Top 7+ Best Freestyle Longboard Reviews & Buying Guide

Does seeing skaters perform cool tricks in public places make you want to try your hand at it? You've come to the right place to choose the best freestyle longboard since freestyle has become a popular longboarding style.

For beginners, there are many factors to determine your riding style, preferences, and abilities. Still, nothing is more important than getting the most suitable freestyle longboard for you to do those tricks.

We have put together a list of the top 7 freestyle boards that suit different riding styles and budgets. With the specifications and characteristics analysis below, you can choose the most suitable for you with ease. Let's explore together!

Now, let’s analyze the characteristics of the top 7 best freestyle longboards 2022 below:

1. Slendor Drop Through Longboard - Best For Freestyle Riding

best freestyle longboard

Specially built for speed and freestyle riding, this drop-through longboard gives you great maneuverability. That’s because it features ABEC-11 high-speed chrome-plated steel bearings and an aluminum truck that can be adjusted 50 or 45 degrees.

Its wheels are also made of durable materials with PU shock-absorbing rings and rock-grained surfaces. As a result, they provide effective cushioning for a smooth ride and comfort for any style of riding experience.

Slendor longboard offers a low deck height for easy propulsion and acceleration, yet designed to be 9 inches wide and omnidirectional. That allows it to deliver power through corners with maximum stability and become a great choice for downhill longboarding.

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Not only that, all hardware of this product is forged with top materials: genuine aluminum alloy truck, carbon steel bolts, chromium steel bearings, and high resilience PU wheels.

As a result, users can explore the board’s full potential, not only for downhill riding but also carving or many other riding styles.

This product is ready-to-use straight out of the box, the color of the wheels is perfectly matched with the texture of the skateboard, adding to the excitement in all longboard activities. Not only that, its weight is only 7 pounds, which is very convenient for you to move it around.

At an affordable price, the Slendor longboard is a product that is hard to beat in every way. However, the Slendor longboard excludes a kicktail or some pop on the tail/nose, which is unsuitable for some tricks, like dancing or kickflip.


  • Steel bearings with high speed
  • 50 or 45-degree adjustable truck
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Omnidirectional board for excellent cornering
  • High-resilient wheels for a smooth ride
  • Affordable


  • Excludes a kicktail for dance tricks and kickflip

2. Volador Freeride Longboard - Best For Durability

best freestyle longboards

Volador Freeride Longboard offers a hard and stable deck thanks to 8 layers of natural hardwood maple with epoxy glue, PU wheels with ABEC-9 bearings, and standard steel trucks.

Thanks to that, you are free to experience longboard activities without worrying about the parts falling apart.

It also has a nice and concave board riding surface, along with tough tape that keeps your feet well connected to the board. The large and flexible wheels should go through large cracks, rocks, and gravel with ease.

Thus, you can easily carve and create incredibly sharp turns with this longboard. Even with a moderate impact, the board remains intact with minimal damage.

Additionally, this product is designed with a genuine aluminum reverse kingpin truck that can be adjusted 50 or 45 degrees. It provides optimal maneuverability, with no shake or wobble at 35-40 mph speeds. With it, you can carve, kickflip and cut corners.

This pick is an extremely stable longboard for both beginners and professional users. That's because they are easy to adjust or upgrade wheels/bearings for speed control at little cost.

The graphics on the back are cute and super vibrant, giving any skater a thrill and excitement. Affordable price is also a plus point in the product to attract customers.

Some users say that the drop-through deck is quite stiff, helping you feel the road. So it’s not going to offer the smoothest ride but does give you a sense of certainty that you can control your direction and speed.


  • Durable natural hardwood maple
  • Strong and tough epoxy glue
  • Wheels/bearings are easy to adjust and upgrade
  • Affordable
  • Vivid graphics
  • Ideal option for beginners and professionals


  • Stiff deck

3. INNOWEIGH Freestyle Longboard - Best For Versatility

freestyle longboards

This is a longboard suitable for all ages, all skating levels and meets many purposes, such as speed, freestyle, and downhill riding.

