Top 7 Best Drop-Down Longboards Reviews 2022 & Buying Guide

Longboards are a fantastic way to entertain. If you are new to longboarding and looking for a good longboard for beginners, here are the top 7 best drop down longboards for beginners!

With so many options in front of you, deciding which one to choose can be difficult. We’ve put together a list of reliable models, together with their pros and cons, for your consideration.

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Choosing the right drop-down longboards can be challenging since there are plenty of them. Fortunately, we have gathered the top 7 of them, so you don't have to do the hard work.

1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard - Best Overall

best drop down longboards

Top of the charts today is the Atom Drop Deck Longboard. This product wins our hearts due to its high-quality performance and reasonable price. It exceeded all expectations and is one of the best boards for decades.

In terms of design, this longboard features 41 x 10 inches with high rebound urethane wheels. As a result, it is perfect for all techniques, from turning, sliding to carving.

The most distinguishing trademark of this model is the low center of gravity. Atom longboards have a significant drop that gives you the maximum stability it gives and the ability to push it easier. It is also great for long-distance traveling since it won't tire your leg muscles.

Atom also has 70mm large wheels that give you better leverage in every turn and eliminate any wheel bite. Combined with the well-constructed deck shape, they will bring you unsurpassed stability and control as you ride.

Atom longboards' final benefit is the beauty of their design. The dynamic orange tone and popping black graphic patterns can attract any rider's attention.

On the downside, the overall weight of this board is around 10 pounds, which can be considered quite heavy for beginners. And since Atom's deck is quite stiff with no kick tail, it might not be suitable if you are going to do tricks with them.


  • High-quality performance
  • Affordable price
  • Lower deck for a lower center of gravity
  • Suitable for long-distance traveling
  • Well-constructed deck
  • Large wheels base
  • Eye-catching pattern


  • Stiff deck
  • No kick tail

2. Minority Downhill Maple Longboard - Best For Design

best cheap drop down longboards

If you are looking for a longboard with reliability, safety, and most of all, appearance, then Minority Downhill Maple Longboard will be a perfect choice for a beginner board.

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The Minority Downhill deserves the runners-up position thanks to its unique design, remarkable performance, and other features.

Created by designers from across the Atlantic, Minority comes with courageous artworks that can satisfy everyone's taste, from vintage vibe to cutting-edge, sleek look. On top of that, the board won't wear or chip easily.

Like other drop-down models, the board's deck is built lower to the ground to help beginners familiarize themselves with the movements. Additionally, it will make long-distance rides more effortless.

The longboard has 8-ply Maple and a 37-inch wheelbase. It comes with a 10-inch-wide deck, offering plenty of foot room for you to move around freely and remaining reliable when going downhill.

However, some people commented that the deck is too wide. So if you are looking for something more portable and easier to carry around, take a look at our other recommendations below.


  • Stunning design
  • Various options for artwork
  • Does not wear out easily
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable


  • Hard to carry around

3. Yocaher Professional drop-down Longboard - Best For Balance

drop down longboard complete

The Yocaher claimed that their longboard is made for downhill, cruising, and freeriding. It provides not only smooth and fast riding but also balanced turnings and great control.

The Yocaher drop-down Longboard aces all the aspects, including the balance between speed, extra stability, and comfort. Its foot platform sits lower than the truck to offer a lower center of gravity for increased maneuverability.

With a 9-ply Maple and a 41x10 inch deck, this unit can withstand the weight of up to 300 pounds. Besides, since the board curves down between the nose and the tail, it can reduce the deck to the ground distance, providing beginners with a smooth ride, even at high speed.

The board comes with the high-quality 70x52mm wheels and a premium grade 80A grip tape. They play an important role in building up your steadiness. These features are crucial for every beginner since longboarding is all about balance.

Yocaher longboard also has unique cutout details around the wide deck to wipe out any risk of wheel biting. Additionally, they help to keep your body balanced and provide a stable ride, so there is less chance of falling with this board.

Since this product has superior bearings mounted to the wheels, it is an ideal choice for beginners. However, the bearings are slightly slow. Thus, if you are more on the professional side, you will need to make some modifications.


