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Hello all skateboarding enthusiasts. My name is Robert Parker, I am the founder of SkateAdvisors (SkateAdvisors is a blog about skateboarding topics) and also the author of the articles in SkateAdvisors. My goal is to provide the best of skateboarding knowledge, from skateboarding tips, skateboarding videos, reviews, and selection of skateboarding-related products. From there help the skateboarders increasingly progressive and get the right skateboard products. Details about me: My Phone: (1) 959-848-9889 - My Address: 3502 Beard Curve, Bloomington, MN 55431 - My Email: - Date of Birth: April 10, 1992 - Education Level: Bachelor's Degree - University: Saint Cloud Technical College

Is Skateboarding a Good Workout?

Are you bored of having a sedentary life? How about engaging yourself in any physical activity?Could skateboarding be that activity for you?Now, you’re probably thinking, is skateboarding a good workout? Does it give you mental and physical strength?We will reveal some of the benefits of skateboarding that may help you understand it is not just […]

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Kryptonics Skateboard Review: Good or Bad?

Are Kryptonics skateboards good? Do they provide you with a good skating experience?Your skating experience can change depending on the quality of your skateboard. For beginners, if the skateboard you purchase is not suitable for your skating style or is not strong enough to handle a little impact, it will hinder the learning process for […]

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