Top 10 Best Longboard Brands – The Ultimate List Of in 2022

Are you searching for a great longboard that comes from the best longboard brands? That's quite challenging when there is a plethora of longboard types and designs offered by both long-standing and burgeoning manufacturers on the market.

Each rider has a different taste. Some might get into cruising, freeriding while others opt for dancing and tricks.

Regardless of the riding styles you’re getting into, just like other longboarders, a quality board is a prerequisite for a smooth and safe ride. And reputable brands are good places to start your search!

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Before heading to our longboard brand reviews, let’s check out the top 3 longboard picks suggested by our experts.


#1. Volador Freeride Longboard

best longboard brands

Why is this product the best?

  • Great performance
  • Features an 8-ply Maple deck, providing flexibility and durability
  • Stunning, artistic designs
  • High-quality ABEC-9 bearings
  • Large PU soft wheels for shock absorption
  • Made of environment-friendly materials: woods and methanal-free epoxy glue
  • 11 creative designs


#2. Quest QT-NSC44C Longboard

good longboard brands

Why is this product our runner-up?

  • Long and large deck up to 44 inches
  • Constructed by bamboo and hardwood Maple
  • Aluminum trucks and ABEC-7 bearing
  • Innovative anti-bite structure
  • Affordable price


#3. Atom Drop Deck 91048

top longboard brands

Why does this product come in third place?

  • 100% solid material
  • Full maple laminate deck
  • 80S grip tape ensures high performance
  • Ideal for downhill riding with exceptional stability
  • Maximum load weight up to 300 pounds

In this section, we would like to introduce you to the 10 best longboard brands on the market.

1. Volador

longboard brands list

Volador produces great longboards for those who've just started their adventure with longboarding. These boards are made of sustainable and high-quality material, ensuring a more stable ride.

The brand offers a wide variety of deck styles and artworks. Your longboards will stand out from the crowd with cool and unique graphics.

The Volador longboards have good grip tape and a large deck area where you can place your feet. They are low priced, but you need to adjust some parts.

This brand is also famous for the basic and freeride cruisers. Among those, we highly recommend the Volador Freeride Longboard due to its durability and flexibility.

It is a freeride cruiser with an 8-ply Maple deck and top-of-the-line bearings up to the rate of ABEC 9. The large PU soft wheels help with shock absorption, so you can easily handle harsh riding and intense weather.

Though the parts are well-made, it would be better if you tighten the axle nuts down so that the wheels won’t wobble. These boards are ideal for cruising but not a great option for downhill riding.


  • Sustainable and sturdy materials
  • Numerous designs to accommodate different riding styles
  • Firm and large deck
  • Best for cruising


  • Requires adjustment before the first use

2. Quest

what is the best longboard brand

If you are wondering if Quest is a good longboard brand? The answer is an absolute yes. Quest cruiser boards with amazing performances make it one of the top longboard brands on the market.

The manufacturer equips the board with bamboo or hardwood maple decks that bring you a lively ride. They also have great balance and stability thanks to the polyurethane wheel with a high shock-absorbing capability.

All the components of the products are authentic and well-made, allowing you to do demanding tricks and own great cruiser boards from the brand.

These longboards come with a wide range of colors and amazing graphic arts. They are worth having as you can coast around town or travel to the class in style.

Quest QT NSC44C is one of the best cruiser longboards that can withstand up to250 pounds. It is a prominent candidate with a long 44-inch deck, genuine bearings, and aluminum trucks.

As it is long, it may be a bulky board, and you should apply some speed cream on the bearings for the first use.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Amazing balance and stability
  • Ideal for doing tricks and stunts
  • Awesome designs
  • Support heavy users


  • Slightly bulky

3. Atom

top 10 longboard brands

Atom is another candidate for good longboard brands. The company was established in 2005. It was initially a line of boards under the MBS company, specializing in mountainboarding.

It offers various types of longboards, including drop-through, mini, electric longboards, etc. This reputable brand delivers excellent performance, attractive design without a huge price.

Heavy riders can also opt for Atom longboards to hold over 300 pounds and become complete with MBS all-terrain longboard wheels.

With the maximum maneuverability, its Atom drop deck longboard is surely the best choice for beginners.

You can perform sliding, turns, or picks with this drop deck board. It carves well while being smooth. It is a versatile longboard that can handle both downhill riding and cruising.

However, the board may be stiff until broken in so that you can shop for other bearings for easier and smooth rides.


