Top 9 Best Drop Through Longboards Reviews In 2022

If you want to improve your skating skills, do not hesitate to invest in the best drop through longboards.

In general, this type of board typically features giant wheel cutouts. Half of the trucks were concealed under the extended deck, while the wingtips are narrow on each side.

As a result, the longboards have a lower gravity center and improved stability compared to others. You will find more secure standing on the board while it comes to downhill or fast-speed riding.

So far, so good? - Bear in mind that not all longboards work in the same way, though. The following reviews will help you to make the right decision!

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1. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard - Best Budget

best drop through longboard

The first longboard to consider is RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard - an affordable choice for amateurs to perform different cruising styles. The quality and features are far from the best but excellent beyond its price.

The deck is probably the selling point of the board, as it is crafted with a 9-ply laminated maple, so it can handle up to 330 lbs at max. Such a capacity is surprisingly unexpected in this price range.

Also, the artwork on the top and bottom of the deck is another plus. Its bright color and summer vibes can instantly catch the attention of an onlooker.

This longboard is also preferred for a good balance. Accordingly, the width of 9.5 inches, combined with extra-stable 85A wheels, provides a comfortable space to maneuver without hitting a curb.

We also love the maintenance-free ABEC-11 bearings. Daily riders will rest assured that there are removable shields for easy cleaning and frequent re-lubing.

However, we would appreciate it if the manufacturer made some adjustments to the trucks. They are pretty standard and stiff in the bushings, resulting in quick wear out and loosen fit after a short while.

Additionally, the wheels are quite hard. It is not necessarily a setback but worth noting that they are not for fast riders. However, hard wheels can go over rough terrain and cracks with ease.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and spacious maple deck
  • Generous capacity
  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Eye-catching design


  • Loosen trucks
  • Tough wheels

2. Volador Freeride Longboard - Best For Professionals

best drop through longboard for beginners

Drop-through decks are often for intermediate players because they balance flex and stability to improve their skill. Nonetheless, there are also drop-through versions for advanced riders. Take Volador 42inch Longboard, for instance.

The board offers a unique symmetrical frame within the deck, designed to improve the extensive grasp. It anticipates wheel-bite at any point and feels as smooth as a surfboard on water.

Plus, the trucks are the most energizing portion, coming with an aluminum development at 7 inches. The design is reverse-kingpin, and you will want to alter them to 50 or 45 degrees.

As a result, professionals can expect the board to offer exceptional maneuverability, making it easy to form turns and ride openly in soak or bent streets.

The size is perfect as the 9-inch deck offers sufficient space for the most oversized feet. This sets up well with the 34-inch wheelbase for a durable yet smooth experience.

We like the design as well. The board comes with eleven themes of nature, making it stand out among the most avant-garde options.

In terms of construction, it comes with a high-quality 8-ply hard-rock maple with the epoxy stick, advertising a solid and dependable encounter all through the years.

The craftsmanship, nevertheless, leaves something to be desired. We found a small crack in the center and near the front truck. Some other similar cases have been reported.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Spacious maple deck
  • Symmetrical deck shape
  • Adjustable reverse-kingpin trucks
  • Various art designs


  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Soft trucks

3. Atom Drop-Through Longboard - Best For Gliding

best beginner drop through longboard

On the off chance that your longboarding course includes uneven landscape, at that point, you need to know the justification of longboard sliding.

This technique involves a compelling way to slow down and stop the board rather than just air braking. Atom Drop-Through longboard allows doing so.

Overall, the board is lower to the ground. It minimizes the likelihood of you getting caught over little rocks and falling over. Specifically, the Atom longboard features smooth wheels and ABEC-9 bearings, making it a perfect fit for gliding.

Firstly, wheels are adjusted and secured with a super tall bounce back (SHR) urethane. Once you roll on the board, you'll be able to feel that the coasting is smooth and highly rebounding.

Furthermore, trucks are Boss Trucks (RKP), so you can effortlessly ride and make sharp turns around trees, rocks or other impediments on the road.

Secondly, ABEC-9 bearings of the board are among the top quality in the market. It is unnecessary for a drop-through deck, but you can ẹnjoy smooth cruising around the town.

