Freeride longboard won't give you the top speed seen in countless videos that may have inspired you to this sport.

But this is not extremely important for you. The upside is you will have a smoother ride - something most beginners will want.

All those amazing features come at a price. The bearings of this Volador longboard don't have the best quality you can see on high-end models, which may affect your overall performance.

Verdict: The Volador 42-Inch Freeride longboard may not be able to serve you as a long-term investment. But it can be a great help when you just get started and need to have a solid grasp on basic longboarding.


  • Great all-around longboard
  • Easy to ride
  • Adjustable bearings
  • Good stability for learning basic tricks
  • Not too expensive


  • Second-rate bearings

2. Atom 41-Inch Drop Deck Longboard - Best Drop Deck

best longboard for beginners

As longboards with a drop deck get closer to the ground, they give beginners a comfortable ride with greater stability. This is a longboard like that from Atom.

While it may not be the best choice for skaters to perform every trick in their arsenal, it's still great for many riding styles, from relaxing cruising to pushing and freeriding.

The drop deck design of this Atom longboard is incredibly stable. The cradling effect of the lowered middle section will protect you from speed wobbles in high-speed downhill rides. You will also have a secure grip on this 41-inch deck and find it easier to control slides.

As someone who is just starting out, this is something you should give a lot of thought unless you want to suffer from horrible injuries.

Better yet, this lower center of gravity enables easier initiation. Riders usually have to push a longboard with a higher profile harder, which sometimes can lead to sore calves if you're experienced in this.

The Atom drop-deck longboard, however, requires much less strength from you and places less strain on your muscles. You won't feel tired as quickly since your foot won't have to go as far.

Apart from this laminated deck, this Atom longboard comes with other quality components. It has 70x51mm Super High Rebound (SHR) wheels. As you may find out when you encounter more skateboards and longboards in the future, this high rebound is one of the signs of expensive and high-quality wheels.

There are some downsides you must be aware of, though. While the drop-deck design of this Atom longboard is great for skating long commutes, it is more prone to damages and scratches due to its lower deck. There is a high chance it may catch some obstacles on the ground.

Verdict: If you want to have easier pushing and comfortable riding of a lower deck, this Atom 41-inch Drop Deck longboard is a perfect starter choice.


  • Easier pushing
  • More stability for commuting and cruising
  • Easy to control and learn
  • High rebound wheels
  • Good for downhill carving


  • Average grip tape and graphics
  • Bearings may make a loud noise

3. Quest The Super Cruiser Longboard - Best For Cruising

the best longboard for beginners

Cruising is the most popular riding style of longboarding, so it's not surprising if you want to pick up some cruising skills first before moving to harder techniques.

The Super Cruiser from Quest knocks cruising out of the park. It won't just teach you how to move from one point to another, but this longboard will also provide a relaxing and gentle riding experience.

This beginner longboard has an attractive pintail design, engineered to make your rides balanced and stable even on uneven surfaces. The deck is 44 inches long, a perfect size for cruising.

It's a bit longer than the average length of most longboards (32"-42"), and it means riders will have a more relaxed ride along a sidewalk or a boardwalk, for example, where the surface is ideally flat. And as with other riding styles, a longer board is usually easier to learn for beginners.

Another that makes this cruising board so great is the 7-ply super-flex bamboo and maple that Quest has used to make this deck.

A higher degree of deck flex like this is always a better choice on bumpy roads and rough terrain. It can absorb more shock imposed on the longboard, helping relieve some stress on your ankles and knees. A flexible deck also means you're closer to the ground and have better control of your ride.

You have to keep in mind, though, that this longboard is not easy to carry around due to its length. The quality of the bearings and the trucks is questionable. They tend to be noisy as you pick up speed. The graphics are sloppy as well.

Verdict: The Quest The Super Cruiser is one of the few longboards that can give comfortable and nice rides out of the box for beginners. They have some flaws, but it still deserves consideration if you want to get the hang of cruising.


  • Great for cruising and urban commuting
  • Solid build
  • Smooth ride thanks to the long deck
  • Work nicely out of the box
  • Affordable price


  • Noisy trucks
  • Low-quality painting

4. MBS All-Terrain Longboard - Best Off-road

best longboard for beginners adults

An adventurous ride is not a popular recommendation for newcomers. But if you want to take on these challenges, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

It's an exciting experience that will help you become familiar with difficult techniques faster. Just ask someone to watch you closely and get suitable equipment like this MBS All-terrain longboard.