  • Various board types
  • Great all-terrain longboards
  • Multipurpose board
  • Beginner longboard


  • Bearings aren't so great

4. Playshion

best longboard brands

Playshion is a newer company, compared to the top three. Founded in 2013, the company produces quality boards that are a wise choice for beginner and intermediate riders.

Whereas the longboards are on the affordable side, they are well-made and have stunning graphic arts. Every single board has some of the basic features, including wheels, cutouts, and kicktails.

The steel bearings provide stable but smooth sliding than conventional metal. These boards reduce friction when you rotate with genuine trucks coupled with soft bushings.

And if you decide to go for this brand, don't skip the Playshion Freestyle Longboard. It is a versatile longboard that is resilient, flexible, and stable.

Since the deck is made of natural Maple, its weight capacity is up to 250 pounds, which is a rather impressive figure. This board is great for cruising, sliding, curving, downhill riding, freeride, and freestyle.

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The design allows you to commute and push easily but is not very attractive to experienced riders who want to perform advanced tricks.


  • Various board types
  • Great all-terrain longboards
  • Multipurpose board
  • Beginner longboard


  • Bearings aren't so great

5. Magneto

the best longboard brands

Every customer would be impressed by the maneuverability and performance of Magneto longboards. It's rare to see a high-quality board without spending a huge price.

The company offers numerous longboard styles to choose from, such as slot machine longboard, bamboo cruiser, carbon fiber downhill longboard. Each of them will deliver a different skateboarding experience to you.

There is a wide range of deck sizes from 35 to 46 inches, making it easier for every rider to choose the suitable type. The blend of maple wood, fiberglass, and bamboo contributes to the sturdiness of the deck that you will struggle to find in other similarly priced models.

You can find the trucks on every single longboard of Magneto are made of gravity cast aluminum, and the material for the wheels is SHR urethane. With a simple yet aesthetically pleasing look, these boards are a crowd favorite due to their natural wood finish and sophisticated design.

Magneto Bamboo Longboard is a popular choice from the brand that offers smooth and lively rides for skaters. The deck is high-quality, made with bamboo and a maple core. There is only one disadvantage that trucks need replacement after long use.


  • Great maneuverability
  • High-grade material
  • Aesthetic appearance


  • Trucks require replacement

6. Yocaher

best quality longboard brands

Yocaher is a longtime brand that was started in 1975, based in Chino, CA. As the name implies, it's one of the pioneers in the longboard industry. The brand initially developed on the west coast and then spread through the country.

Yocaher products have quickly risen to become top-rated beginner boards with cheap prices and great performance. Most of them are strong, sturdy, and durable. These longboards can fit you perfectly if you are into high-speed rides since they provide as secure an experience as possible.

The manufacturer tunes all of the parts of their board to different riding styles. As these longboards are very sturdy and comfortable, a rider can sit on the deck during the drop-down. They also offer great stability for downhill rides since they have a lower center of gravity.

The brand's products are always ensuring many types of riding action with very high speed. You can find all riding features on every longboard, including cruising, freeriding, and downhill longboarding.

With thick decks and low flex, the drop-down boards of this manufacturer are a typical example of how a good board for downhill riding should be.

Otherwise, a few customers complain of the prints fading away over time.


  • Reputable brand
  • Affordable price
  • Great for downhill riding
  • Comfortable and stable rides


  • The print can tear up with regular use

7. Arbor

quality longboard brands

Arbor Collective longboard is a product line in Arbor Axis, established as a snowboard company in 1995. It is well-known for longboards at reasonable prices but offers lively riding experiences.

It is a sustainable manufacturer that donates a sale portion to protect forests and promote environment-friendliness. When longboards began to be more popular, the founders developed their snowboard to create a new line of longboards capable of moving downhills.

The company uses degradable materials such as Maple and bamboo for its decks. This snowboard influence created a line of longboards perfect for tricks, cruising, and downhill longboarding.

Its boards are genuine, minimalistic, and exquisite. They are multipurpose and accommodate riding styles suitable for beginners.

Arbor longboards are excellent in downhill rides, but they are also controllable to ride downtown. Unfortunately, since the decks are larger, they are bulkier and less bouncy.


  • Safe for environment
  • Amazing rides
  • Well-constructed deck
  • Super lightweight


  • Slightly bulky

8. Sector 9

longboard brand reviews

Sector 9, established in 1993, is another runner on the top longboard brands list. It is a reputable brand, and its longboards come in different shapes and sizes. They have carving boards, commuters, and bamboo cruisers for all riding styles.

