Top 9 Best Downhill Longboards [2022 Reviews & Buying Guide]

Nothing beats the euphoric sense you get while downhill skating through the fresh air. Are you looking for the best downhill longboards on the current market? To be frank, finding the one that works for you is a difficult challenge that requires a significant amount of time and effort.

Hence, we will walk you through every crucial heads-up on this matter to save you such trouble. By providing you with a general comparison, a product breakdown, and a buying guide, we hope you will be able to experience an exhilarating afternoon downhill racing.

Now, let’s begin!

1. Minority Downhill Maple Longboard 40-Inch Drop Deck: Best Value For Money

best downhill longboards

Our first pick is from the brand Minority. This product is strongly recommended for its decent price, good bearings, and cool graphics.

Seriously, you cannot find another equivalent at this affordable price that highly facilitates beginner riders. Its deck is located rather low to the ground, allowing you to gain more stability onboard. Additionally, the mild concave locks your feet right in place to avoid any potential slippery.

With the deck being quite durable, other parts are not so much. This longboard cannot handle heavier riders because of its maximum 200-pound load capacity. Cross that line, and you might snap the board.

Thus, this Minority is not only suitable to go on a downhill ride, but it also performs like a beast in daily commuting/ cruising.


  • Affordable
  • Stiff maple deck
  • Excellently laminated griptape
  • Good bearings
  • Gorgeous design


  • Low weight capacity

2. Quest Skateboards 40 Downhill Style: Best Appearance

best downhill longboard

You can almost instantaneously make this Quest out in a crowd by its minimalist, dark, and shiny finish. It is also this distinctive color that gives you a sense of mystery and coolness as a speedboarder.

It features two 7-inch aluminum trucks, fastened up with the kingpins. Along with this truck set are four larger wheels, which can roll nicely over rough obstacles such as twigs or pebbles. They together pave the way for sweet flexible curves and sharp turns.

Designed specifically for sliding purposes, this board is sturdy enough to perform speedy downhill bombing. But if you aim to only use it around the campus, it should also function well.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that all the parts need constant maintenance to avoid any unnecessary accidents.


  • Extremely bombing color
  • Adjustable trucks
  • Astounding ride performance
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth wheels


  • Requires regular maintenance

Verdict: If you are a heavy, adventurous longboarder who relishes having every eye on you, this Quest is the sidekick for your downhill venture!

3. Magneto Bamboo Longboard: Best Durability

good downhill longboard

This Magneto board has every justification for being praised as one of the best downhill longboards 2020.

The hybrid longboard is built of composite carbon, fiberglass, and bamboo. Such materials can endure any jumping, dancing, hardcore tricks, and even breakneck downhill speed.

Just like its name might suggest, the board acts like a magnet to your feet. It features two W concavities across the deck, making room for your feet to rest firmly on board and at the same time gain extra stability.

Another plus point of the Magneto board is its smooth carving performance. You will see yourself turning into an adrenaline junkie who enjoys every sensation while doing the carve left and right.

We recommend replacing the available wheelset with a bigger and harder one because the old set is a bit flimsy. Once you do so, your downhill experience is complete.


  • Extremely sturdy
  • Little road vibration
  • Impressive outer appearance
  • Smooth carving
  • Suitable for heavy rider


  • Pricey
  • The bearings are difficult to remove

Verdict: If you are a customer who highlights the life expectancy of a product, this Magnetto bamboo longboard is just the one for you. Yet, we have to assert that they require alternative modifications for better sliding games.

4. Fish Downhill Maple Longboard: Best For Kids

best downhill longboard brands

A Fish longboard is, in fact, a pretty great choice for novice kids to cruise around, stroll with the dog, or go out to throw the trash for their mom.

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Its wheel size is about 2.76 inches, which is slightly smaller compared to other counterparts. With this little amount of ground clearance, the first-time kids would be able to maintain more coordination and control over the deck.

Another winning point of the board is the accommodating customer service. Thus, if your product turns warped or broken due to sloppy delivery, don’t hesitate to contact them. They can help you with the procedures to exchange for another one.

However, as their price is on the lower-end level, you cannot expect much from them. Many Fish longboards have been reported to include a small defect: having their wheels too close to the deck. This defect may potentially lead to unexpected accidents.


  • Suitable for first-time skaters
  • Fascinating design
  • Inexpensive
  • Helpful customer service
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot perform a lot of tricks or techniques on

Verdict: This Fish longboard can be used for both casual riders and even downhill skaters. If you are buying it for your kids’ practice, this one is not a bad option. But remember to thoroughly scrutinize every part of the board before starting speed slides.