  • Perfect balance
  • Accommodates up to 300 pounds
  • Premium extra grip tape
  • High-quality wheels
  • Unique cutout details to avoid dreaded wheel bite


  • Slow bearings
  • Requires modification for advanced usage

4. White Wave Bamboo Longboard - Best For Durability

drop down longboard

As the name suggests, this White Wave Longboard is made out of bamboo. Featuring layers of embedded Canadian Maple, it created a strong and durable deck with a little bit of flex.

We all know that bamboo and Canadian Maple make the ultimate combination for the most durable longboards in the industry. That is the reason why this board can endure the heavy impact while remaining fairly lightweight.

Additionally, the brand used the heat transfer printing technique for the graphic designs on the deck's surface. It helps maintain the print designs and ensures the durability of the patterns.

One of the things that catch our eyes at first glance is the board’s stunning appearance. You can choose from seven designs with different patterns, colors, and edge styles with clear sprayed on the grip tape area.

White Wave applied their custom-designed urethane wheels with a special core to make them more durable for a fast and enjoyable ride in terms of wheels and bearings.

They also used resistant ABEC 9 bearings with built-in spacers and aluminum trucks for this longboard. Unfortunately, this material causes the trucks to make a considerable amount of noise during rides.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting print patterns
  • Cool design
  • Equipped with quality bearings and wheels


  • Noisy trucks

5. Quest California Native Spirit Longboard - Best For Safety

drop down longboards

For both beginners and experienced riders, you should always put safety first when choosing your longboard. And the Quest California Native Spirit Longboard can ensure the deepest match to your demand.

First off, the deck is made with a 7-ply hardwood Maple deck. The sturdy material makes the freeride longboard extremely lightweight and durable.

Since precise turns depend on the structure of your trucks, the 7-inch reverse kingpin aluminum trucks of this board will secure your safety while riding. Also, thanks to the 70mm wheels and precision ABEC 7 bearings, any cracks, bumps, or broken sidewalks will be a non-issue.

Speaking of wheels, this California Native Spirit Longboard also features an open-wheel design. It aims to prevent the wheels from clipping to prevent any wheel bite and ensure optimal safety.

However, if you are looking for better performance and smoother riders, this board will need some upgrades and adjustments. Since the turning radius is slightly large, you might want to tighten the trucks or replace them with ones.


  • Made from sturdy material
  • Lightweight
  • Open-wheel design to prevent wheel bite
  • Precision ABEC 7 bearings to avoid any cracks
  • 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks


  • Large turning radius
  • Requires wheels adjustments

6. Magneto Slot Machine Longboard - Best For Turning

best drop down longboards

We believe that the Magneto Slot Machine Longboard is best for turning because of the new patent-pending slot technology. Additionally, it features a cutout through the whole surface of the deck.

The slot is about half an inch wide and spread throughout the entire length of the 40-inch board. It helps improve the board's performance by naturally bent while turning or carving. Simply put, it makes your deep carves and turns sharper than ever.

Another benefit of this slot is that it can form a slightly different height while turning. This feature will allow your feet to be more stable on the deck while turning.

If you are into speeding riding, Magneto Slot Machine Longboard will be your ideal choice. Featuring Slicks ABEC-9 precision bearings, it will provide you with the desired speed right out of the box.

Magneto used triaxial fiberglass as the bottom layer of the deck to increase the board's strength and durability. It makes sure that the deck can withstand all the loads while remaining flexible.

The only downside of this product is it only has one design to choose from. For someone who prefers more options over unique patterns, it can be a minor inconvenience.


  • Great for turning
  • Patent-pending slot for a sharp turn
  • Premium bearings
  • Fiberglass bottom layer for exceptional strength
  • Flexible deck


  • Only one design

7. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Longboard - Best For Micro-Drop Deck

best drop down longboard

If you want something with a smaller drop-down option than the previous products for versatile riding, here is the one. With a 36x9 inch micro-drop deck, this Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Longboard is more convenient to carry around.

The board features a grade-A 7-ply Maple deck for ultimate durability and added appeal.

With a 1-inch drop-down construction, this product facilitates powerful turns and a smooth ride. Despite its platform having a smaller drop, the Santa Cruz board still has a deep wheel cutout for more support when riding.

