Top 8 Best Skateboard For Beginners 2019 | Skateboard Reviews

There is no doubt that there are lots of skateboards to ride today. There are tons of them in the market, made by different brands and come in different sizes, shapes, and color. This makes choosing the best skateboard for beginners a little bit hard. 

We all know skateboarding is not just a sport; it’s an art, a lifestyle! And most importantly, it is an efficient type of physical exercise while saving money on transportation. Maybe it is now clear why we need to look for only the best skateboard in the market – riding a cheap skateboard as a means of transport is going to take a lot from you!

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Powell Golden Dragon - Complete Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners

Complete skateboard along with affordable price. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced users.



MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

best skateboard

Smart, classic and versatile skateboard. Comfortable deck and solid trucks for a stable ride.



Ohderii Skate Skateboards 31" X 8" 

best skateboard for beginners adults

Comes with high-quality ABS material base, solid PU wheel, waterproof anti-skidding diamond emery paper, and 7 layer panel Canadian maple. Long term warranty included



PUENTE Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard 31 Inch

best skateboard under 100

High bearing capability. Safe and durable. Superb steering performance. Perfect for any skill level skater.



POSITIV Skateboards Andy Mac "Digital Series" Assembly 8"

best skateboard for beginners

POSITIV team comes with Andy Macdonald, Sandro Dias, and Rodney Jones. Digital board along with demanding specifications



SCSK8 PRO Skateboard/Cruiser

best skateboard for beginners to buy

Comes with high bounce flat-spot resistance along with 52mm PU Wheels. 80AB durable Black Grip Tape.



Krown PRO Skateboard Complete Ace Spade 7.75 in

best skateboard for beginners - skateboard reviews

Budget-friendly but high-quality skateboard. Perfect size for better skating. Comes with professional



ANCHEER 31 Inch Pro Skateboard

best skateboard under 50

Perfect for adult, kids, and teen. Ergonomic design and long-lasting. No assembly needed. One year warranty.


Reviews of the Best Skateboard for Beginners

#1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners

Powell is considered as the top brand in skateboard production. They use the Bones Brigade team from 1980s to influence what skateboarding is today. Anywhere you go today; you would find that their products are one of the best in the market. Their products are designed specifically for the beginners.

These skateboards are made in China by the similar machines and glues that Powell Peralta utilizes in the California factory. Powell is a spinoff of Powell Peralta based in California.

However, their Golden Dragon board is quite remarkable. It is 31.625 inches long and 7.625 inches wide. This is smaller than the standard street deck but is still a great board. It is prepared with 7 plies of maple plus has a deep concave bend than most average skateboards.

This deeper concave enables the Powell skateboard to be thinner without lacking strength. Besides, it is one of the ligament decks of Powell, so the polymer thread running inside of it should hold it firmly together. Its trucks are made of aluminum along with carbon steel axle.

The wheels are 99a plus 54mm urethane, but the bearings section is the weak link. They are insanely slow and get slower with use. They have to be changed to enjoy a smoother riding experience.


  • Colorful design
  • Deep concave for comfort and feet stability
  • High rebounding wheels with intense grip
  • Good quality wood and adhesive
  • Produced by a reliable brand with experience


  • Extremely tough trucks
  • Slow bearings that worsen over time

#2. Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard

the best skateboard for beginners

There are a lot of skateboards out there proclaimed to be the best skateboard for beginners. However, there is a place for Minority in that list that makes it stand out so much. It combines durability with high-class parts to create the best final product. Its deck consists of 7 ply maple attached with epoxy glue to support weights up to two hundred and twenty pounds.

This stunning board is also designed with a concave and a promising kick to ease maneuverability and increase physical presentation. The truck consists of 5 inches of aluminum alloy with a carbon steel axle. One feature that would attract most skateboarders is the ABEC-9 bearing it comes with.

They are made with chrome steel and are very durable. However, durable is what you describe the wheels also as they are high recoil PU wheels that produce a lot of power with little effort.

 These wheels are great for tricks and cruising only, and you don’t have to use it heavily before it becomes better. It gets better with use, and you must not also ignore its responsiveness and accuracy in turning.