The deck quality should also not be overlooked. It is sturdy, thanks to its entire maple laminate. Moreover, the deck is also pretty wide and long, giving people a comfortable footing space to ride on.

However, the deck is shorter than the usual drop-through, at only 36 inches. Thus, inexperienced riders might find it hard to retain soundness and consolation. Also, be careful that the bolts and screws seem to fall off easily.


  • Inexpensive board
  • Stable at a high speed
  • Smooth wheels
  • Quality bearings
  • Well-constructed deck


  • Short deck
  • Insecure bolts and screws

4. WiiSHAM Pr Speed Longboard- Best For Durability

best drop through longboards

Are there cheap but quality longboards? Yes, they are boards from WiiSHAM. This premium brand aims at providing well-performing products without overcharging customers.

The deck is made from the most durable Canadian maple, proven to be more flexible and lightweight than maple grown in any other place.

The manufacturer uses water-based glue to sandwich nine plies of maple, making it almost unbreakable. Users also praise the color schemes and graphics to be fresh and unique.

WiiSHAM Pr Speed Longboard is built for speed racing and practicing tricks. Its bearings are the same as those of Atom Drop-Through. They are ABEC 9 bearings, coming with a fast lubricant and aluminum alloy stents.

The downside, however, is the big and rugged wheels. Their hardness level is up to 83A. At that level, the faster you go, the more friction the wheels encounter. You have to push harder to maintain the high speed.

It is worth mentioning that the nuts outside of the wheels are possibly too tight out of the box. You can lose them a little to reduce the tension in the bearings.


  • Made of durable Canadian maple
  • Great value for money
  • Spacious deck for big feet
  • Quality bearings
  • Sturdy trucks


  • Hard to speed up
  • More friction at turning

5. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard - Best For Cruising

good drop through longboards

If you plan to cruise around on the flat ground, you will look for something easy to push and fun to turn. Moreover, the board should have maneuverable trucks and a broader base to give you stability and confidence. Sector 9 is an excellent candidate for the job.

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This board is amazingly responsive even to the slightest push made by the rider. In particular, it comes with 69mm 80A Nineball Slalom wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. The configuration of the trucks is also very flexible for riding purposes.

Together, you can expect the board to grip the ground pretty well and support a smooth ride.

You might have noticed that this drop-through longboard is only 9 inches wide and 36 inches long. Such a design has both pros and cons.

The short decks allow for speedy turns and sharp angles; meanwhile, the long decks are ready for cruising with enhanced stability at higher speeds.

We were also impressed by the deck quality build. It is made with seven plies of maple, ideal for a person from 125 to 160 lbs. For those who are on the heavier side, you can consider other boards on the list.

Unfortunately, the artwork is limited to a blue theme. We would like the manufacturer to offer more options soon.

Overall, the longboard is a good choice for intermediates to practice some crushing lessons. Why not for beginners? The wheels are on the stiff side and not easy to make turns or speed up. Not to mention, the board is costly for the entry-level.


  • Ideal for cruising
  • Compact design
  • Responsive to the ground
  • Quality maple
  • Smooth ride
  • Sturdy trucks and wheels


  • Slightly expensive
  • Hard wheels

6. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Freeride Longboard - Best For Beginners

best drop through longboard for cruising

While the drop-through shape is often suggested for intermediate, it does not mean that the entry-level cannot get started with it.

Nevertheless, you should choose the board carefully. Many people consider Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta the best drop-through longboard for beginners. What to expect?

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The board is highly stable, which is attributed to the average deck and wheels. The length is 40 inches, which is neither too long nor too short.

Additionally, the diameter of the wheels is 76mm, and the hardness rating is 75A. On soft surfaces, the wheels are performing well without sliding too easily. They can roll over the rigid surface as well.

Plus, the durability of the board is excellent. Made from maple, the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta can withstand years of use with minor signs of wear.

The bearing quality needs some improvements in consideration of its price. The current ABEC bearings are somehow squeaky when you want to do complicated tricks. However, it will not matter if you decide to upgrade to a board at the immediate level.