The truck is made of aluminum alloy with super elastic PU support for increased control. Stable wheels, thanks to the low gravity design, are suitable for any speed ride.

Therefore, even if you are a new rider, you can easily learn to control your speed and direction. Children can also use this drop-through board without causing parents to worry too much about the safety level.

The wheels are made of premium materials, hard enough for firm steering yet soft enough for a smooth ride. The 70mm wide wheels are also an advantage of this product, as it provides you with more control.

The 41x9 inch durable deck is made of 8 cold-pressed layers of natural Northeast maple, with a maximum load capacity of up to 330 pounds. Not only that, the frosted surface creates a non-slip, solid feel while standing on the board.

When you buy this reasonably priced product, you also get a ratchet to adjust the parts if necessary. That way, you can tighten the bearings and wheels to control the speed if your kid is starting out or loosen them up for top speed once you've mastered it.

Some professional longboarders think that the wheels are not so slippery, leading to a slower speed than expected.

Although this slowness is negligible, it does not satisfy seasoned riders partly, but it does reassure many other players, especially children, and beginner riders.


  • Easy control over speed and direction
  • High-quality, sturdy materials
  • Stable wheels for any speed rides
  • Non-slip frosted surfaces
  • Includes ratchet
  • Affordable


  • Not for advanced riders

4. Magneto Bamboo Longboard – Best For Dancing

good freestyle longboards

This is the perfect longboard for dancers thanks to its special design for dancing with 3 layers of bamboo, making the board extremely flexible. Meanwhile, fiberglass adds power and persistence to the deck and reduces road vibrations for the board.

This longboard dancing details double kicks and a subtly curved arch, adding a lively feel while dancing. The slight depression on the deck brings it a perfect platform for dancing and cruising.

The truck made of gravity die-cast aluminum is mounted on the top, giving this stuff a greater platform for riders to dance. The truck also offers a 7-inch hanger, a 50-degree clamp base, and medium stiffness bushings for extreme stability.

Not only that, its wheels’ size of 70mm and a durometer hardness of 78A are specially designed for players to have an ideal dance experience thanks to the ability to move smoothly on a wide range, even rough surfaces.

Not only great for dancing, but this product is also impressive to use to cut and carve things around quickly since the longboard trucks are raised so high that the whole board rises above the ground.

Additionally, the length of the board is just right, and the deck offers a great amount of stability, so you feel comfortable when downhill riding.

This longboard with super stability and moderate flex is ready to ride right out of the box. Your job is to experience it with your gracious dance moves!

For players who want to use the longboard to dance with a kicktail included, they will want a longer tail. Because a longer tail helps them dance beautifully, especially when performing on tight turns or turning around when going slow.

However, everything about the cool design and the durable materials is great for showing off some beautiful dance moves.


  • Bamboo strong deck with fiberglass adds stability and flex ratings
  • Ready to use
  • Wheels and trucks specifically designed for dancing
  • Also suitable for carving and downhill riding
  • Beautiful and cool design


  • Slightly short kicktail

5. Minority Maple Longboard – Best For Beginners

freestyle longboard

Minority Maple Longboard is a great choice for beginners, thanks to a design focused on improving the extra stability of the board, allowing inexperienced people to skate safely.

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The 40-inch board has a cool design with a low-gravity, drop-down construction that makes it closer to the ground, easier to balance, which is ideal for all stable rides.

Minority longboard has the incredibly strong 8-ply cold-pressed hardwood maple strong deck. It is slightly larger than a regular board, allowing you to easily shift your weight and move more on the board.

The larger deck also provides a stable downhill platform and gives inexperienced people more confidence to perform basic skills such as turning.