Like other products on our list, Santa Cruz Longboard offers a fine combination of functional design, high-quality materials, excellent wheels, trucks, and bearings.

The deck surface has its iconic "Screaming Hand" pattern printed on it. However, these colors and graphics may vary slightly from time to time.


  • Smaller deck for lighter weight
  • Portable micro-drop platform
  • Suitable for versatile riding
  • Deep wheel cutout to avoid wheel bite
  • High-quality components


  • Graphics might slightly differ

Buying Guide For Good Drop-Down Longboards

After referring to the top 7 best products on our list, it's time to narrow down your options for beginners. We've created this buying guide to help you find the ideal choice more easily.


Longboards come in different types of materials. So if you are choosing your first drop-down longboards, look for something that can go a long way.

The most common materials for drop-down boards are bamboo, Maple, and urethane. They share the same advantages, which are durability and strength.

best drop deck longboard

The boards that are made from any of the materials above are known for their stiffness and lightweight. Many manufacturers also mix different materials to combine their features for various riding styles.

A few less common choices in longboard builds are fiberglass, carbon fiber, and birch. They are easy to work with and can pair with other materials to add strength for advanced riders.

Deck Shape

The general longboard deck has two main shapes: directional and symmetrical. Both of them are perfect for beginners.

drop down longboards

Directional deck shapes have a designated front and tail. It allows the rider at the beginner level to have control in the front while maintaining stability in the back.

This feature makes the board only meant to go in one direction. That's why you often find this shape in cruisers, carvers, and downhill boards.

On the other hand, symmetrical deck shapes are the same on both ends. It is because they don't have a front or rear and can ride in either direction.

The symmetrical shape will make your board look and feel the same no matter how it's facing. These are very popular among "switch" skaters who tend to do freestyle riding.

Width And Length

Longboard dimensions, or more specifically, the deck width and length, play an important role in the board's secureness and stability. For drop-down longboards, the deck length can vary between 36 inches and 42 inches.

longboards drop down

At 9.5 inches wide, these are the standard dimensions to provide rider comfort and stability. If you'd prefer a small deck, you can also go for a 28-34 inches length.


When looking for a drop-down longboard for beginners, a 65 to 75mm wheel is the right fit. Larger wheels will allow you to move at a leisurely pace with a smoother ride while effortlessly avoiding any impediments on the road.

Meanwhile, smaller wheels provide faster speeds. But if you accidentally hit a large crack on the ground, you might lose control and fall off your board.


Bearings are the part that makes your wheels spin. They are often listed as ABEC, and the higher the grade, the faster your wheels will spin.

For example, if you are getting used to longboarding, you can go for a beginner longboard with ABEC 3 since they offer a stable pace. On the other hand, ABEC-7 bearings are more suitable for maximum speed, downhill rides, and racing.

best drop down longboards

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone will have many concerns when they first start skateboarding. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions for your reference.

What Are Drop-Down Longboards Good For?

The purpose of this type of longboard is to get the riders' feet closer to the ground. Besides, it will create a lower center of gravity to help them to be more stable.

Drop-down longboards are also ideal for freeride and downhill riding since they create an excellent grip and have nice advantages for high-speed riding.

Are Drop-Down Longboards A Good Choice For Beginners?

Of course! Drop-down longboards are the most functional for new riders. They are a good choice for beginners because they are low to the ground. The design also allows you to take time and learn all the simple techniques.

Are Drop-Down Longboards Good For Cruising?

Drop-down longboards are the perfect fit for cruising. With low-drop platforms, they are easier to push around. Thanks to their stability, drop-down longboards are a great choice for heavier riders.

Can You Do Tricks On The Drop-Down Longboards?

Technically, yes. However, it depends on your skill level. Usually, doing advanced tricks on drop-down longboards requires you to have some riding experience under your belt. So it would help if you learned the basic tricks first before doing freestyle.

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What Is The Best Size Of Drop-Down Longboards?

The perfect size of a drop-down longboard is about 38 inches. As we have mentioned above, the average board's length falls between 36 and 42 inches. However, if you are on the taller side, you can go larger than 38 inches.

Final Thoughts

And that is everything we have to say about how to find the best drop down longboards. With our buying guide and FAQs, we hope that you can find the perfect board to help you hit the street as fast as possible.

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