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Bear Grizzly Trucks Review: What You Need To Know

With many players, finding and choosing a replacement for their skateboard isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to the truck. This part significantly affects the smoothness and effectiveness of your ride, and it also takes responsibility for ensuring your safety.

Thus, we want to share with you our experience via the Bear Grizzly trucks review. They are one of the brands that satisfy us most. If you’re ready, let’s discover!

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Bear Grizzly Trucks Review

We evaluate Bear Grizzly trucks based on five aspects: material, construction, axles, variety, and price. Keep reading to know more about our experience!


Material is the main factor that creates the durability and strength of the truck. That’s why some cheap products usually fail quickly, and you have to replace them more frequently.

You don’t have to face that problem when using this brand’s items. We’ve been using the Bear Gen 6 for more than 4 months, and there is no sign of chipping or damage now.

Aluminum alloy is the main material of products from this brand. Those items are rated premium items when including an electrostatic coating to reduce rust and humidity’s negative effects.

When we held the truck for the first time, we were surprised by its solidity and weight. Bear’s trucks are usually about 2 pounds, a bit heavier than other brands but still ensure a suitable weight when you slide.

bear grizzly trucks review

Aluminum Alloy Is The Main Material

Construction And Design

The product’s quality not only comes from the material but also from the construction and design.


Bear Grizzly has 5 types of axles, and they’re clarified based on length:

  • 105mm axle (4.1338 inches),
  • 120mm axle (4.7244 inches),
  • 130mm axle (5.1181 inches),
  • 155mm axle (6.1023 inches),
  • 180mm axle (7.0866 inches),

The axles are called super-durable ones as they can stand the heavy weight and balance your support players during the long ride. If you’re playing with downhill style, they will give you a smoother and safer trip.


Baseplate plays an important role in balancing and stabilizing the skateboard, especially when you perform some hard tricks. It will be attached by 4 or 6 holes to dispense weight evenly to avoid the deck tipping over.

With a flexible design, the baseplate is suitable for all styles of skateboard. No matter if you have an oldschool, cruiser, or longboard, your balance is all ensured.


Bear Grizzly isn’t the brand that offers you hundreds of trucks, but its variety is diverse enough to find one that suits you most. Many people think this is a limitation, but with our experience, it’s an advantage since too many items sometimes make you confused.

They have many product lines such as Smokey, Precision Grizzly, Polar Bear, Kodiak, Bear Gen 6, etc. The last one is the most famous as it’s the latest edition with many improvements.

Bear Gen 6 series:

  • 130mm 40 degree
  • 155mm 40 degree
  • 180mm 40 degree
  • 130mm 50 degree
  • 150mm 50 degree
  • 180mm 50 degree

Besides many types, you’re free to choose the color you want. They offer users various choices, and you can easily find one that matches your deck well.

grizzly trucks review

Bear Gen 6 180mm 50 degree


About the price, we won’t say that they are all low-priced products. Bear Grizzly items are usually in the average price range.

If you’re looking for premium items with hefty price tags, this brand also can provide you. Some items are high-class ones, which you have to pay more but receive a satisfied and remarkable replacement.

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In general, Bear trucks will cost you slightly more than some others. But we are sure they will be worth your money. Remember that “you will get what you pay for!”

Pros And Cons

All items on the market have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s best if you keep reading to deliberate them before making the final decision.

What We Like

  • Super-quality aluminum alloy material
  • Durable and firm construction
  • Suitable for different playing styles, especially downhill, freeride, and carving
  • Different product lines with various colors
  • Average price and premium price ranges
  • Adjustable parts

What Should Be Improved

  • Not replaceable kingpin

bear grizzly trucks review

Bear Grizzly 825

Who Should Choose The Bear Trucks?

From our experience, Bear trucks can be suitable for all players. However, with some amateurs, you may need to pay time to get used to using them.

Those items are ideal choices for those who are looking for fast rides. They support players with great balance and smooth feeling even when on rough roads.

Do you need flexible ones which are suitable for both cruising and downhill? Then Bear trucks are all worth your money, and you shouldn’t ignore them at all.

They are all super stable and solid items, but there is a fact that riding’s effectiveness will depend on your ability. So you need to practice more if you want to be skilled and able to perform more hard tricks.

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Overall, we’ve provided you with all the necessary information via the Bear Grizzly trucks review. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful and supportive to you in making a final decision.

We highly recommend Bear trucks for both beginners and professionals. They have all the advantages of quality, construction, variety, and affordable prices that meet all user’s needs.

If you haven’t decided yet, read this post again to understand them more clearly.

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