Meanwhile, the durable 78A PU wheels with ABEC-9 bearings allow you to enjoy an exceptionally smooth ride. At the same time, the drop concave locks your feet on the board well, supporting you when moving and doing tricky movements.

These longboard wheels have a soft jelly feel with the right size to run on small pebbles without making you feel uncomfortable.

This board is one of the cheap longboards for beginners. It is an excellent candidate for those who simply want to try the beginner longboard to see if they like the sport and intend to train with it seriously.

The only downside of this product is that the wheels are quite small. Thus, when you’re on sidewalks, you need to pay attention to the medium-sized rocks and holes on the ground. Besides, it pays to clean the bearings regularly to achieve the desired stable speed.


  • Classic design for easy balance
  • Large-sized deck for enhanced mobility
  • Soft wheels for a smooth ride
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Small wheels cannot get over medium-sized obstacles

6. White Wave Bamboo Longboard – Best For Cruising And Carving

best freestyle longboard

Our blend of Bamboo and Canadian Maple creates a sturdy longboard with a slight flex, making your cruising and carving experience more memorable than ever!

Its graphics are heat laminated to the longboard deck to extend the life of the board. Additionally, the sturdy grip tape is sprayed transparent, allowing you to feel the board’s natural bamboo and caramel stripes.

Additionally, the wheels are custom designed with a special core, making them durable and lively, suitable for any activity, from gentle level with cruising or powerful, speed level with carving.

Moreover, the White Wave longboard also includes lightweight and strong aluminum trucks, incorporating extremely high recovery bushings for a quick response when turning. You'll feel like a true pro when cruising and carving on this smooth and stable longboard.

Featuring quiet rolling Hellion 2 bearings, this stuff allows you to go fast enough without feeling any resistance from the bearings as you push off.

Wheels have the right softness to meet what you would expect from a longboard. Thanks to that, you can roll over small pebbles while cruising without any problems, perfect for a relaxing cruise!

This board is ready to use and ready to go, with every component fitting snugly and tightly. It rides stable, yet it is also considerably easy to carve from side to side.

Last but not least, it is also well worth the money, making it a great product for both experienced riders or beginners because it would suit both.

The downside of this product is that the white wheels will quickly turn gray after a few rides.

If you want to keep your wheels in good condition, we recommend cleaning them after every ride.


  • Bamboo and maple texture provide perfect firmness and flexibility
  • Specially designed bearings and wheels ensure speed and smoothness
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Long-lasting


  • The white wheels easily get dirty

7. Santa Cruz Impact longboard – Best For Downhill Riding

best freestyle longboards

If you are a person who loves downhill riding, you should not miss this Santa Cruz longboard.

The first thing you can see is that it comes with a 40-inch long deck which is great for downhill situations. Additionally, the wide deck includes 7 layers of Canadian maple for ultimate strength and durability.

This Santa Cruz product is also covered with excellent grip tape providing maximum traction during riding. As soon as you step on it, you will feel a unique experience.

The size of the deck is just right and very comfortable that will keep you bombing downhill all day long. In addition to the high-quality deck, the downhill longboard also has an amazing fleet of trucks. They are 5 inches tall and highly reliable for most people.

Due to the lower center of gravity, you will be able to go downhill without fear. Santa Cruz has done a great job adding 90a OJ wheels to this longboard to boost its performance.

They are less soft, which helps increase overall speed because they do not disperse momentum during riding.

Furthermore, they have also added ABEC-5 standard precision bearings to make it stand out from the crowd. Bearings are one of the most important parts when you are preparing for downhill racing.

While it's a great board and works great, it's quite long and heavy, which is also a disadvantage when you have to carry it around.

However, with good adaptability to the needs, especially downhill, reaching high speeds, Santa Cruz is still an ideal choice for those who love riding downhill.