The ability to run on most types of surfaces without changing wheels sets this model from the rest of the pack. You can glide on concrete or asphalt before moving into loose gravels without missing a beat.

The impressive performance of this board for beginners comes from the big 100mm x 65mm all-terrain wheels, the sturdy 190mm trucks, and the solid wide deck.

Made of multiple veneers of maple wood, the deck has a lower center of gravity and optimum stability. It provides a perfect balance between flexibility and stiffness for off-road longboarding.

This means you will have a smooth ride regardless of the terrain, thanks to the amazing shock-absorbing capacity.

On the other hand, the Navigator Drones longboard trucks make sure riders can have precise turning. Intermediate techniques like pumping and carving are a piece of cake with this longboard, even if you're new to them.

The large urethane wheels guarantee complete grip and balanced rides. You will have an easier time getting back control and balancing yourself. This big size may need more time to accelerate, but once you have gathered some momentum, they can roll at higher speeds.

The grass is where the MBS All-terrain longboard may not live up to your expectations, however. It struggles to glide through loose grass.

It's not like the longboard doesn't move at all, but you still may need some stronger pushes. And at around 12 pounds, this is not the lightest longboard you can have.

Verdict: The MBS All-terrain longboard will make off-road riding less challenging for brave beginners who want to extend their skills beyond familiar playing grounds.


  • Suitable for many surfaces
  • Precision turning
  • Complete grip with larger wheels
  • Great shock-absorbing ability
  • More stability with a low deck


  • Not great for skating on grass
  • A bit heavy

5. Retrospec Zed Pintail Bamboo Longboard - Best Pintail Choice

best starter longboard

With a pintail longboard, the deck's chance of coming in contact with the wheels, a phenomenon called “wheel bite,” is lower. It's one of the most common types of longboard and is mostly used for carving and cruising.

Pick a model like the Retrospec Zed if you want a pintail longboard that can provide you with enough room for your foot while making change direction easy.

It is a big longboard, measuring 9.5 inches in width and 44 inches in length, so riders can stand on it comfortably. In long rides, you will have more room to relax your feet and change your position. On top of that, the Retrospec Zed turns smoother and slower than smaller models.

This board width and length are a huge deal for beginners who are just learning basic techniques. For more experienced riders, this is also a perfect board if a wide and tall longboard is what they prefer.

The pintail design gives riders a firmer grip and reduces effort when you're riding through the wind. Retrospec has engineered the sliced edges and contours of the decks for more accuracy and balance while avoiding wheel bite at all costs.

The Retrospec Zed Pintail longboard comes with 70x51mm wheels. They have a rock finish and 85A hardness.

This is a bit harder than 78A wheels you can find on other longboards and can make your riders slightly bumpier. But your longboard will pick up speed faster along the way. Coupled with the ABEC-7 bearings, this board for beginners does a very excellent job of making the rides comfortable.

With that said, you may need to upgrade the longboard bearings and wheels after having learned the basics. They are good for doing some simple cruising around in the first few months, but after that, you can ride faster from better components.

Verdict: With its comfortable grip and a good sense of stability, the Retrospec Zed has really made its case as a good beginner longboard for beginners.


  • Easy to change direction
  • Comfortable to stand on
  • Anti-bite wheels
  • Great for cruising and carving
  • Huge room for your feet


  • Wheels and bearings could be better
  • Heavy and long

6. Minority Downhill Maple Longboard - Best For Downhill

good beginner longboard

If slow and relaxed cruising around is not your thing, don't fret. There are plenty of longboards that beginners can pick up, like this Minority model, to learn more complicated techniques like downhill skating.

This riding style is all about speed, and with that, you will need a stiff deck to help you control the board. The deck of this Minority longboard has been cold-pressed from 8-ply maple wood. This makes the deck strong enough to support a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

A lot of downhill boards come with top-mounted trucks, meaning they have a higher center of gravity and accelerate faster. But top mount models are less stable and need more effort from riders to control.