5. Atom Drop Deck Longboard: Best For Downhill Beginners

best downhill freeride longboard

Of all the nine typical longboards that we are introducing to you, this Atom drop-through longboard is the biggest, heaviest, yet the most robust one. It is suitable for both beginners and aggressive riders.

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Its staggering 41.73-inch deck length can justify this. With such an ample deck space, you have maximum stability. You will also have a lot of room to move back and forth or flex your skilled footwork with firm supports.

It would be a mistake not to praise the outstanding craftsmanship on this pick. Having a drop deck design, its bearings, wheelbase, and trucks perfectly piece together will bring out only the best feelings under your feet.

Even better, this longboard is also quick and responsive enough to attempt carving, pushing, and downhill racing. We bet this Atom board will give you endlessly chilling sensations during your long-route commuting or professional downhill bombing.

There is only one minor problem with the lofty weight of the board, which makes it physically demanding for petite girls to carry around.


  • Plentiful deck area for moving back and forth
  • Massive wheelbase
  • Lowered deck for increased coordination
  • Provides you with a fast and smooth ride
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced riders


  • A bit hefty for girls

Verdict: Atom drop deck longboard would certainly be an excellent choice for your flexing experience. You name it. Dancing, turning, curving, it got you covered.

6. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop-Through Deck: Best Ride Quality

best downhill longboards

We suppose the brand Sector 9 requires no introduction as they are too well-known, right? This Sector 9 drop-through downhill longboard is no exception. It surely would change your idea of commuting and enhance your speed racing to another level.

Featuring sidewinders with the double kingpin, the board is capable of beasty maneuvering across traffic, sidewalks, or curvy trails. It can also give an outstanding riding style on slopes, although the wheels tend to drift slightly.

On the other hand, the deck lies at a rather high position from the ground, which may make you feel a bit shaky as a beginner.


  • Strong enough to handle rough bumps
  • Makes sweet, excellent turns
  • Reasonable price
  • Gorgeous design
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Low weight limit

Verdict: It would be no exaggeration to extol this Sector 9 as the best downhill freeride longboard. We highly recommend it for beginners as well as skilled riders.

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7. ENKEEO Drop-Through Longboard: Best Grip

downhill longboards

Regarding the gripping power, we haven’t found another one that can surpass the ENKEEO drop-through longboard. Its deck is made of solid 9-ply Canadian maple wood, topped with brushed black board, hence allowing your feet to stabilize more easily above the 4.1-inch ground clearance.

Another great aspect to consider buying this ENKEEO is that it is fairly priced. Therefore, it is suitable for those on a limited budget.

Also, with such an affordable price, some parts of this longboard can be easily broken after performing aggressive turns. If you have a warranty, you may have to contact the manufacturer, state your board condition, and see if they can help mend the defects or replace it with another one.

Or even better, you should have some parts such as longboard trucks and wheels enhanced right out of the box. By doing so, you will not get involved in the return-refund hassle.


  • Grips perfectly to your feet
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suitable to use right out of the box
  • Good return policy
  • Eye-catching universe graphic


  • Performs poorly during sharp turns

Verdict: You can perform downhill actions with this board. Yet, we highly recommend adopting the ENKEEO for beginners who practice on smooth hills with few curves.

8. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard: Best Versatility

longboard for downhill

Thanks to its sturdiness, this Playshion drop-through board can perform many basic techniques: from cruising, carving, turning, to dancing. What we mean is, you can use it for either campus transportation, downhill speed racing, or simply walking around with your dog.

We are also in love with the summery-vibe illustrations on the maple laminate deck, which are very detail-oriented and hard to fade.

The board is just enough for a beginner. If you have leveled up, you can always make any adjustments to the bearings for enhanced speed. This feature promises that you have only the best components on your wooden friend.

If you are a beginner, you are required to refrain from venturing downhill until you are greatly confident in controlling the Playshion board. The reason is that it is very difficult to control the speed once the board has accelerated; you may potentially be lying on the ground.


  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Has extremely sturdy sets of bearings
  • Perfect for heavier riders
  • Wonderful graphic illustrations
  • Features OS 780 professional grip tape


  • A bit hard to control the speed

Verdict: This Playshion longboard is more than perfect for even an impatient beginner. You will get used to the rhythm very quickly.

9. White Wave Bamboo Deck Longboard: Best Material

longboards for downhill

What sets this White Wave bamboo longboard apart from others is, you guessed it, the exquisite material: bamboo. Bamboo is known as a material with the right amount of stiffness and flexibility.

It is also this very material that greatly assists the boarders in maintaining a center of gravity on the board. Plain and simple as its physical appearance might be, the bamboo beige color brings you a light yet elegant feel to it.