 All thanks to its safety features you would be protected from any prospective impact. But all in all, the best part is the artwork print on the board. The artwork is embedded with advanced printing technology and you are assured that the print won’t fade away. You can even choose any style of graphics to spice things up. 


  • The deck is made with 100% maple
  • 100% aluminum alloy for strength
  • 7 ply maple supports up to 220 lbs.
  • Aesthetic design
  • Easy to perform tricks


  • Wheels need cleaning after use
  • Does not ship internationally

#3. OHDERII Skate Skateboards 31 Inch By 8 Inch Skateboard

best skateboard under 50

The perspective of this skateboard is what makes it different from all other skateboards in the market, and there are many skateboards in the market. Ohderii skateboards are known to meet the needs of both beginners and professionals alike. They are made with high-quality materials. It uses ABS material base, and this makes it more durable and resistant to abuse.

It also contains high-quality PU wheels that are quite sturdy, and a 7 ply Canadian maple deck. And that’s not all! This skateboard is completely waterproof, and you can ride it easily on uneven surfaces and terrain. You don’t have to worry much about installing it perfectly because it comes with pre-assembled fittings to make ease assembling.

It also comes with ABEC-7 bearings which are quite a high grade. This skateboard is a low riding longboard that is full of perfections because it gives the skater all control and stability. This way, you would enjoy carving downhill and performing other tricks you feel like trying. You can even do the slider, plates off, and U table with ease on this skateboard.


  • High quality with ABS material base
  • Solid polyurethane wheels
  • Excellent ABEC-7 bearings
  • Can support up to 220 lbs.
  • Impressively stable due to low riding board
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation


  • Not suitable for kids
  • Comes at a high price

#4. Puente 31 Inches Complete Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners

The Puente skateboards are made at Puente Alto, Chile. These are the most popular boards in all of Latin America, and this is obviously due to their home-based roots. However, we can’t deny that they make the best quality products.

 Skaters that love the deck would find that the Puente boards are more durable than any other component of the entire skateboard. This is because maple is used in constructing the deck and there is a functional mellow concave for balancing.

 This 31 inches longboard is quite short for having 8 inches width. However, it is quite handy for some skaters as they can learn cool moves like the 360 flip trick. The truck is made of aluminum along with steel axle. However, there is a flaw in the baseplates – they are poorly constructed and look likely to crack from use.

 Players should consider upgrading the truck before using this board. On the other hand, the wheels are made with polyurethane. But it is a bit funny that Puente doesn’t add specs to their wheels. To save you the stress, we estimated the wheels to be 53mm. All in all, there was one good thing that should make you happy about this board – its bearings!


  • Good quality wood
  • Heat-printed graphics on board
  • Nice quality deck
  • 220 lbs limit
  • Useful for some stunts


  • The truck made with cheap material
  • Nonstandard bolt pattern used in truck

#5. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

best skateboard

Positiv started operations in 2012, and they operated under the Skate One Umbrella with companies like Powell Peralta and Bones. This is no surprise because grand skaters just like Fabrizio Santos, Andy MacDonald, and Sandro Dias have used their products. Their products are numerous, and these include several complete boards.

But the biggest is the Positiv Andy MacDonald’s model. It is 8-inch wide and 32.125- inch long. It has its concave on the profound side with a tail plus nose of equal lengths. Positiv makes their decks with maple, and a few times, hard birch. These decks are made with the same lamination process.

The decks also have the Positiv super slide treatment; a plastic coating to make the board glide easily. With this, you don’t have to use wax anymore for slides. The wheels are urethane 54mm and 99a, and they are perfect for road skating. These wheels are packed with Mini-Logo bearing, and you are surely going to get the smoothest with those.

They even include Bones Speed Cream lube to make things smoother. Let’s not get started on the trucks! They are just superb. They are 7.625-inch wide, and they sit perfectly on the eight inches deck. The only problem with the truck is that they are not as firm as most other trucks.