On the other hand, the Minority longboard has a drop deck. It's much more suitable for beginners, who can take advantage of this stable maple wood deck and its large wheels.

For more maneuverability, you can adjust the 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks between 45 and 50 degrees. They have better traction than traditional kingpin trucks at high speeds.

You can start with 50 degrees to turn faster and have a good response. This high angle can also help you avoid wheel bites. After gaining experience with downhill staking, you may try out lower angles.

The Minority longboard features 70x51mm wheels and ABEC-9 precision bearings.

The wheels don't wear out too quickly even with constant sliding, which is one of the clearest characteristics of a good longboard for riding downhill. The 78A hardness is a good starting place for beginners unless you are over 170 pounds and may need 80A or even 83A wheels.

The main turnoff is the trucks, which feel cheap and not able to last for a long time. They are still rideable, but you may need to fiddle around or replace them altogether.

Verdict: The Minority Downhill longboard is marred with some significant flaws, but for beginners, it's a decent board for going fast downhill.


  • Lower center of gravity for more stability
  • Stiff deck
  • Great ABEC-9 precision bearings
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Easy to control at high speeds


  • Not for heavy riders
  • The trucks are not well built.

7. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard - Best Freestyle Choice

best type of longboard for beginners

If you'd love to do some board tricks while cruising around, a freestyle longboard like this Playshion model is your perfect fit.

You should not confuse it with a freeriding longboard. Freestyle has its roots in regular skateboarding and involves a lot of board dancing, spinning, flipping, jumping, and standing up.

You don't need us to remind you that it's not a riding style for every beginner, but for those who are just getting started, it's not totally impossible to learn.

A drop-through deck like this Playshion cruiser is less popular among the freestyle community than top mount boards. The main reason is the ability to resist more abuse and harder jumps of top mount models.

But you don't need to worry about it with the Playshion Drop-through Freestyle longboard. It can hold up against a lot of jumping, tail rubbing, and kick tricks.

On top of that, this drop-through mounting creates more stability thanks to the smaller clearance between the board and the ground.

Made of sturdy 8-ply natural maple, the deck can support a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It has a slight concave in the middle, helping secure the feet of riders into the board and make turning easier.

The ABEC-9 bearings of the Playshion Freestyle longboard do wear out pretty fast. You may need to lubricate or replace them so the board can roll smoothly again. The deck stickers and grip tape are also a common source of complaints about this longboard as they are prone to warping.

Verdict: As long as you do your research before committing to the Playshion Freestyle longboard, it's the best longboard to learn on when you want to perform tricks besides just cruising around. Basically, you get what you pay for.


  • More stability thanks to the drop-through mounting
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Affordable price
  • Quiet and smooth bearings
  • Robust trucks


  • Bearings may need replacement at some point
  • The grip tape and stickers can get wrinkled and bubbled.

8. Junli 41-Inch Freeride Longboard - Best for Freeride

best longboard for beginners

Often confused with freestyle models, but freeride longboards like this Junli model serve a different purpose. As freeride involves more tricks and techniques than freestyle, you will need a more tricked-oriented longboard that can help you carve and slide downhill.

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Junli may not be a popular brand, but this overlooked longboard fits this task perfectly for beginners. The deck is made of cold-pressed 8-ply maple wood, and the result is a solid board that can support up to 333 pounds. This is one of the highest weight capacities among the inexpensive longboards for beginners.

To support this impressive maximum load, Junli has relied on a set of sturdy components. The 7-inch trucks are highly responsive, while the PU wheels allow riders to carry out their tricks even at high speeds.

This is a stable longboard to learn all the basics of freeride quickly. However, you may face a lot of splinters after unboxing the board. You will want to use a damp towel and run along all sides of this longboard before using it.

Verdict: The Junli Freeride longboard won't be a disappointment if you need a starter board to learn more tricks besides basic cruising.


  • Suitable for tricks
  • Sturdy deck and trucks
  • Cheap
  • Slip-resistant grip
  • Disassemble tools included
  • Acceptable shock-absorbing capability


  • Not great finish
  • Low-quality bearings

9. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard - Best Value

longboard good for beginners

For an affordable, versatile longboard, there aren't many choices other than this RIMABLE model. It's cheap but can rival much more expensive competitors when you're in need of a general-purpose longboard for beginners.