The brand also produces a wide range of complete boards, longboard parts, and accessories, making it easier to upgrade your board. Its decks are built to last while boasting awesome designs and graphics without cost a huge price.

If you're searching for products provided by the best quality longboard brands, Sector 9 can properly fulfill your needs with multiple riding styles. The longboards are sturdy, deliver stable, smooth, and lively rides.

Sector 9 Complete Longboard is one of the top-selling boards from this company. It is an ideal beginner board with smooth control even on bumpy roads. The wheel’s cushion effectively absorbs shock and impact, making the item ideal for street cruising and carving.

Only one minus point is these boards are not very flexible, and you may want to loosen the trucks.


  • Matches various riding styles
  • Amazing designs
  • Brand reputation
  • Great for street cruising and kicking


  • Stiff trucks

9. Rayne

best longboard brands

Another runner on our list of good longboard brands is Rayne from Vancouver, Canada. The company has manufactured skateboards since 2004.

The motto of the company is to go beyond the expectations of skaters. They accomplish this by pushing the boundaries of their products with a strong belief that a premium product can sell itself.

Rayne boards can handle downhill racing, freeride, cruising, and dancing tricks. There is also an assortment of styles and artworks that you can choose from.

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When it comes to material, its decks are made of laminated bamboo and wood. Thus, the brand provides super lightweight boards with intense concave-shaped decks that withstand abuse and harsh conditions.

The product quality expresses itself at international races and freeride events. In addition, for a premium brand, these boards are on the expensive spectrum, so we recommend purchasing these boards if you're more experienced.


  • Versatile longboards
  • Robust deck
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent in dancing, downhill racing, freeride


  • High price

10. Santa Cruz

good longboard brands

The last pick on our list of top longboard brands is Santa Cruz. It's the former skateboard manufacturer worldwide, which was founded in 1973. Since then, this company has developed boards to catch up with longboard trends.

The brand specializes in trick boards. Its decks feature plenty of shapes such as cruiser, pool, and popsicle decks.

Though longboards are not the main product line, the brand still builds satisfactory boards. Most decks boast flexible trucks and soft wheels, which are tolerant and of good quality.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly model, the Santa Cruz Shark Cruzer would be a perfect choice. It is made with sturdy 7-ply wood for the deck and lends a unique 1980s retro touch to every ride.

After all, since these products have incredibly reasonable prices, it will take you additional charges upon customization. However, they still meet basic needs, and we recommend them to any beginner.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for doing tricks
  • Sturdy longboards
  • Stunning artworks


  • Costs some charges for the upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

Skaters often wonder if the longboard suits their riding style, so here are some common questions and answers.

What Is The Best Longboard Brand For Beginners?

Many brands have many models geared towards beginners, such as Volador Freeride Longboard or Quest Longboard QT NSC44C. However, they all are reasonably priced, lightweight, and easy to control.

New riders often focus on the basics, such as balancing and braking, rather than on tricks. Consider your level, riding styles, and budget, then refer to our reviews to choose the best longboard.

What Is The Most Popular Longboard?

According to the statistics and customer feedback on longboard products in 2022, the title of most popular longboard belongs to Volador Freeride Longboard.

This product features a well-engineered Maple deck, high-quality ABEC-9 bearings, and providing flexible and excellent performance. Its cool and stunning designs also make it a formidable contender on the list.

What Is The Ideal Longboard Brand For Cruising?

If you prefer cruising around on flat terrain, the best longboard should be controllable, free to turn, carve and glide with ease.

Atom is a prominent brand that meets all the above criteria. The company specializes in drop deck boards capable of performing sliding, turns, and picks. Their longboards are incredibly secure and stable for cruising.

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Which Longboard Brand Suits Downhill Best?

When it comes to downhill riding, we highly recommend drop-down boards produced by Yocaher.

These longboards are exceptionally sturdy and comfortable so that the riders can stand firmly on the deck during the drop-down. They also offer great stability for downhill rides since they have a lower center of gravity.

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Wrap It Up!

Our expert team spent hours doing thorough research to pick out the best longboard brands. Hopefully, this article has saved you tons of time and effort by reviewing the top 10 reputable brands on the market.

If you are still hesitant between these manufacturers, we suggest you go for Volador or Quest for their durable and maneuverable longboards. No matter what your choice is, remember to consider the type of longboard since they strongly affect your riding style.

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