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How to Turn On A Skateboard – Skateadvisors

Skateboarding would not be as popular as it apparently is if there were no tricks associated with it because it would be quite boring. But much thanks to the heart of the sport because “how to turn on a skateboard” while riding is what makes it up and makes skateboarding quite interesting. This means that […]

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How To Build A Skateboard Ramp – SkateAdvisors

There are almost as many types of ramps as there are skateboards. Each ramp is made to suit a certain type of skateboard and you, therefore, need to identify the particular type of skateboard that will be used on your ramp before you make your first move.How To Build A Skateboard Ramp? Building a skateboard […]

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Skateboard Protective Gear – SkateAdvisors

Despite the stigma associated with the use the skateboard protective gear, it is quite necessary to be in your protective suit before the worst get you off guard. There is equipment that makes up the skateboarding protective gear. Each of these is defined by the part of the body that is protected. Types of Skateboarding Protective Gear Helmet This is […]

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Learning How To Skateboard

Having your skateboard ready with you is a clear indication that you are ready to explore this wonderful world of skateboarding. It is, however, necessary to ensure that you having the very fit beginners skateboard for you and are aware of its components as well as how to maintain them individually.Before you start, skateboarding then […]

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How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall With 3 Simple Ways

You may wish to archive an old skateboard, display your favorite skateboard or even desire to have an orderly store of your skateboards. This is why you will find it necessary to read this article. It is quite worthwhile to keep in mind what you need to ensure that the skateboards are hanged properly. There […]

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How To Put Bearings In Skateboard Wheels

Bearings play a major role in the efficiency of your skateboard especially how smoothly and fast your board can move. Fitting the properly will ensuring that the purpose of your skateboarding is met.  In addition to making the decision of the best bearings for your skateboard and maintenance needed for the bearings, the installation of the […]

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How To Stop A Skateboard – 4 Ways You Should Know

Getting the skateboard moving is quite an easy task but there is much skill needed to for you to stop it safely. There are generally four methods of “how to stop a skateboard” while maintaining your safety and that of the skateboard. Considering that the cost of a skateboard is quite high, it is necessary to […]

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how to apply grip tape on a skateboard

The presence of grip tape is hardly noticed by most beginners there being many other conspicuous things to catch their attention in their newly bought skateboards. Noticed or unnoticed it is evident that every skateboard will have a grip tape stuck on the surface of its deck. Grip tape is a rough material applied on the […]

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Easy Skateboard Tricks for Beginners – The Secret of Successful

For beginner skaters, the biggest fear is perhaps slipping off or not being able to control the board while performing tricks. Experience shows, however, that once you stay the course and find your style and rhythm, you’re in for hours of fun and exercise.  Learning to skateboard takes confidence, patience, and practice.  After you master pushing, […]

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