  • It comes with the best bearings in the market
  • Slick underside for sliding
  • Maple wood with a fine concave
  • Genuine pro model
  • Strong enough to withstand abuse


  • The trucks are not strong

#6. SCSK8 PRO Skateboard/Cruiser

best skateboard for beginners

SCSK8 have been in the skateboard making business since 2010. They are known for creating reasonable skateboards that a few manufacturers try to purchase for their products. They make the most reasonable skateboard boards, yet these boards are quite reliable than most expensive skateboards.

The components, on the other hand, are not something to write home about. They require immediate upgrades once the skateboard is purchased. But back to the boards – the deck is 7 plies of maple. It is eight inches wide and thirty two inches long. This dimension is ideal for modern road skating and would also work fine for skaters younger than 12 years of age.

The best part is the numerous amounts of graphic designs you can choose from. The design options are impressive. The wheels are 101a and 52mm – although small, it is quite hard.

SCSK8 made a claim that seems a bit unreal; their bearings are very slow! Skaters should upgrade them once they purchase this skateboard. On the other hand, the trucks are made of aluminum. They are 5 inches and low in quality, and skaters have a lot to replace on this skateboard.


  • Seven ply maple deck
  • Aluminum trucks
  • High class grip tape


  • Low-quality bearings
  • Trucks are a bit fragile

#7. KPC PRO Skateboard

best skateboard under 100

Krown Pro complete, as their name implies make skateboards that are for the superior level of skateboarders. Their boards are geared towards newbies in the skateboarding world. However, their KPC Pro Series use better components to meet the needs of pro skateboarders. They use Canadian maple deck that are about 7.75-inch wide; which is the balance point for both small and large skaters alike.

Although it is not stable as wide boards under eight inches, it is easy to learn flips with. One of the things new skaters prefer is the mellow dipped on the deck. The deeper the concave, the more stable your feet. However, deeper concaves prevent you from making easy bails. The truck on this skateboard is dyed aluminum, and it comes with a 5-inch hanger with steel axle.

The urethane wheels are fifty millimeter, but there is no durometer. All in all the wheels are quite softer than most wheels in the market. The only problem is the bearings upon this skateboard – they are insanely slow! A bearing upgrading is the best option to make the board super great.


  • Made with Canadian maple
  • Average width to fit all skaters
  • Trucks are averagely good
  • Concave fits just right
  • Aesthetic design


  • Wheels are too soft for street skating
  • Bearings are slow

#8. ANCHEER 31 Inch Pro Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners

This skateboard is one of the sturdy ones in the market. It is made with a lot of basic parts, but it can surely take a large amount of abuse. A lot of beginners put these boards to a lot of abuse, and this makes it perfect for them. Ancheer uses a 7ply maple for its decks.

The exclusive layers are quite thicker than average. It makes the board a very solid and heavy board. The nose along with tail has lesser kicks than other beginner boards, and there is a very little concave.

However, beginners would begin to need steeper noses and tails over time, and this board guides them to that level. It is 7.6-inch wide plus 30.6-inch long. It is usually called a mini by some, and it is perfect for small skaters.

The truck is made with aluminum, and it is quite alright. The ABED-7 bearings are also good, as they are in the higher end of bearings and run more smoothly over time. However, one flaw of this skateboard is the wheel choice by the manufacturer. The skateboard comes with a 55mm, and one can say they are averagely okay.

But, the 85a durometer tends to be just imperfect for road skating. It is more suitable for longboarding. The reason why they are not good for street skating is that they can’t last beneath the stress and pressure street skating puts them through. You have to upgrade them immediately if you are a street skater.


  • Made with a sturdy maple deck
  • Size is perfect for beginners
  • Smooth rolling bearings
  • Soft bushing for better turns
  • The truck is averagely okay


  • Wheels are perfect for road skating
  • Board is heavy due to thick deck layers

Best Skateboard For Beginners & Pro - Our Pick

All these skateboards come with their unique features, and this makes it hard for us to pick the best skateboard. However, we have decided that the one with the lesser amount of upgrades wins. Upgrading parts is not a problem but an important piece of the game. But the deal is that upgrading a new skateboard shouldn’t be too soon.

