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Ancheer Skateboard Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

Did you just discover Ancheer Skateboards? Are you curious to know what type of brand it is? Want to know if they provide quality products?

Given the variety of skateboard models available in the market, it’s always useful to research the company and the type of products they offer before you decide to purchase. Not only will this save you from unnecessary hassles in the future, but it’ll also keep you up to date with the skateboard market.

In this Ancheer Skateboard review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the company and the type of products they offer. From the different skateboard models to specific components like bearings, we’ll discuss everything.

Keep reading to find out what type of company Ancheer Skateboards is.

What is Ancheer Skateboards

Based in Los Angeles, Ancheer distributes high-quality health and fitness products. They have a chain of manufacturers located in Taiwan and China. Ancheer provides its customers with a wide range of products such as bikes, scooters, gym equipment, and skateboards.

ancheer skateboard review

The company is well-known for not only providing high-quality products but also having excellent customer service. They have a group of dedicated consultants and specialists to help them improve the overall quality of their products and services.

Different Types of Ancheer Skateboards

Ancheer Skateboards do provide some variety in terms of the type of skateboards they sell. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’re sure to find at least one board that fits your preference.

You’ll find on their site mainly three types of Skateboards:

Mini Cruiser

Ancheer was one of the first companies to introduce mini-cruisers to the market. If you’re looking for a skateboard to help you in your daily commutes, Ancheer Mini Cruisers are a good option to look into.

ancheer skateboard review

Not only are these skateboards light, but they’re also relatively fast and quiet. You can easily zoom down the streets without creating a stir. Plus, you can also take this board with you on the subway, train, bus, and even on an airplane.

Whether you want to ride at a skatepark, roll down a hill, or commute to work or school, the Ancheer skateboards are a great option.

Pro Skateboard

Want a board that can handle trick skateboarding? Ancheer’s Pro Skateboards are great for performing 360s, ollies, and other tricks.

The wheels on this board are super smooth. All you need is a little push, and you’ll be smoothly gliding on your board. Designed to enhance comfort and efficiency, this board gives you the full skating experience.

Super Skateboard

If you want a high-quality board that’s also light-weight, we suggest taking a look at Ancheer’s Super Skateboard. This light skateboard is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels and a durable deck.

You can perform tricks or cruise around the skate park on this board. You’re sure to turn a few heads as you perform tricks on this board.

Ancheer Skateboards Design

Generally, Ancheer Skateboards have bi-directional double kicktail skateboards, which makes them the best skateboard for adults. This essentially means that you can use both sides of the board to perform tricks and make turns.

ancheer skateboard

The Pro Skateboard, in particular, measures around 31-inches in length and 8-inches in width. This full-size double kicktail board has a concave shape that allows you to cover a few extra miles.

This board’s flat-cave is similar to radial boards, except the rails have a sharper angle rather than a smooth curve. Your feet stay firm on the board thanks to the concave tub of the board.

On the other hand, the Mini Cruise is a throwback to retro-style skateboards. The shape and style of this board are going to remind you of the 70s retro skateboarding style.

Not only does this board allow you to cruise down streets smoothly, but its retro design is sure to turn a few heads as you cruise by people.

Ancheer Skateboards Deck

With Ancheer Skateboards, you don’t need to worry about your deck cracking or snapping into two. The durability and strength of their decks are no joke. Moreover, most of their decks are lighter than other skateboard brands.

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Their cruisers are made of light-weight plastic. Don’t misunderstand, light-weight does not mean the boards lack in terms of quality. In fact, Ancheer’s cruisers are not only sturdy, but they’re also flexible.

ancheer skateboard

This means you’ll have no trouble maneuvering the board around obstacles and sharp turns.

Besides, the cruisers have a maximum weight capacity of around 200 lbs.

The Pro Skater, on the other hand, is made of 9 layers of Hardwood maple. Yes, you read that correctly. Ancheer moves away from the traditional 7-ply to give riders a sturdy 9-ply deck.

Moreover, this board has really strong grip tapes that help you maintain your balance even at high speed. The Pro Skateboard can hold up to 220 lbs weight.

Ancheer Skateboards Wheels and Bearings

Ancheer skateboards are equipped with high-quality shock-resistant polyurethane wheels. These wheels allow you to glide smoothly over a variety of different surfaces. From harsh terrains to smoother surfaces, you can conquer all with these wheels.

In addition, these wheels are anti-abrasive, which means that they will not wear quickly.

Most Ancheer skateboards come with ABEC7 precision, stainless alloy bearings. These bearings are not only durable, but they also spin smoothly at a fast rate.

You just need to maintain your bearings regularly. Make sure to clean them, so there’s no dust or debris preventing the wheels from spinning. Also, don’t forget to lubricate them regularly to ensure smooth spinning.

Ancheer Skateboards Trucks and Bushing

You find on Ancheer skateboards 3-inch aluminum trucks. These trucks are durable and allow you to maneuver your board with ease.

Plus, the super soft bushings on the trucks add to easy maneuverability. Even on rough terrains, you can easily steer your skateboard around obstacles and turns.

Is Ancheer Skateboards a Good Brand?

So, is Ancheer Skateboards a reliable brand?

The above section shows that the company values quality and customer satisfaction. You’ll find all types of skateboards that cater to various riding styles.

Ancheer boards may be a little expensive, but the variety of features and the quality of construction makes up for every penny spent.

Let’s look at the overall pros and cons to decide whether it’s worth investing in an Ancheer Skateboard or not.


  • Have a variety of skateboards to cater to different skating styles
  • Bi-directional double kicktail skateboards allow you to use both sides of the board to perform tricks and make turns.
  • Concave tub shapes give your feet more stability
  • Shock-resistant wheels
  • Wheels don’t wear out easily
  • Durable aluminum trucks
  • Soft bushings allow for easy maneuverability


  • Expensive
  • Skateboards run out of stock fast


As discussed in this Ancheer skateboard review, the brand provides high-quality skateboards that ensure you have the best riding experience.

If you’re interested in performing tricks, regardless of whether you’re a pro skater or just a beginner, you’ll find a board to suit your needs.

On the other hand, if you want a skateboard to help you commute, Ancheer has mini cruisers that are light-weight and perfect for cruising along the streets.

Overall, Ancheer skateboards are durable and allow you to enjoy a smooth skating experience. We hope this post helped you better understand the company and the type of products it offered.

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