Every part of this longboard fits like a glove with one another, from the light deck to the well-built trucks, smooth and silent bearings, and finally, the robust wheels. They enable you to create sweet turns and flexible carvings effortlessly.

This longboard can take part in the downhill party. However, as we are truly the board abusers, we have swapped the old wheelset with an enhanced one for more sturdiness and faster speeds.


  • Graceful material
  • Minimalist design
  • Good grip
  • Silent bearings when rolling
  • Twist, turn, and carve very well


  • May require a wheelset upgrade

Verdict: Seriously, you cannot find another board that is so impressive, beautiful yet affordable as this one. Kudos to the manufacturer.

Buying Guide For The Best Downhill Longboards

Three Major Types Of Downhill Longboards

What sets downhill racing apart from other performances is its extensively increasing speed. Thus, rather than a flexible deck, a longboard must have a stiff deck to maintain the total weight of the users plus the accelerating force without wobbling. Let's look at the three main types of longboards.

Drop-Down Longboards

The standing platform droops lower than the trucks and is closer to the ground. This results in more stability, easy sliding, yet a reduction of grip and leverage.

A beginner should learn to sustain his sense of balance before learning any other tricks. Thus, a drop-down longboard would be most helpful.

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Drop-Through Longboards

The trucks are mounted on top and through the board. A drop-through longboard can maintain high-speed stability well. You can also maneuver quicker around corners with this type of longboard. Plus, it is very lightweight so that you can push and slide very easily.

This type of downhill longboard is highly suitable for experienced riders and not catered for beginners.

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Top-Mounted Longboards

The trucks are attached directly below the deck. This feature allows you to get more grip and leverage.

Deck Shape

The shape in which a longboard is designed can affect the users’ techniques and experience. Let’s look at some types of downhill longboards in terms of their shape.

Pintail-Shaped Longboard

pro downhill longboards

At first glance, this standard pintail-shaped board greatly resembles a surfboard. It is commonly used for cruising around and can give you the real feeling of surfboarding on the ground.

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However, as the deck of this longboard is built with much ground clearance, beginners may find a lot of trouble stabilizing on it.

Drop-Shaped Board

This type of shape differs itself with the high-end-low-middle shape. This feature allows you to be closer to the ground, at the same time securing your feet onto the deep concave resting.

best downhill longboard

Kicktail Board

A kicktail board gets its name for one slightly higher end, while the other is flat. It is usually used for professional riders to perform complicated tricks such as lifting the whole board or making sharp turns.


A sidekick suitable for downhill skating should be a stiff board rather than flexible and are made up of 8 or 9 plies of maple or composite such as fiberglass or carbon fiber.


The wheelbase is the distance between two trucks. The bigger the wheelbase, the more stable and more sluggish. We highly recommend wheelbases that are larger than 26 inches.


Don’t forget to do extensive online research for better reference. Plus, don’t expect your downhill longboard to be cheap because it won’t. A decent one should cost around a hundred dollars. Then, do the math. You will get what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Longboard Is Best For Downhill Racing?

The optimal choice for a downhill scene is drop-through longboards (for newbies) or top-mount longboards (for upper-intermediate levels).

What Is A Good Downhill Longboard For A Beginner?

It should be a drop-down longboard with these features. Its height measures around 40 inches, the width from 9 to 10.5 inches, and the wheelbase being more than 26 inches.

How Do I Stop The Longboard At The Downhill?

There are several ways to stop the longboard, such as foot braking, carving, and Coleman slide.

To do a foot braking, you slowly tap one foot to the ground instead of pushing as usual. Start with your heel, and then lower your toes. Don’t dip all your feet to the ground suddenly, as it can throw you off balance.

Another way to stop is by doing a carving. Start by lowering your body to a near squat position, going with the flow a little bit, and finally turning your shoulder by putting more pressure on your feet.

By turning back and forth, you gradually decrease the force exerted, enter the exit speeds, and eventually halt the board.

To do the Coleman sliding, lower yourself down to the sitting position, put more pressure on the backhand, and slide the board until it becomes horizontal underneath your body.

What Other Equipment Should I Wear When Practicing Downhill Longboarding?

As a beginner in this risky sport, protection is a must. We suggest that you wear safety equipment such as elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets.


That wraps up our article for today. Remember, to sort out the best downhill longboards, consider all these aspects: deck size, deck shape, material, your experience with the game, and finally, your budget. They all have a role to play in your thrilling downhill experience.

If we have to pick one product out from the list above, the White Wave bamboo longboard would be our end game, thanks to its exquisite craftsmanship.

For now, good luck with your afternoon speed racing.

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