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The RIMABLE drop-through longboard can roll on many types of terrain, including beach paths, bike lanes, and boardwalks. Just hop on it, and you can avoid the bad traffic in your town.

It's a pleasant experience riding this longboard. The deck has the right amount of flex for beginners: not too stiff and makes you uncomfortable on every crack or bump along the way, but not too soft and kills the solid board feel.

This may change with your weight, however, and those 180 pounds and higher may have better luck with another board.

The deck is 41 inches long, perfect for those with average heights. The drop-through mounting also means it's more stable for beginners right from the second they get on this longboard.

The PU wheels with a hardness of 85A are a bright spot of the RIMABLE drop-through longboard. It's on the harder side but perfectly balanced to give a smooth ride with a great grip.

The ABEC-11 bearings are well-made and need little maintenance. It's easy to remove their rubber shields and clean and lubricate these wheels, but you only need to do so often when you use this longboard as your daily driver.

Remember that this is still an inexpensive longboard, so you can't expect high-quality components from it. If it's subject to constant abuse, the board may fall apart after a few months.

Verdict: The RIMABLE drop-through longboard might not be the sturdiest product you can buy, but given its price tag, it's the perfect longboard to rival the higher-end models.


  • Fairly priced
  • Decent build
  • Smooth rides and easy to handle
  • Attractive and cool design
  • Wheels need little maintenance


  • Only basic components

10. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder - Best Drop-Through Longboard

top longboards for beginners

Many longboards in this list come with a drop-through design. They all share a similar cutout in the deck, getting the board closer to the ground. This lowers the center of gravity and makes the ride more stable at high speeds.

However, manufacturers usually have a specific use in mind when they design those longboards, which is mostly a freeride longboard. The Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder is different because you are free to use it with a wide range of styles, including cruising and downhill in addition to freeride.

With a deck length of just 36 inches, it's among the shorter boards and allows riders to turn the board on a dime.

This extreme carving ability also comes from the high-quality Gullwing wide trucks. As long as you have the right mentor to teach you the proper techniques, you will absolutely be able to take sharp turns with ease with the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder.

But this versatile drop-through longboard can do more than that. In addition to maneuvering through sidewalks and traffic, smooth cruising is easy to achieve with this board as well. Thanks to the 80A wheels and the ABEC-5 bearings, the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder delivers an ultra-smooth ride effortlessly.

The whole longboard boasts a premium feel with all sturdy and well-built components. But all of them come at a price. This isn't an affordable longboard, and any beginner who wants to have all those bells and whistles will have to pay a hefty price.

Verdict: If your budget permits it, the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder is a huge step-up from any drop-through longboard on the market. Every aspect of this amazing longboard reflects the highest quality you can expect from Sector 9 - one of the most reputable manufacturers in the business.


  • Easy to take sharp turns
  • Durable materials and high-quality components
  • Stable and smooth rides
  • Easy to learn
  • Suitable for many riding styles


  • Expensive

11. White Wave Longboard - Best For Carving

longboard for beginners

Riding a longboard downhill on an “S” pattern is surely a common dream of any beginner out there. This carving style draws many inspirations from snowboarding and surfing, and besides great techniques, you will need a longboard like this product from White Wave.

The 41-inch length of this longboard isn't just the common deck length for beginners but also works wonders for effective carving. A smaller board can't give riders enough momentum to maintain their curvy rhythm, while riders may feel a larger longboard a little sluggish while making turns.

This White Wave longboard has enough flex to make it more responsive to the rider's weight shifts and impulses. This medium flex, which also makes the board more stable and great during low-speed carving, comes from its high-quality materials.

The construction is a combination of bamboo and maple wood. As a result, the White Wave longboard has the best of both worlds: the stiffness and resistance of maple and the superior flex nature of bamboo.

Other components are quite standard. The 7-inch aluminum trucks are common on other longboards for beginners, while the 78A high rebound wheels ensure great shock absorption and stability.

The bearings, however, can benefit from an improvement, and the trucks may get squeaky after a few uses. The sound could be annoying and go away only when you lubricate the trucks again.

Verdict: Thanks to its hybrid material choice, the White Wave longboard can allow you to learn to make carving lines, even though it may take a lot of practice to master this technique.