  • Comfortable deck size
  • Practical wheels on various surfaces
  • Impressive colors and patterns
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Durable maple construction


  • Squeaky bearings

7. Punisher Skateboards 40-Inch Longboard - Best For Small Riders

best quality drop through longboard

We have to admit that there are only a few manufacturers who take longboards for small riders in mind. Thankfully, you can choose lightweight and easy-to-push versions - like the Punisher Skateboards 40-Inch Longboard.

The size has the same length as the best beginner drop-through longboard - the Santa Cruz God board. 40x9.5 inches is the standard dimension for beginners and small riders to manage.

Meanwhile, the 76x53mm PU wheels are wide enough to carve sidewalks, pavement, and roads. Although they are not intended to play rails and tricks, small riders will find it safe and enjoyable to make a move on the board.

The material is Canadian maple, and the number of plies is seven. This dimension is quite enough for small riders while being lightweight and comfortable to carry around.

Another feature that will catch eyes at first glance is the colorful artwork with bold colors and graphics. The board can effortlessly become the spotlight in the skate park or on the street.

We found that the trucks were quite tight during our ride. They are barely turned, so you should loosen the screws a little.


  • Durable Canadian maple
  • Bold and colorful graphics
  • Lightweight construction
  • Smooth and average wheels
  • Supportive bearings


  • Not for tricks and rails
  • Tight trucks

8. Yocaher Graphic Series Longboard - Best For Carving

best cheap drop through longboard

Yocaher provides the next drop-through longboard. While the design appears basic and uniform, the board has quality parts that make it stand out from the others, particularly when it comes to carving.

The most important part of a carving deck is its flex, lively enough to respond to quick weight shifts and impulses. The faster you ride, the more flex it requires.

Thankfully, Yocaher Graphic Series Longboard features a thick but incredibly flexy Canadian maple deck. Although the plies are night, the board does not seem overly thick or heavy.

It has a low stature, sharp cutouts at the tail and nose. Meanwhile, the shape is easy-riding concave. Riders can sit on the deck without worrying about falling out while doing advanced tricks.

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The features are desirable, aren't they? You will be glad to know that the designs are also stunning. Many themes are available in different colors and prices for you to take your pick.

On the downside, the assembly does not appear reliable with the screws being too tight or loose. Although the manufacturer promises to provide a ready-to-use longboard out of the package, users have reported that some parts were missing.


  • Sharp and smooth carving
  • Various color themes
  • Lightweight and flexy deck
  • Stable low stature
  • Arrives fully assembled


  • Missing components
  • Hard wheels

9. RIMABLE Bamboo Drop-Through - Best For Gripping

best drop through longboard

We started our reviews with a RIMABLE board and, interestingly, will close this part with another board from this manufacturer. It is RIMABLE Bamboo Drop-Through.

The two boards share similar sizes, 70x51mm 85A wheels and 7-inch aluminum trucks, offering stable and smooth riding. Wheels can absorb shocks while coming into contact with uneven surfaces or cracks. Trucks, on the other hand, support turning to any direction at ease.

Such ultimate stability improves safety for riders and creates room to practice advanced skills.

The use of bamboo is the most significant difference. In general, bamboo makes for a lighter, more grounded, and flexy deck, recommended for flexible commuters, dancers, or cruisers. It is environmentally friendly but more expensive than maple.

You should also take notes of expenses to upgrade the bearings because the current tight bearings are not favorable to fast riders.


  • Basic and cool designs
  • Sturdy and spacious maple deck
  • Impressive loading capacity
  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Safe construction


  • Not for fast riders

Best Drop-Through Longboards: An In-depth Buying Guide

Choosing a drop-through board is not that hard, considering that you already had experiences with choosing a longboard.

The drop-through has some similar factors to consider, like the materials, shapes, and wheels. The difference is, however, the way that trucks are attached through the deck.



Most longboard producers use maple for their products, as this material has a good reputation for their perfect density and strength. You can feel the deck stiffer to touch.

On being used, multiple maple sheets are pressed and sandwiched together to offer the best flexibility.

Maple has different properties depending on where the manufacturers buy it from. For instance, Canada maple grows with denser fibers and a higher elevation than any place - making it the most premium material for longboards.


