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Aluminum Skateboard Deck Review For Skaters In 2022

Most people are familiar with wooden skateboard decks. However, since using too much wood as a material may lead to shortages in the future, manufacturers have come up with other alternatives. One of them is the aluminum skateboard deck review.

Throughout this article, we will dig deeper into its pros and cons so that you can decide whether it is suitable for your skating style or not.

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What Is An Aluminum Skateboard Deck?

Aluminum is a brilliant alternative that many manufacturers are paying attention to. It is 100 percent recyclable, highly durable, and friendly to the environment.

aluminum skateboard deck review

Aluminum has around 40,000 to 60,000 psi breaking strength, the highest among all types of skateboard decks.

An aluminum skateboard is safe and able to handle up to 500 lbs standing in the middle of the deck. It means that you can hit the ground strongly without worrying about the deck being snapped.

Although aluminum skateboards are usually more expensive than other boards, they are reliable thanks to the durability, long lifespan, and flexibility. You can use this board under any condition, even the harshest ones like tough roads or muddy terrains.

Pros And Cons Of An Aluminum Skateboard Deck

Aluminum skateboard decks are corrosion resistant. Contrary to other materials such as wood and bamboo, which are easily damaged by humid weather conditions and fall apart, aluminum boards can handle harsh conditions. Wet, muddy, or rough roads are not a problem for aluminum.

Since aluminum decks are heavy, they will be your perfect companion for downhill riding. These skateboard decks are stiffer, more responsive, and more stable, especially on smooth surfaces. However, you may experience tougher rides when it comes to rough roads.

Thanks to its durability and power, aluminum can eliminate the fear of wearing and tearing and offer a skateboard deck that lasts for a lifetime. Compared to wooden boards, which are lightweight and easy to chip and break, you can even slam an aluminum board, and it remains unharm!

Besides, aluminum contains a greater yield feature than wood and bamboo. This characteristic means that when the board is overstressed, it bends instead of breaking in half.

Another excellent feature about aluminum board decks is that their designs are very fashionable. Most decks’ styles are cool, modern, and very difficult to fade away over time.

Regardless, aluminum board decks have drawbacks. Its price is more significant than wooden and bamboo boards. Since aluminum is an expensive material itself, the process of making an aluminum board requires skillful workers and higher wages as well.

Another downside is that it is much heavier than normal skateboards. It will make your moves slower, more vibrations, and you may sometimes find it difficult to perform some basic tricks. Besides, be careful if it hits you because the impact may be stronger than you think!

Should You Buy An Aluminum Skateboard Deck?

The answer would be yes! If you live in an area with unstable weather conditions, buying an aluminum board is a must since it can tolerate well and guarantee you the longest lifespan a skater can expect.

For those who love to try different terrains, aluminum can offer a smooth ride and moderate speed. Whether you are new to skateboarding or a professional, choosing aluminum skateboards will be a brilliant investment.

Other Types Of Skateboard Decks

Apart from aluminum, there are still other decks for you to check out, including maple wood and bamboo.

Maple wood skateboard deck

Maple wood is the most common material. Maple skateboards also have high speed, perfect for those who like extreme experiences such as riding downhill.

However, one bad thing about maple wood is that it is a limited resource and can cause wood scarcity if being overused.

Bamboo skateboard deck

Since using abundant maple wood can harm the environment, many brands have upgraded into another material: bamboo.

Bamboo boards are perfect for low-speed riding. Also, for those who are living on a tight budget, this board is an excellent option.


All in all, you can now understand several outstanding features of this aluminum skateboard deck review and its limitations. Aluminum is a biodegradable and eco-friendly material to the environment. It is powerful, flexible, and nearly indestructible.

Though the price of an aluminum board is quite high, the experiences it brings are likely to justify the cost. You may want to go to a local skate shop, touch the skateboard, feel it, and test it. Just give it a try and see how excellent this type of board is!

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