  • Lightweight bamboo deck
  • Affordable
  • Pick up speed quickly
  • Easy to maintain balance
  • Enough flex for responsive carving


  • Squeaky trucks

How To Choose Longboards For Beginners

There are so many aspects of a skateboard or a longboard that we can write an essay about them. But for a rookie in this sport, you need to mull over some things before paying for your first board.

Riding Styles

This may surprise you, but there are actually different ways of riding a longboard.

For example, cruising and carving are when you cruise your board around in your neighborhood or on the way to school. This is the most popular style of riding for beginners as it doesn't require any advanced techniques.

best longboard brands for beginners

Cruising on longboards

On the other hand, downhill longboarding is all about bombing down the hill at full speed. You will have to learn how to control your board while riding it as fast as you can, which could be a huge challenge.

longboard brands for beginners

Downhill longboarding

Freeride and freestyle help riders explore more tricks and technical skills like jumping and sliding. You can have a shot at them, but they're not beginner-friendly and usually reserved for experienced riders.

Deck Design

The shape and design of the longboard deck play a huge role in the stability of that board.

The rule you have to remember is that the lower and closer the deck is to the ground, the more stable it will be. This means less work is needed when you push or stop the board.

The decks of longboards fall into a few main categories: top mount, drop through, drop deck, and double drop.

Traditional longboards usually have a top-mount design. This type of board is easier to make, and therefore, cheaper to purchase. While this design leads to less stability, it increases the turn leverage and agility of the board.

best longboard for beginners 1

A top-mount longboards

Drop-through is an increasingly popular design where the trucks are mounted on the deck, moving it closer to the ground. Models with this longboarding style are more stable and great for long-distance riding.

best longboard skateboard for beginners

A drop-through Longboard

On a drop-deck longboard, the rider stands on an area lower than the truck. This low center of gravity helps riders avoid fatigue when pushing and braking. Double-drop decks push this idea further and get the rider as close to the ground as possible, making them great for downhill.

Best Longboard Skateboard For Beginners: Top 5 Brands

The skateboard and longboard industry is as competitive and colorful as the sport itself. There is no monopoly in this business, and instead, there are a handful of reputable companies that you can trust to spend your money.

  • Sector 9: This skateboard manufacturer was founded in 1993 in California. Throughout its history, the company has produced many high-quality boards, especially cruiser models.
  • Atom: This company was actually started by longboarding enthusiasts, the main reason Atom is such a reliable brand among the community. Its catalog consists of plenty of inexpensive longboards that can give real value for your money.
  • Gold Coast: Named after a famous tourist destination in Australia, the company has its roots in surfing culture. Its main products are pintail and drop-through longboards.
  • Krown: The target market of this company is customers who are on a budget. Their boards come with many accessory and equipment options, including gloves, helmets, and extra wheels.
  • Globe: Established in the 1980s, Globe is among the most experienced players in this business with a wide variety of longboards. It also sells clothing and shoes for riders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to learn to longboard?

This question comes up often, and the answer is pretty the same. It's not hard to learn some basic cruising around, but for more advanced skills like turning and balancing, you may need more time to work on them.

What is the best type of longboard for beginners?

Newcomers should start their longboarding journey with a drop-through or drop-down longboard. They are a good choice for beginners as riders have more stability when they try to control the board.

Is a longboard better for beginners?

If your main goal is cruising around in a leisure manner around your town, a longboard is probably a better option than a regular skateboard. It's easier to stand on and learn basic techniques with a longboard.

Is a longboard easier to ride than a skateboard?

As we have mentioned above, a longboard, especially with a drop-through or drop-deck design, is much simpler to learn. Its longer and wider deck will give beginners an easier time when they try to have a grasp of longboarding.

Final Words

There is a lot more to longboards than what you usually see on Youtube videos. Every aspect of a board, from its deck to the trucks or wheels, can have an effect on how you can learn to ride it.

To pick up the basics of this exciting sport, you can have a look at the best longboard for beginners - the Volador 42-Inch Freeride longboard. Despite its affordable price, It's a versatile board that can help newcomers get on the streets quickly. If you already have a design or riding style in mind, other choices are available as well.

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