  • Perfect board for downhill longboarding
  • Fast and reliable
  • Well-built deck
  • Offers comfortable and smooth rides
  • Smooth bearings
  • Made of durable materials


  • Heavy
  • Bulky to carry around

Buying Guide For The Best Freestyle Longboard

While choosing the most suitable product, you can refer to the following information to make a better decision:

Deck Shape And Style

If you're looking to buy a longboard to perform freestyle tricks like a skateboard but with the added comfort and versatility of a longboard for a comfortable excursion, choose a hybrid shape.

freestyle longboards

Accordingly, longboards will be similar in shape to regular skateboards but slightly larger, at about 40 inches, stiff, bent at both ends, and mild concave.

If you want to dance, choose a larger deck, about 42-46 inches long, to allow plenty of room for movement and cross-stepping.

Longboards for this purpose should be straight, not concave, with a slight natural bend. The tail and nose need to be long enough and slightly curved to perform dance tricks.


You will need a longboard with standard, sturdy, traditional kingpin drop-through trucks that are just the right height for free-street style. Because it provides more control and maneuverability for activities and technical tricks.

To carve and jump with great force, you should buy a longboard with a forging or precision truck, with good bearing capacity, high durability, and a large deck.

For those who like to dance, the standard RKP truck will make a great choice. Additionally, dancers also need to choose a truck with a tilt angle greater than 50 degrees and a long deck. These features allow you to be able to turn the angle faster and more accurately.


The ideal wheels for free-street style are 57mm with hardness from 78A to 82A. If you choose stiffer wheels, you'll experience faster skidding but less stability when cruising down the street.

If you want to do more difficult tricks with the longboard, such as nose rides, or flip tricks, you can choose a wheel with an average size of 65-70mm.

If you are passionate about dancing, the most suitable wheel size can be anywhere 70 and 75mm with square lips. Thanks to that, you can do sharp carving tricks while doing up and down movements with your longboard.

All of the items we’ve reviewed today come with 70mm wheels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the above information is not enough for you to make your final purchase decision, read the following questions for additional information:

Are Longboards For Freestyle Suitable For Cruising?

The answer is yes! However, longboards built for freestyle are often small, inflexible with stiff wheels. Therefore, if you want a longboard for smooth cruising, you should choose a model of moderate height, so you can easily push it.

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Besides, it is necessary to choose large wheels with moderate softness to handle road impediments more easily. Plus, a lightweight longboard is preferable since you can carry it conveniently in a backpack and skate wherever you want.

How Much Should A Freestyle Longboard Weigh?

The weight of the longboard is important, especially when you intend to carry your longboard around or perform technical tricks such as jumping and flipping.

There are now countless types of longboards of different sizes and shapes to serve different purposes, including downhill, dancing, and cruising.

Therefore, the weight of the longboards will be quite different. A downhill longboard typically features a hard deck, so its weight is usually around 8-10 pounds, even though they are not very long.

Dancing longboards are much bigger than normal ones and come with larger wheels to roll longer while performing the tricks. Therefore, the average weight of this longboard should be around 10 – 13 pounds.

What Kind Of Freestyle Longboard Should I Choose?

There are currently two types of freestyle longboards: Hybrid and typical longboards.

The former usually has a short wheelbase, providing a decent amount of stability to riders. They also have larger and softer wheels for smooth gliding on the street, making cruising a lot more comfortable.

The latter is typical longboards, with a relatively long wheelbase and wheels with grooved cuts. It is an ideal choice for performing street tricks, such as carving and dancing.

Therefore, depending on your needs and riding preferences, you can choose the most suitable product.


Hopefully, you've got the essential information to choose the best freestyle longboard for your riding styles.

If you are still wondering and want to consult our advice, we will vouch for Innoweigh Freestyle Longboard. The board is suitable for riders of many levels, meets many purposes, such as speed, freestyle, and downhill riding, at an incredibly affordable price.

Finally, do not forget to equip the necessary protective gear when practicing this sport to ensure your safety. We hope you soon master street tricks and have fun excursions. Feel free to share this article if you found it helpful, and see you in the next review!

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