This is why our pick of the best skateboard for beginners and pros is the Ohderii Skate Skateboards

best skateboard

This skateboard is just flawless and beats the competition completely. It is perfect for street skating, downhill, and performing stunts. Its wheels, bearings, and board are made with the best quality and are waterproof.

Buyer’s Guide: What Is the Best Size Skateboard for Beginners and Pros?

Before you rush into buying a skateboard, you should also consider the size. Different sizes of skateboards are ideal for different purposes. However, you should consider getting a 32-inch long skateboard, as this is perfect for both beginners and pros.

Height is what becomes complicated based on the size and age of the skater. Micro decks 6.5 inches wide and 27 inches long are perfect for skaters under 6 years old.

Mini decks 7 inches wide and 28 inches long are perfect for skaters under 8 years old. Mid decks 7.3 inches wide and 29 inches long are perfect for skaters under 12 years. Standard skateboard decks are about 7.5 inches wide and above 29 inches long.

How Much Does A Skateboard Cost? 

To cut a long story short, street skateboards cost about $70 to $200 while classics cost about $60 to $400.  

What Should Beginners And Professionals Look For In A Skateboard?

Wood Material: All experienced skateboarders or skateboard enthusiasts need to understand that the perfect wood for all the skateboard decks can be maple. Maple is a very hard type of wood, yet it is very flexible enough to stop snapping in two. Some top quality boards are even made of 7 plies of Maple, and you would surely feel this when you ride.

The thing that separates good quality boards from cheap ones is usually the adhesive used. Inexpensive adhesives lose hold over time and cause the maple layers to tear. The sad thing is that manufacturers of such cheap skateboards won’t even warn you of ‘the accident waiting to happen’ you are buying from them.

Aluminum Trucks: The trucks of the skateboard require aluminum hanger for better grinds while riding, and steel axle intended for strength. The bushings used must be made of polyurethane, and they must be upgradable.

Wheels: The wheels of skateboards are made with urethane, and the rigidity of the urethane wheel varies. These wheels are also called durometer; for reference purposes. Street skateboarders use 97a to 101a since rigid wheels slide better on barriers. They also use a 55mm wheel diameter since that is high enough to avoid getting caught in obstacles present on the road.

Bearing System: The importance of bearings present in skateboard is something one can’t overemphasize. Bearings can be rated on a scale of 1 to 9 – this is called the ABEC scale, and it is not a skateboarding-related term. It is important that you understand the scale before purchasing a bearing system.

The higher the number on the scale, the more efficient and faster the bearing is. All this is to let you know that the bearings that come with any skateboard are usually poor quality, and you would have to upgrade them as soon as possible.

Advantages of Riding Good Quality Skateboards

Exercises: There is no doubt that skating tends to be a good type of exercise. With a skateboard, you can skate to wherever you like whenever you like. You don’t have to schedule a routine exercise at a gym.

Freedom: From what we mentioned earlier, it is clear that you can ride your skateboard to wherever you like whenever you like. You have the liberty to go wherever you want and do whatever you like with the skateboard. There are no exact rules! Just don’t break a leg, and you’d be fine.

Expressiveness: One of the things that make skating unique is the fact that it is a lifestyle that you can express to others when you are on the board. If you are familiar with any skateboarder at the rink, try talking to them, and you would hear how they express their selves with and on their skateboards.

This is quite obvious as some skaters are known for bursts of speed while others are known for something at a slow and languid pace.

Brotherhood: No matter where you are in the world you are united with all skateboarders. This is not just a saying but a fact! Skateboarders are one all over the world. They stick together even in hard times, especially when others see them as outcasts.

Bottom Line

Now that we focused on getting you the best skateboard, we should clarify a few misconceptions. It is doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional.

Getting a good skateboard follows the same principle, and a good skateboard for pros is surely going to be the best skateboard for beginners. Now that we have cleared that out let us go straight to wrapping this up!

The skateboards mentioned here are all great skateboards. They all have something that makes them special, so you should consider that as you are planning to get any one of them. Just make sure to follow the guides above to ensure you make the right choices.