While maple is an ideal material, it takes up to 30 years for a tree to grow fully. The manufacturers come to think of environmentally-friendly alternatives. One of them is bamboo.

best cheap drop through longboard

This plant grows six times quicker than maple, around five years for mature bamboo ready to use.

Moreover, it is lighter and more flexible to create commuting, dancing, or cruising boards. You hardly have to worry about cracking. Bamboo is more expensive than maple, though.


Despite not being so popular, birch strikes a happy medium between maple and bamboo. It is cheaper and still has excellent flex. In contrast, birch longboards are often thick, consisting of 9 to 12 plies.

best quality drop through longboard

Fiberglass Composites

Natural materials are excellent but expensive and have some limitations as above. As a result, artificial options are increasingly popular. Take fiberglass composites, for example. This material is a combination of plastic and glass so that the provider can easily bend it into creative shapes.

Carbon Fiber

The latest introduced material in the industry is carbon fiber. The manufacturers often add it to the bamboo board to increase flex and stiffness.

Styles Of Decks

Deck styles depend on your favorite riding styles. Some decks are designed for specific techniques, while others are for multiple purposes.

Drop-through boards are often not structurally strong but flexy. The low gravity makes pushing easier. You should not expect them to be speedy. For that reason, they are suitable for cruising, dancing, and carving.

Size Of Boards

best drop through longboards

Speaking of the size, you will want to consider the length and the width of longboards.


Drop-through longboards should be between 32 and 55 inches, estimated from the nose tip to the tail tip.


Unlike the length, boards vary in their width from 7 to 10 inches. Too big boards require more power and tricks to manage. Two narrow longboards are hard to maintain stability, though.

Wheels, Bearings, And Trucks

Large wheels are better when it comes to drop-through longboards. They add extra stability on pushing against the boards. It is fine to buy small wheels and upgrade them using the cutouts available.

Also in a wheelset are trucks and bearings. Related to the drop-through versions, you need to ensure that the two parts are sturdy but not too tight to the decks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is additional information about drop-through longboards for those who might be interested!

Are Drop-Through Longboards Good For Cruising?

Yes, we confirm it. Longboards featuring drop-through decks are great for cruising and carving, thanks to the low-gravity design that makes it easier to push the boards along.

Feel free to refer to the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder for more information.

Are Drop-Through Longboards Good For Beginners?

Not all drop-through decks are suitable for beginners who are not ready to go fast with the boards. Plus, the short distance to the ground will greatly affect the turning.

Fortunately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to longboard choice. You can still use drop-through longboards at the beginning stage and challenge yourself with more complicated techniques.

What Are Drop-Through Longboards Good For?

To summarize, this longboard style provides better steadiness while riding fast. If you ride slowly, you can find it hard to push around. All in all, the drop-through decks are ideal for cruising and carving - as we mentioned earlier.

Are Drop-Down And Drop-Through Decks The Same?

Drop-down and drop-through boards both have a lowered platform, along with wide hangers and reverse-kingpin trucks. For this reason, they are pretty similar in names and appearances.

There are some main distinctions, though. The drop-down deck is curved downward the trucks, resulting in a stiffer deck. Besides, the trucks mount conventionally so that the deck will rest on the baseplates.

The drop-through model is straighter, in which the baseplate is mounted above the deck, having a cutout through.

Drop-Through Vs. Top-mounted Longboards, Which Is Better?

If you read many articles about the drop-through longboards, you might often find them compared pound per pound with top-mounted versions.

Unlike the drop-through boards, a top-mounted design means attaching the trucks directly to the deck's bottom. It is far high off the ground so that riders can turn aggressively and sharply.

It is hard to confirm what version is better as each is suitable for different purposes. Simply put, choose something that matches your favorite longboarding styles.

Wrapping Up

High stability when going fast is what you can expect from the best drop-through longboards. Those boards, thus, are great for various boarding styles, particularly for free skateboarding or cruising riders.

Do not hesitate to pick up one of the boards recommended above, and you will agree with us. All in all, our top pick is Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder because the board is well-constructed, durable, and flexible enough for cruising around.

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